The Misfits of Khalisia

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  1. Prologue: Humble Beginnings

    The town of Aubere is a small one, near the south-western corner of Khalisia. To those who've been around for than fifty years, done their share of traveling, *and* somehow remember the town's name either from randomly wandering into it or hearing about it at some point, it doesn't have much history.

    Originally intended as a means of a few settlers to live off the land, making the most of the nearby river without paying taxes, Aubere was founded by a few retired veterans, some would-be adventurers with little in the way of initiative or experience, and a number of homeless youth who weren't admitted to their local orphanage (if there even was one) or adopted. It stands not only close to the Damaran border, but also near the edge of Khalisia's claimed territory, leading to the lawless hinterlands of the south. In short, its location might not have been the wisest decision on the founders' behalf, but many decades have passed since then, and somehow Aubere has not only survived despite its isolation, but become a frequent stopping point for travelers looking to reach (or enter Khalisia from) Damar without being admitted through Castle Reindi, a mountain-based fortress located due northwest of Aubere. In short, it's the only quiet trading post for leagues in any direction, and until recently it was ruled by its own people.

    Recently, the settlers have become uneasy. A spike in population, as well as increased visibility and visitors, had coaxed the town's elder into requesting protection from the Trudeau family. Today a stone keep stands outside the town, housing a number of soldiers as well as a Lady who can be described as -unconventional- at best. Many violet banners hang over the keep, featuring the black sillhouette of a wolf mid-howl. Stone walls encircle the keep, blocking it from the commoners while only sparse protection exists in the town proper, in the form of watchtowers and outposts. In short, it would be a fairly simple matter for a small army to lay siege.


    You have spent most of your life in Aubere, originally as the daughter of two farmers who kept the town fed. Your parents aren't the only ones who were alive since Aubere's founding, but you are as well. If you sit down and think about it, it's somewhat odd: you aged much more slowly than other fox-folk, almost to the point that others in the town think elven blood runs in your veins. Of course, your family knows better: your mother can confirm that somebody in the family tree had something unusual mixed in with their blood, and your father, well... He's just an anomaly. Both retain a youthful appearance, though your inability to shapeshift from your vulpine state did make things awkward for your family: many people were wary about those of tribal heritage in Aubere's early years, and once your parents revealed their heritage there wasn't much in the way of mutual trust. That said, the people grew warmer over time.

    Sometime before you matured into adulthood, the town's elder sent a request to Count Trudeau, for protection and security purposes. There were many arguments, families spurning one another, criticisms of lazy nobles who only stood to collect taxes from the common folk. Many insisted that involving a blue-blood in their life would ruin Aubere, and to their credit, when Count Trudeau originally visited to see what he was claiming, he did not look very thrilled for somebody who stood to profit from everybody in town. That said, once the keep was completed, the count sent his youngest daughter Elise to make her home. She, like her father, was not very happy, and claimed that she was being sent here because her father simply wanted to be rid of her. She knew very little of ruling at first, and would often vanish from the town in its entirety for days at a time, sometimes even weeks.

    The criticism started early, about the town being gifted a spoiled brat to look over them, who couldn't even be bothered to keep watch over the town herself beyond posting guard patrols. It took her getting directly involved in uprooting the local raider encampments for supplies to quell the initial disapproval. There were many days where she would ride into town with a small entourage of bodyguards, her armor stained with blood which never quite cleaned out properly.

    You've met Lady Elise personally: most of Aubere has, since she often leaves the keep (against the guards' wishes) and makes everybody uncomfortable. Some of her guards are usually posted to keep an eye on her, and sometimes they've been entirely necessary in putting a threat down, but mostly the presence of Lady Elise's pet wolf Kiche is enough to unnerve a potential attacker into fleeing. She's actually a kind-hearted woman when she isn't focused on hunting people down and ending them, but to be fair, Aubere did have an abundance of frequent visitors who would cause trouble until the lady got involved. She takes note of what's going on in the town, and regularly sends scouting parties on patrol. Despite the lack of walls, she does a good job defending against external threats.

    One day, as the farm-house was getting a little bit crowded, Elise came to your door and told you she was building a new home for your family. According to her, a surplus of food wouldn't make up for the lack of other supplies, so just like that your family had become merchants. Your father was better suited to farming, but he certainly didn't complain about the new home once it was built, and while your mother was around less often, enjoyed running a caravan between the local villages and bringing supplies in. In short, your family became Lady Elise's link to other communities.

    You were even taken as a personal guest on a mission to establish diplomatic ties in the south, where a seer of the Kath'riit tribe awakened some of your supernatural senses. The lady regards you and your family as close friends, and you're familiar enough with the knight captain Rashelle Applegate that the keep's guards let you in without question. As a messenger between town and tribe, you are often accompanied by the knight captain personally when Elise actually stays in the keep dealing with the finer points of her job.

    One day, while visiting with the two in the keep, one of the servants comes running into the audience hall. "Milady, come quick! There's an army marching toward us!"

    Alarmed, the blonde noblewoman follows the messenger upstairs and onto the roof, with you and Rashelle in tow. When you arrive, you see what can only be described as a small army in the distance, approaching from the south: the last direction any established family's personal garrison would be arriving from. They're somewhat far from the keep, but Elise looks far from happy.

    "Rashelle," she says quietly.

    "Yes, milady?" comes the response.

    "I want you to gather the garrison. Anybody not on guard or gate duty meets at rendezvous point B. Don't open fire on them; I'll be joining you, but you're the acting commander here." Not a common move, but Rashelle understands the necessity of it: the last thing a ruler wants is to be acknowledged as such in an open battlefield by a potential enemy.

    "Very well then," Rashelle replies before taking her leave.

    After a moment, Elise turns to face you. "I'd rather not put you in any danger, but we must cut our visit short. As always, it's been a pleasure."


    It's been a hellish summer. To say as little of your past as what others know about you, you've been in the gladiator pits for most of the month, and only after three weeks of surviving against the odds did you get a lucky enough break. It was a hectic fight, but with the help of some very disgruntled associates in similar predicaments you've managed to escape a place one of your companions refers to as "The Fen." From what you saw, The Fen is a small city full of people looking to avoid the knights of Khalisia, either because they broke a law recently or because they don't like nobles joining in their gambling in places they control. You just happened to escape with roughly two hundred other people.

    Though you've never been in this area, it didn't take much effort to figure out where you were: not having any cities or roads for leagues in any direction could only mean you were in the southern plains. So, you started walking north, and the large mob of lost people started following you. It was annoying, but at least after raiding the food supply during your escape you didn't have many people complaining about going hungry, though complaining about bland food was almost as bad.

    Of the two hundred or so people that escaped the city alive, you think maybe twenty of them are warriors with any trace of skill: not a good sign if you were to get into any sort of fight, but their sheer numbers would be enough to give anyone pause. Amongst the masses is a woman with short, green hair, clad in tribal furs and wielding a battle-axe and shield. This is Tessara, the half-elf. She makes most of the small horde uncomfortable, including a few of the warriors, with her blunt demeanor and tendency to not pull punches or swings. You've seen her go out of her way to defend the other refugees during the escape, even taking a few hits in some cases. She's a very social sort despite her tendency to unnerve others.

    Another notable person amongst the masses is Nisha, a male humanoid with devilish horns and a long, slender tail that ends in a spade, as well as long, flesh-colored wings. He has dark, reddish hair that reaches his shoulderblades, and looks to be wearing simple leather armor along with a shortsword at his side. In the time you've known him he hasn't said much to anybody, though when you busted him out of his cell and gave him a blade he did cover your back during the escape. He also snatched up a few purses during the fight, secretly splitting their contents with you once you were in a relatively safe area the following night. People in general tend to give him a wide berth, not because he's physically intimidating or anything, but because of his heritage. You've actually been warned about being too close to Nisha. Some of the humans claim that he might cast a hex upon you, but it's nothing you haven't heard before regarding your own family when disguised.

    It's been a long walk, but finally you see what looks like houses and a stone keep in the distance. Getting in and out would be a relatively simple matter if you weren't being accompanied by what could easily populate a small village. Granted, there aren't any walls up either. Some of the refugees start cheering at the sight of civilization, including Tessara. Your tiefling acquaintance is... somewhere. Despite having enough unusual physical characteristics to stand out in a crowd, he doesn't carry much of a presence.

    "Great!" Tess exclaims, "I'm gonna drink until gravity reverses. It's been far too long since I've had proper venison, too~"



    Many Faraldr tend to accept their youths of darker origin, either through benevolence or knowledge of something to gain. Yours was a different tribe: where your mother saw an innocent child born under unfortunate circumstance and did her best to live with it, the elders saw a monster waiting to turn on her brothers and sisters. Stranger yet, the majority of those who ousted your family were moon-worshipers who'd learned to alter their shape to match other wild predators. So, as the responsible (and not completely hypocritical at all in their own eyes) community leaders they were, they banished your family. This all took place over a century ago, but given your time in the city of Versailles (located in one of the eastern counties of the kingdom) it marks a recurring theme of your life.

    The only people in the temple who regarded you with any sort of respect were Trig Fellpool (a gnomish jester with a penchant for causing mischief), Ivran Khidell (a traveling missionary of sorts who acts more like a dwarf than the half-elf he is), and Merisiel (an elven woman who rarely spoke to anybody in the temple on a personal level, but punched one of the priests for calling attention to somebody's 'fangs;' nobody really knows what her deal is). Every now and then on your quests to spread the beauty and irony of life and adoration across the lands you seem to enounter one of these individuals, though Ivran's movements are erratic at best when he doesn't have something specific to focus on: he tends to throw darts at a map while drunk to determine his path, claiming that fate shall guide his path. One might wonder how he ended up in service of Shelyn and not Cayden Cailean.

    In any case, either by chance or by choice you find yourself on the road to Aubere, as travelers have been remarking about strange occurrences in that direction. Accompanying you is yet another elf, this one touched with aasimar blood to the point that people recognize him more as a celestial being than as a human. His name is Wyran, his focus bears the mark of Iomedae, and his skin is as black as yours is white. There is a joke in this partnership somewhere, but the Fellpool girl isn't here to exaggerate it.

    Even Trig herself might be a bit distracted by the mass of two hundred-something people approaching your destination from the south. They aren't exactly easy to glance over.

    Elves in Khalisia are strange, at least from a human's perspective. In any elven society, a child born with traits outside of their parents' bloodline would be treated with the same amount of respect as any other child in the family, and nothing would be said about the matter. But you didn't grow up in an elven city: you were in Khalisia, where elves were strange and usually servants, and your blackened skin and halo made you an outsider even among those who would otherwise be comfortable around your family. At least the food was better in your household than that of many other elves in the city, even if you did live outside the walls.

    Sometime in your lengthy childhood, somebody broke into your room one night with the intent of killing you. You remember your younger brother's scream being silenced shortly before you were as well, but just when everything went black you awakened under the gaze of an elven woman named Merisiel. You had questions, but her answers weren't very helpful: somebody told her a drow was hiding in the area and wanted her to slay it, and though she didn't find one, the fact that she was pointed in the direction of your home made her suspicious. Somebody else had been hired for the job a few days later, and Merisiel was just leaving the city when news of a burglary reached her. She managed to pull you from the brink of death, but your brother wasn't so lucky.

    Your parents, not wanting to lose more than one child, decided that this was going too far, but since they couldn't just pack up and move, they sent you to a temple where you learned to wield a blade, to protect yourself and your honor from those who would turn against you or do you harm. Iomedae's temple militants would often send their initiates on crusades to seek out evil and purify and/or destroy it. Under Iomedae's guidance, the accusations of you being descended from drow stopped almost completely: the ability to call forth a halo should have been enough of an argument to convince people, but apparently it's easier for a war-priest to garner that kind of respect.

    In any case, you've heard of troubles in the southwestern corner of the country, near a small town called Aubere. One of the elder warriors sent you there for your initiation mission, and accompanying you on this most holy of crusades is a pale dhampir-woman wielding a longbow and clad in a tabard with Shelyn's symbol on the front.

    And, as you approach the town itself, you can see a large mass of people approaching Aubere from the south. What awkward timing~


    You arrived in Khalisia by boat many years ago after sneaking aboard a vessel in the Turami lowlands. In fact, most of your family joined you on this journey just to get away from your father. This happened while you were a child, old enough to have learned the verbal and written language and customs of your people. In any case, your mother found a farmstead with room to spare for her family, and so you had a home with your brother Quill and your sister Ira. For some strange reason you know the languages of the Faraldr and the elves along with those of your heritage, but you still struggle with the Khalisian tongue. Sometimes it's a struggle to communicate with people, but being quad-lingual means you can usually find some way to converse with the more intelligent Khalisian natives, as well as other immigrants and elves. Stranger yet, it was your quick thinking and your peculiar speaking habits that caught the attention of a half-elf named Zappel. She took you and several others under her wing, training everyone for various jobs: wetworks, intimidation, scouting, pathfinding, diversions, sabotage... Some of Zappel's other apprentices may have shown more skill in certain areas, but she made no secret in showing a certain level of softness around you. You didn't always get the easy jobs, but you've never had to take an innocent life under her orders, unlike a few of the others.

    In recent days, you notice a lot of tension in the hideout. Zappel seems easier to irritate, and a few others in the group seem a bit nervous. In any case, she gave you a mission that you were instructed not to tell anybody about: find a safe place with a decent economy to establish a hideout in, and send a message back to 'Elencia' under the alias 'Amaya.' This wasn't a familiar alias, and even the destination wasn't one you were familiar with: you've never even set foot in Corsica. Nonetheless, once you packed your belongings, you joined in with a merchant caravan as a caravan guard of sorts with the merchant Hilde and her accomplice Aithne: two human females, one with a habit of shrouding herself in a cloak.

    After many weeks of traveling, you see a town in the distance. No walls, easy to get into. The two-hundred or so people approaching from the south seem to think the same thing.


    It has been a few seasons since your confinement. The old sorcerer, a curious sort who tried dabbling in matters he couldn't comprehend has yet to haunt your dreams by supernatural means, so he probably hasn't returned from the afterlife as an abomination. As for your personal feelings regarding that matter, well... Good luck with that! Hardened soldiers and bodyguards often say that one's first kill always leaves the biggest stain on one's heart, but on a caravan running the trade routes all over Khalisia and Damar, death becomes more of a common sight with brigands, highwaymen and monsters on the roads. More specifically, on the northern coast you've even had a few encounters with a group of Turami merchants that, despite what locals have said of the Turami, were a friendly bunch who even shared their food in exchange for a good story Hilde, the woman you were apprenticing under, had told them in their native tongue. Since then, she's laced her lessons in supply and demand with tutorials on diplomacy and the Turami language.

    By chance, your travels with Hilde have taken you toward a small town on the southern outskirts of Khalisia, called Aubere by some of the foragers you've encountered on the road. Hilde says that this town serves as an outpost of sorts, being the last major source of Khalisian civilization before all that's left of the world is savannahs, Faraldr and brigands to the south, and professional bargainers and cheapskates to the west. In short, it's a good place to gather news from the wilderness and the alliance, but other than that the only remarkable thing about it is the inexpensive raw materials.

    You've been joined by a fox-girl named Quinn for this journey.

    Also, as you draw closer to the town proper, you notice a large mass of people approaching Aubere from the south. Hilde looks a little nervous. A quick peek at her map reveals that Aubere is only two fornights' journey from your home city Toulouse.


    Edit: Everyone who isn't Verran or Ruby should probably roll perception.
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  2. After a quick nod, and a "M'Lady," Ruby turns to exit. She wasn't sure what she was supposed to do. There really wasn't that much of a way to stay out of harm's way, not with an army approaching. But she really had no intent of doing so. If nothing else, she was sort of a..."patriot of her town", not that the phrase meant much most of the time. And it wasn't even so much that she supported her town; she just protected her Elise and Rashelle (in different capacities).

    Regardless, once outside, she followed Rashelle like a lost puppy, trying her best to look unimposing (which wasn't hard, honestly). Garnet proudly trotted along beside her.
  3. Aithne had tried to put her past behind her, focusing first of guarding the caravan and then later training under Hilde. She had been so focused on forgetting it, she hadn't been paying attention to the fact she was getting closer to returning to it. She pulled her cloak closer around her, and fought the urge to pull up her hood and hide her face. She was safe, surrounded by the caravan, people who knew her only as a friend, not a raging monster, yet the thought that they could start running into people who would recognize her, who would know what she'd done and what she was unsettled her.

    She tried to calm herself. That wasn't the pressing problem. The problem was what was apparently an army heading towards their same destination they were. She could worry about her memories and talk to Hilde about the route later. Now she had to focus on not getting caught up in the conflict which may be about to happen. Her hand drifted to the long sword tucked away under her cloak. While now she preferred to practice as a merchant, if the armies attention turn to them she would be ready to protect the caravan alongside the guards if necessary, and just hope she could keep control.

    As she watched the force again her mind began to drift. Who were they? Raiders? Or a scout force for a larger army? An army that would threaten the other cities in the area, like Toulouse. Images of her family and old friends caught in a fight flashed through her mind, and her free hand curled into a fist as she took a deep breath, trying to maintain focus.

    Forcing the thoughts out of her head she looked around at the others in the caravan, trying to gauge their reactions to what they were seeing, especially that of the guards. her eyes briefly landed on the fox folk who had recently joined them. She didn't strike Aithne as a warrior, with her lack of armour, but then again she herself made an effort to look harmless, so would be too surprised if the fox turned out to be more deadly than she looked.

    Her gaze fell onto Hilde, and she looked to her mentor and then the others for guidance. "What do we do?"

    They'd dealt with bandits and highwaymen before, but not an army. While a smart thing to do may be to stop and wait, hoping the force was too focused on Aubere to notice the caravan, she wasn't sure she could just watch if a fight started, knowing innocents were getting hurt.
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  4. The first step was complete. Freedom from captivity; the kayal's mind was racing, planning his next moves as thoroughly as he could. The fact that most of the refugees and escapees had decided to follow him was definitely not planned. His conscience warred with his desire to seek his revenge. Images of his sister flashed through his mind... and his conscience won out. If they needed him as a leader, then a leader he would be.

    He was drawn from his internal war of morals by his companion's assertion. Drink until gravity reverses? Though he dare not let a chuckle slip from between his lips, he allows himself a small smirk at her enthusiasm. "We should probably be careful," he murmurs quietly to Tess. "All that they're going to see is a mass of people, most armed, heading towards them. I wouldn't be surprised if they mounted some kind of defense at our sudden appearance. We may wish to send a small group, a delegation, to discuss our situation."

    He squinted, staring in the distance in an attempt to see anything in the small settlement. To be honest, the idea of a hot meal and anything to drink other than lukewarm water in a grimy cup was more than a little appealing to Verran. The slight weight of the shells at his hip was a small comfort; if they managed to get into town without any bloodshed, he'd even have enough money to get a proper bath and a bed. Something he'd rarely had even before his captivity.
  5. Annora's traveling companion was odd indeed, but he had yet to inhibit her goals, so he could stick around to prove whether or not they could get along. She was rather silent the whole time and wore her clothing rather than armor. Nothing had attacked them on the road and missing out on only a modicum of protection was a decent trade for her personal comfort. Looking at the large group, then back to Wyran, she inclined her head towards the soon to come commotion. "What are your thoughts on that? Refugees? Escaped slaves? Bandits? I'd say weapons out would be a good start, just in case we need to defend ourselves. Defensive stance would probably prevent an undesired fight if we hail them first."

    She did as suggested and drew her bow. Then, from her thigh quiver, she nocked an arrow. Using only her right hand, she carried the prepared bow and arrow casually. Her left hand lay relaxed at her side. The pale woman's gaze flitted between Wyran and the group periodically to keep track of their movements in relation to the duo.
  6. a simple mission that's all it was. escorte a person and start the real job. it would of been better if I could of gotten away or faked my death, but no all the bandits wait till we're just about to enter a town to show up. it's a nice change of pace though.

    the gang was getting stressful, Zappel was angry all the time and the other members were getting flakey. nothing was said, really nothing changed in the group it just changed in how it "felt" to be in there, like everyone was on edge. Zappel was probably trying to get me out before something could happen. it hurt a little to be left in the dark, but it's for my own good, or that's what i tell myself

    after snapping herself out of her daydream, Quinn turned back to the bandits. well they aren't raiding the town yet they are just standing there talking so they might not be bandits.

    (roll 13+7) Quinn turns to the leader of the merchants. "mam they don't seem to be wanting to harm anyone (roll 19+5) and they look to be in rags and nearly starved. even with there numbers it wouldn't be a clear defeat for us. the way I see it if they're just going to stand there then let 'em"
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  7. Much could be said about the dhampir woman that he had been assigned with. People would speak of an impure, vile being created from the dead and living. Many would judge her because of her birth… And many would think that one of celestial blood would come to judge harsly. Yet, in the reality that was, who was he to judge this being birthed in her condition? Was he not in the same boat as she was? Born of a lineage with celestial ancestors… He was just as different as she was. And so, Wyran was not one to even bring up her kind, but instead, spoke when they needed to speak.

    Contrary to the woman, Wyran had kept his gear, from armor to weaponry. He was, in a sense, an insecure man ever since the death of his little brother. If he had stayed alert for him, he could have done something, spared his life. It stays with him even now. The approach of the large group was confirmed by his traveling companion. He gave them a quick look and answered back. “Bandits wouldn’t be traveling like this. I would guess refugees or escaped slave.” He looked as she drew her weapon and he shook his head. “I do not think we need to be so hasty about it. Having our weapons out will only come to provoke them, especially with how we look. I do say we should take a closer look.
  8. She nodded and considered his opinion. As a compromise, she removed the arrow and replaced it within her quiver with practiced ease. "To ease my mind, I will keep the bow out, but I shall draw only to defend. I can persuade them to understand our intentions. I have had much practice in persuasion due to my apparent lineage." She bared her lengthened canines only briefly to accentuate her point. "So, shall we come closer, in the open? Skulking about would only serve to agitate the more paranoid among them. Perhaps they will see my tabard and recognize our benevolence."
  9. <Ruby>

    The stone keep has a simple design: rectangular in shape and two levels high, with each 'floor' interior five meters high. There are two northern and southern stairwells, and the door outside leads to an rectangular enclosure with none of the walls touching the keep itself.

    The little reddish fox Garnet follows alongside her charge, who in turn appears to be following Rachelle toward one of the buildings on the walls. Rachelle, for her part, only stops to briefly tell one of the messengers to fetch her steed, and one of the soldiers to gather any of the garrison not on guard or gate duty to form up south of the town.

    Once she reaches the barracks, a similar command is shouted, and as soon as she leaves the gatehouse with her two followers in tow she is greeted by a stablehand with a warhorse decked out in violet cloth. Once mounted, she looks at Ruby.

    "I'd offer you a ride into town, but now's not the best time to give people ideas. If a fight breaks out you should hide: I'll keep the lady safe." She felt no need to add 'the people' after such a sentence: the people were the reason to engage the approaching forces outside the town, and in the case of stray arrows, the castle had medical staff (and also Ruby).


    For an unwalled settlement this town looks to cover a lot of ground. From a distance, the only homes that can be seen appear to either be constructed from wood or stone, with thatch rooftops. Slightly to the right of the town itself is a set of tall stone walls that don't cover nearly as much ground, as well as what appears to be a set of violet banners flying above them.

    The half-elf nods while several people in the mass start talking amongst themselves, mostly regarding an enthusiasm for better food and drink. Tess' cheer faulters a bit when she speaks. "Yeah, looks like they've got a castle," she states with a stretch, "Whatever defense they mount, we aren't ready for it. Some of the boys are still coming to terms with our last.. experience."

    Tessara pauses, looking back over the mass of escapees, then back to Verran. "Maybe we should send ten, or twenty up there, just to make sure they're seen. Question is, who?"

    <Wyran / Annora / Xavier>

    Moving past the entrance to a mine on the northwest side of the outskirts, it's easy to see something of a commotion going on within. People are bustling about, citizens are grabbing crossbows, spears and axes from their homes, and in moments even the guards are shifting about. A faster approach toward the town's guests from the hinterlands would be to travel around the town itself, as to avoid being accosted by guardsmen, but many people appear to be moving just to the south of town in an effort to meet this group directly.

    Amongs the citizens gathering behind the town guard is a male half-elf <Xavier> clad in scale armor, with two longswords at his side. Most of the citizens don't have much in the way of armor (either leather or hides), so he stands out visibly as opposed to standing out by simply being a warrior whose posture might indicate military experience.

    As the guards make a horizontal line in front of the gathering citizens, a woman riding a horse in purple cloth barding draws up close from the east.

    <Aithne / Quinn>

    Hilde, still alarmed by the large mass of people approaching the town, looks back over her own group: six bodyguards, her student, and their foxling guest. Judging from the fox's words, possibly a scout of some sort, but probably not a good one: nine against two hundred in a fight wouldn't end well regardless of equipment or morale. But, if the fox right about what she saw...

    "A delicate situation," she states, "The guards will likely be on edge regardless of what that group's up to. Same with the citizens. If they're all allowed in, then our trip here might lack purpose: raw materials will be in higher demand, but so shall everything else." She ponders a moment longer. "We might be able to profit regardless."

    On the eastern road toward Aubere, the hills the caravan has been traveling on start to descend into a small group of scattered trees. The road continues, and the trees are not thick enough to obscure the refugees from sight, but something else might have escaped notice were it not for Quinn keeping her eyes amidst the group's surroundings.

    Just off the road, further ahead by 30 yards or so but slightly concealed by the trees, is another traveler who wasn't on the road earlier. This traveler has scarlet hair that falls to their shoulderblades, and their leather armor has been shredded in the back to allow a pair of wings to fit through. This person also has a dark, reddish, fleshy and wiry tail wavering about. This person appears to be moving toward the town.
  10. The town's reaction gets the dhampir to sigh audibly. "Well, whether or not we wanted to appear hostile, it seems weapons will be drawn when we get there. Might be a good idea to slink through a different entrance. If we can maneuver well, we might be able to act as impartial mediators in this. Up for doing some good?" Her final question was mildly joking, but it still held her sincere desire to actually try and do something good for the people. Bloodshed in this case would be bad for both sides, and if the group were escaped slaves, her personal code demanded her action. Her bow was stowed by now and she changed direction slightly towards a different spot to enter. She hoped her companion, since he followed another good deity, would back her up in wanting a peaceful resolution.
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  11. Quinn spots the odd traveler, and nearly loses her composure. wings? tail? perplexed she racks her brain to try and see if she could identify the creature.
    Turami:[BCOLOR=#000000] "Aithine, traveler ahead. I don't know if they see us yet. should we approach?"[/BCOLOR]
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  12. (Rest in peace, Khalisia?)
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