The Monster in _______'s Mirror

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*A portion of the title is blanked out because it will be replaced by the name of one of your characters

Initially, when I had an idea about writing a short series of horror stories called "When Midnight Strikes," I had two ideas for the first two stories - Madman's Mansion and, well, this, Monster in Mather's Mirror. For those who haven't read my short story, When Midnight Strikes is basically something like Goosebumps and Are You Afraid of the Dark.

Fiona and her girlfriends hate boys! They are spending their annual Anti-Boys Club sleepover at the house of one of Fiona's two other girlfriends and members of the ABC also spending their night there to discuss about their hatred for boys. They are just having fun when they discover a mirror at Mather's place with some sort of... an enchantment.

"Whoever gazes into me"
"On the midnight hour"
"Will themselves cease to be"
"And fall within my power!"

Like curious little girls, they eventually gaze into the mirror at the midnight hour of 12AM. Nothing happens at first. But then, each of them watch each other being sucked into the mirror, before all are trapped within it, falling within its power.

And that is only the beginning.

Creatures called Glassoids will soon approach them, seemingly wanting to hurt them. Will Fiona and the girls survive the horror? Or will they remain trapped in ________'s mirror... forever?

First-Person View
The writing style of this RP is first-person view, by the way, for convenience's sake. However, you are allowed to write in third-person view if you are not comfortable with that, though I advice you not to in order to keep the writing style consistent.

Eye of the Mirror
A pink light source with an extremely bright illumination. It's claimed to have seen things from behind the mirror for a long time. Good things. Bad things. And it's claimed that the mirror's 'memory' captures those good and bad things when the Eye sees it. It seems to be the one who has trapped the girls inside the mirror.

It has trapped many people, causing them to turn into glass over time. Hence, the existence of Glassoids, whom the Eye kept under oppression. You can say it's like the 'ruler' of the Glassoids.

The Glassoids are humanoids entirely made of glass. They are much clearer outside of the mirror, but are vaguely seen once you are trapped inside. They are humans turned into glass by the mirror when they were trapped inside years ago, too. They are very afraid of the Eye.

Fiona named this little Glassoid Bernard, like the St. Bernard dogs that help people lost in the snow. He's kind and noble, but, like the other Glassoids, is equally afraid of the tyrant Eye of the mirror.

Inside the Mirror
The contents of the mirror is filled with, well, glass. As much glass as one's eye could see. It feels like a spongy, jelly kind of substance inside, though large movement within the mirror is quite possible.

I need, altogether, two people to play the roles of Fiona's two girlfriends. The Glassoids are minor roles, so I've decided to make them NPCs instead.

Character Sheet
Four standard fields. Very simple.

The three characters are obviously females, and they have classes together, so 'Age' and 'Gender' are not included in the CS, though Fiona's age is about 12 years old.

My Character Sheet
Name: Fiona Tyson

Like most kitties, Fiona is filled with utmost curiosity, desiring to know about all those weird stuff her classmates seem to have an interest over for some reason. But, as tempted as she is, she wouldn't reveal her inquisitive self to her friends, if she could help it. She has a few handful knowledge about the supernatural, but nothing too obsessive. Like most kitties, she do try and live her life as normally as she could maintain.

Fiona is the founder of the Anti-Boys Club. She had started it with her two closest female classmates, who also shared her detest for the 'dominant gender' of the human species. Her hatred wasn't so much as an annoyance before she started the club, but what got her fueling was an annoying male classmate of hers, Matthew Sullivan, an annoying nerd who displayed male superiority all over her and her girlfriends. It was utterly unforgivable.

However, she's not one to hold grudges, and is just maintaining the club as a means of leisure. Who knows? Someday, she might meet that someone special and create an irony.

Any questions and suggestions are welcome. :)
So, per Sakura's advice, I've decided to provoke your interest a little bit by asking you, erm, some questions to garner your interest and what not. Yeah.

So, I've added more details in the first post to inform you about the antagonist and the structure of the world, which is basically the mirror which the girls will be trapped in. Hope it would be more informative to you now, and feel free to suggest anything else I could add.

As for gameplay wise, the RP's more story-focused than anything else. Basically, the goal is to have the girls escape the mirror with the help of the Glassoids, who will approach them between early to mid-game. Not much battle scenes, just mostly interactions, negotiations, rounding up the Glassoids to fight against the oppression of the Eye and such. Basically, written, descriptive battle sequences, you could say. Tell me what you guys think of it, though, as your suggestions might improve this.

The default template for the main characters of the RP can be said that to be three ordinary girls having a sleepover. This can be a coming of age story, if the writing works, maybe having the girls becoming bolder after this adventure after fighting against the Eye, etc.

So, what do you think? Sounds good? Drop your questions and suggestions! Tell me what you like and dislike! Go ahead! Post already! :tongue: