The Moderate Youth?



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This thread does not represent an objective theory and is not based on many actual facts nor much time was spent for research. Author does recognize he might've rambled off a bit and messed up with wordings which might confuse people what he wants discussed, it's late and I'm tired........DISCUSS ^_^

As the western world keeps evolving it's consumeristic society to new heights, even in the aftermath or later stages of a recession, the quest to be up to the latest in anything hip and material keeps on going. Over and over you might ask "why are we doing "this" and "that"" and the final answer usually ends up somewhere under the influence of capitalism.

Do you feel the system/the man has been able to break down the radical anti-establishment culture that used to be so present and make todays youth more and more needy to give into the capitalists interests?
Have they been able to blend into populare culture so well, we don't fully recognize it anymore(again, in such a way that it can be used as advertisement for their interests, example: after the record sales went crashing, artists now often use their music videos to advertise a product(ex, Beyonce Ft. Lady Gaga - Video Phone))?
Nope, I'm only first generation here in the US, so I am not yet considered a part of the "mainstream" of society. Plus I don't really care about getting the newest hip thing, a waste of time in my views.
I think that the current generation has a lot going against it and I feel a good deal of that is due to families not being families. You have two professionals as parents and kids that are run off to school, daycare and sports/scouts/music with no family time. The bonds are weak and the children look for a way to connect to something beyond themselves. Some get more involved in their sports/music, some turn to gangs, and others will latch on to popular culture just to belong. Self identity is lost and only what is 'cool' matters. Those that have a more solid family life are more likely to have a firmer grasp of their own self identity and thus isn't going to fall into every trend, but look for more depth in their life.

Can you have a shitty upbringing and still have a good sense of self identity? Yes. Can you have an 'ideal' upbringing and still be lost in the crowd. Almost certainly. However I think if people focus more on their family, and closest friends they'll find a lot of stuff is meaningless drizzle.
I agree with Ocha on this aspect. ;)