The Mistake in Romance

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  1. Hello, so I stumbled upon Taylor Swift's song Blank Space, and it got me thinking to the point where I want this in a roleplay. But before I chat your ears off, I have some rules, personal pet peeves if you will.

    1. Do NOT give me one liners! I can do with sentences that are split up, not long enough to be paragraphs, like split sentences for dialogue etc. But do not give me a small paragraph or a one liner, that will anger me to no end and you will NOT get a response from me. Period.
    2. Please communicate with me, if you wish to change something up in the roleplay please tell me before you do. I appreciate new things to jazz up the roleplay. Granted, tell me if the roleplay is boring you. Be honest with me. I dont always keep up with this rule of mine myself, I do occasionally leave a roleplay without warning if it bores me. It's not a habit, and 9/10 communication will keep me coming back for more.
    3. I prefer more plot than smut, sure a little teasing and such is good every so often, but I do not want to see sex all the time, as it draws me away from the roleplay. Sorry.

    Now that I got those pesky rules out of the way, here is my plan.

    This roleplay will be based off of the song Blank Space, a little bit of the video since it was fuel to my plan. Here is the video so you can watch it and see where I am coming from for this roleplay.

    My idea was to have a guy go out with his friends after work to a bar. While on the dance floor, his eyes come in contact with a beauty from across the dance floor, she's pretty, smooth like velvet on the eyes. She moves like a dancer and every thing the guy has pictured in a girl. He pulls her from the dance floor, buys her a drink and they hit it off nicely. He takes her to dinner and gets her number. All is fun and games. She's perfect, the ideal mix of sporty and girly. Is responsible, giddy, often fun sex driven, and his friends love her.

    Months go by and everything is still perfect, the guy has fallen head over heels for this woman and is willing to tie the knot with her. First things first, they move in together, finding a cute country house near a park and in a wonderful neighborhood. Everything still goes well, until the guy gets a new job, it pays better and he's able to stay home for longer periods of time. Various poker nights or outings with the guys, etc without conflict. However, the guy keeps in contact with a wedding planner, a female wedding planner. They text often and to keep the marriage and proposal hidden from the girlfriend, he locks his phone, never goes anywhere without it. And the girlfriend is beginning to wonder.

    Things go slowly from bad to worse, the girlfriend begins calling often, checking up on him. Taking away his cologne to see if he smells different when he comes home. She gets clingy, more than usual. When the guy is sleeping she manages to unlock his phone, only seeing the number and name, the girl deletes the number of the wedding planner, blocks her. Then, the girlfriend cracks, goes batshit crazy, even abusive. Refusing to cook, clean or allow people over, the basement which had been used as an arts and crafts room for her, becomes a torture room. She ties him up, tortures him to teach him a lesson, goes as far not to believe him about the wedidng and marriage.

    While things happen underground and out of ways, the guy tries to take her to therapy and even tells his friends. However, no one believes him, she hides her crazy so well, they think he's gone mad. Will she finally be found out? Or will he have to end her crazy reign for all?

    I would like this to begin at the club where they meet. If you are interested in this, please PM me or post here. :)
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  2. Me me pick me I would love to do it! <3
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  3. That was quick, but yay! You have been chosen.

    More importantly, Which role would you like to play?
  4. Yay! <3

    Haha I just fell upon your post randomly and I had to post ^-^

    I would like to play the male Purley because I cannot play a decent crazy female.
  5. That's fine :)

    Are you okay with playing side characters, such as the therapist or the friends, etc.? I will play some of the additional characters as well, to even it out.

    Have any questions or concerns?
  6. I'm happy playing side characters ^-^

    I will admit I love my romance in rps so I hope he gets a sweet girl in the end poor guy.
  7. Right, perhaps we can get him crazy girls normal friend. Haha still poor guy.

    Now, who will make the thread. You can make it if you are over excited to roleplay, or I will make it tomorrow when it's not so late, either way is fine for me.
  8. I'll leave it to you to set up ^^ I'm off to bed soon.

    Shall we do character sheets?
  9. Alright, I'll have it set up sometime tomorrow. :).

    I usually don't do character sheets for my roleplays unless they are group. If you feel comfortable with character sheets, I will be more than happy to make one.
  10. We could do just a name, age and appearance
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