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The Monster Breeder

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Nekrokiin, Dec 12, 2014.

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  1. This is going to be somewhat of a hardcore story. Lots of monster sex.

    In this world, the monster tournaments is the most popular form of entertainment and a quick way to becoming rich. My character is a genius scientist with an expertise in cloning and monster breeding. Your character is a clone, made from my character's DNA. He was able to genetically modify his DNA to clone himself as a female that can breed with any monster, with the ability to accommodate monster's of all sizes. Her birthing cycle is amazingly short, only a couple of days. My character then injects a serum into the newborns and they mature in a matter of hours. Also, the clone is completely submissive to my character, she cannot (at least initially) disobey him.

    My character is still trying to perfect his clone and his breeding techniques to create the perfect monsters to fight in his arena. Every once in a while, your character will be put back in the cloning pod, broken down into basic components and then reconstructed in a new body.

    Also, after a while your character will start to mutate and evolve monster traits based on the monsters she has sex with. Maybe even growing a penis, an extra pair of breasts, multiple arms, etc. These mutation can be temporary as she is again broken down and reconstructed.
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  2. This seems very intersting may I join?
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