The Mockingjay has arrived!

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  1. Hello Everybody!
    My name is The Mockingjay but I give you permission to call me Jay or MJ.
    I am new to this site, I made the conversion from Facebook roleplaying. Granted I intend on keeping my Katniss Everdeen account on Facebook, but I figured I needed to broaden my horizons. There aren't many literate roleplayers on FB and I like to consider myself literate as I hate 'One Liners' I prefers roleplays where I am provided with details not 'She sat down.' Where did she sit down? How did she sit? You know, Who, What When Where and How.
    I'll stop ranting now and fill you in on what I am interested in currently.

    Interests #1
    As you can already see I am a huge HUNGER GAMES fan and have read all the books at least a billion times and I have seen all of the movies they have put out so far. I also tend to cosplay as Katniss for cons. So if you are also interested in HG let me know and I am sure we can come up with something grand.

    Interests #2
    The Walking Dead is my favorite show right now and I just adore the storyline and the characters. I am madly IN LOVE with Daryl Dixon. So this is another possibility for roleplaying. If the show isn't your thing I am willing to do a ZOMBIE roleplay.

    Interests #3
    Fantasy based roleplays are another thing I enjoy doing, it allows one to be free and allow their mind to run wild and come up with crazy characters and magical lands. Unicorns, Fairies, Elves..etc things of that nature.

    Interests #4
    I am also willing to do a more dark set roleplay as well; vampires, witches, goblins, ghosts, demons, etc. Things like that also interest me and I would love to do a roleplay like this as well.

    Interests #5
    Superheroes are also sort of my thing, Batman being my favorite. I have a crush on Harley Quinn and Joker, so if this interests you as well I am pretty sure we can concoct a crazy roleplay. I love most heroes so if there is another one that interests you give me a shout .

    Interests #6
    I can do a sexual themed roleplay, but warning I have never been good at it. I am willing to give anything a try at least once.

  2. Do DO Du du DOOOO!!!

    I started a very random Interest #3, and would love to play a #4 with you :)
  3. Doodie doodie do?
  4. My attempt at the mockingjay song for hunger games
  5. Well, I give you two :thumbsup2::thumbsup2: !
  6. Shoot me a private message and we can work out some sort of storyline. (:
    My first roleplay on here, sorry for my excitement. lol

  7. Welcome to the site, Jay! I hope you enjoy your stay :D

    I really need to watch Mockingjay soon xD
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  8. Thank you Dear!

    Mockingjay was incredible! If you're a fan of the movies and books then you'll just be in love with Part 1 of Mockingjay.
    I am that weird fan that went on opening night wearing my Katniss cosplay, lol.
  9. Oh, yes :D! I enjoyed the books and previous movies, so I plan to see part one sometime.

    And nice signature, to complete your welcome, here's Finnick.

    8D (open)
  10. Finnick is so attractive!
    I must confess though, I am more of a Peeta fan. Josh Hutcherson portrays him very well. At first I didn't think he would, but I was proven wrong and am now in love with the way he portrays him. He and Jen have an amazing chemistry, I cant breathe. LOL. -Fangirling-

    If you're interested in doing a Hunger Games roleplay, let me know! I am ALWAYS up for one.
  11. Welcome to the community!
  12. Thank you, love !
  13. Hallo there Jay, welcome to the site! :D
  14. Welcome to the site! You'll fit in here perfectly.