The Misadventures of Sable and Kim.

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  1. The club was louder the usual on that cold dark night. the DJ was blaring some techno beat as drunken men and women swayed back and forth on the dance floor. sable sat at her usual seat at the far end of the bar, lightly sipping at her drink as her eyes wondered around the room. "another night... another victim..." she thought glumly as she sat her drink back down on the bar. a slight movement from the other end caught her eye, glancing over she saw a young women with long white hair, light tan skin and bright blue eyes. "her..." a voice whisper softly to sable. sable sighed and looked the young women over. "what is her crime?" she thought. "an envious heart..." sable turned away from the women with a soft growl. " no! that's not a crime! we agreed no innocents! being envious isn't worth dieing over!" she thought sharply as she clenched her fist under the counter. "I WANT her...." the voice whispered menacingly. sable glanced the women's way once more and sighed in defeat. "how...?" "she seeks the attention of another women... she will trust in your kindness...." "I hate you... just so you know..." sable thought as she finished her drink and stood. she made her way slowly over towards the other end of the bar. when she approached the women she smiled and said, " hey, mind if I sit here?" the women looked up in surprise and nodded. "s-sure. you c-can sit here." the women said a little nervously. "thanks!" sable said as she took the seat. she ordered another drink, then turned to the women. "nice music huh?" the women smiled. "y-yeah. just a bit loud though" sable laughed slightly, " it is, maybe it has to be in order to sound any good." the women laughed lightly and nodded. "I guess so." sable smiled as she said, "I'm sable." the women blushed slightly and smiled. "Persephone." a couple hours passed as the two talked and flirted with one another, neither noticing or caring about how late the night was getting. "your sweet, you know that Persephone?" sable said as she lightly layed her hand on Persephone's knee. Persephone blushed deeply and looked down as she said, "n-no... your the sweet one." sable smiled. "hey... wanna get out of this cramped place?" Persephone looked up at sable a little confussed, then blushed deeper when she realized what she meant. she looked back down and nodded shyly. sable rose to her feet and took Persephone's hand. she lead her thru the club and towards the door. they were almost there when sables phone started to ring. sable stopped and looked down at her phone. seeing it was kimberly she sighed softly. "ofcourse you would call now of all times..." she thought moodily. "is something wrong?" Persephone asked as she looked at sable in concern. sable turned to her with a smile. " no its just my friend. could you wait for me by the door while I see what she wants?" sable asked. Persephone smiled and nodded then turned and walked to the door. sable made her way towards the bath room and answered her phone. "what kim?" she asked in a slightly agitated voice.
  2. It was late into the night and to Kimberly that meant party time. With a bottle of boos in one hand and a guy in the other, she was determined to dance the night away. "Kimmy!" But alas, her bumping and grinding came to a halt when her obnoxious nickname was called out by one of her dearest friends. Kimberly thought about it for a moment, weighing the pros and cons, but ultimately she knew she would have to face the 5ft 2in of pink and frilly. "Just give me one sec handsome!" Kimberly yelled over the music. With a wink and a dash she was gone from her boy toy. "One more time, AJ, just one more." She was referring to the terrible nickname that had been forced upon her. "I know, I know. But Kim- berly, the beer keg is almost out and we need more beer." AJ stated, high stress levels illuminating through her tone of voice. "Okay, easy fix, I'll just send someone to go get-- woah!" With a graceful bend backwards, Kimberly avoided a drunken male zipping by. After a moment of watching him pass by, the girls quickly resumed their conversation. "Anyway, find Rika and get her to make a boos run." "You got it." With that AJ was off to find their boos runner. Kimberly rolled her eyes and went back to her party, only to realize there was something missing.

    Putting her party on pause once more, Kimberly made her way onto the back patio to make a phone call. In an effort to find silence, she failed miserably but dialed anyway. The phone rang for what seemed like minutes to the inebriated Kimberly. "Oh hey grumpy pants. So glad you answered. I am throwing a sick party and you should totally come!" Kimberly was practically yelling over the background noise as she spoke.
  3. "seriously I swear you have some kind of six scene for bad timings. I'm busy at the moment with.... work...." sable trailed off unsure of what to say besides that. "maybe when I'm done." she finished. " or if I'm not to guilt ridden to go..... should of given that one to Eragon." she thought to herself as she glanced over at Persephone who was still waiting by the door for her.
  4. Kimberly squirmed a little while awaiting Sable's response. "I'm sorry, I didn't know there was a bad time for partying and no~, definitely when you're done." She said in a teasing tone. This was certainly a common thing between the two of them, Kimberly always trying to include Sable and Sable some what pulling away, but Kimberly had grown very fond of Sable mostly because she wasn't the nagging, clingy type of friend. "Oh, and according to AJ, who's practically having a melt down, we are almost out of boos so at this point it's pretty much a BYOBI kind of thing." Kimberly held the phone away from her mouth as some people from the party started talking to her, beckoning her back to her party. "Alright, duty calls for the hostess with the mostess. See you when you get here!" With that she abruptly hung up the phone to finally return to her party.
  5. Sable stood there for moment with the phone still pressed against her ear. ".... I hate when she does that...." she muttered under her breath as she put the phone away. she then glanced once more at Persephone. " must I do this.....?" she thought as a feeling of dread washed over her. "I hunger...." the voice growled deeply. "one night! just give me one guilt free night! PLEASE!" sable thought earnestly. "I HUNGER!" the voice roared, causing sable to flinch slightly. "...fine..." sable shock her head slightly and started to walk over to Persephone who was still waiting awkwardly by the door for her. "blessed creators forgive me for what i am to do..." she thought as she approached Persephone. "is everything alright?" she asked as she looked at sable with concern once more. sable looked at her and smiled. "yes everything's alright, my friend just wanted to ask me something." Persephone smiled and took sable's hand in hers. "ok." "she will be delicious..." the voice whispered with delight. sable frowned slightly as she said, "ready to go?" Persephone nodded happily. sable nodded in return and lead her outside. "wanna take my bike? its just down here." sable said as she pointed towards a darkened ally. Persephone hesitated before answering. "uh... s-sure." sable lead her down the ally and to a dead end. "um... w-wheres your b-" Persephone began but was cut off by sable who slammed her forcefully against the wall and cover her mouth with her hand. Persephone screamed as she tried to break free of sables grip. "don't struggle.... it'll only hurt more...." sable said as she pulled a wicked looking dagger from her hip. The dagger gleamed with a slight red hew as sable readied to strike. tears streamed down Persephone's face as she realized what sable was going to do to her. "please... no..." Persephone plead in a muffled voice. sable looked away from Persephone's wide terror filled eyes. "I'm sorry....I'm so sorry... I can't... he.. he hungers..." sable stuttered as the blade trembled in her hand as she looked at Persephone once more. "Do it now!" the voice roared. Sable pushed away from Persephone. "no...No! I refuse..." she said. Persephone slumped against the wall and fell to her knees. she looked up at sable with fear still present in her eyes. "w-w-what..." she managed to stutter. "I refuse...." sable muttered as she gripped her head with her hand. "I HUNGER! I WANT HER! KILL HER! NOW!" the voice inside her head roared in fury. "NO!" sable cried. sable turned to look at Persephone. her once deep purple eyes now amber in the moon light. she growled softly. "go. speak not of what you have seen." Persephone nodded as she rose shakily to her feet and began to walk off. just before she left the ally she looked at sable once more. "t-thank you.." she whispered, then she was gone. sable just stood there the dagger held loosely in her hand. "You insulate fool..." the voice growled deeply. "I couldn't.... it wasn't right. " sable thought as she turned to face the end of the ally. just then a drunken man stumbled in to the ally. "crime?" sable asked as she looked to man over. the voice was silent for a moment then replied, " rape..." sable nodded and walked towards the drunk, who turned to her and said in a slurred voice, " hey pretty thing! hows about you and I have some fun." without a word sable slammed the drunk against the wall and with a swift movement slight his throat. the man gurgled once and fell life less to the ground as blood poured out over his chest. through the cut in his throat a wisp of silvery smoke billowed out and was absorbed in to the blood stained dagger sable held. sable then turn the blade and pressed the tip against her heart. the blade glowed silver once as the drunks soul flowed in to her flesh. " there. that should satisfy your greed." she thought as she sheathed the dagger and walked towards her bike. wordlessly she got on and started it. "I wanted her." the voice growled. "well we can't always get what we want you bastard." she thought angrily as she drove of towards Kim's house.
  6. Kimberly was eagerly awaiting the arrival of her friend while partaking in party-like activities such as body shots and dancing. It was a typical night for Kimberly, but it would soon take a turn.

    AJ found Rika mingling at the party and convinced her to go on a beer run. "You ever think Kim is gonna settle down?" Rika asked, breaking through the lingering silence of the ride to the store. AJ looked thoughtful for a moment. "Sometimes I really wonder, but I don't think so." She responded with a laugh. They continued the ride chit chatting until they reached the store and finished their main objective. They hopped back into the car, happily returning to the party. They glided down the long dark road, blaring their music without a care in the world. "What is that!?" AJ blurted out as she quickly turned the knob on the radio. Rika slowed the car to get a look at what AJ was pointing and shouting at. "I think It's...A person!" Rika immediately stopped the car, landing right next to the figure. AJ poked her head out the window, noticing that the figure was a woman and a startled looking one at that. "Hey! Do you need a ride?" She asked in the sweetest way possible.
  7. Sable barely noticed the ride over to Kimberly's house. her mind was plagued by the sight of terror filled blue eyes. she shock her head, hoping to clear the image from her mind. "why does she haunt me so?" she thought as she turned into Kimberly's drive way. never before had she been racked with some much guilt over a hunt, it frightened her. turning off her bike, she rose and made her way to the door. before she could open the door was flung wide open, and a tipsy eragon stumbled out. " Hey! Its you!" he said as he flung his arms around her. "So how was the hunting tonight oh great huntress?" he said loudly and laughed. sable growled low and jabbed her elbow into his ribs, knocking the wind out of him. eragon fell to his knees in pain and gasped, "what the hell was that for?!" "one, for not knowing how to keep your fabricated mouth shut, two for touching me, and three." she stepped over him and into the house, "because i hate you." she said over her shoulder. she proceeded into the house and looked around for kim. after a short while she saw her surrounded by a bunch of lecherous men. sable stood a good four to five feet away watching kim as she flirted, and waited till kim noticed her.

    "go. speak not of what you have seen." The words echoed in Persephone's head as she walked along side the near empty road. she hugged herself tight as the memory of what had occurred play through out her mind. "father was right..." Persephone thought as tear slowly fell from her eyes. "the human world is cruel and unkind..." Persephone stopped and fell to her knees as terror and sorrow overwhelmed her. Persephone felt alone and lost for the first time in her life. she didn't know what to do, she couldn't go back, but how could she live in this world. a world that held no love for her kind. suddenly head lights flooded her view as a car pulled over. Persephone looked up fearing another attack, when a voice kindly offered her a ride. she wasn't sure what to do. last time she trusted a sweet voice it tried to kill her. "I- I don't know." she stuttered softly.
  8. Kimberly was smoothly working her way through the sea of people that surrounded her; it was nothing but friends and potential one night stands. She was impressed at how many suitors were eager to be at her beck and call as they surrounded her and made every charming attempt they could to be hers for the night. Although she adored it, she never intentionally made them fawn all over her, it was the succubus lust oozing off of her that drew the hungry men to her all the time. It helped that she was beautiful, too. Kimberly was having fun laughing and flirting with everyone, until she caught a glimpse of someone very familiar standing only feet away from her. "Au revoir, boys! My best friend is here!" Kimberly said, immediately pushing through them. "SAPHI!" She screamed over the noise as she made her way to her and forcing a hug on her. She was already a little drunk and the smell of alcohol was pouring from her mouth as she spoke. "I'm glad you made it!"

    AJ was a little confused by the way the strange girl responded. She sat there looking at her from the car, examining all that she could see. It was clear to her that this girl needed help, maybe more than just the ride. She slowly opened the door, as not to scare the girl, and made her way to her. "Come on, let us give you a ride. We can take you home? Or you can come stay with us for the night, either way I will personally make sure you're safe and not wandering the streets." AJ said to the girl giving her a comforting smile and even taking her hand gently. "I promise we're not some weird mugging rapists." She added with a chuckle. Although, she couldn't make the same promise about a certain someone who was left in a house full of booze and pheromones.
  9. Sable grimaced at the heavy smell of alcohol wafting from Kim. " Aneth ara Kim. not sure if i should be glad to be here." she said as she gently returned the hug, then forceful pulled Kim away. she glanced around quickly and asked, "your preppy friend, whats her name... oh AJ! she ins't here? usual shes not far behind you."

    Persephone flinched slightly as AJ touched her. she looked at her and she could see the sincerity in her eyes. "why are you helping me?" she asked nervously.
  10. Kimberly made a face at Sable's comment. "Of course you should be glad to be here, you're my friend." She stated with a slight slur and big smile. She was confused when her friend mentioned AJ. Was AJ really that undesirable to people? Well, Kimberly didn't much like her at first either, so she shrugged it off. "Nope, she went on a booze run with Rika." She replied. "Come on Sable, take a shot with me!" She pulled her friend towards the kitchen so that she could pour themselves a drink.

    ((Don't worry, she will sober up soon enough. xD))

    AJ was taken back by the girl's question. Normally someone would be grateful for some help from a kind stranger, but this girl seemed even more frightened, which told AJ there was something wrong. "It's what I do, I help people. I'm one of the good guys. Now, come on." She reassured the girl while leading her to the car and opening the door for her. "Be careful for the band equipment!" Rika exclaimed from the driver seat. "I know, I know." AJ brushed her off while trying to make the strange girl feel more comfortable.
  11. sable allowed herself to be dragged to the kitchen by her blond and overly intoxicated friend. but when kim began to pour a shot for her she said, " kim im not really in the mood to drink tonight so i'll pass on the shot." she half heartedly smiled and continued, "but by all means you drink. your less whiney when your drunk off your ass."

    Persephone felt a little awkward being led and then sat down in some strangers car, but she didn't protest. these two humans seemed nice enough and besides, what's the odd shed be attacked twice in one night. "thank you. i- i don't really have any where to go... this is my first night here.." she said softly as she looked down at her hands. "in the human world." she added more quietly to herself.
  12. Kimberly was happily pouring a shot of clear liquid when her friend politely told her she was not in the mood. "Well, you have to at least have a beer. And I'm not whiny!" She retorted. She quickly put away the bottle and reared her head back, allowing the liquid to go smoothly down her throat. "That's the good stuff." She said slamming the shot glass back down on the counter. Kimberly opened the fridge and grabbed sable a brown bottle. "Here, can't be empty handed at a party."

    Rika put the car in gear and took off, continuing down the road. "First night? Is that why you were out there all alone? Where are you from?" AJ went on making conversation. She truly was trying to make the girl feel more comfortable, but AJ was a talker and sometimes that made people feel more uncomfortable than relaxed. "AJ let the girl take a breather." Rika chimed in with a chuckle.

    ((Ugh, sorry it's so short. I've been roleplaying in between playing DA. xD ))
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