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  1. There where once a big city, so big that it's lights could be shown up from the very dark space, many people liked this city and thought of this as their "heaven". But one day, the city got too crowded, many people couldn't fit in every houses and the many people who could have food on their table got less and less. People's mind got more and more filled with darkness and the light from the city made them worse. "This is no city of heaven!" "Why are we here?" "Oh thee the city who brought us light, the light of a lier and a light of disgrace. We want no heaven anymore if it's like this!"

    The warm light made the people hate themselves, the dark world and made themselves distant from the light that gave them so much. The city, in ruins and ashes was gone, people seeked a new home, a new light inside them, a light that could make them see what they really are and a light that could warm them. The people would always look up at the stars, so shining and beautiful, that was what they wanted. A light bright and harmony as the stars and a new home, up in the sky. Though how? The people could not get up to the stars, nor could the stars get down to them. Or could they? In many years the people tried to find a way to get the stars down to them, though they failed and the light they seeked was the last moment they would see before they would take their last breathe in the cold snow.


    The world (open)

    The world, filled with enternal snow and darkness, nowhere to go except the shadows from the high trees. For many years there where always snow, darkness and woodlands as far as you could go. But then there was a big city who brought light to the peoples hearts but it was too much for them and they turned against each others and the light themselves. Living in darkness again, the only hope of light is from the moon and the stars high up in the sky that you can not reach.

    Many creatures lives in these forests but they don't show themselves often, people hunt for wolves and other creatures running around freely, you can use any magic spells, any hunting tricks but don't overdo or else what more can you feed yourselves with? But creatures aren't the only ones who runs around, hunters, magicians, any humans are also walking around carefree in the hope of a stars light up in the sky. In hope that one day, get to see the shining light the city once brought again.



    Name: Unknown

    Age: Unknown

    Kind: Unknown (This is where you put what you're)

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    Background: He doesn't remember much but he woke up in the middle of the forest with no clothes on, in desperate to search for any he found an empty house, it was near to fall apart and not many stuff where inside but he found some clothes that fit him perfeclty even though his very skinny body and length. He doesn't remember much more than that.

    Other: When he was naked, running around the cold forest he didn't feel cold at all, it was natural for him. But he doesn't remember his name, nor age and neither his background story from when he was younger. He is seen as "beautiful" and "like an angel" appearence from the people he have met in the forest but he will always run away when they offer him their help since he don't depend on that, he knows that he have to do something else and can't stay for long.



    I would like this to be an OnexOne roleplay since I don't see this as a group roleplay with many people. Just mine character and another.

    You can only be human, hunter, magician or maybe half of something. You can't be something like a Devil, angel, etc.

    Even if you're a powerfull magician you still have weaknessess just like my character, so no god-modding please.

    Write as much as you can!

    You can use how many photos you can, but do put them in spoilers or else it'll be a little much. I know that myself.


    Bass/Main History: Since the city is in ruins because people went crazy and destroyed it, there aren't many houses left except caves or old ones you can find here and there in the forest. The people thought they could find light from the stars by bringing them down with magic but it didn't work so now they try to figure out something else to live with. People are now trying to rebuild the city once more but most of the people are now living freely in the cold woodlands, while people think there is no harm in the world, a secret war is beginning somewhere unknown and one person seeks help. (My character) But due to his amnesia he doesn't remember much and have to regain his memory in order to know what has happen with himself and the war, can he and his companion resque the world from this unknown war? Or will it come to the peacefull woodlands and bring down death to the whole white landscape?

    If you've questions about this rp, please comment.
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