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  1. T H E S T OR Y Away from civilization there’s a big rounded edge island called The Mist, they call it this because of ts thick mist like fog that it creates when it appears making the land becoming dark, gloomy, uneasy feeling for hours, which is dangerous. The mist also give off a sweet scent like a floral or berry, and if you sniff it, they say that you're begin to see things that are not there and it starts to make you a little, ummmm, straight jacket, though you can never be sure since it's just a rumor. There are mutated creatures that live there as well only appear when the mist does, but don’t worry they are blind though just because of this it makes them all the more dangerous.

    Of course this island is made for people too….the ones that are chosen to be here and you know survive this agonizing place. No one knows who is chosen or what is chosen them it’s go by random most say though others say that it go by what is called Karma. You get what you give, whether it's bad or good. Though there are many reasons why this place exists and only little people know about it.

    Questions answered by questions are the only thing you’re going to get if you keep asking.

    When you get there you must only listen to the first introduction that is announced if you talk over it with question you will lose variable information that may get you out of here alive. There should be a bag, your bag that you that came from your home no matter where or when you wore it could be one that you never wore in years, but it’s there, don’t be alarm there are some supplies in there that would at least something for survival.

    I N S I D E Y O U R B A G
    • 1 weapon
    • Some food supplies
    • One outfit that you were going to wear the next day
    • One soul bound charm from your childhood
    • One note

    T H E N O T E Hello newcomer, welcome to your judgment from Karma herself, you will be meeting others just like you later …or maybe sooner than expected, but don’t worry you don’t have to be happy about this. You know why? There’s a thing called the food chain you have to fight to become the top of this system. Ever watched those animal or battle shows about the circle of life? No? Well too bad you are going to be in something like that.

    T H E G A M E R U L E S
    • Your Six Senses is your only friend
    • Survive
    • Don’t try to hide from everything being in the shadows through the whole fun isn't worth day someone is going to find you and it’s not going to be the other female competitors
    • No cheating and jumping off the edge you only going to find yourself face flat on the solid field
    • What is in your bag is the only thing you have so you can not pop with random things that was not in there the only way for you to get more things is to kill the other with a bag
    • No Gmodding and other G stuff
    • When you kill someone make sure you have the permission from both the person you are attacking and Me
    • Since this is part as the fantasy you will be a loud to have a power, but you can not start off with one until later in the story, don't worry I will notify you when that time comes
    • Have fun

    C A U T I O N!!! There will be:.

    Gore [like blood and broken bones if there are something about someones inside then someone would say "Insides"
    Soft to Mid Swearing
    Yuri [Girls' Love ]
    I will add more if I see any later in the story

    Character App (open)

    You can decorate your app any way you want

    [Picture of your OC can be anime, real life, or semi real doesn't really matter to me]






    Power:. N/A

    Survival Bag:. [Go by the guide above 'Inside Your Bag]


    Players (open)

    Ashley Rosettapin

    R.I.P (open)

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  2. [​IMG]

    A..s..h..l..e..y R..o..s..e..t..t..a..p..i..n

    Age:. 19

    Gender:. Female

    Sexuality:. Heteroflexible [and Sexuality Confused]

    Personality:. Ashely Rosetta is known for her sweet nature and straightforward attitude even though sometimes it can be a little blunt/mean at first, but she only likes to tell the truth when is necessary, she also can be a little out there after a while when no one is looking or when she get the chance though because of this they would consider a clutz since she never watch where she is going. When able to she would gladly stick up to anything that she see that is wrong with both words and physical though it's rare to see her in a fist fight. Ashley would give promising threats before she would do anything.

    Power:. N/A

    Survival Bag:. Butcher Knife, Food Supply, Clothes, Necklace, & Note


    At first for being how she is it was kind of hard to stick with friends when she was younger but she didn’t really mind it all she had her older and younger siblings to play with. Ashely had a big family, 5 brothers and 3 sisters, being in a big family had a lot of responsibility for a 3rd oldest out of all 9 of them. Made sure everything was ok before she did anything for her own until she turned around 14-15 she began to show that she didn’t want to be an older sibling anymore and would now and then run off to hangout with her friends but it didn’t last long since she would easily miss them and apologize to her siblings.

    At the age of 16 on her birthday she meet a couple of thugs one of them being her friends later and one already was one. They wanted her to join them, well her friend did, at first she wouldn’t knowing it would be consequences in the end but soon gave in since someone had to watch over her. Because of this she end up learning how to fight a bit nothing crazy just the basic since she was considered like a mother or older sister to them. Ashley already knew some from play fighting with her siblings a lot over the years though she didn’t really have good upper body strength but her legs was stronger.

    In the end she had nicely had record with the law for a common teen.
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  3. [​IMG]

    Name: Keiko
    Age: 21
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Bisexual, but it's normally girls.
    Personality: Keiko hates mean, really b*itchy, and selfish people especially if they bully the weak; she also hates cooking. She tends to get in lots of fights and she used to be in a gang so basically she's a Yankee. She can be blunt at times but is respectful to people that she approves of. She's usually laid back and easy going, she tends to be over protective of the people she likes and respects. She likes smoking, has a small fetish for devilishly cute things, can be blood thirsty and slightly crazy at times (usually during fights) and her favorite thing to do is nap.

    Power: N/A

    Survival Bag:
    • The necklaces on the image above is said to give good luck to those who wear them leaving a big impact on her since her close friend that died gave them to her moments before she died from blood loss.
    • One note
    Bio: Keiko grew up with her strict father in Kyoto who taught her Taekwondo and the Art of The Blade. She knows little about her mother that ran away with another man two years after giving birth to her. She attended school up to grade 12 but couldn't go to college because her father went through health issues which he later died from leaving her with all his money and dojo. She used most of her inheritance to buy her Katana from a renowned blacksmith when she went to stay with her father's sister, a champion street boxer in Japan. She stayed with her aunt for 4 years and learned how to box, she continued to get into fights which helped her learn how to combine Taekwondo (focuses mostly on kicks) with boxing (focuses on punching). She continued to polish her skills as she joined a gang and became an infamous Yankee until one of her close friends is severely injured in a fight and dies of blood loss before the ambulance arrives (of course Keiko got her revenge on the bastards). She leaves Tokyo and gives the dojo to her aunt leaving Tokyo in the past as she travels around Japan.
    She was labeled a delinquent but the police never caught her in the act.
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  4. [​IMG]

    Name: Kameyo Shimizu

    Age: 19

    Gender:. Female

    Sexuality: lesbian

    Personality: She is a quick thinker with a bounce in her step. She might always think she should fight when someone's threatening her but she's not blind to the idea of backing down from danger. She loves to fight which might be her weak point but it is really more of a double edged sword in her opinion. She is a very do it yourself kind of person and stubborn so she will try and take everything on her own.

    Survival Bag: clothes- weapon-Type 94 Nambu Pistol soul item thing- a small crude wooden dragon she carved when she was a child

    Bio: Kameyo grew up with an American mother and a japanese father in a small two person apartment with her little brother. She got reasonable grades until her last years of high school when her life seemed to take a negative turn. When she was sixteen she was sexually assaulted on a train for over a month due to the fact that the man that kept molesting her turned out to be also stalking her. When she finally had enough she went into a back alley where the man had a chance to assault her again but she pulled her father's gun on him and called the police. After this event most people were afraid of her and kept her distance. Her crushing loneliness coupled with the fact that both of her parents had to start working to make end meet made her become depressed. When she finally did get help for all these psychological problems she had already bombed her exams and was held back a year. After all this she moved out coming to the conclusion she should live on her own and from there learned Gun Kata((I swear it's a real thing and it is awesome)) for about three years.
  5. Ok, so I saw this and am interested, but one thing threw me off; is it required to be female? There isn't anything saying that you have to, but so far all the apps are female, and the CS already has female in it. I just want to make sure so I don't make a CS/character just to have it rejected 'cause he's a guy. So ye
  6. This is FxF so it's better to be female but you'd have to talk with Muno if you want to be male.
  7. You can only play as female characters since It's a gxg [Yuri ] type of thing
    sorry for any confusion and hope you still join us in the fun
  8. I'm no good with female characters, nor do I have as much interest in roleplays that restrict the types of characters you could have. Sorry, but i won't be joining
  9. Oh well then thanks for checking it out anyway
  10. Hey Muno how many more characters do you think we need before we start?
  11. Probably at least one more person if not then we can go ahead and start
  12. Ok I already asked someone and they may want to partake in this but just haven't made their profile thingy yet.
  13. Oh ok thank you for helping me out a bit :3
    I'll start making the opening post soon to give us something to start off with
  14. The link is under the spoilers
  15. I love it! Can we make more than one character?
  16. X3
    sure as long as you can handle them and keep up
  17. Is that a challenge? /:)
  18. >W> it depends can you?
  19. Totally especially since the romance will be better with more characters, I'll PM you about her.
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