The Modifer Deception

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  1. Bruce laid on his favourite sofa somewhere within the centre of SACRUS's headquarters, oblivious to the number of students and trainees running around trying to get to their classes. It had been a week since the senior students had their exams, and today was the day they would get their certificates to officially become agents within the organization - one of them, a prodigy by the name of Alex, if Bruce's memory served him right, had replaced the ninth member of the top thirteen; he could already see the smug grin on the kid's face as he got his tattoo - everyone he knew in the thirteen always had that smug grin, hell he even had it. Poor IX, Bruce thought as he laid there with his eyes closed. I actually liked that guy, sad he had to get pulled down.

    "Oi," a gruff voice said behind him. "Shouldn't you be doing something?"

    "Depends," Bruce responded lazily, his eyes still closed. "Who are you?"

    "It's Tom," the older man growled. Tom; Bruce recalled he was recently voted to be on the SACRUS high council -- a group consisting of three veteran modifers that regulated everything within the organization, and used the 13 as their errand boys.

    "Oh. You. Am I supposed to be doing something for you?" He felt a sudden force and the next thing he knew he was flying across the hall and before he could do anything about it he smashed through a pillar and landed hard on the marble floor and continued into a roll before stopping among a heap of rubble and dust. Bruce groaning and coughing, stood up and wiped the sleep from his eyes, the students, who were rushing only moments before, were now frozen in place watching the commotion in mixed shock and interest. "What was that for? I just asked a question."

    "I swear, how you even became part of the thirteen, I'll never understand. Your father was an amazing member, he led the thirteen as a kid, you're a bloody adult who can't get off his ass! It seems the apple fell far from the tree."

    "Didn't you hear? The apple didn't drop, it was picked from the tree and thrown," Bruce said with a lazy smile, dusting himself off.

    "Your gettin' a new partner. Winter Drake. You were supposed to fill in the paper-work two hours ago!" Bruce stopped dusting himself and looked at his superior with mild shock. He knew Winter, everyone knew Winter! Was this some sort of punishment for his excessive laziness within the organization, he couldn't help but wonder. Getting teamed up with Winter was no better than a death sentence, all of her partners ended up dead.

    "Really? Ah well, fine," Bruce shrugged and began walking back to his sofa. "When you see her tell her to bring the paper-work over, I'll sign them then." He heard a colourful curse directed at him as he closed his eyes once again.
  2. Winter sighed as she was given the paperwork for yet another partner, honestly she wished they would let her work alone she didnt want to see anymore deaths because of her rotten luck. As Tom instructed her to find her new partner - Bruce Tyler and get him to sign this paperwork she wonders if the known to be lazy Bruce will hate her for being paired with her out of her last partner. She shrugs and walks away to find him muttering under her breath "stupid curse"

    Winter of course finds him dozing on a couch she rolls her eyes before walking up to him "Bruce Tyler? Its Winter Drake" she waits anxiously to see how much he'll hate her for this
  3. Bruce opened an eye at the mention of his name and he saw a blonde haired woman with an open blue button-up shirt with a black tank top looking down on him. He felt like he knew this person from somewhere but couldn't quite pinpoint from where exactly. Only when she mentioned her name did his second eye open -- Oh, that's right, Winter -- and sat up with a grunt. "I'm assuming you have the paperwork? Good, toss it way!" He said with a grin. "You see that bit of destruction over there-" he nodded towards the broken pillar "-that was Tom's doing. To me. I want to get back at him a little, so why not just finish that off tomorrow and make his life a lot more like hell?"

    If Bruce was being honest with himself, he didn't want to do the paperwork to get back at Tom, but out of sheer laziness; though he knew he would get serious repercussions from the council if he didn't fill them out. He found that out the hard way, and it certainly wasn't the best week of his life - it could even be counted as one of the worst, if not the worst. Bruce stood with a stretch and a deep yawn and looked over his new partner. He heard of her power, to be able to control and heal people with the water inside them sounded like a double edged blade. This should be fun, he said to himself. "There's a ceremony in a few minutes, I wasn't planning on going, but since you're here and I have nothing to do, shall we?"
  4. Winter despite herself couldnt help but grin at his remark noticing the broken pillar, in truth Tom annoyed her as well he was a jerk on a good day...a complete prick on most "Ah so Im guessing he didnt take your dozing lightly?" she smiles her eyes a vivid dark blue right now tossing the paperwork on a nearby coffee table, she would rather not think about it right now anyway "Sounds good to me Ill just blame it all on you" she winks at him her tone teasing.
    Curious of what kind of ceremony it is she shrugs "Sure why not? I just got back from my last mission a couple days ago and havent been that up to date with everything going on here" she shifted slightly as the injuries from her last mission still bothered her but still kept smiling.
  5. "No, he didn't," Bruce responded with a shrug. The man, despite being a prick and a pain in his ass, was extraordinarily powerful. His father would constantly talk about how he saved his life on more than one occasion and never failed to remind him that they couldn't have picked a better person for the job. He supposed, though he knew you could be the weakest member of SACRUS and could still become part of the council if you had the right connections - his father had a lot of enemies simply because he was the best. Though, he had to admit that he liked it that way; he certainly wouldn't approve of his father breathing down his neck everyday at work.

    "It's a graduation ceremony," Bruce explained taking the shades from his vest pocket and putting them on. "A student - I think his name was Alex or something - managed to steal Fredrick's position as number nine - they're calling him a 'prodigy'." It took effort to keep himself from rolling his eyes. Every student who managed to get into the top thirteen was called a 'prodigy', and although he did like the attention, he certainly didn't like the responsibilities the attention brought. Out of, seemingly, a couple of thousand members of SACRUS the top thirteen were looked on as an example. Poor example we are, Bruce chuckled softly to himself. We're the strangest misfits to ever exist. Although he wasn't interested in the ceremony itself, he was interested in the prodigy kid and wanted to size him up before he got his tattoo.

    They walked until they reached the graduation hall, two thirds of it already complete when Bruce stepped in and took his seat, some of the students gaping at him and whispering that one of the thirteen had come to their graduation ceremony. "Hey you're Bruce Tyler, aren't you, The Sleeping Demon?" a student whispered to him when he took his seat. Bruce raised an eyebrow in amusement, is that what they're calling me now? Bruce nodded and gave a look towards his new partner.

    "Wake me up when the 'prodigy' kid gets his award," he told Winter, dozing off. "I want to have a chat with him."
  6. Winter follows him curious of this new "prodigy kid" most likely the same cocky kid most of us were when we joined the top 13, for her it was a nice promotion but she didnt like the spot light she was more use to hiding in the shadows and doing what she could to help. "You dont sound too happy about him, somebody jealous?" she teased, for some reason Bruce seemed very teasable to her she couldnt help herself it was like poking a sleeping lion, you know its dangerous and he can bite your head off but the urge is just too great.

    As Winter sits next to Bruce she hears the whispers of the students shocked and excited that 2 of the 13 have come to their graduation, she fidgets slightly uncomfortable with all the attention as she hears whispers of the "Cursed Drake" she keeps her head down sighing, and people wonder why I like to be alone? Which wasnt true entirely she was often lonely but lonely was better than the looks she was getting right now from the youngsters. Rolling her eyes at Bruce she shakes her head smiling slightly "Already sleeping huh? Should the kid be scared of the Sleeping demon?"
  7. "Yes, he should," Bruce yawned, his closed eyes covered by the glasses he wore. "They don't call me the Sleeping Demon for nothing, ya know. I earned my rank." He certainly had, too. He was one of the few modifers with the ability to manipulate gravity; if he wanted to, he could practically kill nearly everyone in this room without batting an eye. Although, he wasn't sure if everyone who called him that knew what his power was. The name came from a fight he had with Ross, the number IV, several months ago on the sports field, that nearly destroyed half of the HQ building -- of course they were severely reprimanded for their wanton destruction, but before then no one besides his old partner truly knew why he was even in the top thirteen.

    His thoughts were interrupted when he heard the name 'Alec' being called up, thinking it was the guy he was looking for, his ears perked, but soon realized that it wasn't the one he was looking for and went back to his relaxed state, staying in the space between complete consciousness and unconsciousness. "So, Winter," he started with a lazy tone to his voice. "Tell me about yourself. It's clearly known I'm the laziest guy in this place - not much to know about me, but what's behind the 'Cursed Drake' name - which you should flaunt, by the way, the name has a deadly ring to it." Bruce couldn't help but laugh at his own poor pun while he waited for his partner to respond.
  8. "Yes I know your pretty known around here besides being infamously lazy, but I dont know about seem more like a lion cub to me" she grins knowing she was pushing his buttons with her teasing but she liked when people smiled, and not falsely either. She ponders what Bruce plans to do to the poor kid trying to ignore the whispers and stares around her.

    She looks over at Bruce "Ha ha very funny" she was clearly unamused "What would you like to know about me? Im not good with describing myself to others, and as for the "Cursed Drake" well considering my record for my partners getting killed they have named me cursed, and anyone that is around me or partnered with me should fear me because death is sure to follow" she sighs tiredly wishing people would see that she hated death...especially the deaths of people she cares for or is loyal to. Its not like she killed them herself...she flinches slightly as the thought dredges up painful memories. "Im sure you've heard your share of stories about me"
  9. "A lion cub?" Bruce asks, taken aback and turned to face her. That's a first. "Why do I seem like a lion cub to you? Am I that adorable?" No one has ever said he was akin to a lion cub before, people would usually say he was more like a sloth - and he really couldn't argue with them. All he did was sleep, no one ever saw his crazy side, they've only heard of it; and of course there were a fair share of skeptics who went about saying he didn't belong in the thirteen. Most of the ones who who said those, however, he could literally beat while he slept. It was probably the comfort of knowing that fact that kept him from correcting them - he just didn't need to.

    "I've certainly heard quite a few rumours," Bruce shrugged. "But false rumours are an everyday thing here. There's a current rumour about me going on that I'm more useless than the chair I sleep on and that I'm going to be kicked from the thirteen. Of course, none of that is true." Even though he did get on the council's nerves, they recognized him as too great an asset to let go because of his laziness. Hell, only six months ago he diffused an international situation between Germany and the United States caused by greedy, corrupt modifer politician who nearly killed two CIA agents just for being 'normal'. Not only did he stop tensions to increase between the two countries, but he now also has a couple of CIA agents in his pocket to ask for favours in case he ever needs them.
  10. She smiles liking that she got a reaction out of him "Well cubs tend to sleep alot and are always lounging around especially during midday but when they're awake they're vicious hunters that can make you bleed....with itty bitty teeth and claws" she shakes her head "pff you wish you were that adorable" she giggles softly unable to get the image of big bad Bruce as a little lion cub out of her mind.

    Winter shrugs "True, I dont believe rumors I only believe what I see with my own eyes, I dont judge anyone before getting to know them. In return I expect the same but that seldom happens" she thinks for a moment "Well....I am usually a friendly person unless you give me a reason not to, I am 20 but im sure you know that from my file. I like to help others but I usually keep to there anything specific you would like to know?"
  11. She had a point, somewhat, and he was inclined to agree. Though, he totally disagreed with him not being adorable. His messy hair and lazy attitude was extremely adorable. If lion cubs could pull it off, so could he. "Let's agree to disagree on the adorableness," he chuckled. He listened to what she had to say about herself, and feeling slightly guilty that he didn't go through her file when she most likely went through his, he wanted to change the subject and began talking when Alex was called up and he looked onto the stage. The boy, a young one of about fourteen or so, with brown hair up to his shoulders went to pick up his certificate.

    "Let's have a chat with our friend," he smiled to Winter as he pushed himself from his seat and began walking towards Alex until he intercepted the kid. "Alex, was it? Congratulations on joining the thirteen!"

    "Oh, erm, Bruce Tyler, I erm. I r-really didn't expect any of you to be here," the boy stammered. He was going to say more, but before he could complete a word, Bruce interrupted him.

    "This is my partner here, Winter Drake. Why don't we have a talk outside, kid. Loosen up as well, no reason to be so uptight; you'll just die younger."
  12. She giggles following after him "Mhmm whatever you say kitty cat" when they approach the kid she waves a greeting at him feeling sorry for him already "Hi congrats" she tries to hide her smile at Bruce's comment oh he was evil but she couldnt help finding it amusing.

    As Winter follows Bruce and Alex outside she keeps a close watch on them making sure nothing bad happens but stays quiet keeping her distance
  13. Bruce lead them out of the ceremony hall and onto the large ditch that once held the sports field. Looking back on it, he remembered just how amazing the place was, with bright green grass and a fresh, sweet smell every time he would step foot on it; then he got into a fight and now nothing remained except a large whole filled with rubble and large pillars sticking out of the ground in random places. He went down to the centre and and crouched his chin on his knees and looking at the young graduated student. "You're supposed to get your tattoo today," he said with a small smile. "I just want to see if you're truly worthy for it, if you're not. You die." Alex looked at Bruce with increasing horror and made to scram but found that his feet couldn't move. "Your feet are as heavy as that building there. You can either fight; or stand there all day."

    "Fine," Alex responded with a scowl.

    "Good! Show me what you've got!" Alex raised his hand and motioned them towards Bruce who stood there waiting for something to happen. After about a minute he raised an eyebrow and looked around and even looked behind him.

    "What happened?"

    "I-I don't know! Wait, Lemme give it another go," Alex said doing the motion again and again. Each time nothing happened and Bruce began wondering if he was even a modifer. He had to be if the council saw it fit to give him a rank within the thirteen; and a pretty darn good one at that.

    "Come with me. Now," Bruce ordered, glancing at Winter, giving her a look that asked if she knew what was going on.
  14. Winter stood at the edge of the ditch watching there conversation and potential fight intrigued but when nothing happened she frowns and subtely shakes her head at Bruce confusion in her eyes. As Bruce and Alex climb back up she meets them "Hey what's wrong?"
  15. Bruce shrugged and whispered, "he can't seem to do anything; It's as if he's lost his powers or something." Walking back into the building, he towed the young modifer into the training room and stood opposite him; he explained to him once again that he was to use his powers to at least do some sort of damage to him. But when Alex moved his hands, nothing happened. Nothing moved and nothing changed.

    "This is extremely strange," he said to Winter as they were off on the side. "How would you explain this? I certainly can't. I'm baffled and it's annoying me." He wondered on what would happen to Alex once the council found out that he no longer had his powers, would they strip him of his rank? Would they stick him into the infirmary until he 'heeled'? They needed to know, though; this was a strange case, unlike anything he'd witnessed before.
  16. Winter frowns worried she follows Bruce watching Alex struggle again but to no avail "I honestly have no idea....Ive never seen anything like this before its like when a hold my enemies immobile by the water in there body but in his case his powers are being held what I dont know" she folds her arms over her chest worry creasing her brow as she tries to think of what could cause this. She hopes its only this one case and not an epidemic...that could cause chaos, she sighs "We should send him to the infirmary and see if its something they can fix or find the source of"
  17. "Good idea," he said and beckoned for Alex to follow them to the infirmary. What Winter had said brought an interesting thought into his head. Was someone from his class jealous that he had made it into the thirteen? He'd have to go through the power lists of every student who graduated with him, or he could ask an underling to do it for him -- yes, that would be far easier. But if anyone showed any signs of power suppressants, they'd be right within his cross-heirs. Although, he had to admit it didn't add up, even if someone did suppress his powers out of jealousy, he had already taken his tests and had been placed in the thirteen, the only way he could be removed now is by death and Alex didn't look like he'd die soon.

    They arrived in the infirmary and he told the modifer in charge everything he knew about what had happened to him. After taking the boy from his care, he walked out, his calm, friendly smile gone and replaced with a deep frown. Everything was becoming so bothersome, all he wanted to do was have a spar with the kid and now he goes and has his powers suppressed. "I suppose he'll be better within a day or so," Bruce yawned, his lazy nature starting to take over. "I say we keep it from the council for as long as possible. Wouldn't want to jeopardize the kid's place in the thirteen if it's some minor thing." He found himself in front of his favourite sofa and was about to take a seat when he heard a scream off in the distance coupled with a few more.
  18. Winter follows Bruce and Alex staying quiet until they left Alex she frowns as worried as Bruce "I hope so I have a bad feeling though....Ill stay quiet about it but if it doesnt get better we might not have a choice but to tell them" Winter jumps slightly startled by the screams "What the hell?" she rushes toward where the screams originated wondering if they were being attacked or maybe a patient went crazy on the staff, she gets her hidden blades ready just in case
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