The Mob

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  1. The Mob

    • No God-modding, Gary-sues, Mary-sues, ect.
    • No killing without permission
    • Fade to black after clothes come out.
    • I understand writer’s block, but at least 4+ sentences would be awesome.
    • No bullying
    • No OC drama
    • Have fun!


    For years humans have living in society, ignorant to what was going on amongst them. Although the world seemed peaceful and relatively normal, but humans were oblivious to the society that lived right underneath their noses. The supernatural beings that lived among them. More specifically, the mafias. Chicago is where the Big Four reside, otherwise known as the Four Horsemen. They are known as the most dangerous and brutal mafia.
    The Moon Children, made up of vampires, rule the night. They do most of their business in night clubs and bars. These members can’t resist a good fight and prefer close range fighting and drinking the blood of their victims. The Scarletts, members being witches and warlocks, do their work any time of the day. They are the most sophisticate out of the four mafias and prefer long rage fighting instead of hand-to-hand combat. Starlight, the fairies or Faye are the beings that prefer daylight to darkness. They are a very peaceful race, but when they fight they fight using their connection with the earth or with swords. Most of the time they can be found in coffee shops or the planetarium.
    Finally there is The Furies, which consists of shape-shifters and werewolves. These beasts are always fighting against vampires for control of the night. The members of this mafia can usually be found…well, anywhere. They love a good party and can’t resist a drink or two. But, of course we can’t forget the hunters. These mysterious mortals keep peace in the city, determined to keep the supernatural a secret to society. Suddenly deaths on all five sides begin to occur, raising the question of who, what, and why? With tensions so high, will anyone survive?


    Moon Children: A nightclub on the North Side is what this mafia calls home. A door behind the bar reveals to a staircase that leads either to the basement that is used for living quarters or to the penthouse that is used for meetings.
    [The Club] [Inside the Club] [The Penthouse]

    The Scarletts: A large estate on the West Side serves as their home. A large white mansion surrounded by a high gate makes up the grand estate. Beautiful plants surround the manor, looking innocent but are used for dangerous potions.
    [The House] [Meeting Room] [Potions Room]

    Starlight: They live in a penthouse by the planetarium and Lake Michigan. The entire building is rented out for the Starlights, but the penthouse is specifically for the leader of their mafia and their family. They have meetings in the planetarium.
    [The Penthouse] [The Planetarium]

    The Furies: They scared the previous tenets of a large block of houses away and they use that as their base. Every family in the mafia has its own house. They meet in the largest house that sits at the center of all of the houses.

    [Main House] [One of the Pack Houses]

    Hunters: The Hunter HQ is in the Willis Tower. The Hunters themselves live about the city, on duty most of the time to protect everyone in the city.

    [Willis Tower] [Willis Tower Interior]


    Moon Children
    King or Queen- Open
    Regular Members -Unlimited

    The Scarletts
    Head Witch or Warlock-Taken by me
    Regular Members -Unlimited

    Queen- Open
    Regular Members -Unlimited

    The Furies
    Alpha- Open
    Regular Members -Unlimited

    Head of Hunters- Open
    Regular Members -Unlimited

    Basic Info
    • Needs blood once a day
    • Special ability is a mental ability (telepathy, telekinesis, premonitions, ect.)
    • Sunlight irritates them but doesn’t kill them
    • Fairy + witch blood makes them stronger
    • Eyes are any color but turn black when angry or hungry
    • They don’t need to sleep as much

    Witches and Warlocks
    • Each individual has a connection with one element as their special ability (Water, air, fire, earth)
    • Magic can do mostly everything if you have enough experience, except bring back life and making something out of nothing.
    • The bigger the spell, the more energy you drain.
    • You can restore energy by sleeping, eating, or consuming a potion.

    • Each one has tattoos of wings on their back where their wings can be retracted into.
    • Their special ability has to do with nature or animals (Speak to animals, control of plants, etc.)
    • They drink nectar and eat ambrosia to replenish their energy. (And because it tastes freaking amazing)
    • They can fly with their wings. Which is pretty sweet.

    Werewolves and Shape-Shifters
    • Werewolves and shape-shifters can change at any time, but are forced to during full moons.
    • Silver hurts them.
    • Vampire venom makes them sick.
    • Their special ability is a physical ability (Enhanced strength, speed, etc.)

    • Hunters have no special abilities.
    • They are trained to be extremely amazing with any kind of weapon.
    • They have extensive knowledge of all of the supernaturals.
    • They have been injected with medicines that make them stronger against vampire venom, witches’ spells, etc.


    Special Ability:
    Personality: (Three songs)
    Eye color:
    Hair color:
    (If Fury) Wolf Appearance:
    (If Starlight) Wolf Appearance:

    My Skelly
    Name: Evangeline Ruby Grace
    Nickname: Ever, Eve, Angel, Ruby
    Age: 19
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Straight
    Species: Witch
    Special Abilities: Connection with water
    Weapon(s): Magic and Ice Dagger
    Gang: Scarletts
    Rank: Head Witch
    Family: Her parents died a year ago, leaving her orphaned and in charge
    Likes: Water cats, parties, vampires, fairies
    Dislikes: Peanut butter, shape-shifters, scary movies, blood
    Hopes: To lead the Scarletts well
    Fears: Shape-shifters, darkness, spiders
    Personality: Bring Me to Life, Blank Space, Don’t Stop the Party
    Picture: (1)
    Height: 5”5
    Weight: 110
    Eye Color: Gentle Blue
    Hair Color: Brown
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