The Missing Pieces [Akihito x Kurose]

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  1. Why...?

    The question had began to ask as the voice started to echoing around in the room of nothingness, leaving the same repeated question bounced back and forth to different areas when the entire place was pitched black. Except feeling itself flowing through in the water. Unable to see anything nor anybody around, he couldn't help but feeling lonely to know that he was all by himself without anyone beside him. He didn't understand why himself was right there in the sea of nothingness. Has he done something, or anything wrong right here to be isolated in the abysmal sea of darkness...?

    The waves were deepest abyssal blue color from the surface as he felt himself fallen deep into the ocean. All he ever wanted in his whole life was wanting to stay with his hardworking family who had provided him food and shelter. His classmates from school who praises him from the artistic drawings he had made for everyone to enjoy his little world. And to beat all of that... Share that secret with his best friend from his childhood, Kirushima Rei. The shining bright boy who understood him even though at first, Luca was shy to talked to anyone else and often get picked on because of his personality or appearance. But Rei was there to help him, of all kids to be save... Why him? Nanase Luca the shy child hardly had any friends and couldn't come one bit close to anyone without having that stupid feeling. Feelings about others removing themselves away from Rei because he was the 'rich boy with shiny money aura' while it was different for Rei's case and he was jealous of the friendly and popular boy. He had wished that he could be friends with him or anyone else in the case.

    What did he do to deserve this matter?
    The spirit began to arched backward as he fallen deeper into the oceans, bubbles started to foamed upwards to the surface. The owner of the spirit watched the bubbles blown away to the top while body sunk deeper and further to the abyss. He wasn't sure if he wanted to be saved or not. But he knows that something had pulled him back to remember how everything all made a start. Luca, the spirit, had fallen into the deep darkness because he some what can't control the gravity of himself to do so.. With no control from the sinking weight, the young brunette had close his eyes as he slept away into the memory vault.

    Why can't I see you...?

    It all started from the beginning in 5th grade, where Luka Nanase the lonely child was at school with bunch of other kids in grade school. He was drawing alone by the table that was far from the teacher's desk and was at the back of the classroom. The little boy Luca was arranged to the back because of the teacher had arranged all the children's name by their last names. The brunette didn't have anything against it to sit in the back, he was glad that he wouldn't picked on later in class to speak up with his voice was quite a bit lower because of his shyness. The young boy had looked outside to see the beautiful school yard with the kid grounds; monkey bars, swings, small slides and such for the little students to enjoy their fun every time the students go to recess.

    "Class, starting today, we have news!"​

    But today, they were announcing of having a transfer student who came all the way from Osaka to their current location, Tokyo. The boy Luca wasn't interested of listening to the announcement and preferred the world he wanted to draw. That's all what matter to him... He wants to see the beautiful sky that rose together with the shining sun.

    Why did it hurt for just ever meeting him so much?

    "We are going to have a new transfer student who use to live in Osaka!"
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  2. " It was a surprise that someone like him had changed my life after we met from that day. . .
    I wasn't sure why but . . . The world had became so much brighter than it ever was . . . "

    "We are going to have a new transfer student who use to live in Osaka!"

    Inside the classroom, the teacher had made an announcement that there was a new student that came all the way from Osaka. The students all awed from the news that were told to them and became excited to wonder who was the new kid. Nowadays, kids were being terrible little snots for already deciding on their own thoughts about the transfer kid while several weren't that bad to think like that. Otherwise, they'd get some smacking by their parents if they tried to talk bad now... Onwards as mention, the few kids were already making some bidding of what the transfer kid would look like from their imagination, others were discussing if the student was going rich kid like Luca or going to be average one like anyone else. The talk kept going on until the teacher used a rule to tap against on her desk to hush the students down in silence. Clearing her throat, she had smiled at them to thank them for not talking anymore.

    "I am going to introduce the new student in our class today but you all must be nice to him since he's from Osaka," the teacher said but got interrupted as she hear several giggles in the background, as expected the student was going to be another boy. The woman stared at them harshly and they kept their mouth and voice shut immediately because they wouldn't like it if their teacher was angry and plan not introducing them of any reward they'll be probably expecting from her any time soon... Any more of this and the teacher would punish them for it. The woman continued on with her speech, "And he was going to be staying here from this year and to the next, so do please be get along and be friends with him." That being said, the older woman had given her attention to the door and said, "Now, would you please come in and introduce yourself to the whole class?"

    " Right at that moment, where everything had started . . .
    All of this had became of the strange meeting . . . "

    On cue, the door had slowly open to reveal a young tall dark colored black shagged-layer hair boy who was about three foot and eight inches in his height. His eye colors were just like a ruby jeweled gem or bloody crimson. He was groomed with the causal outfit: an white thin collar shirt that shows a bit of his skin of his collarbone and arms exposing. On the side of the boy's wrist was a hooked chain bracelet and some ring that linked with. Two rings, to be exact. In hand, he was holding the school's bag with the stuff that the young child needed to class today. Under of the shirt, the pants were black skinny-jeans wraps the near perfect size of his lower parts, and bi-color of entire black sneakers with whiting details on the side. The boy walked inside the room, to close the door behind him then made his half way over to the teacher's desk in distance, then look at everyone at sight.

    "Please to meet you, everyone. My name is Kirushima Rei."

    After all of this, I don't recall what had happen since he and I departed . . . Did . . . Something happen . . .?

    Rewinding back from the beginning within the same day, it was six am in the morning for a new day to start school for a young boy named Rei, who'll be enrolling to the Suzaki public grade school in 5th grade as of now. Inside of a bed, there was small body that was sneezing so innocently as he begin to woken up from his slumber. The boy started to rub his eyes to make sure nothing fell inside the eyelid or carefully try to open them to see the bright light. Luckily, the morning's light wasn't too bright so Rei slowly open his eyes to see day. The day had finally came for the boy, whom wished that it would be time to go to school so he didn't have to stay inside the house all day.

    " As days goes on, I made a wish that I wouldn't need to face reality such as this . . .
    So that way, I didn't need to feel this pain anymore at all . . . That wish . . . "

    Birds were singing in the trees as bugs were camping around in the small forest of grasses and such. The dark haired boy had slowly removed his cover and came closed to his window, watching from the inside to see the life was blooming as always in front of him. Envying the sight as he felt himself being in prison inside the house due to his parents' complaints about this and that. Something like if Rei would bring something unnecessary from outside and dirty the place in the house from his mother's nagging. His father would of said the same respond but instead of that, he'd tell Rei to either stay outside the whole day or not. Rei doesn't like anything to displease his parents and remained in the house as possible and avoid any problem. Otherwise, he'll get yelled at...

    Or worse...

    It was a nice weather to start school again with the peaceful morning like this. Rei had wished that this moment had stayed as it is. The reason why he didn't want this day to go away was because of the family issue: his parents were getting on divorce. Poor little Rei didn't know how long this had been going on, but every time that his parents would come home; there was always some sort of argument about things that the small child couldn't understand about. But he was consider lucky that his uncle from his father side, often visit the boy with his own two boys, known as his cousins so Rei didn't have to get the upset feeling of getting too involve with this problem. Aside of all of this, the mentioned boy had got out and made his bed to get ready to dress for school. He know how to wear his clothes himself since his two twined cousins named Minoto and Minato, helped him to learn many things. Cooking, cleaning, organizing, you name it... Rei was able to know how to work things in advance for the future if he ever lives alone.

    The quiet boy had got himself all dressed up and made sure that things were ready to go to school, he had decided to make breakfast for himself before heading off to school since it was now became 6:15 am. He had to hurry to get to school as soon as possible to deal things on his own... He ran down out of his bedroom with his bag towards to the kitchen to find his uncle and his twin male cousins: Muo, the oldest twin Minato, and the youngest Minoto... Are they worried about little Rei again? "Uh..." the speechless Rei said as he watched the oldest family member were cooking food while the two younger boys who are little older than Rei, were preparing the plates. "Good... Morning..."

    "Hm?" The adult recognize the youngest one's voice and turn away from cooking for just the brief moment, seeing Rei in a steady outfit for school. The uncle Muo had smiled at the boy to make the morning's greet, "Good morning, Rei-kun. Are you all set for your new day?" the uncle asked, looking back to the food to make sure it wasn't burn. Rei smiled at this view, feeling grateful that his relative cared about him than his parents ever were...

    " I wish this happiness didn't have to go away for a long time . . .
    Why must things have to be cruel after that special time . . . "

    "Yes, I took the time to got everything ready from yesterday's to today's big day. Thanks to you and cousins Minato and Minoto." Rei said, thanking them for taking care of the boy while his parents sent themselves away for work, leaving the pitiful son home alone. "Although, you know that I know how to cook so... Why are you here, uncle?"

    "The boys were worried about you being alone since they know the fuss about brother, your father, having an argument with his wife Mia-san." Muo had explained as he looked at Rei after finish cooking the lovely breakfast and the two mention sons of his, took the opportunities divide all the food to each plates. "They didn't like the idea of Rei-kun to be alone by himself so they wanted to have breakfast with you and be sent to school with you."

    "I'm aware and I appreciate the thoughts, but is it really okay to come here...? What about your work, Muo-san?"

    " I wish I didn't have to become a burden to all of you . . . "

    "Oh, that. I still have time since my work has now changed the shifts for me, so I'll be working a little later than I usually do now." Muo once again explained as he pointed at the full set meal now, the young looking adult smiled at the worried Rei, trying to reassure him that it was all right with the three relatives. "So never mind that now, come and eat before the food gets cold."

    "Y-Yes... Understood." Rei's cheeks flushed at the warm happiness of the caring family had given him... Oh how he wished none of this ever goes away... The two cousins grinned at the blushing boy and patted the open seat for him to sit down and eat at. Rei nodded at the given offering and decided rest aside between the cousins, leaving the uncle sitting in front of them.

    "Thank you for the food! Now we eat!" The family began to dig in the amazing tasty food in front of them, the dark haired boy was amazed even more at breakfast and smiled at his uncle.

    "This is delicious, Muo-san!" Rei delightfully said as he smiled brightly to the older man, "Have you improved your cooking that much!? You gotta teach me more!"

    "Ha ha, I would love to, Rei. I would love to." Muo chuckle as he watch the boys eat up the food, he had eaten some portion before he had looked up at the time. "Oh no, it's time to go right now. It's 6:38, boys. Let's hurry, shall we?" The boys nodded their heads and carefully eat before they'll choke on their food, placing away the dishes and cleaning up the things away until they had to leave the house. The three children walked ahead to the car as Muo finish set everything aside, he paced himself over to the door and locked it from the inside. "Rei, do you have the key?" Muo made a quick question and the boy Rei had shown his key in the air, shined by the sun to know that he has it. Muo nodded his head and closed the locked door then headed down over to the boys. Small talks were formed as they got inside the car, Muo started the engine while the everyone seat-belted themselves and drove the family off to school.

    " This was the moment I had wished to go on forever . . .
    but if I didn't go on . . . I wouldn't have met him. "

    Half of the students, except one boy student, were amazed at Rei for his nice features. Rei had explained a bit of himself and how it was like in Osaka, the children giggles at this silly jokes now and then Rei made. Few mumble that they didn't like how Rei was being a show-off as the girls were talking how cute Rei was. The boys either were jealous the already popular Rei was taking attentions from girls while few liked the boy because of... Well, amazing-ness? Nevertheless, the students like the boy Rei until he spotted the boy he never seen before, was looking something else. Rei wonder what he was looking at? The teacher had broken Rei's questionable look and told him to go take a empty seat next to... The boy who was staring down at his book.

    "All right, Kirushima-kun. Would you likely take your empty seat next to... Nanase Luca? Please raise your hand--" The spoken name boy had raised his hand to show that he was sitting in the back of class, Rei was dumbfounded as he register the name into his memory lane. Nanase... Luca... He'll have to remember to keep saying his name right and remembrance. Or else the boy wouldn't like him... "Oh, there you are, Nanase-kun. Thank you for raising your hand. Go ahead, Kirushima-kun." Rei nodded his head as he finally walked over to boy name Nanase Luca and sat on the empty chair on the right side of the brunette boy.

    " It was hard to approach you because of the things we had in interest, weren't connected or shared . . .
    Or . . . At least that's what I had thought after I seen you lost inside of your own world
    . . . "​

    "Hello, my name is Kirushima Rei. Please to meet you, Nanase-kun." Rei greeted at the new neighbor of his, Nanase Luca... This had made the boy with the caramel eyes to look at Rei, feeling flustered before had blushed at the introducing greet.

    "Same here... Kirushima-kun... I'm Nanase Luca... Please to meet you..."

    " Since that day when he disappeared out of my life, things had changed for the worse . . . "

    " Dear God . . . Please, protect my friend however you can . . .
    He meant the world to me as a dear friend . . . Please . . . God . . . "
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  3. It was a little time but it felt like it was forever since they met...

    The young boy name Luca Nanase was staring outside of the window from the classroom long enough to not see the commotion of the new student. He wasn't interested of seeing the new kid who enter into the classroom. Luca was far more interested about the portraying the landscape, which it was the school's yard, into his ideal picture that he had wanted to draw next. It was known in class that he had some talent for being artistic and like being praised for it, Luca enjoys the small hobby of his until it created a lot of places into his art visioning world. However, no one in class comments about the picture because they labeled the poor rich child a "Show-off" due to his abilities.

    Luca can't say he hated it but he didn't the fact that everyone just moved away from him because he's actually a rich child... His parents were artists themselves, well, his father owns a business that buy and trades artwork while his mother has a studio with bunch of galleries from different painters who were famous. In regardless, the boy love the artworks each artistic creators had made and given the meaning background to express how they feel sometimes. Luca didn't know why but he just felt like he could understand without even telling him the specific reason.

    Some reason, it felt like the blessing when he noticed the small boy Luca... Why was it?

    Couldn't holding the thrilled feeling, he looked at his desk to pull out a colorful sky blue sketch pad with a note book on top of it, making sure the teacher wouldn't find him drawing during or after class has started. Luca opened the blue sketch book to quick rough sketch the ideal scenery where he had pictured in his mind. Few times there were mistakes of how he wanted it to look like, he reach over to grab the eraser under the table and erase lightly of the spots he didn't like to have on there. It took about five minutes until the brunet stop his hand from drawing, he finally got what he wanted and smiled at the picture.

    Despite in everything he had owned, it wasn't something like this encountering moment. Especially in such delightful feeling...

    Glancing at the sketch book, he thought for the moment as he stare at the picture. Luca didn't remember how he first start liking to draw or became this good to design without practicing, but nothing else matter to him because he was glad to make it his hobby. This must be because his parents didn't have time for the small child, Luca had decided to try on his own to make his masterpieces. Whenever he was practicing about nine to ten times, he got the design he had hoped for it and shown his mother and father. Often time they told him they were busy but when on their days off, they're actually praising the child with happy comments. This was one of the reason why Luca love doing it, not to get attention but show his imagination can express for hard work to his parents. He wanted to show this to people or classmate at school. But it was hard to talk to anyone else with his favorite subject, for one who is shy but also kinda getting ignored for no particular reason at all. Thinking about this made the boy a little depress because he hate being alone... No friends at all...

    It was then the teacher had called the artistic boy's name, Luca had looked up as respond to the teacher. Feeling confuse but he heard the teacher had assigned the boy next to Luca since there was an open seat next to him, as a matter of fact. Luca had nothing against it but he didn't feel like talking to some boy who doesn't have any same interest as he does.

    "There you are, Nanase-kun," she said as she spotted him at the far back. Luca either frown with displeasing thinking or annoyed of how can she be forgetful when she was the one who placed the boy at the back. Not that he can argue though, because if he was placed at the back, he wouldn't need to get picked on answering to the classes' lesson and can manage to draw while paying attention to class. "Starting from today, Kirushima-kun, you'll be sitting next to Nanase-kun." Please say she was joking about this. Luca had watched the mentioned boy Kirushima Rei walking over to the empty desk, he looked back down to continue on checking the error spots he need to correct until Rei spoked to him. Why is he talking to him...?

    "I'm Kirushima Rei. Please to meet you, Nanase-kun." Rei greeted the boy. This was the first time anyone had talked to him since the middle of fourth grade. He was amazed how Rei was courageous to talk to the rich, wealthy child when no one else bothers to. With the details of how Rei was dressed causally, Luca liked the older boy's style... White collar shirt, chain accessories and two rings link with it, black skinny jeans, and a marble bi-color shoes of black and white. Luca, for some strange reason, wanted to draw the cool Rei's figurine... The boy flushed with tinted pink rosy cheeks.

    It was thanks to him, the boy wanted to create so much ideas and want to share it with the boy name Rei... If only...

    "P-Please to meet you too, Kirushima-Kun..." The boy turn away in embarrassed to even chatting with the nice boy, the opposite of his character. Rei looked confuse at the blushing, nervous boy but he kept cool and composite. What is making Luca felt so joyed for someone to talk to him rather than the hobby he liked more? It made wonders for the brunette boy...

    ..They could become friends...
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  4. Rei noticed the boy who turned away in embarrassment after the introduction and chuckle, thinking it was kinda funny but cute of the shy boy Luca. Although, the taller boy didn't want to make fun out of him because that would be make things awkward or bad between them. He wanted to be the shy boy's friend without making the other upset. Seeing the blushing Luca's face now turn back being pale again, Rei was slightly disappointed that Luca didn't say anything more after that. So the dark raven haired boy turn to the direction to where the teacher had began the class, his eyes shifted over to the pale skinned boy who was looking down at his note... Or rather, it was a sketch book. Rei seem curious of what Luca was drawing so he took out his own notebook and pencil, written in different kanjis like the ones kind of here in Tokyo.

    " Although you and I were different people, I felt like we were connected by passion . . .
    By that same desire, just little difference of our lives' fate . . . We wanted something . . . "

    Although, it was a different teaching method of how to write it because his parents hired a male tutor for a month. But he never shown up about three weeks after some incident happened to his family, taking a long time to recover then he quitted the job before a month even came by. His father had tried many other advance students who are college men, but they replied that they didn't have time. It actually lead down to one path when Rei's uncle, Muo Kirushima who graduated from college and got his three degrees: associate, bachelor, and master certificates. Somehow, this made Rei proud to have a uncle who has a higher education than his father or mother have. Although he didn't want to say that in front of them, he always say it to his uncle. Thanks to his uncle. Rei knows a bit more than any fifth graders, or to say he's smart, but remain to stay in the same grade so he can make new friends before reaching to adulthood.

    " But I only realize that what we wanted was something so small to obtain . . . "

    But anyway, Rei wrote a message before he had folded it to pass on the note over to Luca's desk before the teacher might turn around to see something. From Rei's eyes, he saw the boy to flinch at the small piece of paper that startled the shy one and open to see what was written in it. 'What are you drawing? I noticed before classroom started, I saw you looking down at your note or sketch book. It got me wondering.' it said on the paper, Luca looked fluster before his milky color skin turn a bright pink on the cheeks again for the note had asked from Rei, his sitting neighbor.

    " Because time was skipping on instead of waiting for us to plan it all out . . . "

    The taller child blink in surprise when he watched the blushing boy replied back to him, the normal way of giving back to someone was handing over to them. But since Luca didn't want to patient for Rei to accept it, he dropped the note on the raven boy's table. Rei blinked few times from this as the still blushing boy returned back into his drawing but along with the studies before getting caught in class. He couldn't resist of laughing wholeheartedly because of the delicate boy who didn't wait for Rei's response but he held it in before anything will be drawn to attention. He opened the folded paper that had a reply under Rei's question, feeling curious of the answer to be like.

    'I am drawing the school's entrance for my...' There was a pause right there before it continued on, '...fantasy story I am making in...' Rei raised his eyebrow in interest about the well known word, or exact definition called fanfiction or role-play story. The raven hair, crimson eyed boy started to feel like the boy is something similar to Rei himself because he actually loves doing both. Especially role-playing, he's more of showing action with the actual feel like he is the character himself. Showing the expression that Rei begin to like to talk about favorite topic, he decided to reply back to Luca to tell him that Rei would like to join in the small group of Luca's fantasy world.

    " I wanted to be in your world as you would do the same for me . . . "

    Luca's eyes widen from the responded message that returned back to him, his caramel golden brown eyes narrowed at Rei who waved his hand at the quiet boy, smiling. Luca felt his heart slightly fluttered in beating rhyme skips, wasn't sure how to describe this abnormal feeling as he gazed at the raven hair boy. The boy didn't understand why he's feeling this... Was he in pain? Or... Was he happy in joy? Rei, the outstanding child, was waiting for the reply from the soft and gentle artist to reply his note.

    " So that way, our worlds can join in together forever . . . And stay with one another . . .
    Even for just a brief moment . . . I want to be with you. "
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  5. For the first time in a long while, ever since after the middle of fourth grade to now, no one has ever wrote anything back to the delicate looking boy with interest. However, the pale skinned boy might already expected an answer like any other kid probably would tell him that they weren't interested into the idea of art, role-play or such like himself. His eyes soften from just thinking about it and looking twice to the friendly Rei, who's still smiling before looking back at the teacher who was now teaching history. During at this time, they weren't allowed to talk and must brain storm the idea what they need to presentation upfront. But of course, Luca didn't pay attention to the class's lesson and focused more into the scrape of paper because someone had finally pay attention to him than his social status. Not as a prince or anything, just a wealthy boy who belonged from the famous family.

    Finally, someone actually acknowledge him as a person than famous child...

    But he didn't want to get his hopes up but still bothers of trying to read the note since it was already on his table. As again, he didn't get why he wants to still read it even knowing that Rei was probably pulling his leg to lead Luca on. The boy sighed and held his breath as he started to unfold the paper of what the message was written. It read as: 'Really? That's really amazing.' as expected to anyone who'd usually said afterward that they wanted to see it, but honestly don't. This had been going on from there to here that make Luca had almost kind of losing faith of making friends... But someone made his hopes up at this very moment and nothing really matter for this rich boy because without having a friend, what was the whole point of getting everything so easily that may get tossed away in the end? Luca didn't want to further of the letter because he had thought that Rei was just telling him off that he didn't want to listen on about something... That was stand corrected, however.

    He had expected that it'd be the same response, but...

    Further on the note, this made Luca widen his eyes as he became astonished of the feedback from Rei, feeling his small tummy rumbling with like butterflies as his heart skipped. For some reason, Luca wasn't sure how to react about this sentence of the unknown transfer boy but only feel very happy that someone felt the same way as the brunette does... The quiet boy smiled to himself before holding the letter up close to his small built chest. He didn't want this day to leave at any time or any day... He place the note next to his notebook and grab out another piece of paper to give back Rei the repeated action the older boy did.
    One the small note that was given to Luca turn out to be this answer that made him excited:

    'If you don't mind me asking, do you think you take me along into your world?
    I'm really fascinated of another world with someone who share my similar thoughts.'

    Hoping that this wasn't too fast, the fragile looking boy moved his hand to write words reply to the crimson-eyed raven boy within the same note that Rei had started on. But the front didn't have enough space so he had to use the backside to give more room to add in. After Luca had finished jolt down the message, he quickly dropped the note back on to the other boy's table. Rei who was trying to hear the class subject until he avert his attention down to the square-folded paper. This made transfer student smiled but hid it behind his hands that was resting in front of his lips. When the teacher didn't look, he quickly open it to look at the message. He scan through to the small flat paper to what was written and somehow, he found the answer:

    'If that's okay with you, I don't mind sharing that world with you. Promise me one thing though...'
    Rei saw the pause again on the end and realize that there wasn't much left in the room on the paper. So he got the hint that there was must be more on the back. The transfer student had turned around and spotted the rest of the sentences. 'That you'll... be my friend?' Rei chuckle at the silly question and must write back to the boy immediately. This may be too fast for him as Luca thought to himself that he felt the same. Luca on his side, was fondling his small index fingers together as it appears to show the boy was nervous how the reply turn out to be. Waiting on for the amazing boy, the mention boy tossed the note by flicking his finger and shot the paper at Luca's desk. Luca quickly unwrapped the paper, feeling more than ever.

    Rei has no idea how much the boy Luca, was so happy since that day forth...

    'Sure, I'd love to. You'll be the very first friend since I moved in Tokyo from Osaka. So come meet me during recess and we'll talk things out?'

    In the world of art and stories, this was the best gift ever happen...

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  6. " It was amazing how I found someone who can write the script of the story that felt like I can go into pace . . .
    Because the description had became something I could place myself into, as if I was that person from the story . . . "

    The boy Rei was able to finally made a new friend who had the same ideal hobby of his, and that was role-playing. Of course, kids didn't know how to do role-play properly because they always complain most about everything that didn't go out well for them. The new student had already confirm about this information before because back in Osaka when he was a bit younger. In the early age, perphaps six or seven-years-old, he usually see other kids who were pretending to be another characters that didn't exist in reality, hence that the story behind of it was just a merely fantasy. Sometimes Rei went to go play with them and ask how the other kids wanted their plot to go and end with, but as the other children were telling the raven haired boy how they like to do the plot; things sometimes, or to most often time, didn't go along to how it was originally or supposedly to be.

    " At first, I didn't like how other kids weren't doing their way into something stupid and predictable as always for a mere child's game.
    So at somewhere in that line, I could of imagine that you would of done the same thing as well like them . . . "

    Rei simply didn't like where the story gets off the curves with the plot, as if to say it was getting side-tracked. So the boy told the leader of the main character that they was poorly making the wrong direction or whenever pretending to engage into battle... The main character was simply beating other character or the boss far to easily that Rei dislike the fight to end so quickly, considering it was overpowering. But the child complained at Rei for either being impatient or given a rude comment at him, he end up telling them off saying that the main characters and side-kicks were just terrible role-players and have no imagination, excluding himself because Rei was more of a patient or considerate unit to wait here and there as instructed to.

    He isn't saying that Rei himself was a great pretender with full of realistically detail or imagination, but it was the fact that kids had no imagination plot because the idea fantasies were given off from children's story. For example, the knight who rescue the princess, a lone wolf ninja was abandoned by his family and was raised by some sacred beast like deities, or some other ideas that lure kids to the popular type of titles that they can fall for. Anything like that would make something for a kid to believe they are real and were told that even they were people that isn't them, they wouldn't have feelings... But that soon turn out wrong. At least, for Rei's point of view. Because the intelligent boy learned that even if the character isn't real, the expression on the actor's face wouldn't lie if the body and soul; realistic and fantasy, were synced together in the understanding of the character's background. Well, for Rei's understanding anyways.

    For the young pretender boy, he has about a little hope in his heart that Luca wouldn't give him the repeating action that took place back in Osaka... Otherwise, Rei might end up ignoring him like he did to the others who failed for his expectation. He hate trying to be considerate of people who keeps making a lot of things and only end up screwing things up for him. For example, if a nameless boy had told the excited dreamer that he was going to be a fighter, Rei will become the trainer to the main character and assist him to play with fake non-sharpen wooden blade. Or a girl, on the other hand, ask him to become her knight and shiny armor to defend her from getting kidnapped by a bad man. Leaving Rei as a good-looking guy and such. Rei would agree to the term but that wasn't what annoyed him. No, it wasn't that. It was when the group either quit on the story soon after they learn that Rei is a hard-core pretender than the rest or the darned kids were forgetful that the group doesn't feel up to the moment anymore. And maybe few other reasons. In regardless, however, it was all the same for the older child and distance from others in reality and sometimes daydream about something else.

    " Because even if you created the character from scratch or fan base . . . Claiming that you're like them or they are like you;
    it doesn't stop one thing in fact that you don't have share the character's emotions at all. From my eyes, I seen many before . . ."

    An hour and a half had passed since classroom had started from the morning, after the introduction of the new student came in from Osaka. The students were still remained inside the classroom, having about another thirty minutes left in class subject studies before they were give the twenty or another thirty minutes time period for recess. Aside from the lessons that was being teaching in front of the students; Rei had ignored the teacher's teaching and sighed. He already knew all of this because of his private tutor with his uncle Muo who completed college in three years and his cousins Minato and Minoto, who are in their second year of all boy's school: Reukkun Private Middle School. So Rei brushed off the learning experience and glanced over on his left side to see his neighbor. From what Rei can tell by the corner of his eyes, he can see Luca who also ignored the class as well for he was too excited about something else. Luca had his books, which it's his note and sketch book, ready to be shown to the new boy. Rei's lip curved into a smile when saw the other boy in a delighted and thrilled manner, feeling himself kind of happy even though it was unusual for a boy to be too happy from seeing another male friend, being happy. But to Rei, it didn't matter at all because he wasn't sure why the brunette boy was excitedly happy, but whatever it could be, it had made the older boy happy too. But little from what Rei had known, on the other side of the corner were two boys who was watching them, across from the room or not too far away by two or three desks, were whispering to one another. From the looks of it, they were planning on something...

    So thirty minutes exactly had flew through quickly as the classroom's bell rung, the students began to ran outside to try pinning some equipments as their own as much as possible. Rei, on the other hand, care less about the physical activity as he stood off from his seat, he noticed couple of the students who was in the same class with him were coming in front of him, asking a ton of personal questions. The taller boy blinked at the too many questions that was blown at him at once and frown to why they didn't bother letting him talk. As the crowd kept him in surrounded, Rei's eyes narrowed over to Luca the writer, whom was disappointed and predicted as much that Rei was going to be popular for moving in Tokyo from Osaka. Rei's eyes widen in shock that Luca had covered his eyes from contact by being blocked of his brown, wavy hair and began to walk away from the classroom. He just made a friend who shared the same favorite hobby as himself does, but Luca had already distance himself away from the boy Rei and left. Nothing to be said to him at all...

    " It was not what you had think if you possibly assumed that I wanted attention from others and abandoned you after speaking to each other . . .
    If it'd be anything I'd tried to do, it's just this: being as your first friend than among any other who lacks the interest spark from what you and I have . . . "

    Rei quickly pardon himself away from the crowd to go find the smaller writer as soon as possible before the time free time period will end. He didn't want to leave the poor boy to be left with any misunderstanding and felt that it was his fault for his appearance or whatever made the other kids coming up to him. The older child went around the blacktop, skimming around the small quiet Luca among the crowds of mix different graders. Some of the students' height were taller comparing to the other half who were smaller, in the close age as Luca from what the flustered boy guessed. Wasting about five minutes in search of the platform blacktop, Rei frown at this hide-n-seek like game for he figured that he couldn't find Luca. Instead of doing anymore of that, the boy had decided to go ask the other kids who seen the brunette around. Several students that was asked had given a puzzling look at their friends or playmates before returning a reply to the questioning boy, as a 'no'. Making the boy further more displeased, this didn't really stop him from trying more and had walked off to ask another. Just about another five minutes once again wasted, he finally found a pair of girls who were giggling as they played on their own. This made the desperate boy had the last pray in hopes to find Luca soon... Otherwise, he'll lose the only friend whoever shares the same love for something he was so engrossed to...

    "Excuse me," the boy greeted as he approached over to the two giggling girls who now turned their heads in the grabbed attention, "Have you seen a boy who was holding two books: a notebook and sketch pad?" One of the girls looked confused as the other caught on with the memory, recalling that she had seen Luca in the further blacktop where there was a swing bar that was near by the building. He raised his eyebrow in question for Rei happen to pass the place few times earlier, claiming that no one else was there before. Nodding his head, Rei began to dash off and shouted 'Thank you!' to the girls as he departed from them. He ran over to the area where he passed few times a while ago, to see if the upsetting Luca was still around there... At first, there wasn't anyone sitting at the swing's seat until when Rei finally reached there... Patting in exhausted from all the running, the boy manage to find the missing person he was seeking for: Nanase Luca...

    " Please, don't distant away from me even though we've barely met today . . . "

    From right where Rei was standing, he watched the lonely figure boy whom was staring sadly at the both books. He couldn't tell from the glance of the other boy's eyes as the caramel brown wavy hair was blocking the view of his eyes. But the raven color hair boy could see the smaller embraced his books very tightly to him before Luca torn his own body away from the journal and drawing books, gazing back to the rectangle objects... Rei didn't like one bit if the silent was killing the communication between them, but it's worse enough that Luca was upset because of the transfer student was pouring attention to the crowded greeters, or just trying to make excuse to talk about the stuff they tried to discuss about...

    " Because it was really important for me to know that I wanted to share the same world with you. Away from everything here . . . "

    "I found you, Nanase-kun..."​
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