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SPECIAL EVENT The Miscellaneous Iwaku Storytelling Contest: September 2017

Discussion in 'EVENTS' started by Jorick, Sep 1, 2017.

  1. It's very doubtful I will be able to join but I might still be able to try at least. I hope.
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  2. I think I just wrote mine in half an hour? I'll still somewhat in shock because it came out of the blue and blindsided me. I'll have to type it up and see what it's like then, but I think I might have it.
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  3. Dude, those kinds of stories are the best stories.
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  4. I know, right? I'm actually really happy with how it came out. I'm gonna see if I can get something better before I submit, but at least I have something.
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  5. Question. I have a question. See, I play a lot of fandom characters ( both in the murder series and other works) Does this auto disclude fandoms in which we have written roleplays/played fandom character on this site for writing in that fandom or is that cool? I am asking this because if the answer yes, welp, there goes most of the fandoms I usually write for.
  6. Pretty sure that's just a rule that coincided more with previous MISC contests. Would be kinda silly in a fanfic competition ;)

    Could also mean no OCs that are recognizable from previous works. So say you're in a HP fandom rp on site but you use an original character. You shouldn't then writea fanfic for MISC using that same OC.
  7. This was pretty much my thought exactly.
  8. I also thought it meant more along the lines of writing style, in the sense that if you always write stories about strong female characters who always do something unique, well eventually someone will read a story like that and think "oh it must be x who wrote it". And that's not what we want. (Does that make sense? I just woke up and my brain is fuzzy)
  9. Hmm that'd be kinda difficult to change though, wouldn't it? For example, if you roleplay a lot with certain partners, even if it's original work, they could very well remember your writing style because of the way you use words.
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  10. Oh... I dunno that I'd say that. I mean... I'm sure by now people I rp with will be able to pick out which story I wrote but I don't think the admins expect you to change your writing style just for anonymity-sake. Pretty sure the idea is just not to straight up say "this is mine" or put in your recognizable characters. :)
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  11. Elle Joyner nailed it, you can write stuff for fandoms you've roleplayed before, just don't use any OCs you've made for fandom roleplays before. I should have edited this rule with a clarification before posting this thread actually!
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  12. Hmm, I suppose I might have been overreacting since I got cautioned for making one of my entries a long time ago too recognizable to others, and I hadn't used a specific OC that other people might have known. It was loosely based off of a character of mine, but not enough to be recognized, or so I thought. The only other thing I thought could be recognized was my writing style... I guess I'm just being silly?
  13. I did not see anything relating to this but are we able to add music with our writing to go along with it?
  14. @Vivienne Vexx

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  15. Ah, thank you. Sorry that I missed that.
  16. Welp, I submitted my thing! Another week left for everyone else!
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  17. My, my. If I had joined even a week earlier, surely I could've come up with something to submit. I'm still sure I could, but eh, it wouldn't be that good. ;-;
  18. Submit it anyway! Any idea is worth writing, and the advice you get can make it better! Not to mention you might get a vote or two to make you feel better. :P
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  19. Yep :) just write it for fun! You never know... Might win!!
  20. *pokes* Can I still join?
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