The Misteries of Farfeild (WIP do not post)

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  1. [​IMG]
    ~Welcome to Farfeild~
    This place is a small little town, somewhere in the dense forests of Canada
    It's pretty close to the American border so that means cold and even colder. The state of Washington
    is just a drive away, and it's not far to the nearest city, which is Seattle.

    This town, is pretty small. There is around 5,000 people, so it's not so tiny, but its not anything to
    host an airport or anything besides a bus system. There is a small shopping area, but there is nothing taller
    than 10 stories for miles. There is a small hotel, and few attractions. The only attractions
    are for the supernatural fans.

    This town is rumored to be haunted my numerous species. There have been more than one
    random killings, and though the cases go unsolved, some people like to try and
    find a way to solve the mystery of these disappearances, and others
    are a part of the cause.

    But even with the disappearances, life continues. Our setting is a high school, a fairly
    regular one. It is the only one in the city, which means almost all the teens
    wishing to continue school have to go though there. There is only a local
    college, so most people go out of state for further schooling.
    So, welcome to the small town of Farfeild.
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    • Ever since the beginning of time, there have been guardians over the world. The ones who created life. The were named The Eight Sacred Eyes. The First Eye created Earth. He created the ground that we walk on. When he saw that all he had created was a flat plain, he raised it, creating mountains and crevices. But soon, the First Eye found that his newly created drawing board had gotten dull, and thus the Second Eye bestowed his gift. The Second Eye gave the world a cool liquid he called water. He filled the larger crevices of First's world, giving it a new color. But First and Second Eye were sad. Their world was still missing something. So Third Eye gave his gift to the world. Third Eye gave the world Light, and so came the sun to their presence. Clouds would form over the seas from the water evaporating, but the clouds would not go anywhere. Near the edges of the water were small plants, but First, Second and Third eye wanted more plans near the center. So they called upon the Fourth Eye, who created the winds, blowing the clouds filled with rain towards the main land. Soon, plants sprouted all over the world, but soon everything was out of balance, and in came the Fifth and Sixth Eyes. The Fifth Eye created The Moon, which theorized to become a controller for gravity and the tides. He is said to control the tides, and the overall balance with the Third Eye. The Sixth Eye gave the gift of Fire, the one source of light that could fight the plaguing darkness by working with light. But it also opened up destructive power that boiled under the earth, which would often come forth and burn the trees and plants. The Seventh Eye who was second in command saw that all the eyes had created a wonderful world, yet it was missing something. The Seventh Eye had created creatures that would roam around. But everything soon went to havoc as all of the eyes battled for power. Each thought themselves greater than the other. They had all forgotten about the Eight Eye, the one who oversaw them all. Seeing that her brothers were fighting, The Eight Eye created balance, by creating humans. She commanded that they were all to bow under her power and keep themselves at bay, to let the humans thrive.

    • Angelic Classes have always had a social class placed among them. The order is as such
      The Eight Eyes and Their Chosen Representatives

      The Archangels And Their Chosen Representatives

      Elementally Specific Angels

      Generic Angels

      Fallen Angels

    • Angels are winged creatures who have the ability to fly. Some angel falls under the jurisdiction of one of the angels, or being born as a follower of one of the eight eyes. Those angels are considered Elementally Specific, and are treated as the rich and wealthy. Often Elemental Angels are allowed to attend parties and such, though the riches of the regular angels are the followers of the Eight Eye, those of whom are treated as celebrities. Very few angels are chosen as followers by birth, some are married into it, but most are just common angels.

      Common angels fill the gaps in life and take on jobs. They can be Bakers, Blacksmiths, Shoemakers, anything. There is a lot that any of them can do, but all of them are equal. But in a literal sense, all Angels are equal. Each and every angel has their own pair of wings, and though not every pair is the same, all of them contain some hue of white to them, and often the tips are graced with a specific color. But even if every angel is slightly different, they all share the same stunning looks. Since they come from somewhat heavenly origins, all of them are gifted with grace, poise, and perfect features. Those which are not are in a totally different category. All angels have pure skin, that can either be pale or dark, depending on what they were born with.

      Some angels, only the very lucky ones, are born to be successors of the Eight Eyes. Each one of these angels posses great power, and are said to be otherworldly gifts. However, they rarely leave their home, for being far away can be dangerous. There must be a continuance of the line of successors or else the one power goes unattended and all fragile life on earth and the protection of every angel would be damaged, and they would lose ground in their fight against the Deamons.

      Angels, as far as their abilities go, are normally taller than humans, and the average height for a female is 5'7", and a male 6'2". Most angels vary in types of fighting style, but most of them use quick, fast movements, seeing as their wings give them the ability to dart around. They are weak to demonic doings, and avoid sins at all costs, unless it means the falling of a demon. Most angels are forbidden from doing anything with a human, and such affiliations can get you turned into a fallen angel, unless you keep it a secret.
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  2. ~Demonic Classes~

    • While the first Seven Eyes of Heaven were fighting for power over the land, they couldn't foresee that their absence of vigilance for their beloved planet would cause a new unsettling darkness to roam the earth. For eons, a darkness plagued the earth, and creatures were free to roam about the world that the heavens had strived so hard to create. There was were the Eight Devils were created, which inspired the Seven Sins. The Eight Devil created Darkness itself, and he plagued the land with unhappiness. From this Devil stemmed the creatures known as nightmares, who walked the land and feed of the sorrow of anything it could get it's hands on. The Seventh Devil was obsessed with the creatures that the Eight had created, but realized they had left a monstrous carcass lying around, and they created Canabalaris, sometimes known as reapers, who would finish off the empty humans. The Sixth devil loved humans as well, and found that there should be a way for them to keep themselves in a sort of human state, but they are overcome by a blood lust which they can't ignore. The Fifth Devil created creatures that would taunt the humans, use them for the gain of their own species. These dark creatures where called Scubbi, or Incubi, depending on the gender. The Fourth Demon created omens of the end, known as Banshees. They would bring omens of death, and were often quite loud creatures. They were talkative, blunt, and often seen as annoying or dismissed. The Third Demon created the hounds that guarded the land where all demonic creatures could safely reside, called hell. He deemed these creatures to be hell hounds, and said they could go to earth, when they were not on their line of work. They are almost like dogs themselves, with a darker side. The Second Demon created Hell, a dimension where all of their species could live without fear of being attacked. He, of course, left portals to the human world so that his children could go to the main world, but could always return home. The Last Demon spent a long time thinking of his gift. He would wander earth, looking for a way to make things better for his kind. There he meet a woman, who was fair and graceful, and shined bright. However, he knew if he brought her to his land, she would evaporate from existence. She kept sending him all the gifts he could have wanted, and for her, he created a way to accept her gifts. The First Demon, also the most powerful, created Death itself, an end for all things that live or take on being, that way, everything could be given back to the earth. The First Demon, unlike his brothers, knew that there was a need for balance to keep the world together, however he spent his days mourning the fact that he could not see his beloved again, which caused the chaos to get out of hand.
    • 1
      The First Demon

      The Other Seven Sacred Demons




    • Fallen Angels are a version of Angels turned sour. Fallen Angels are either fallen due to being imperfect, or for breaking the rules. Fallen Angels can sometimes look about as beautiful as a angel, and some of them have flaws. Unlike Angels, Fallen Angels can do whatever they want without fear of being punish, and so most often you find Fallen Angels doing things like smoking, getting tattoo's, or piercing themselves. The most distinctive natural feature of Fallen Angels, which differs them from Avians, is their jet black wings which seem somewhat singed or smell faintly of ashes.

      Fallen Angels are like angels in the sense that they rely on speed in combat, but they use any type of weapon they want. They seem to be fans of modern day weapons, but some still stick to the older ones. They are weak to holy water, the rosary, passages from the bible, and church rituals and holy weapons, just as angels are weak to demonic energy, and pure chaos.

      Fallen Angels are most often brooding, but can vary in temperament based on how they fell, who they were before they fell, and how they reacted to falling

    • [​IMG]
      Hellhounds are somewhat angry creatures, and usually are consumed by rage while in their transformation. Hellhounds could be anyone as a human, but when their other form, they take on a dark and demonic appearance as show above. They often have blood staining their teeth, and their growls could make the earth tremble. They are truly fearsome creatures, and most often guard the gates to hell, and attack angelic creatures, or anything that smells different from a demon. Sometimes, the most stupid Hellhounds even attack newly fallen angels because they have lingering smells of heaven. Hellhounds are also like canines in the sense that if you get on their good side, or bring a toy, you can tame them, no matter who you are.
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