The Mistress


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((Btw, a lot of the categories are kind of subjective to your preferences. Just wanted to put that out there ;) ))​


I have a storyline that I've really been wanting to try. Like, really badly.
It's a Master x Slave roleplay, except the master is the girl - at least in a FxM situation. (o.o I know, shocker.) It just frustrates me beyond measures that so many FxM roleplays are done with the guy as the one with all the power and shit (Ex. In a Vampire x Human roleplay, the male is always the vampire. Twilight much?). I mean really. Can you get anymore cliche? I really can't stand it anymore. So I made this storyline (Or, should I say storyline, though they're essentially the same thing). There can be different species combinations as well.
Now, who plays who doesn't matter to me. I'm fine with playing any gender, and any role.


(((Gender changes will only be allowed for FxF adjustments. I used the 'Muse' thing just because it sounded better. Muse A is the female, Muse B the male in FxM situations))​

The Mistress
There's a store on the corner of 5th Ave. Just your regular old, beat-up, run-down, shitty-looking (and smelling) dollar store. At least, it is on the outside, and that's what they want you to think. You see, if you go up to the Help Desk and say the 'magic' word, you're taken to the basement, where it ain't your ordinary dollar store.
It's an underground slave trade. To be specific, sex slaves are traded there, though, of course, they have the fancy-schmancy multi-purpose slaves.
No matter the purpose though, there's always two categories. The Broken-In ones; the ones who are submissive, obedient, docile - the ones that know their place. And the ones that need to be Broken-In, the ones fresh off the boat. Which category you choose, though, is up to you.

"To teach your slave their place, you don't just break their pride. You destroy it."

Muse A is a dominatrix, and loves being one. So, of course, she'd go to the slave auction. It's easier than hunting down a man that won't call the cops. Loving the thrill of breaking her slave in though, she ops for the second category, and chooses Muse B. Muse B is prideful, rebellious, and far from submissive. But that's just what Muse A likes. It makes the Fall all the sweeter. Her ways have never failed, are fairly effiecient, though they might be seen as unusual (AKA, Dirty). Yet Muse B is stronger than she first thought.
The battle of the wills is about to go down. And both are intent on winning. [/spoili]


"How can you pick up the pieces of someone so broken?"

Muse A is a dominatrix, and loves being one. So, of course, she'd go to the slave auction. It's easier than hunting down a man that won't call the cops. Normally she'd go for a rebellious one - after all, what dominatrix doesn't love breaking in a newbie? But her eyes fall on Muse B. Muse B was broken a long time ago, brought up to be a perfect slave. With eyes that are dead inside, he's submissive, obedient, docile - with almost no will of his own. Muse A buys him, on impulse. At first, she relishes in Muse B's submissive-ness. No work needed. He already does everything she wants. Yet she soon begins to have a change of heart. She's never really owned a slave after their will's been broken, always having sold them once the deed was done.
Soon, she wants him to find himself again, help him back onto his feet. But how can you pick up the pieces of someone so broken?[/spoili]

Combinations of Species
((Mistress x Pet))​
Human x Human
Vampire x Human
Human x Vampire
Furry x Furry
Human x Furry
Furry x Human
Human x Neko
Neko x Human


So, if you'd like to rp with me, feel free to PM.
((Also, if you want to think long term, you could do both. Once Muse A has broken Muse B, in the (fairly) far future, Muse A can have the change of heart and try and bring him back.))

I think that's it! I don't have many requirements for roleplaying. Whether we do a character sheet depends on your preferences. I don't have a requirement for lines or paragraphs or what-have you, as long as you have correct grammar and everything, and I've been roleplaying for about a year if you want to know. (Though I'm new to this site.)

Gag. I'm kind of rambling now. If you want to roleplay with me, but maybe not this storyline, that's fine too! Just PM me.

See ya, and hope you'd like to roleplay with me!​

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Still looking if anyone's interested! :rainbow:

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I am willing to be the male slave,

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Alright ;) Why don't you shoot me a PM?

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If your still looking I'm willing to try. I've always been a dom, but now I find it quite boring. So I'm looking to try being a sub. I feel it could be a nice change of pace.

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Alright! That's cool with me ;) Shoot me a PM

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I would be willing to play a slave female in a f x f (A)