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  1. Hiya all! So I'm doing a RP on deviantART called the Mirror World. I have gotten permission from a close friend to be able to open this back up, as she had it on her own account here on Iwaku. I had started it on dA, which is why it's there instead of here. The main character slots are all filled out. However, I need secondary characters, like teachers and students, as well as other things aside from the RP. This will end up being an animated series, and I only have one other animator with me to help. I also have one person helping with the script. I'm doing this as a college portfolio, so I really need more help. I need animators, background artists, script writers, voice actors, secondary characters, even managers. I need people to make music or sound effects, people who promote the series, etc. I want to make an entire team to get this project done, since I won't be able to do it all on my own. Unfortunately, I'm asking a lot and I don't have any money to pay anyone.... I know that's a downside, but it could help you in other ways. Such as those making college portfolios or job portfolios, or free advertising for their work, even if you just want that feeling of accomplishment. I'm going to be reaching out to YouTube as well. I really want this to succeed, I've been planning this for months with my friend who gave up on it. You can find more information here: The Mirror World

    You can also find the group here: Mirror-World on DeviantArt

    Please help out? I'd really appreciate it >.<'

    Please no drama or godmodding!! My friend didn't like the drama before, which made this crash, and godmodding is never okay.

    Also, respect others.

    And no Mary Sue's/ Gary Stu's

    And lastly, Have fun!

    StellaAutumn01 (Auria-Autumn01 on dA) as Zoe Winters/ founder

    AmerillaRose as Ayaka Chou/ co-founder

    NotaFatPanda as Kuro Polkoa

    Kitsune33759 as Henry "Doc" Richard

    SpartanComet117 as Felix Riley

    WritingNeko as Cecilia "Cee Cee" Williams/ co-script writer

    shadowstar001 as Nala (CS not in yet)/ co-animator

    ssilverKatt as co-animator

    Bronybehindthedoor as 1st person to watch the group that isn't apart of the story
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