The Misfits of Khalisia (it's a ~Closed~ Pathfinder thread!)

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I'm open to a lot of things, but my comfort zone usually involves medieval and modern settings, with varying degrees of realism and fantasy. I like to explore mature themes, not for the sake of sex, but just because I like it when a character has to actually stop and weigh their options.

Welcome, adventurer! We’re going to play some Pathfinder on here, and it’s going to be on the forums, probably almost entirely. But before we all get excited about rolling dice, slaying monsters, and generally being worshiped / feared by the common folk, know that you’re all going to be playing with randomly-generated characters! You still get to pick the important stuff like skills and feats, race, gender, name, favored class and so forth, but your background is up to chance, just like your stats.

As a DM, I’m kind of new and debating a bit on whether to make this a CYOA-type of roleplay thread or a more traditional “dungeoneering party that sticks together” thread as the game was intended. There won’t be any penalties for splitting away from the party unless you’re in the middle of a dungeon-raid or something, and in a lot of instances you’re going to *want* to split away from the party to deal with certain individuals you might have private business with. This is a social game, and I’m pretty sure the smuggling ring’s fence doesn’t want to have five different heavily-armed people barging into what serves as their office.

Always remember: the focus here is the story, and the focal point of the story is the main characters. You guys. I’ll give you plenty of stuff to explore, baddies to smack around, plot-things and personal quests. In fact, being an adventurer in itself is one heck of a personal quest, but I’m not going to stop there. Just remember that, if you’re going to start trouble in the cities, the other players might be encouraged to put you down, if the militia or local garrison can’t handle it. Every action has a consequence, so to speak.

Thread Rules

#1: Don’t make the other players uncomfortable. This includes excessive derogatory language out of character, flirting with the other players after they tell you to stop, bigotry, and so forth. I know Iwaku’s generally a very decent place and this rule shouldn’t have to be stated, but that is not the world in which we live. Note that I didn’t mention in-character actions and behaviors. You can play an openly racist, homophobic, sexist adventurer with the mouth of a sailor, and you’d probably fit right into certain circles of the setting, both “good” and “evil” aligned.

#2: You’ve got to be eighteen years of age or older to join. I’m not saying this to promote naughty behavior: this is Pathfinder. Pathfinder’s religious groups are varied and detailed enough to have their own views supporting abortion, graphic torture, masochism, nymphomania, and slavery, and since Pathfinder is based on Dungeons and Dragons, the majority of healers are going to be tied to one of the religions. Compared to traditional Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder is the sort of game that decided censorship is for the big companies, and while I'm responsible for the twisted things I put in this thread, I'm not involving minors with these subjects.

#3: No metagaming. Your character doesn’t automatically share knowledge with the rest of the party, so s/he doesn’t automatically know what the rest of the party knows, either.

#4: Communicate with us! If you aren’t going to be around for a while, let us know in advance so we aren’t stuck waiting for you mid-dungeon or mid-combat. If you’re not having fun, say so!

#5: No sexual roleplay in-thread. This isn't the <lib> section, so keep it under your kilt.

Setting / Game Guidelines

#1: No asia-themed anything. No ninjas, no katanas, no nodachi, no tengu, no samurai, no pagodas, no yukatas, no kimono, no geisha-bards. Kitsune are exempt from this rule, simply because the story behind them isn’t exclusive to Japan: they’re just going to be called Foxfolk (since we already have Catfolk and Lizardfolk). This isn’t racism; it simply conflicts with the setting. On a similar note, gunslingers are not prohibited. They’re just rare. The monk class is also prohibited, as the class depicted describes something of eastern origin. There are many other ways to punch/kick/claw one’s way to victory; trying to be Sabin Rene “Watch-Me-Suplex-This-Devil-Train” Figaro will always end in failure.

#2: Familiars, Cohorts, Followers, Eidolons, Steeds, and Animal Companions will be played by the DM. You can also buy pets, steeds, and the services of a bodyguard. Familiars, eidolons, mounts granted by class feature, and animal companions are bound to you, but in the case of the latter two, they’re still animals down to their base nature, even if magic is making them stronger.

#3: With the exception of races prohibited by rule #1, pretty much anything in the main books is allowed as a race and/or class. My only rule on this is, if you’re going to play a race marked ‘uncommon’ in the race guide or something not in the books at all, run it by me first. As everything is going to be determined at random, some races will just have to be adopted into the main parts of society.

#4: The DM will not powergame the players unless the players start powergaming at the DM. Remember: while the stats are semi-random and a character is expected to be somewhat proficient in their trade, don’t worry about having unusually high or average stats in strange places. Variety makes for interesting characterization: a warrior with unusually strong willpower, a strikingly persuasive “barbarian” even when not mouth-foaming and beating things with an axe, a wizard with abs you grind meat on… Seriously, people don’t expect that stuff!

You don’t have to be a tribal to be a barbarian (think dwarven berserkers), and you don’t have to be a barbarian to be a tribal warrior. A tribal wizard is a stretch, but it can still be done.

Setting Notes

Khalisia is one of three monarchies in the immediate area, and we’ll be starting in one of the border counties. Whether we are sharing our borders with the country’s rivals or some of the various tribes will depend on our party makeup (remember, you can be of tribal descent but raised in the counties). The kingdoms are predominantly human, but most settlements are mixed in terms of racial population. Settled monstrous types are rare, but they do exist.

Elves and gnomes tend to exist separately in the deepwoods, but they have their lands as well. Same goes for dwarves, although a tribal gnome or dwarf is almost unheard of. Halfling settlements exist on human land, and many halflings live in predominantly human settlements.

Currency works a little differently here: Rather than copper pieces, silver pieces, gold pieces and platinum pieces, Khalisia has ember shells, azure shells, amber shells, and frost shells. The other monarchs have their own denomination of currency.

Monsters are not restricted to tribal society, but they are all but nonexistent among the nobility. There are no laws saying a monster cannot hold rank, but the nobility seem to consider it an unspoken rule.

Slavery exists. Elves, catfolk and gnomes tend to shy away from the practice of slavery as a whole, but there are individuals that accept it so long as they are not the slave. Many religions preach against it as well, although the church holds no authority over the nobility.

There is no "Common" tongue. For humans, the more common language in civilized society is Khalisian, while the tribal types often speak in the Faraldr language. The Turami people have their own language as well, as do the Damarans. For languages, you can choose any two of Khalisian, Faraldr, Turami, and Damaran in place of Common.
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I'm open to a lot of things, but my comfort zone usually involves medieval and modern settings, with varying degrees of realism and fantasy. I like to explore mature themes, not for the sake of sex, but just because I like it when a character has to actually stop and weigh their options.
Character Generation

Step 1: Determine your character’s stats. You have 28 six-sided dice to pool into six stats (strength, dexterity, constitution, intelligence, wisdom, charisma). You can have a minimum of three dice dedicated to one stat, and in the case of stats with more than three dice dedicated to them, only the highest three count. You can cheat if you want to, and only roll one die at a time and use the ‘throw another dice’ function on the board in order to save extra dice for other stats.

Step 2: Pick a race, name, sex, and class for your character. If your rolls don’t support the class you wanted, such as somehow ending up with 13 Intellect despite throwing six dice down when you wanted to be a wizard, delete the post and roll your stats again if you want to. You can also choose whether your character is going to be born into a tribal culture or the standard culture for his/her race.

Step 3: Roll for your character’s homeland, family, and childhood. If your character is not of the core races, go with whatever makes sense for said character (if the race book states that a race is born of a union between humans and ****, roll on the human table) or ask for a suggestion. Tribals don’t have a nobility table, so in essence a tribal-born who rolls being born into nobility, you’re either the offspring of a clan leader, or you’re the bastard-child of actual nobility and might be able to press your claim.

Step 4: Roll on your class table, as well as influential associates. You don’t have to roll on the relationships / crime tables: you can choose your own alignment, and how experienced your character is with relationships.

Step 5: Notice all those traits you’ve gathered up from rolling on the table? Choose two of them. They will grant you bonuses, as they’ve shaped your upbringing.

Step 6: Determine your skills and other class features, roll for starting gold depending on your class, and buy equipment with it.

And from here, you’re almost done! Your adventurer probably has parents, siblings and a friend, and maybe even an adversary or a mentor! It kind of makes sense though: as a first level adventurer, you’re of a different class than the commoners of society: more skilled, even if all you’ve got is a more intense type of training compared to that of a small militia regiment. Skills aside, you also have a small support network, maybe even a home to visit on your adventurers. It’s nice to not stay at an inn sometimes.

Step 7: Describe your character’s relationship with any parents, siblings, friends or mentors that are still alive, and describe each person a little. This might be important, and it might not: you can reject your family ties if you want, but they still exist, and they’re still alive. And their actions are up to the DM. The amount of information I can put out for you depends on how much you give me to work with.

If you miraculously roll up a prince(ss) character on the forum, I will go along with it. Seriously. It'll take some interesting writing to make it work, but it will be *totally* worth it and I'll find it just as fulfilling as I would hilarious.


Cavaliers, in the book they are described in, mention pledging one’s service to an order of knights. As knighthood is a privilege of the nobility, there simply aren’t any orders of knights in the realm. Instead, a cavalier must pledge his/her service to an established temple, noble house, or mercenary group to gain the benefits of most knightly orders described in the books. Alternatively, a cavalier may opt not to pledge service to a noble house or temple. While this will affect one’s social standing and raise questions about the legitimacy of the cavalier’s banner, doing so grants more social freedoms and mobility.

Oracles, despite the background generator implicitly stating that one does not choose their Mystery, have the option of not rolling for their Mystery class feature, but simply selecting one. DM ruling stands: if sorcerers get to choose their bloodline, oracles get to choose their mystery.

Monster characters should look in the Advanced Race Guide, under ‘Example Races’ in the Race Builder section. Anything that is 11 race points or less will be accepted as a first-level character, if you don’t want to take the racial dice and go classless. If the race you want has less than 10 RP to its name, I will add an appropriate addition to balance it out. If you want to play a kobold adventurer… Well, good luck. I’ll give you a little mercy on your racial adjustments (reduction of penalty to STR and CON by 2; increase to WIS by 2), but other than that, good luck surviving dungeons!
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I'm open to a lot of things, but my comfort zone usually involves medieval and modern settings, with varying degrees of realism and fantasy. I like to explore mature themes, not for the sake of sex, but just because I like it when a character has to actually stop and weigh their options.
Sample Character

Name: Robin
Race: Human
Age: (what the heck, let's roll this one too) 18
Sex: Male
Class: Magus Druid

*After throwing stat dice*
Strength: 12
Dexterity: 9
Constitution: 14
Intelligence: 9
Wisdom: 16 18
Charisma: 12

Well, I intended to make Robin a magus, but his intellect is below 10, which means he wouldn't be able to learn a single arcane spell through studying. This guy isn't going to be anybody's grandmaster tactician, for certain. But! Just look at that wisdom stat! At the very least he'll make a passable divine spellcaster, so instead of deleting the post and scrapping him altogether, we'll just make him all nature-y and stuff, and add the humans' stat bonus (+2 to any one stat) to wisdom.

*After Char-background rolls*

The maximum die-roll allowed on the forums is a 90-sided die, so to calculate percentiles I just rolled two 51-siders and subtracted two from the total. Because 51-sided dice exist on Iwaku.

Homeland: Small town (Militia Veteran)
Parents: Only Robin's mother is alive.
Siblings: two human siblings and one half-orc sibling. Normally we'd roll for the specifics here, but this is just a sample character, so... screwit. (Kin Guardian)
Circumstances of Birth: Nobility! Hah, what are the odds? A druid of gentle birth. (Influence, Rich Parents)
Parents' Profession: accidentally rolled this before noticing that apparently Robin is nobility. But since that table's the same... "Minor Noble." His family is landed, but it isn't important enough to garner attention from anybody who isn't a peasant.
Major Childhood Event: Kidnapped. I guess somebody in the village got some bright ideas involving ransom money (Canter)
Druid: Savage. "You spent your formative years among a tribe or village far from civilization. The elders chose you as successor and taught you the lore of the elements and the animals. You gain access to the Savage social trait." For dice-rolling and a narrative standpoint, this is coming together particularly well.
Influential Associate: The Criminal. (Canter)

So basically, Robin's father was a minor lord, but he died so his mother took the position. He has two siblings who share his father's blood, and one sibling born of his mother and one of the half-orc servants in the home. Sometime during his childhood, some thieves kidnapped Robin and tried ransoming him back to his family. However, they didn't want to stay too close, lest the mother deal with them directly. So they went out into the fringes of civilization, where Robin ended up escaping.

Together, with the help of an *unrelated* outlaw, he hid amongst a tribe and learned the ways of the natural world from a shaman. From a players' standpoint, assuming his family doesn't freak the hell out over discovering his pagan faith, Robin will have ties to nobility, as well as parts of the criminal underworld, assuming his friend survives.

For traits, Robin would do well to have Influence, either for the bonus to Sense Motive (which is already at a decent level due to his Wisdom stat) or to Diplomacy or Intimidate (which could use the boost because his charisma isn't spectacular). However, because the other traits garnered by his background aren't as useful (and the +900 gold that 'Rich Parents' gives doesn't make sense for a kidnapped child to have), we'll take one of the Racial Traits available to all humans: World Traveler. It's essentially the same thing, with Intimidate switched out for Knowledge: Local. Again, this kind of fits the character.

Starting Wealth: 80 amber shells. This is Robin's threshold for equipping himself before his entrance to the thread. From here, all his player would need to do is decide his equipment, skills, and feats, as well as provide a physical description for the sake of "so the other players know what they're looking at."

And after running through this sample, I've learned that it's kind of *really* intensive, and there's still room to be more thorough, what with giving your character hobbies, interests, and that sort of thing.

For ease of viewing and sorting through all the game-related things. It turns out Myth Weavers has fairly excellent options for a character sheet. Robin's sheet is pretty bare-bones, but the sheet does automatically calculate skill bonuses, saving throws and carrying capacity, so there's that.
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I'm open to a lot of things, but my comfort zone usually involves medieval and modern settings, with varying degrees of realism and fantasy. I like to explore mature themes, not for the sake of sex, but just because I like it when a character has to actually stop and weigh their options.
How To Use the Dice
First, make a post, and then you click the "other actions" button on your post, and then the "Throw a dice" button. It asks how many faces for the die, and what you're throwing it for. The "throw another" button that comes up after you throw your first one can only be the same size as the first one you've thrown.

So if you "throw another" when you've thrown a d6, clicking that button only lets you throw another d6.

The highest number of sides allowed on the forum's dice function is 90, so whenever you need to roll a percentile (a d100), just throw two 51-siders and subtract 2 from the total.

Alternatively, for calculating percentiles you could just roll two ten-sided dice and have the first of the two be the "tens" digit (a 10 in this case would be a zero), and add the number on the second die to the value of the first one. It's a bit more logical.​
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I'm open to a lot of things, but my comfort zone usually involves medieval and modern settings, with varying degrees of realism and fantasy. I like to explore mature themes, not for the sake of sex, but just because I like it when a character has to actually stop and weigh their options.
The Kingdom of Khalisia

The central country on the continent of Althea, separated from the Damaran Alliance to the west by a row of mountains that stretch north, ending at the <goddamn ocean>. King Dietriche (The Fat) is seated as the current ruler in the capitol city of Tihr. There are four duchies in the kingdom, each ruled by a duke, and each separated into counties, ruled by counts. Khalisia is very organized as far as politics and military are concerned, but between everything that roams beyond town borders and the fact that most spellcasters are either disposed of, exiled or kept in service of the crown, the nobility has their hands full keeping their lands safe.

Humans, dwarves, elves, gnomes, half-orcs, and many other races reside in Khalisia, especially in the cities (though gnomes, halflings and elves are more commonly found away from large cities due to safety concerns).

Magical items and arms are referred to as "blessed" items in Khalisia, if only to differentiate between sources of power in the eyes of the interpretor. To an outsider, there are many things fundamentally "off" about the beliefs and superstitions held by the people.

Succession: Patriarchal.

Religion: Pantheistic. Although most citizens will choose to worship one or two deities exclusively, they will acknowledge faiths that differ from their own. Temples hold no political power in Khalisia, though certain faiths do carry the will of the common people, just as others are revered by knights.

Magic: Most nobles will have a wizard of some type to call upon, but many of the common people believe that only the gods and those who work directly for them should be able to wield magic. As such, those of arcane or pagan influences are often discriminated against if their heritage is discovered.

Slavery: Legal. Although many temples preach against slavery, clergy who wish to do something about it are legally prohibited from "appropriating" slaves through the use of force. Slaves are registered at the census offices, particularly in towns along the border. The act of enslaving others is illegal, but slaves may be imported from outside Khalisia if the owner is willing to pay taxes for each slave owned.

Currency: Shells. They're coins forged from various ores, each with an embossed emblem of the crown on one side, and an image of King Shelford on the other. 50 shells = 1 lb.

Adventurers: Typically, adventurers in Khalisia are treated as disorganized mercenaries: expensive to employ and maintain, and difficult to control, but sometimes worth the cost when something needs to be taken care of. They are also viewed as a good boost to the economy under the correct circumstances.

The Highland Turami

Across the northern seas lies a mountainous region full of monsters, as well as the men and women who hunt them. Compared to the stone castles of Khalisia and Damar, fortresses are often made from wood in the lowlands. Higher up, settlements tend not to benefit much from walls, as giants tend to interpret such things as an invitation. Ancient legends tell of a hero who might one day rid the country of frost giants, but that day has yet to come.

Poetry, song and stories are revered in the highlands, almost as much as trophies from slain creatures. Man and wife stand as equals in the household, although sometimes "wife" can refer to another male, and sometimes the phrase is "Woman and wife," and sometimes the term "wife" is used in the plural form. In any case, domestic matters are traditionally shared between the entire household, sans the children. This is largely due to the notion that, in a house full of warriors and spellweavers, consent is a very important thing to maintain if one values one's head. Of course, not everyone is a seidr or a warrior, but such cases occur frequently enough that lawmakers take them into account.

Despite this, sexism still exists in Turami society. While women can be warriors, few wish to fall under their leadership, and while men can be sorcerers, being accused of witchcraft is a very serious matter that can stain one's reputation if male. Of course, elves and fox-folk are considered female regardless of their parts in half of Turami households anyway.

Surface-dwarves and human-orc spawn frequently find a home amongst the Turami, as do many humans and other hardy races. The Khalisians and Damarans view them as a savage people, but they tend to refer to any group of people that lacks a large, organized system of government as such. Like the Faraldr, the Turami are very community-focused.

Country Name: Turam

Ruling Class: Several clans rule over different portions of the highlands and lowlands. Turam itself is divided into territories run by three jarls, as well as two groups of independent clans. Some speculate that the rest of the world is relatively safe as long as the Turami are not united, as a common belief amongst the jarls is, "If I can take it from you, it belongs to me and mine."

Succession: Typically the eldest child inherits the family's fortune, with daughters controlling any magical devices that might be in the household.

Religion: Polytheistic. The Turami are a people who acknowledge the gods of other pantheons, but that doesn't necessarily mean such gods are respected. The Turami have a summer tradition of "spreading the faith" by sending "missionaries" toward Khalisia and Damar, specifically to large temples so such missionaries can "practice their faith." At least, that's how the skalds see it. To everyone else it's just raiding and pillaging.

Magic: Studies of the arcane and the divine are a matter of interest with most Turami, but actually practicing magical trades is viewed as being feminine. Those who practice the arcane are referred to as seidr, and are valued for their gifts unless they're male. That said, the Turami are a learned people, and the magic runs through their bloodlines just as much as it is taught through study and experiment.

Slavery: Legal, but not on a permanent basis. Those who are tried for crimes are often sentenced to bonded servitude as punishment, if execution is deemed too harsh or fines are deemed too light a punishment. There is no market from which to purchase, though a frequent practice of raiding parties is to take able-bodied people from other countries and put them to work powering their ships.

Currency: The traditional coins are the peninga, griffonwing, crown, and drake. Khalisian coins are not an uncommon sight in a Turami household, however. 50 coins = 1 pound.

Adventurers: In the highlands and lowlands alike, adventurers are very well-respected in Turami society. There are no inns, but the laws of hospitality demand that homeowners provide food and a place to sleep for weary travelers in exchange for the travelers not causing problems for the family, just as the laws of protection decree that warriors are to protect those who show them hospitality.

The Damaran Alliance

North of the southern hinterlands, but west of the mountain range that separates it from Khalisia, the rulers of Damar have refused to accept the authority of the Khalisian crown. Each marquess has their own land, a personal retinue of warriors and ownership of businesses and possibly caravans, and several guilds in control of domestic issues. Similar to the courts of Khalisia and the gatherings of the Turami, meetings in Damar often devolve into arguments and personal attacks.

In the alliance, to gain employment is a simple matter regardless of race. Local laws prohibit discrimination based on faith, sex, race, and sexual orientation. However, as many residents of Damar were once Khalisian, prejudice still exists in large quantities, and the problem lies more in enforcement of the laws than the laws themselves.

Typically, "criminals" do not thrive for very long in Damar.

Country Name: Damar

Ruling Class: Oligarchy. While the marquess is a title hinting at noble lineage, it is the guilds and factions that hold the power. Thus, if one can accrue wealth, their word holds prestige.

Religion: Although many pagans thrive in the alliance, the majority of temples are devoted to the more organized religions.

Magic: Arcane theory and mysticism are viewed as one of many trades somebody can practice, and little thought is given to magic beyond that.

Slavery: Illegal, but only formally so. Owning slaves will lose the respect of both the people and those in power, simply because it is interpreted that the slave owner does not have enough wealth to hire their own help. The criminal status of slavery is typically only enforced as an excuse for any other reason the peacekeepers might find for barging into somebody's property. In reality, the lower class don't have it much better than Khalisian slaves.

Currency: Notes. The Damarans use a red-dyed paper-based currency for its light weight and ability to be handled in large quantities with little in the way of difficulty. A single slip can be in the value of 1, 5, 20 or 100 notes. This currency is virtually weightless.

Adventurers: Typically viewed as "dangerous unemployed vagrants," most adventuring parties are regarded with suspicion in the alliance if they lack the emblem of a mercenary group or a guild. The wealthier landowners keep a group of seasoned fighters on their payroll to deal with disturbances and outside threats.

The Faraldr

Inhabitants of the hinterlands south of Khalisia, as well as many nomadic groups that travel within and throughout the borders of other countries. Many would call the Faraldr savage, but nothing could be further from the truth. They have little sense of national unity except where the settled people are concerned, as the lands do not go on forever and every few generations somebody will look to the hinterlands to expand their borders, but they do well amongst themselves when it comes to trade and pacts.

Elves, humans, catfolk, lizard-kin, and gnolls make up a large portion of the Faraldr. They are also unusually accepting of halflings and other races, especially when compared to Khalisians and Damarans.

There are few orcish Faraldr; even dwarven Faraldr outnumber them. Some Khalisians and Damarans (especially dwarven ones) will refuse to acknowledge this.

Country Name: None.

Ruling Class: Arcane/Divine ; varies by tribe

Religion: Pagan. The Faraldr have little interest in temples and cathedrals, as spirits are everywhere and it is through nature that spirits that magic finds its way into their life. To place exclusive faith in one deity would be to ignore sources of energy much more plentiful, if not powerful.

Magic: Uncommon, but not unheard of. Magic in the lands of the Faraldr is a sign of power, and often gains respect amongst the populace as well as the chieftains. "Natural" magic is more common amongst these people than "studied" magic, thus people don't tend to think it unusual when a hunter can mend the wounds of the weak, or when the earth itself will show favor in war.

Slavery: Varies from tribe to tribe. From an outside perspective, it's considered a 'bad idea' to cause a tribe problems, because few have a concept of "this is none of my concern" and will step in to aid their comrades. Add magic to that line of thinking.

Currency: None. Some Faraldr carry currency matching their surroundings, but not much. Most services are rendered through barter and favors, and some are simply granted via hospitality.

Adventurers: When everyone is a nomad, adventurers just look like scouting parties. To the Faraldr, they are usually something to be curious about.

1 copper piece = 1 ember shell = 2 peningas
1 silver piece = 1 azure shell = 1.25 wings = 1 note
1 gold piece = 1 amber shell = 1 crown
1 platinum piece = 1 frost shell = .5 drakes
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I'm open to a lot of things, but my comfort zone usually involves medieval and modern settings, with varying degrees of realism and fantasy. I like to explore mature themes, not for the sake of sex, but just because I like it when a character has to actually stop and weigh their options.
~Reserved 5~


Name: Quinn
Gender: Female
Race: Fox folk
Age: 18
Aliment: NG
Class: Rouge (Fox folk trickster)
Favored Class: Rouge

Ability Score before Race mod.:
STR 15
DEX 12
CON 15
INT 12
WIS 13
CAR 11

After Race mod:
STR 13
DEX 14
CON 15
INT 12
WIS 13
CAR 13

Race benefits:
LL Vision, N speed, M size, Change Shape, Agile, Fox folk Magic: 3/day-dancing lights, Natural weapons (1d4), Languages: Common, Sylvan, Elven*

Class benefits:
Fox folk's Guile (trap finding), Sneak Attack (1d6)

Realistic Likeness

Using Gnome table for background generation
Background base info:
city or metropolis
parents are alive
has two siblings one older and one her twin brother (she's younger)
she and her twin are bastards (bastard trait, shamed story feat)
her mother is a peasant (poverty-stricken trait)
she met a fantastic Creature at a young age. (gifted Adept magic)
she was forced into her line of work because of poverty. (poverty-stricken)
and she learned a lot from the mob boss she worked for. (natural-born leader)

Trait choice:
Bastard ( class skill: sense motive, +1)
poverty-stricken ( class skill: survival, +1)


Quinn was born into a hard life that she defies at every step. Her father (the real bastard in her opinion) left her mother at her birth once he found out what her mother really was. She and her bothers helped her mother out in the fields as soon as they could walk, it was hard work but she kept a positive attitude.

One day a man approached her to run an errand for him. he offered two amber shells right there to deliver a package to a warehouse to someone named Fish. she felt it was weird but went with it. once she got to the she was greeted by thugs, she told them why she was there. it took some convincing but they let her into the back office where a woman "named" fish sat behind a large desk. here's a recording of they're conversation.
"So girly do you have a package for me?"
"maybe, the mister said that you would give me 3 ambler shells to get it here."
"Oh did he now? that's hard to believe."
"Yep" (quinn nods) "but you look to pretty to be the fish he said."
"Interesting, perhaps I need to speak with him. but that doesn't matter any deal you had with him doesn't concern me."
"then you do get the stuff!"
"and what stops me from ending you and taking what I want little girl?"
"The nice man in metal cloths at the church I deliver food to will see i'm gone."
"Pfft. HAHAHA. your good kid here take the shells, I know my husband would never say something like that, but you've got balls kid. I like you."

and so started Quinn's "training" as a roug.

on one of her jobs she broke into a privately owned zoo where she released all of the exhibits. she meet a nimbat that tried telling her something but was swept away by the other animals.
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Rain of the Night

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Dark Fantasy, Steampunk, Modern Fantasy, High Fantasy
Name: Wyran The Bastard
Race: Aasimar
Sex: Male
Age: 147
Class: Cleric
Alignment: Lawful Good

Character Sheet


- Forlorn
- Bastard


- Homeland: Non-Elven City or Metropolis (Civilized, Forlorn)

- Parents: Both alive
- Mother: ****
- Father: ****

- Real Father: Unknown

- Parent's Profession: Yeomen (Savanna Child)

- Siblings: 2 Younger Siblings (Kin Guardian)
- Sibling 1:
- Sibling 2:

- Circumstance of Birth:
- Bastard Born: Your parents had a tryst that resulted in your birth out of wedlock. You know one of your parents, but the other remains unknown or a distant presence at best. (Bastard, Shamed)

- Major Childhood Event:
- Death in the Family:
You were profoundly affected by the death of the relative closest to you—a parent, grandparent, favorite sibling, aunt, uncle, or cousin. This death affected you profoundly, and you've never been able to let go of it. (Reactionary, Deny the Reaper)
- Dead Family Member:

- Influence:
- The Criminal:
One of your associates committed crimes regularly. He regaled you with many stories of daring robberies and break-ins—and perhaps even murders. You learned most of what you know of the criminal element from him, and he trusted you as a friend. (Canter)

- Cleric:
You died or nearly died. In the midst of this experience, your mind came to a place of quiet where you witnessed your deity or its agents pulling your body and spirit back from the brink of death. Every day since has been a gift, and you strive to understand the reason you have been saved while countless others perish. (Deathtouched Bloodline, Arisen)

Detailed Background:
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I'm open to a lot of things, but my comfort zone usually involves medieval and modern settings, with varying degrees of realism and fantasy. I like to explore mature themes, not for the sake of sex, but just because I like it when a character has to actually stop and weigh their options.
Aasimar, huh? Neat. So, for background stuff I guess Rain should probably roll on the human or elven table, and since Quentan threw 28 dice and the RNG screwed you hard on dexterity, let's just bump the default dice pool up to 28. You're either going to be raised by humans or elves, and not as their "adopted son."

Quentan, for "Homeland" you're... already rolling on the gnome table. All right then.


Name: Annora Darkseeker
Race: Dhampir (Dayborn)
Age: 116
Sex: Hermaphrodite (Sterile, Fully Functioning)
Class: Divine Hunter Paladin

Ability Scores

Strength: 13
Dexterity: 17 (+2)
Constitution: 12 (-2)
Intelligence: 10
Wisdom: 14
Charisma: 17 (+2)

Homeland: Human City

Parents: Only vampire father alive

Siblings: 6, 2 older, 4 younger (all dead)

Circumstance of Birth: Middle Class

Major Childhood Event: Ordinary Childhood

Knight-Errant: You know that evil stalks the world, and only one who is dedicated to the spread of good can stop these vile forces. To make sure fiends and wrongdoers do not go unpunished, you adopted the code of the paladin in order to travel the land and eradicate the wicked. Your goal is the relentless pursuit to seek out evil and put it down. You gain access to the Seeker social trait.

Influential person: The Fool

Chosen Traits: Vagabond Child (Escape Artist) and Seeker

Starting Gold: 160
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The Taleweaver

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Fantasy, Adventure, Romance
[tab=Character Information]Basic Information
Name: Verran
Race: Fetchling ('Kayal'/Dusk Dweller)
Age: 29
Alignment: NG
Class: Slayer
Starting Wealth: 130 amber shells

Ability Scores
STR: 15
DEX: 13 15
CON: 10
INT: 15
WIS: 13 11
CHA: 15 17

Racial Traits
Native Outsider: Fetchlings are outsiders with the native subtype.
Darkvision: Fetchlings can see in the dark up to 60 feet.
Low-Light Vision: Fetchlings can see twice as far as humans in conditions of dim light.
Skilled: Fetchlings have a +2 racial bonus on Knowledge (Planes) and Stealth checks.
Shadow Blending (Su): Attacks against a fetchling in dim light have a 50% miss chance instead of the normal 20% miss chance. This ability does not grant total concealment; it just increases the miss chance.
Shadowy Resistance: 5 Cold resistance and 5 Electricity resistance
Spell-Like Abilities (Sp): A fetchling can use disguise self once per day as a spell-like ability. He can assume the form of any humanoid creature using this spell-like ability.
Languages: Khalisian, Faraldr, Turami, Aklo

Class Features
Studied Target (Ex): A slayer can study an opponent he can see as a move action. The slayer then gains a +1 bonus on Bluff, Knowledge, Perception, Sense Motive, and Survival checks attempted against that opponent, and a +1 bonus on weapon attack and damage rolls against it. The DCs of slayer class abilities against that opponent increase by 1.
If a slayer deals sneak attack damage to a target, he can study that target as an immediate action, allowing him to apply his studied target bonuses against that target (including to the normal weapon damage roll).
Track (Ex): A slayer adds 1/2 his level (minimum 1) to Survival skill checks made to follow tracks.

Champion (Story): As a swift action, you can declare a single combat challenge to one foe within 50 feet and in line of sight. Upon doing so, you gain a +1 bonus on attack rolls and a +1 dodge bonus to AC against that foe as long as no one else threatens that opponent or until the single combat challenge ends. If another combatant attacks you or your foe, the challenge ends and you take a —2 penalty on attack rolls and to AC for 1 round. Though you can declare a single combat challenge at will, once you declare it on a foe you can't declare it on the same foe for another 24 hours.

Background Information
[Note: Using the Human and Rogue tables, since neither Fetchling nor Slayer are in the Background Generator.]

Homeland: City/Metropolis (Gain access to Civilized social trait and Vagabond Child regional trait.)
Verasht / Father
???? / Mother, deceased
Parents' Profession: Peasants (Gain access to Poverty-Stricken social trait.)

Siblings: 1 actual, 1 step (Gain access to Kin Guardian combat trait.)
Renalisce / Sister, elder
Altaan / Step-brother, younger

Circumstance of Birth: Lower-Class Birth (Parents' profession is 2d20, not d%.)
Major Childhood Event: Competition Champion (Gain access to Influence social trait and Champion story feat.)

Slayer Background: The Kill (Gain access to the Killer combat trait and the Innocent Blood story feat.)

Influential Person: The Craftsperson (Gain access to the Artisan social trait.)

Romantic Relationships: Several Significant Relationships

Drawback: Power (Gain access to the Power-Hungry drawback.)

You made your first kill at a very young age and found the task of war or murder to your liking. You either take particular pride in a well-placed blow, or find vile pleasure in twisting the blade to maximize your target's pain. You deal an amount of additional damage equal to your weapon's critical hit modifier when you score a successful critical hit with a weapon; this additional damage is added to the final total, and is not multiplied by the critical hit multiple itself. This extra damage is a trait bonus.

Artisan (Metalworking): You spent time working under artisans, or your parents were artisans who were particularly skilled at their trade. You gain a +2 trait bonus on a single Craft skill (your choice).

Influence (Intimidate): Your position in society grants you special insight into others, and special consideration or outright awe from others. Choose one of the following skills: Diplomacy, Intimidate, or Sense Motive. You gain a +1 trait bonus on that skill, and it is always a class skill for you.

Power-Hungry: You're addicted to power. You take a —2 penalty on Will saving throws against charm and compulsion effects if the creature creating the effect promises wealth or power.[/tab]
Verran started out like most children of peasants, working the fields for the local lord from the moment he could stand on his own two feet. As Fetchlings, of course, his family was treated even worse than the human servants. Despite this, they lived a fairly happy life, enjoying more freedom than most non-human families in the area. He and his step-brother were surprisingly strong for their race, owing to their constant work in the farms of the area; this often led to the two of them 'defending' the family's honor, getting involved in many brawls and scrapes with local young humans who thought that having a Fetchling family nearby brought bad luck upon their settlement.

The stereotypical 'middle child', both he and his younger step-brother Altaan looked up to their elder sister, Renalisce. 'Rena', as they called her, was the very picture of solidarity. When their mother passed away and Verasht, their father, abandoned them to the whims of fate, she stepped up and served as the family's rock, providing when their field work didn't put food on the table.

"Family's family. You two are all I have, now, boys. Take care of each other."

While they both adored their sister, Altaan's love for Rena took a different turn than Verran's. Though the elder woman spurned his advances as wrong and twisted, he never gave up the warped desire he held for her. The night he tried to force himself upon her, Verran heard the commotion and beat his step-brother within an inch of his life. Barely escaping while he still drew breath, Altaan swore that Renalisce would be his, no matter what.

Rena and Verran barely held together, now having lost not only the support of their parents but the love of their brother. Still, life went on, with Verran beginning to take odd jobs from those who would have him in order to make up for the loss of Altaan.

"She WILL be mine."

Unbeknownst to them, Altaan had slinked off to do more than simply nurse his wounds and a grudge. Falling in with less than savory companions, the younger Fetchling continued to harbor his lust for his steps-sister. Making a deal with his new allies, they fell upon his old home in the middle of the night.

Verran had been sleeping soundly, when the screech of his sister's panic roused him. Shadowed figures lurking in their tiny two-room home, his sister struggling against two of them, he leapt into action as best he could in his disoriented state. He managed to land a solid hit on one, before the saps and clubs of the others brought him to his knees.

Raising his bloodied eyes, he met the gaze of his step-brother, a sickening grin twisting Altaan's features.

"Like I said, a tough one. You guys can sell him off or kill him, whatever. The girl, we take back to the cove. I get first turn."

With a sound that seemed a mix of sob and battlecry, Verran attempted to lunge at his brother... only for a club to fall upon his scalp once more, robbing him of consciousness.

"The coliseum is your home now. You'll fight when we tell you to fight, sleep when we tell you to sleep, and die when we tell you to die."

When he woke, Verran was surrounded by others in a similar state of beaten and stripped of their belongings. It didn't take him long to realize that he'd been sold off to a local bandit lord, most likely to be tossed into the fight pits until he'd expended what little entertainment he could offer them.

A cold lump settled beneath the Fetchling's heart. At first, he thought he felt a sob bubbling it's way up from his chest, but instead came a feral growl. No, this ice in his breast was rage. A cold, monolithic rage, an all-encompassing hate that he knew he'd carry every waking moment of his life until he found Altaan.

He didn't even bother listening to the tanned, scar-striped man trying to talk to him as the cage door opened. He stepped out into the sands, nude save for the thin loincloth they'd allowed him to cover his decency.

"They say he tore out the throat of the first man they put him against. With nails and teeth! And then, covered in the still-warm lifeblood, he picked up the fallen orc's sword and turned to the boss..."

Panting, adrenaline pumping through his body, Verran raised the sword skyward, meeting the eyes of the man who must be the bandit leader. A strange sight, a sword clean of blood wielded by a bloodsoaked Fetchling, the savaged body of an Orc berserker not five feet from him.

He felt alive. He savored the kill, the fear and elation and rush of fighting for your life. His opponent slain, his goal clear in his mind, Verran swore to earn his freedom from the pits in order to find his traitorous kin. If his sister lived, so be it. If not, he would strip the cost of her life from Altaan's flesh, inch by agonizing inch.

Verran, son of Veresht, brother of Altaan and Rena, allowed a feral grin to grow. Still, that cold stone of hate in his chest beat, blood dripping from his hands and face.

Verran the Slayer roared his challenge to his captor, his opponent, the heavens, to the very Gods and Goddesses above. He yet drew breath, and while he did, vengeance would be his.[/tab][/tabs]
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Name: Ruby
Race: Aasimar, with Foxfolk non-celestial side (that's a thing ^~^)
Age: 87 (It added an extra roll again -_- It's 60+6d6)
Sex: Female
Class: Shaman

Ability Scores

Strength: 13
Dexterity: 15
Constitution: 11
Intelligence: 15
Wisdom: 16+2=18
Charisma: 13+2=15

Aasimar racial traits:
Outsider (Native) and Humanoid (Foxfolk)
Medium: Aasimars are Medium creatures and have no bonuses or penalties due to their size.
Normal Speed: Aasimars have a base speed of 30 feet.
Low-Light Vision (Ex): Foxfolk can see twice as far as humans in conditions of dim light.
Skilled: Foxfolk Aasimars have a +2 racial bonus on Acrobatics and Perception checks.
Fox Magic (Ex/Sp): Foxfolk add +1 to the DC of any saving throws against enchantment spells that they cast. Foxfolk with a Charisma score of 11 or higher gain the following spell-like ability: 3/day—dancing lights.
Natural Weapons | Bite Attack (Ex): In her natural form, a foxfolk aasimar has a bite attack that deals 1d4 points of damage.
Deathless Spirit: Particularly strong-willed aasimars possess celestial spirits capable of resisting the powers of death. They gain resistance 5 against negative energy damage. They do not lose hit points when they gain a negative level, and they gain a +2 racial bonus on saving throws against death effects, energy drain, negative energy, and spells or spell-like abilities of the necromancy school. This racial trait replaces celestial resistance.
Scion of Foxfolk: Some aasimars' heavenly ancestry is extremely distant. An aasimar with this racial trait counts as an outsider (native) and a humanoid (foxfolk) for any effect related to race, including feat prerequisites and spells that affect humanoids. She can pass for foxfolk without using the Disguise skill. This racial trait replaces the Celestial language and alters the native subtype.
Languages: Aasimars begin play speaking Common and Celestial. Aasimars with high Intelligence scores can choose from the following languages: Sylvan, Elven, Aklo, Draconic, Gnome, and Dwarven.

Class Features:
-Weapon and Armor Proficiencies
: A shaman is proficient with all simple weapons, and with light and medium armor.
-Spells: A shaman casts divine spells drawn from the shaman spell list (see page 48). A shaman must choose and prepare her spells in advance.
-Spirit (Su): A shaman forms a mystical bond with the spirits of the world. She forms a lasting bond with a single spirit, which grants a number of abilities and defines many of her other class features.
At 1st level, a shaman gains the spirit ability granted by her chosen spirit. She adds the spells granted by that spirit to the list of spells that she can cast using spirit magic. She also adds the hexes possessed by that spirit to the list of hexes that she can use with the hex and wandering hex class features.
At 8th level, the shaman gains the abilities listed in the greater version of her selected spirit. At 16th level, the shaman gains the abilities listed for the true version of her selected spirit.
If the shaman takes levels in another class that grants a mystery (such as the oracle), the spirit and mystery must match, even if that means one of them must change. Subject to GM discretion, the shaman can change her former mystery or spirit to make them conform.
-Spirit Animal (Ex): At 1st level, a shaman forms a close bond with a spirit animal tied to her chosen spirit. This animal is her conduit to the spirit world, guiding her along the path to enlightenment. The animal also aids a shaman by granting her a special ability. See the Spirit Animal section on page 47.
A shaman must commune with her spirit animal each day to prepare her spells. While the spirit animal does not store the spells like a witch's familiar does, the spirit animal serves as her conduit to divine power. If a shaman's spirit animal is slain, she cannot prepare new spells or use her spirit magic class feature until the spirit animal is replaced.
-Spirit Magic: A shaman can spontaneously cast a limited number of spells per day beyond those she prepared ahead of time. She has one spell slot per day of each shaman spell level she can cast, not including orisons. She can choose these spells from the list of spells granted by her spirits (see the spirit class feature and the wandering spirit class feature) at the time she casts them. She can enhance these spells using any metamagic feat that she knows, using up a higher-level spell slot as required by the feat and increasing the time to cast the spell (see Spontaneous Casting and Metamagic Feats).

Spirit: Life
A shaman who selects the life spirit appears more vibrant than most mortals. Her skin seems to glow, and her teeth are a pearly white. When she calls upon one of this spirit's abilities, her eyes and hair shimmer in the light.
Spirit Magic Spells: Detect undead (1st), lesser restoration (2nd), naturalize poison (3rd), restoration (4th), breath of life (5th), heal (6th), greater restoration (7th), mass heal(8th), true resurrection (9th).
Hexes: A shaman who chooses the life spirit can select from the following hexes.
Curse of Suffering (Su), Deny Succor (Su), Enhanced Cures (Su), Life Link (Su), Life Sight (Ex)
Spirit Animal: The shaman's spirit animal appears to be a beautiful and very healthy version of its species, and seems especially vibrant and full of life. Her animal companion gains fast healing 1; if the spirit animal already has fast healing, instead its fast healing increases by 1.
Spirit Ability: A shaman who chooses the life spirit as her spirit or wandering spirit gains the following ability.
Channel (Su): The shaman can channel positive energy like a cleric, using her shaman level as her effective cleric level when determining the amount of damage healed (or dealt to undead) and the DC. The shaman can use this ability a number of times per day equal to 1 + her Charisma modifier.

Spirit Animal: Fox (+2 Reflex) because...foxes.

Magical Tail (1): You grow an extra tail that represents your growing magical powers. Prerequisite: Kitsune. Benefit: You gain a new spell-like ability, each usable twice per day, from the following list, in order: disguise self, charm person, misdirection, invisibility, suggestion, displacement, confusion,dominate person. For example, the first time you select this feat, you gain disguise self 2/day; the second time you select this feat, you gain charm person 2/day. Your caster level for these spells is equal to your Hit Dice. The DCs for these abilities are Charisma-based. Special: You may select this feat up to eight times. Each time you take it, you gain an additional ability as described above.

Homeland: Forest: You gain access to the Log Roller regional trait and the Animal Friend race trait.

Parents: Both of your parents are alive.
Parents' Profession: Serfs/Peasants: You gain access to the Poverty- Stricken social trait.

Siblings: None

Circumstance of Birth: Middle-Class Birth: You were born to the middle class, which includes merchants, artisans, and tradespeople. You likely grew up in a good-sized settlement, and one of your parents is likely associated with a guild or other trade organization. As a free person, you don't experience the bondage of serfdom or peasantry, but you also lack the privilege of the nobility. You gain access to the Artisan social trait and the Merchant social trait.

Major Childhood Event: Inheritance: A great sum of wealth or property was bequeathed to you at an early age, providing you with extraordinary means. Daily costs of living have ceased to concern you, and you've learned that there is little that money cannot buy. You gain access to the Rich Parents social trait.
(Umm...let's just say she personally inherited it? Because otherwise that's SUPER AWKWARD...unless they started out poor, inherited, and became merchants?)

Background: Initiated: When you came of age, a coven of witches initiated you into their circle because you showed great promise. After your initiation ritual, you changed on a fundamental level. You gain access to the Mentored social trait.

Influential person: The Liege Lord: You became close with someone you were bound to serve, be it a minor lord or lady, master (in the case of a slave), prince or princess, king or queen. Though this person held power over you, she held you closer than a subject or servant. As a result, you're used to dealing with and being close to power, and your name is known among the ranks of the privileged. You gain access to the Influence social trait.

Chosen Traits:
-Animal Friend: You've long been a friend to animals, and feel safer when there are animals nearby. You gain a +1 trait bonus on Will saving throws as long as an animal (Tiny or larger, must be at least indifferent toward you) is within 30 feet, and Handle Animal is always a class skill for you.
-Influence: Your position in society grants you special insight into others, and special consideration or outright awe from others. Choose one of the following skills: Diplomacy, Intimidate, or Sense Motive. You gain a +1 trait bonus on that skill, and it is always a class skill for you. <Diplomacy>

Starting Gold: 110 amber shells

Prepared Spells: Bleed (0), Create Water (0), Stabilize (0), Cure Light Wounds (1st), Inflict Light Wounds (1st)

Born to two foxfolk parents, like any other foxfolk. While she was personally born in a forest, and lived there until adulthood, serving nobility alongside them. She became quite close with Lady she served, and was taken with her everywhere. She was so close, in fact, that when a member of the Lady's family died (rumor has it that it was poison), the Lady got a large inheritance that she passed on to Ruby (and her family, by proxy). They used the money to start a business, working hard and reaching the middle class. They still serve the Lady, but in a less direct way. Ruby has maintained this contact, as well, and still serves as a spy if asked.
The Lady also introduced her to other shaman she associated with indirectly, believing it was the most appropriate action, given her "transcended" nature. During her initiation into their group, her tail split in two, showing her growing magical power, and she formed a bond with a fox tied to the spirit of Life.
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I'm open to a lot of things, but my comfort zone usually involves medieval and modern settings, with varying degrees of realism and fantasy. I like to explore mature themes, not for the sake of sex, but just because I like it when a character has to actually stop and weigh their options.
Editing Race because we're mixing things now

+2 (DEX, CHA or WIS), +2 (DEX, CHA, or WIS)
Outsider (Native), Humanoid (Foxfolk) ;
Low Light Vision
Fox Magic
Skilled: +2 Acrobatics and Perception
Celestial Resistance
Bite Attack
Languages: Common, Celestial
Bonus Languages: Sylvan, Elven, Aklo, Draconic, Gnome, Dwarven

You don't have darkvision, so you can't trade it for a halo.
Your magic ability is derived from foxfolk, so you can't trade it for the variant aasimar ability.
Aaaaand you don't get the fun shapechanger stuff.
Had to nerf, still think it's flexible enough to work with.
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It's fine. ^~^ I like the results more than what I got before anyway. All changed. Think I'm done? At least as much as the others.

Edit: Nope. Forgot class stuffs.


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I'm open to a lot of things, but my comfort zone usually involves medieval and modern settings, with varying degrees of realism and fantasy. I like to explore mature themes, not for the sake of sex, but just because I like it when a character has to actually stop and weigh their options.
I would just like to add that, while sheets and direct-pastes from the books and sites are nice, I am expecting a personal touch with character back-story tying all these quirky little dice-rolls together. Plus, it wouldn't hurt to have knowledge of hobbies, interests and any personal goals our little ragtag bunch of misfits might have before the start properly.

Felix Eriquel

Name: Xavier Ironwell
Race: Half-elf
Age: 56
Sex: Male
Class: Fighter

Intelligence:12+2: 14

Racial traits:
+2 to any ability score (Intelligence)
+2 to Perception
Elven Immunity: +2 to Enchantment and Spell resistences
Skill Focus: +3 to a single skill chosen(Bluff)
Low-Light Vision
Multi-Lingual: Able to speak both Human tongue and Elven.

Class traits:
Bonus Feat: Intimidating Prowess
+1 B.A.B (Continued as he levels up.)
+2 Fort save

Intimidating prowess: Allows Strength to be added to Intimidation checks along with Charisma
Combat Reflexes: Able to make attack of opportunity while flat-footed, can also make an additional attack of opportunity in other circumstances.

Chosen traits:
Resilient: +1 to Fortitude saves, +1 to Leadership if chosen as a feat
Worldly: Once per day, when rolling for a skill you have no skill points in, you can re-roll and take the better score.

Two long swords are placed on the man's hips, sheathed in leather and hooked on a belt. On his body, he wears metal Scale Mail armor very well. A Bed roll and empty backpack are placed on his back. Within said backpack, is a flint and steel, a grappling hook, two weeks worth of rations, and a Whetstone. 50(ft) of rope is wrapped around the side of the backpack comfortably.

Background: Xavier was someone who had a very difficult childhood. Firstly, the man is a Half-elf. Half-elves are notoriously hated for being the worst of both worlds, Humans and Elves. The race that others look down upon immensely. His parents hid away in a forest, conceiving him in secret and living in secrecy to boot.

His father and mother would have to leave one alone so that the other may work, his father working out as a Yeomen. Both of his parents were considerably normal in wealth, about middle-class for example. As he grew up, he was left alone with his mother, taking kindly to her presence. His mother was an elf, to which she held him close in her heart. He would get hurt and seek to cry into her arms as a child, as every kid would do. He felt nothing wrong with his own race. Saw it to be just how your ears are pointed.

At a young age, while his father was tending the fields, Xavier was playing with his forest animal friends that he had befriended early on. His mother was sitting in the cottage, tucked away in the trees when the forest was engulfed in flames. The animals ran as the flames started to grow, taunting Xavier to follow them as he ran with a smile on his face. The smoke was getting to him, and he began to realize exactly why they were running. They weren't playing, they were trying to live.

As his home was burned down, he looked upon in horror as his mother and his whole life was taken away. His father had no choice but to face his shame and live in the cities with his child. He then knew about racism, that everyone hated him for what he was. He was bullied, but he refused to let it get to him. Beginning to understand that no one was going to understand him like his mother did, he grew a bit cold towards others. His words having a sting to them as he spoke.

The military took him away from home at as a teenager, something that was not common. He didn't particularly want to go, but anything to finally feel equal in a way. His life was turned around, he learned the way of the blade that allowed him to have a way to control his future. As he was enlisted, he took several chances to become a natural born leader. He wished to cast his circumstances aside, and attempt to change his own fate with what he knew best.

He now wanders the world, using his combat knowledge to help everyone he deems to need it. A strong sense of good was instilled in him and this would factor greatly into how he views the world and himself. Regardless, he's got a strong sense of wandering and adventure now that he wishes to see more of the world.
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Felix Eriquel

I screwed up on the starting gold by accident >.< Forgive me.


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I'm open to a lot of things, but my comfort zone usually involves medieval and modern settings, with varying degrees of realism and fantasy. I like to explore mature themes, not for the sake of sex, but just because I like it when a character has to actually stop and weigh their options.
Haha wut. Only the highest three dice on your stats count. But that's okay, about the starting gold. ^-^

Felix Eriquel

Haha wut. Only the highest three dice on your stats count. But that's okay, about the starting gold. ^-^

For some reason I was thinking that it was something along the lines of just adding them together, but thank you. . - . I don't play Pathfinder super often.