The Mitsuyama Household

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  1. Long nights had passed since the head of the Mitsuyama family, Genjirou Mitsuyama, had fallen into demise. His death had been but a mere accident. New faces had showed up since then. The new maid was hired. Yet another maid was hired. Two young, fresh faces to lighten up the mood. A young man had taken over the company for his father, a well-known, respected and big company that sold furniture to the richest of people.

    Sebastian, the one and only child of the Mitsuyama's, had grown up in a life where all he had done had simply been about his ability to take over the company at a later time. But that time had come rather quickly. His father had not even passed 60 when he died, and at the tender age of 19, Sebastian stood to take over the company on his mother's suggestion.

    asakazu Bando

    Indeed... growing old was such a peculiar existence. One's sight would grow weaker, hearing, smell... even one's ability to move around. Lately, Masakazu, the butler of this rich, outstanding house, had experienced these kinds of troubles. His back had started to hurt, for one, and his body was more stiff than he'd care to admit. All in all, quite troublesome... troublesome indeed.

    "Mistress, your tea is ready."Setting down the cup in front of the close-to middle-aged woman, Masakazu eyed the Mistress of the House. She had been rather young when he had first met her, and all in all, found her to be a great, respectful woman. He had nothing against letting her be the next person that he would obey after the late Master Mitsuyama.

    The mistress seemed to be busy, and as he was about to leave, the woman inquired at him, speaking to him. He stopped in his tracks and turned around.


    linore Mitsuyama

    "Bando, would you mind going to get Arakaki for me? I believe that I have something that she needs to see. Bring her here immediately."

    Elinore was a proud woman, and she always stood when speaking to her servants. Bando was honestly much like a father for her, well, a very butler-like and polite father, but he had always been so nice to them. He was a little older than her late husband, and it showed in both features and mental wisdom. She was proud to have him as her butler, but knew that he would not last out her living span. She still wanted the old man to stay in the house, regardless. He had taken good care of Sebastian when Sebastian's father had had no time for him.

    The woman sighed as she turned to the door where Bando had left a moment ago. Before long, he returned with the long-haired maid. Again today, she seemed as nervous as ever, fidgeting with her apron.


    "Y-yes, M-Mistress?"came the reply in a careful, weak voice. As always, Arakaki was not very loud-spoken at all. Elinore slightly enjoyed that, the young girl's gentle and soothing voice.

    "You were with Sebastian and Lichtenberg before, were you not? Can you tell me where they have gone?"

    aya Arakaki

    "Y-yes! T-the Young Master and Miss Lichtenberg went off to the other mansion. T-they said they were going to be back by dinner, M-Mistress. I-is there anything you need with them?"

    Kaya almost jumped out of her skin when Mistress Mitsuyama's face seemed to almost warp into some strange emotion that the young woman had never witnessed before. She then turned her back to Kaya and Mister Bando who was standing behind Kaya, quiet and still as always, his breath barely evident.

    "Alright. Thank you, you're dismissed. We'll need some new ingredients, the grocery list is on the refrigerator."

    The two servants nodded and set off in a hurry.

    ebastian Mitsuyama

    Sebastian had had a painfully long day, and what he wanted most of all was the "private time" that he'd waited an entire week for. When he closed the door behind Saif, in his long maid dress, standing there, embarrassed, Sebastian's eyes moved over the male.

    Truly, he was attractive, but... this was business. Purely business. Saif was payed a certain amount of money each month, and he spent his time living in the mansion together with the rest of the staff. Sebastian had hired him because his sexual... tendencies weren't exactly what one would call "normal". Instead of risking his reputation with a public relationship, he ended up picking up this beauty, and that's how it went.

    He had thought about it before. That it was wrong. That it shouldn't be happening. But there was no helping it. After all, it was just work, just business. There were no feelings involved, which was safest for the both of them.

    "Saif. Get into the bedroom and take off your dress, I need to get ready first. It'll be 10 minutes."As he had said that, he left to the bathroom that was inside the bedroom, slipping out of some of his clothes. He shortly ruffled up his hair, slipping off shoes and socks, as well as tie and jacket. What he was left in was a pair of black dress pants and a white shirt.

    He'd been working almost nonstop the entire week and he was getting so tired of it. He wanted to have some fun.

    When the 10 minutes had passed, he walked back to the bedroom, glancing at Saif who was now lying on the bed as instructed. This was going to be another rough afternoon. He hoped that he wasn't going to be too rough. Couldn't have Saif looking all pained when going to dinner...
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  2. Saif stood by the door, head bowed to hide the faint pink flush working its way through his face. Thankfully his skin was dark enough to hide the brunt of it, but it was still there. He hated this, or rather, he loved it, and hated the fact that he loved it. This was just for money, he reminded himself. Not because his mind was a twisted fuck or anything.

    "Yes sir," he murmured, dipping into a curtsy like Sebastian had told him to do when he was being addressed in uniform. He straightened up, waiting until Sebastian had left to step into the bedroom and begin unlacing his dress. The corset of the maid uniform always annoyed him, Saif never being quite able to quickly unlace it. It always took him at least two attempts to get it unlaced, often resulting in his ribs being crushed by the corset, before he was able to unlace it properly.

    Pulling the dress over his head, he carefully hung it in the small wardrobe standing in the corner of the room, before walking over to the large bed in the center to lay down. He laid down on his stomach, head tilted slightly to the left so he was able to breathe, hands clasped behind his back. Saif hated and loved this position. It was so exposed and left him unable to see what was going on around him, forcing him to rely on just his hearing and other senses to build a picture of the room around him.

    He heard the door close behind him, a small shiver running down his spine, both from the draft of cold air that was let into the room - this house was always inhumanly cold, at least in Saif's opinion - and the knowledge that Sebastian was in the room.
  3. S
    ebastian Mitsuyama

    Sebastian looked over the other male, his eyes darkening at the sight. He felt an unhealthy lust for this man, and he knew it. He really did know it. His body was aching to get to touch him, to feel him, to see his body go ragged with the pleasure. He was twisted. Twisted to the point where his body didn't react as he desired it to anymore. Twisted to the point where he wanted this more than what was healthy.

    "I see you've gotten better at this since we started, huh?" He whispered as he got onto the bed, crawling over to hover over Saif's body. His hand ran down the soft, brown skin to the laces of the corset that he was wearing under the dress, a piece of underwear that Sebastian quite enjoyed on Saif's naked body. It was light green and fit his eyes and skin perfectly, making him look beautiful as he laid there against the silk sheets of the bed. The room was all Sebastian's, and he used it whenever he desired to be alone in the world.

    Taking off the corset, he cuffed Saif with soft cuffs, matching fabric wound around the metal to prevent pain. Sebastian was one for dominating, but not one for bringing pain. He wanted Saif to be at his mercy, but not to fear him. He took a cloth and tied it in front of Saif's eyes, pulling him to a sitting position against the puffy, pink cushions on the bed. Sebastian bit his lip. This guy... was really too hot for his own good. When Sebastian first had seen him, he'd felt the same. Pure, unadultered lust for this man. And now he'd gotten to this... he was lucky.

    "Are you cold? Want me to warm you up?"He gently murmured as his fingers ran down Saif's stomach. "I can see one thing that's keeping its hotness, though..." At this, he chuckled and ran his hands down Saif's front, stopping at the panties he was wearing. The tight fabric was clearly showing Saif's rising levels of pleasure.
  4. "Thank you, sir." Saif bit down on his tongue in an attempt to drown out the warmth rushing to his cheeks at Sebastian's comment. He shouldn't feel proud, this was just a business arrangement, nothing more. He shouldn't be complimented for taking his clothes off, for obeying directions; that was something any normal person could do, so why should he get compliments.

    A shiver ran down Saif's spine as Sebastian took off the corset. Sebastian's hands were so nimble, and he made every movement, even that of unlacing something as frustrating as a corset, elegant, and their warmth in comparison to Saif's cool skin sent shivers running down his spine. When Sebastian went to cuff him - a normal habit of his - Saif allowed him to. If he stretched out his arms just slightly to make it easier, and if the contact of the fabric and heavy metal sent his pulse racing, well, Saif was just going to ignore that.

    He wasn't quite able to bite back a breathy moan as a thick blindfold wrapped over his eyes. It was good material, a dense, emerald green velvet that was soft on his skin but blocked out every scrap of light. Saif couldn't see the colour, blinded as he was, but knew it was green. Sebastian seemed to have a thing for him wearing green.

    "Please... sir," Saif stuttered out, trying to keep his breathing controlled as the hand trailed down his stomach. The loss of his sight only made every sensation a million times stronger. He stiffened his back, a quiet whine of frustration falling out of his mouth as Sebastian's hand stopped just short of where he actually wanted it to.
  5. S
    ebastian Mitsuyama

    "If you're not patient, I'll just end up punishing you, you know..."
    Sebastian whispered as he completely removed his hand. He took off his pants, leaving him in his shirt and underwear. He was more muscular than Saif, but still very slim, his skin like pale alabaster. Now when Saif couldn't see him, Sebastian could allow himself a blush and a raising heartrate at the sight of the almost-stripped male in front of him.

    Instead of actually giving Saif what he desired, he crawled to sit between Saif's legs, his hands running up and down the dark-skinned male's exposed chest. The way he jolted forward into the touch when Sebastian's fingers brushed over his nipples made the young man want to pounce on Saif. But if he showed impatience, it would also serve to make Saif suspicious of his feelings. He was scared that Saif would back out when figuring out about how Sebastain really felt. How he actually felt desire towards this man - not just for the sake of the sex.

    "I know you'd like to beg... but you know, I'm in control here, so keep on being polite, or I'll really have to punish you badly. You wouldn't like to be denied release, right?"He knew that Saif enjoyed this kind of talk, and he was probably being a bit obvious by having the male actually enjoy himself over what Sebastian was saying. He decided to get straight to it.

    He let his hands gently fondle Saif's nipples, leaning in close to kiss his neck. He wanted Saif to be completely aroused by the time he removed those panties. He was already close, though, or at least so it felt like. He chuckled lightly at this. Saif was actually quite... adorable. Sebastian put a finger to the side of the blindfold, spotting for what reaction he would get.
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  6. Saif stiffened as Sebastian's hand left his skin, trying to force himself to not arch towards the touch. The disappearance of the warmth from Sebastian's palm was painfully obvious, sending shivers through his skin and making Saif tremble like a leaf. He could hear Sebastian moving, the blindfold making the noises all the more obvious, but couldn't tell whether he was moving away or closer.

    A gasp escaped out of Saif's mouth as he felt fingers trail across his chest. There was just enough pressure for him to feel them, but not a single bit more. He whimpered, arching his back, trying to press into the touch, trying to get actual stimulation.

    "Yes sir," he panted at Sebastian's words, trying to ignore the warmth those words caused to rush down to his groin. He shouldn't be finding this arousing; why the fuck did he? Saif's mind was twisted, and he hated it.

    When Sebastian began to kiss the side of Saif's neck, he almost melted. His neck was one of Saif's more sensitive spots, and any touching, kissing, or especially biting was sure to make Saif melt. The finger under Saif's blindfold startled him, causing him to jerk in surprise, momentarily loosing contact with Sebastian's other hand and mouth.
    "P-please sir," tumbled out of his mouth before Saif could stop himself, gasps falling from his lips as he tried to breathe.
  7. S
    ebastian Mitsuyama

    "You're such a nice boy... saying "please" and being all polite... but you're really dirty, aren't you? You're such a dirty, dirty boy..."
    Sebastian smirked slightly as he pulled away from Saif, pressing a finger against the bulge in the way too small panties that Saif was wearing. His idea. It had definitely been a good idea to have him wear something so... compromising. He couldn't imagine what it would've been like to walk around with those on all day at work.

    "You've been wearing these all day... it was painful, right? You could probably barely even keep a straight face... imagining that is something that I enjoy a lot, Saif." Sebastian let out another chuckle as he removed his hand from the panties, instead starting to pull them off.

    "My dirty little maid." He uttered quietly into Saif's ear as the panties were removed. He pushed Saif's legs into a bent position in order to spread them wide. He licked his lips at the sight, revealed that the other male wouldn't see his face.

    And yet... he wanted Saif to see his face this time. Just this once, he wanted Saif to look into his eyes with all of the lust that Sebastian knew he was hiding. He had seen it before. Inside those eyes, a desire for him and him only. It was a wonderful thought. He untied the knot on the blindfold and let it fall down to the bed, the most beautiful green eyes meeting his own in a warm, dark-skinned, beautiful face. He pinned Saif's legs in that spread position as he kissed the other male, almost feverish in his desire.