The Monster With In

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  1. Winter had come. Cold biting winds from the North cutthrough the trees and brought with it layers of snow and ice. It was the harshand unforgiving making branches crack with thunderous booms. No life seemedbrave enough to face its wrath as it white washed the landscape. Deep withinthe trees sat a lone estate, built there if only to be away from everyone else.
    It too felt the stingof winter. Its large windows were decorated with the frosted swirls that onlythe cold could bring. Its dark roof appeared white from the heavy snow fall. Snowfall that clung to the grey bricks that made up the outer walls.
    To anyone brave enough to pass through this part of thewoods, the mansion would appear like any other. No one would expect the darkness that resided in its halls. After all somany had forgotten the legends. Remo Salvect had once been known as the king ofmonsters for his curse. He had been feared, hated, and revered. How much morehe preferred the anonymity of being lost in history.
    He sighted softly as he watched the snow fall outside. Ithad been so long since he had left the walls of his home. So long that he couldnot quite recall how snow felt on his skin. He closed his golden eyes for amoment trying to remember. Irritated, at his lack of memory, he slammed a fistinto the cold glass. Damn everything.