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The Ministry Character Index

Important to Note
Please be aware of and adhere to all iwaku rules.

Please do not post anything but your character sheet in this thread. All other posts will be deleted, including placeholders. If you post WIP character sheets, please indicate that they are WIP, and message me when they are complete. If you never let me know it's complete, I'll never know to look back at the final product!

You will be notified of your acceptance with the green check mark emoji, or the “ah seen it” reaction from me. Once approved, you will be sent a discord link where you will be able to collaborate on potential history with any other approved members. Discord will also act as a place for any relevant updates and a place to collaborate with your fellow players as the plot progresses. Nothing says you are required to join the discord server, however, please note that you will miss a large portion of the player wide collaboration and comraderie.

All players must be able and willing to post detailed, character driven posts with a sense of collaborative effort to push the plot forward. This means every post by your fellow players needs the attention you would want in your own posts. Please read what others have written, even if your character is never mentioned. You may miss key points to latch onto that could be something for your character to explore with another!

Realistic face claims are required, but I will not accept any face claims that look to be pulled from an instagram model or influencer, or have a selfie quality. Please stick to the genre. While this is set in the modern era, bear in mind your characters are witches and wizards working in the Ministry of Magic and are less likely to carry a cell phone for such photos. I highly recommend movie stills and screenshots as the lighting and quality can be quite nice, and it has less of a “this person exists in real life” feel that makes instagram/selfies unsettling to utilize for this genre of RP.

Feel free to code your CS as you like. Acceptance is not based on how pretty the CS looks, but I understand people do enjoy coding, so as long as your CS includes the below, I do not mind what appearance it takes.

I understand the Wizarding World has more than just humans involved. If you want to play something special, PM me first and make a case for it. Why do you want your character to be that special something? How do you plan on making it a trait that won’t detract from the plot or place too much limelight on your character that shoves your peers into secondary status? Does being the special race, or having the special ability, define them, or is it just an aspect of them? How did they come to work for the Ministry with the trait(s)? Is it due to the trait(s), or is it of a different merit?

Due to the nature of some special species and rare abilities within the Wizarding World, I would prefer all players to be human. I’ll make exceptions if the player can guarantee it won’t be too edgy or too OP. Playing an elf, for example, can get very overpowered. Feel free to PM me about making an exception! While I can't guarantee I'll approve it, I also can't guarantee that I won't.

The Setting
This roleplay will take place in the year 2020. It's been 22 years since the end of the Second Wizarding War. Harry Potter has been an Auror ever since his graduation, and a damned good one at that. Recent events have called him to the States to accompany MACUSA in an ongoing investigation that ties in with one of his own. The Aurors left behind will be a bit excited by his absence, as there is always a lingering feeling that he was getting all the good cases. This is their time to shine now! Time to take on a case that will lead to a promotion.

The Ministry of Magic is home to several departments, all of which can be quite relevant to the plot. There's no need to feel that you must be an Auror! As the main governing body of the magical community in Great Britain, there is a wide variety of opportunities.

Please feel free to read about the Ministry of Magic and the departments on each level. If you are having any difficulties accessing the information, please let me know!

The current Minister for Magic will still be Hermoine Granger. I do not anticipate having to NPC her much, if at all, as I can have a representative for the most part.

The Plot
Six days ago, the witch Jessilda Gatherdy was arrested and charged for the public torture and murder of a Muggle by means of the Cruciatus and Killing Curse. She is currently held within Azkaban Prison to await her trial. While not much has been revealed of her preliminary interrogation, her family believes her to have been under the influence of the Imperius Curse.

It has been quite the cleanup, but most traces of the incident have been completely wiped from Muggle minds, though it is still quite the stir within the magical community. The Daily Prophet has released multiple interviews with the Gatherdy family, and an ongoing press investigation that has, at times, come to clash with the more official investigation at the Ministry of Magic.

A witness to the crime was a Squib by the name of Alice D'Avignon, who has since come through in a controversial interview with the Daily Prophet that spoke out against the Statute of Secrecy, stating that had the Muggles been aware of what to look for, the Muggle's death would have been avoided. She even stated that had she been provided the means to help as an aware non-magic, then the incident would have ended very differently.

There is still a mess that needs to be cleaned, and whispers of unrest on the horizon.

~~~Character Sheet~~~

[Realistic face claim photo]
Full Name:
Description of Appearance:
Ministry Department and Position:
Years in position:

Personal Goals:

Brief History:


Graduate Year/House:


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1592620177669.png 1594318856865.png

Full Name: Amar Tadpol

Description of Appearance: An elderly man of British and Indian descent, Amar has olive skin, brown eyes, and white hair. He is paralyzed from the waist down and always wears long robes to hide his skinny shriveled legs. He changes his attire based on the day (Red is for Monday, Orange for Tuesday, all the way up to Violet for Sunday), but all his clothes have silver spirals and star patterns on them. He mostly gets around on an enchanted wheel, but occasionally he’ll strap himself onto a broomstick (against his doctor’s orders).

Age: Just celebrated his 144th​ birthday.

Height: 5'3

Blood: Pure Blood

Ministry Department and Position: Office for the Removal of Curses, Jinxes, and Hexes. Formerly an Auror.

Bogart: A walking skeleton.

Years in position: Started working for the ministry as an intern around 16 years old. Became an Auror soon after graduating from Hogwarts but had to change positions after his injury at the age of 44. Briefly retired in 1997 when Pius Thicknesse took over after Rufus Scrimgeour was murdered. Returned to work shortly after Voldemort was killed and Kingsley Shacklebolt became the new Minister for Magic.

Personality: Humorous, likes to keep up to date with the young people. HUGE Quidditch fan, like seriously, his office is filled with fan memorabilia and little dolls of famous players riding flying broomsticks. Hopes to live long enough to see the Chudley Cannons win the League Cup one more time (often says “I might have to stick around for quite a while”). He does miss the days when he would travel the world hunting dark wizards & witches, so he likes to hear about what the current aurors are up to.

Amar became very close to muggles after his injury as he could empathize with disabled war veterans and understand how difficult it was to have your legs taken from you. This made Amar very upset with the current laws as he knew several spells that could heal the legs of his new muggle friends, yet he was not allowed to do so as it would expose muggles to the wizarding world. Amar was always made at this and always supports movements to improve relations between wizards and muggles (this did not make him popular during Pius Thicknesse’s run).

Amar takes curses very seriously and works on inventing spells new spells to counteract curses. Some say it's so he can reverse his paralysis spell, but Amar thinks of it as trying to save someone from sharing his fate. Aside from mistreating muggles (through action or inaction), the one thing that gets Amar mad is people using curses to harm and torment others. Even if the victim is a Death Eater, Amar finds uses curses on anybody to be inexcusable.


+Charms: Knows a wide variety of charms. Most are to help him around such as his wheelchair, which moves on its own.

+Counter-spells/defense against the dark arts: He was a good auror for his time and knows quite a few spells to deflect or counteract common curses.

-Old age: Even by wizard standers Amar Tadpol is old. His health has been failing for years and many coworkers worry that even a minor stunning spell could be fatal for him. He works at a slower pace now and has been caught sleeping on the job a few times now.

-Paralyzed: A powerful curse inflicted on him in his “youth” permanently.

Motivations: Wants wizards to be able to help muggles. Seeing that others don’t have to live with life-changing disabilities. If they do have disabilities, then improve their quality of life.

Personal Goals: Improve relationships with muggles. Have the wizarding world share their healing spells to the rest of the world. See the Chudley Cannons win just one more time in his lifetime.

Brief History:

Born in 1876 to an Indian wizard and a British witch, Amar Tadpol noticed from a young age how different wizard and muggle lives were. While wizards help prejudice against muggle-borns, muggles discriminated against each other over ethnicity (something his father experienced whenever he had to pretend to be a muggle during the British Raj of India). When Amar turned 7, his parents moved to the British Isles so he could attend Hogwarts. While attending Hogwarts he gained a fascination with quidditch and joined the Hufflepuff team in his second year as a beater. His maternal grandfather was his biggest supporter and would always sneak into Hogwarts to watch his games…even the less than stellar ones.

“Look at my boy! Did you see how gracefully he fell? Any other boy would have died from a fall like that but not my Grandson, he’s tough!”

His grandfather died shortly after taking him to see the Chudley Cannons win the League cup in 1892. Amar continues to support them even after all their years of failures to honor and support his grandfather.

“Look at that Cannon boy fall! Did you see how gracefully he fell? If he was from any other team, he would have died from a fall like that, but not the Cudley Cannons, they're tough!”

Tadpol became an Auror and for many years defending the wizarding world from dark wizards until one day in 1920, a powerful dark wizard fired the Cruciatus Curse into Amar Tadpol’s back. It severed his spine and nerves so much that no bone growing potion or spell could fully repair the damage. Amar would remain Paralyzed from the waist for the rest of his life, something almost unheard of in the wizarding world. He found himself lost in desperation for a long time, which only became worse when he was forced to resign as an Auror and take a much less glamorous job working in the Office for the Removal of Curses, Jinxes, and Hexes. He considered suicided several times until he met WW1 vet, Winston Anderson, who had lost both of his legs. The two bonded over how much their lives had changed and how they were trying to adjust to their now limited mobility.

Amar soon figured out that because his legs were not destroyed by dark magic that there might be a spell that could regrow them. Despite his best efforts, the council would not allow him to do so and even threatened to remove Winston’s newly grown legs if Amar went against their orders. This drove Amar crazy until he learned of a convenient loophole. Amar introduced Winston to a female friend in the ministry, Rhea Locks (who just so happened to be looking for a muggle boyfriend after several failed relationships with wizards). Amar helped hook them up, and now that Winston was married to a witch and was fathering a half-blood child, Amar could introduce him to the wizarding world and fix his legs.

This got Rhea fired and Amar to be demoted. Despite the injustice and unfortunate ending, Amar continued to be friends with Rhea and Winston until his death in 1970. Amar continued to support muggles and do his best to support them in the ministry (rising and falling through the ranks over the years) until Voldemort’s puppet, Pius Thicknesse, took over. Seeing his life in danger and the ministry becoming anti-muggle, Amar resigned and went into hiding. Now that he’s back in a more enlightened ministry, Amar counties to work to support wizard-muggle relationships. He happily enchanted his wheelchair to fly around the ministry building (with him still in it) in 2019 when the muggle-born Hermione Granger became Minister.

Then 2020 happened…

Wand: Rosewood wand. In length, it is nine inches long. The core consists of centaur tail hair.

Patronus: Mongoose

Graduate Year/House: Hogwarts 1894: Hufflepuff.


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Violet Henley
Thirty-two | Female | Half-Blood

VI is in many ways a classically lovely woman. A full face, somewhat masculine in its structure is pleasantly contrasted by pretty, delicate features
- warm coffee-brown eyes, a slender nose and soft lips, kissed at each edge by the ghost of an ever present smile. Blonde hair, kept neatly trimmed to her shoulders generally runs in wild waves or else is held up in a loose bun.

She is on the average side, height wise, standing at 5'5" and roughly 120lbs. Her form is narrow with subtle feminine curves, arms and legs leanly sculpted by natural muscle. Her nails are clean, but cut short as she has a habit of biting them she has yet to break.

Her wardrobe trends towards eclectic comfort, with large sweaters, silk blouses or graphic tees, but she has something of a penchant for skirts over pants. She favors heels, something of a vice if she's perfectly honest, but it isn't unusual to find her barefoot, even in the office.

"True magic is something deep within. The ability to love, to laugh, and to forgive. Even to forgive ourselves."


VIOLET is an old fashioned woman in very many ways. Polite and soft spoken, she has little difficulty making friends and earning the respect of her peers. She can be guarded, however, particularly where her past is concerned, and almost never speaks about her family. When pushed, Violet will withdraw, finding every opportunity to change the subject, regardless of how obvious it may be.

She loves her job, but there is a part of her that has often considered a transition to teaching, her dream to someday afford someone else the great luxury of the education she herself received. Ultimately, she is motivated by a sense of compassion for what is around her, and a belief that all creatures, great or small, should be properly looked after, magical or otherwise.

Unbeknownst to most, Violet suffers from an extreme fear of closed spaces, finding even travel by Floo or the elevator system in the ministry a near insurmountable task, on a daily basis. She has developed a few compulsive quirks to otherwise endure the traumatic phobia.


VIOLET Henley hails from a small, quiet village in the country of Wales, outside of St. Davids. Her mother was the half-blood daughter of a baker, her father a pure-blood wizard, desperate to carve his own path in life and escape the scrutiny of his familial name. Until her 2nd birthday, Violet's sister Oleander was an only child. Violet's sudden and unexpected arrival sparked a rivalry in the young girl, who had been rather profoundly comfortable with the current state of the house. This, coupled with Oleander's somewhat volatile nature might have otherwise made for a difficult youth - were it not for Violet's inestimable patience and good will towards others.

Despite every opportunity Violet took to bond, as such circumstances are ought, Oleander's resentment grew increasingly more hostile. When it became more and more apparent Violet had a gift for magic, while her sister appeared to possess none, Oleander's aggression turned violent. So fashioned was Oleander's ire for her sister that by the time Vi received her acceptance into Hogwarts, it was something of a relief for the family.

But the culmination of her sister's wrath came eventually, when Violet was home for the holidays during her second year. Oleander, always bigger and more formidable than her younger sister and enraged by Vi's attempts to teach the young squib about Hogwarts and the Wizarding World, pushed Violet into a well in the field behind their family home. For nearly eight hours, Violet survived in the frigid water, rescued when a passing bicyclist heard her cries.

Following the incident, Oleander was sent away and Violet, deeply traumatized, became reclusive and withdrawn. It took the entirety of a year for her to find her way through the darkness... and in particular, the guiding hand of her Charms professor, who instilled in Violet not only a sense of importance, but an understanding of how magic could be used to help people like Oleander. Pulled free, Violet transformed and the following year, found a renewed sense of worth and purpose, outmatched.

Over the next few years her focus was only matched ever by her drive, and upon graduation from Hogwarts, Violet set her mind to one task… A position in the Ministry of Magic. A task fully realized upon her appointment to the Department of Magical Accidents and Catastrophes as an Obliviator.

As of recent events, Violet has been kept quite busy... Both with the necessity of work and struggling with her own internal questions regarding the circumstances within the Wizarding World.

CHARM SPELLS | Blessed with an aptitude for Charms even as a young child, Violet has grown increasingly more skillful in the execution of Charm Magic - most especially those spells necessary to her occupation.

BAKER'S DOZEN | Baking runs in Violet's blood no less prevalent than magic. There isn't a recipe she has yet to attempt that hasn't far surpassed all expectation, and enjoying both the challenge and reward of such a task makes it all the more worth while. Baking is one of the few things Vi insists must be done without even a smidgen of magic.

QUIDDITCH TRIVIA | Despite all appearances otherwise, Violet has quite a knack for the game. Despite never having played, and (by her own admission) being rubbish in practice, her understanding of both how the game functions, as well as popular teams and historic moments are to her credit.

STEAL TRAP | Violet's ability to remember odd things - names, locations, series of numbers and such is almost uncanny. While appearing to be something of a natural gift, Violet does, in fact, utilize things such as mnemonic devices to keep relevant information from slipping away.

FULL NAME | Violet Evaline Henley
AGE | Twenty-Eight
HOUSE | Hufflepuff
HOME | St. Davids, Wales
BLOOD-STATUS | Half-blood
BIRTHDAY | August 11th

Length | 28.5 cm.
Flexibility | Unyielding
Wood | Chestnut Wood
Core | Phoenix Feather​
BOGGART | Oleander Henley
AMORTENTIA | Baked goods, lavender and clean linen

SCHOOL | Hogwarts
HOUSE| Hufflepuff
MINISTRY POSITION | Obliviator (5 years)

MOTHER | Charity Henley [witch]
FATHER | George Henley [wizard]
SISTER | Oleander Henley [squib]
GRANDMOTHER (P) | Wilhelmina Cendrick-Henley [witch]
GRANDFATHER (P) | Orkanic Henley [wizard]
GRANDMOTHER (M) | Moira Dashel [witch]
GRANDFATHER (M) | Peter Dashel [baker]
PET | Louis [orange striped tabby]

ENJOYS | Baked goods, the Welsh Caerphilly Catapults, a fine glass of wine, tea (of course), a good book and Louis's purring, fresh flowers and petrichor.
DISLIKES | Small spaces and small minds, red meat, winter.
QUIRKS | Nail biting, nervous recitations, humming.
FEARS | Enclosed spaces, particularly dark or damp.

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Corinda Nott
Thirty-One | Female | Pure-Blood


Corinda’s appearance walks a fine line between harsh and soft. A sense of sharpness to her features that blunts upon closer inspection. However tough that line is though, Corinda walks it well.

Her work dictating most of her decisions regarding style, Corinda usually is found with her long, raven black in tight braids or held up in a loose bun in situations where being grabbed by a rampaging monster was less likely to occur.

Like most of the others in the Nott line, Corinda’s eyes are dark and large. Her emotions easy to read from the amount of expression exuded from the black pools. A largish nose that runs almost flat down the dorsum, forming a sharp division down her

Taller and quite fit, especially by wizarding standards, Corinda is no stranger to physical labor. Long limbs and well muscled, Corinda has the roughness of someone who works with their hands daily.

Her right leg does have the only major wound evident on her body, a large bite and major scar just above the knee, evidence of the last incident she was involved in.

Being a pure blood wizard, Corinda’s attire is decidedly out of touch with the fashions of the time. When not in her purple uniform, Corinda tends toward what muggles would consider quite odd. Tending towards long, dark blue and nearly black robes when staying home and when going out, her clothing seems to be a mish mosh of what muggles wore back in the 1930’s and anything else that might catch her eye in a muggle haberdashery.

" ‘I, not events, have the power to make me happy or unhappy today. I can choose which it shall be. Yesterday is dead, tomorrow hasn't arrived yet. I have just one day, today, and I'm going to be happy in it.’ "


Extroverted with a dark cloud over her Corinda fully exemplifies the idea of working hard and playing harder. Has a habit of walking herself into obligations and personal ‘traps’. Enjoys learning and learning things that interest her, usually for the purpose of having said knowledge but her own greed and ambition hunts for a way to apply it to earn personal wealth.

Corinda tends to be loud, sure of herself and a bit much to handle. Especially towards new acquaintances, she can be a lot to take in. Has many acquaintances but few close friends. Tends to look down on people but hides this behind a wall of magnanimous behavior. Sympathizes with pure bloods and blood purists but does not identify as one nor associates with them outside of family. Has the unfortunate attitude of seeing close relationships as sometimes more work than is worth. Quite lonely as a result and can become clingy to people that put in the effort that is required to befriend her.

Currently in a dark place after finally succumbing to lycanthropy, a common trait in her line of work. A black sense of humor with a sense of enjoyment in seeing people become flustered by this. Extremely loyal to those close to her as well as to her family. Subtlety is often lost on her and she prefers bluntly powering through any obstacle with overwhelming force but only on her terms.

Regarding Muggles, Corinda has very little concern. Live or die, she regards it as irrelevant and considers those showing either disdain or overconcern for them to be foolish. They have their world and those magical have their own, nothing more to it.
Extroverted with a dark cloud over her Corinda fully exemplifies the idea of working hard and playing harder. Has a habit of walking herself into obligations and personal ‘traps’. Enjoys learning and learning things that interest her, usually for the purpose of having said knowledge but her own greed and ambition hunts for a way to apply it to earn personal wealth.


Born June 16th​ of 1989, Corinda Nott was born pure of blood into the Nott Lineage. While not overtly powerful or wealthy, the Nott family is one of the Sacred 28 and Corinda was raised to understand this. Most of her childhood was normal, with some of her lifelong passions forming early. While young, she particularly remembers the period of bad times and the fact that her family went from being ‘haves’ to ‘have nots’.

Entering Hogwarts at eleven years of age, she was surprisingly sorted into Ravenclaw after a hatstall between Ravenclaw and Slytherin. Her family might have been disappointed, but it was simply another blow to their already lowly status. As such, Corinda had a difficult time in school socially. Being looked down on by Slytherin for low status and failure to enter their House, ostracized by Ravenclaw for her passions and boisterous attitude, and somewhat prejudiced against by Gryffindor for her familial participation in the Wizarding Wars.

Only Hufflepuff students seemed to put the effort in to befriend her. Graduating in 2007 at eighteen, Corinda took a year to travel with two of her Hufflepuff friends before returning home to England to enter the ministry. Initially working as a junior in the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures, Corinda worked long difficult hours taking on the sometimes literal ‘shit’ jobs. It was during this time that the almost ritual like spell to become an animagus was undertook, Corinda registering shortly after.

Eventually earning promotion and transferring to the Beast division, her aptitude in animal handling and status as a registered Animagus earned her a spot on the Werewolf Capture Unit. For several years, she excelled in her position earning some status for herself through her often-unconventional success in capturing multiple werewolves humanely and preventing the spread of the infection to others.

After her thirtieth birthday, Corinda was through a mishap in the transportation and containment of a fully shifted werewolf, bitten in the line of duty and contracted Lycanthropy.

While not uncommon for members of the WCU to be bitten, it’s quite rare for an animagus to be bitten. Corinda almost now regarded as a case study. During the initial few months after her infection, her ability to transform was absent. After coaching and practice, signs of transformation are emerging but with faults. Similarly, her monthly turns are being impacted as well. Her turned form becoming noticeably different from the werewolf standard as she progresses with the reemergence of her animagus abilities.

Currently, an investigation is ongoing into the incident and there have already been several subsequent hearings in regards to Corinda’s position in the WCU. Currently suspended from work, the findings hearing is approaching and determination if Corinda is fit to continue work will be decided.


Transfiguration: Corinda is extremely skilled in transfiguration, having studied and trained in this art for decades. Can effectively utilize this skill both offensively and defensively but with a considerable amount of creativity in both. Despite the rigidity of this school, Corinda has a knack for unique applications and had previously registered as an Animagus.

The Magical bestiary: There is little in the way of magical flora or fauna that Corinda isn’t aware of. Volumes of information on magical creatures line the walls of her small home and she keeps up to date on any and all published information.

Vice Riddled: Dice, drinking, smoking, gambling, animal baiting, and blood sport. All these don’t just run in her veins, they practically gallop. Word has spread about this in magical circles and there may be some galleons owed.

Lycanthropy: Corinda has worked in the WCU for several years. For the most part, she’s avoided serious injury but has been bitten by several non-transformed Werewolves. Roughly a year ago, she sustained her first ‘transformed’ bite and despite immediate intervention, has developed lycanthropy.

Impacting many parts of her life, the most difficult to deal with has been the damage done to her animagus abilities. Undergoing training and practice to regain them has been helping but only with the continual application of the Wolfsbane potion.
Currently able to partially transform, her former Crow form has become decidedly more wolf like in appearance. Curiously, during the full moon, the same interaction seems to be occurring, with her monthly shift becoming just as intertwined with her animagus form.

FULL NAME | Corinda Nott
AGE | 31
HOUSE | Ravenclaw
HOME | Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire
BIRTHDAY | June 16th, 1989
ZODIAC | Gemini

Length | 20.32cm (8in)​
Flexibility | Rigid​
Wood | Ebony Wood​
Core | Unicorn Hair​
BOGGART | Herself. Broken, destitute and malformed
AMORTENTIA | Campfire smoke, summer rain and butter-mint

SCHOOL | Hogwarts
HOUSE | Ravenclaw
BEST CORE CLASS | Transfiguration
WORST CORE CLASS | History of Magic
MINISTRY POSITION | Werewolf Capture Unit (8 years)

MOTHER | Emmeline Nott [witch]
FATHER | Indulf Nott [wizard]
BROTHER | Gregor Nott [wizard]
BROTHER | Eustace Nott [wizard]
SISTER | Euphonia Nott [witch]

ENJOYS | Physical activities, gambling, Fire Whisky, Natural History catalogs, spell books, banter, practical jokes and hot nights.
DISLIKES | Lies of omission, politics, bleeding hearts and unrealistic expectations
QUIRKS | Mimicry, Shouting, and tone deafness
FEARS | Silence, isolation and full moons




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Quillius Falke

Age: 37 || Height: 5’10” || Eyes: Brown || Hair: Black​
A mop of dark curls rests atop Quill’s head, cut well enough to be presentable. His face is further framed by a thick beard peppered with grey hairs. Brown eyes rest under heavy, deep set lids that hold the faint lines of crows feet from the smile he seems to adorn often.

His frame is that of an athlete that, despite his forced retirement, still somewhat keeps up with his regimen enough to stay fit. He stands tall, though at a slightly higher height than average, statistically speaking.

At a glance, one would likely miss his left leg from the knee down is a prosthetic of Muggle make. It would be the slight dip in his gait that would give it away. The frame of the prosthetic was designed to mirror the shape of his right leg with a printed form, though it is a solid black.


He could have been a Hufflepuff. Quill is a kind soul, fierce and loyal to those he considers friends. He’s always carried an excitement for life, and at least tries to look at everything from a positive perspective. Trust may not be easily given, but he is friendly to those he encounters, and believes encouragement towards the right direction is something everyone deserves to hear.

Thinking through different perspectives is a practice that comes naturally to Quill. He likes to figure out the whys and the hows. As much as he takes interest in psychology, he’s never studied it beyond his own observations, and is aware of such limitations.

He can be a bit lazy in some regards. He would rather jump right into things instead of taking the time to read up on it. He’d rather get a quick summary than to dig through an entire article. There’s a bit of impatience there that fuels the laziness.

  • Loyal
  • Outgoing
  • Brave
  • Man of Action
  • Lazy
  • Impatient
  • Not the strongest at spells
  • Can't let things go


Born to a loving muggle family, Quillius's future as a wizard was supported, albeit a bit hesitant at first. But they helped ease him into the new world as best they could while doing all they could to educate themselves in the wizarding world. He and his younger brother both have magical abilities and the experience provided them a close bond.

Joining in 1994, Quillius quickly became familiar with the infamy surrounding Hogwarts. It was an overwhelming experience, but he still looks back on it all fondly for the good times and memories made. He managed to make the quidditch team his final two years as a chaser and fell in love with the sport.

Being a Muggle-Born wizard, Quill and his brother faced the worst year of their lives that began in August of 1997 when Voldemort took over the Ministry. One of his friends from school, Jay McElroy, tipped him off about the Muggle-Born Registration Commission and told him not to come back to Hogwarts if they weren’t already taken. It was difficult to explain the danger to his parents, especially knowing that they didn’t have the means to pick up and leave for an indefinite amount of time. Due to the Trace and being underage, both boys knew in order to stay hidden, they had to stay away from magic entirely.

They jumped around the country staying with various relatives and non-magical family friends. His parents made up excuses such as their house being bug bombed or floors refinished. Once September rolled around when he would have headed to Hogwarts, he began to feel the start of what would be his bad year on an emotional level. While he was unaware of how Hogwarts was being conducted, his perception was that he was missing out on yet another great year and couldn’t even write his friends to live vicariously through them.

Their home was reportedly robbed in September of that year. They had only been back once or twice for a day or two since they’d been on the run, and luckily the alleged robbery took place while they were not there. The incident was reported by neighbors, but the police arrived after the robbers had left. They returned home to clean up the mess after the investigation was complete, and to account for any missing items. When no items turned up missing, they presumed the worst, but played it out as if the police had scared the robbers away before they could take anything.

It was then they were greeted with officials from the Ministry, and through a series of rather unfortunate events, found himself tried and sentenced to Azkaban for "stealing magic." His parents had attempted to work with the pure-blood family, the McElroys, in this time, but was unable to save their two sons from Azkaban.

Quill was liberated from Azkaban after the end of the Second Wizarding War and reunited with his brother and parents. He then went on to attend Hogwarts for the next three years, taking on an extra class here or there as approved to help him in catching up to his peers so that he could graduate “on time.”

He graduated intending to go into a career at the Ministry of Magic in the Department of Magical Games and Sports due to his love for quidditch. He landed an internship that rolled into three years of employment before he and a coworker made a bet regarding trying out for a professional quidditch team. Much to their surprise, he ended up making the team for the Tutshill Tornados as a chaser where he played for the next eight years.

He would have continued his career as a professional quidditch player had it not been for a muggle vehicular accident that took his leg and nearly took the life of his mother. It took him some time to get back to flying, but his skills had greatly diminished and he was unable to make the team once again.

Finding work that interested him from that point was a struggle. Going back to his former job made him feel like a failure, or someone who couldn't move past his loss in what was once a great career. He eventually landed work in the Department of Magical Accidents and Catastrophes with the Muggle-Worthy Excuse Committee. Given his blood status, he was privy and comfortable in both worlds, and due to his understanding of how Muggle minds can think of the unexplained, he was suited for the work. He’s been working for the Muggle-Worthy Excuse Committee for the past five years.


| Quillius Willobe Falke

| Quill

| Thirty-Seven

| Bristol, England

| Muggle-Born

| January 10

| Capricorn



Length | 28.3 cm.
Flexibility | Slightly Springy
Wood | Cherry Wood
Core | Unicorn Hair​

| Azkaban

| Golden Retriever

|peppermint, cinnamon, pine


| Hogwarts

| Gryffindor

| 2001


| History of Magic

| Department of Magical Accidents and Catastrophes

| Muggle-Worthy Excuse Committee (5 years)


| Marianna Falke (Muggle)

| Javier Falke (Muggle)

| Edmond Falke (Wizard)

| Bubbzee (Orange Tabby)


| Quidditch, flying, hanging out with friends

| Confinement, oppression, long non-fiction reads

| Mumbles under his breath when he's reading something with a particular focus, nods his head when he thinks of ideas

| Imprisonment, confinement

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Hayami Bann
Thirty | Female | Pure-Blood

Hayami has a name well suited for her, meaning rare beauty. Her parents chose this name for with a lot of confidence, a risk well rewarded. She has a well structured face with a nicely shaped jawline. In combination with her pale skin, it makes her look almost like a porcelain doll of sorts.

This shows through her facial features as well, with thin lips colored a nice red, a sweetly shaped nose and a pair of brown colored eyes with a piercing, deep gaze to them. Her hair is long, down to the middle of her spine, usually loose and resting on her shoulders or tied up in some way. Though she does color her hair quite often, with colors ranging from a darker blonde to grey.

She stands at a nice height, around 5'9 and weighs 136 pounds, with a slightly thinner structure to her body. Despite this, she still has nice curves that compliment her body.

Her body isn't completely clean though, as it is covered in memories from the past. A lot of these memories are scars of self harm, something that used to haunt her in the past when her own pain was becoming too much and she had no one to turn to. Her other memories are the various tattoos she has. One on her chest, of an octopus. One on her left arm, a woman with her demon and lastly on her right arm, of a skeletal samurai.

Her clothing style tends to be very different on any given day. Her clothing might reflect her mood or her goal for that day and so she tends to show up in a lot of different outfits. One day she might be wearing something as simple as sweatpants and a loose shirt, while of course looked down upon for this, she has little to no care about it. She might show up in a fancy suit, indicating she has business to take care of. If she is happy she might suddenly show up in something colorful and it has happened before that she showed up in pyjamas.


"You can only stop fearing the things around you when you learn to fear yourself and your own mind."


Hayami is a rather complicated person. A lot of people describe her as someone who stands outside the world of wizards and witches and seems like she is in her own world at times. She will often times come off as detached to those around her because she, in her mind, has forgotten they were even there in the first place. She gets so lost in her own fantasy and thoughts that this tends to happen more often than not. Some describe her as being an observer of the world, someone who would rather watch than partake, and it seems to be true whenever she gets lost in her mental maze.

Despite this, most of her intentions come from a good place. There is no real evil will within her heart or mind and she intends to do all she does in the name of improving the world around herself, though some wonder if she is talking about her own little world or the actual world around her that she tends to not acknowledge at all times.

Hayami is also a very intelligent person. She is knowledgeable on a lot of different things, mainly things pertaining to magic. When it comes to social situations, she tends to come off as a bit lost and unsure. She uses her intelligence to help out others though, helping them learn and understand, though it isn't always as easy as she'd like this to be. She has always strived to be someone at the top, to make up for her shortcomings, and to make herself of use to others.

Hayami's social problems stem from the fact she has always felt quite lonely and stressed in this big world. Some have described her as coming off scared and withdrawn from them. In reality though, Hayami is more scared of her own mind than those around her. She doesn't fully know where this fear stems from but it has always been present in her mind, scared that one day something will snap within her mind that will make her lose control over it.

There is more that plagues her though, such as her anxiety and her panic disorder. She also has a lot of nightmares and flashbacks about events from her past that haunt her to this day and tend to make it hard for her to sleep longer periods of time.

Depsite all of this, Hayami is actually an incredibly sweet person. Misunderstood, but kindhearted. To those that know her closely, she is a lot more open and willing to let her bright side show because she feels safe around them, and that is all she really wants.



Hayami was originally born in Japan to a Korean mother witch and a Japanese father wizard. Her family was rather well knownone with a long history of pure-blood wizards and witches. They were very strict on Hayami, expecting her to become a top tier witch, and forced her to spend most of her time studying before even attending school, which at that point would be the Mahoutokoro School of Magic. Eventually though, something thwarted these plans.

One day, Hayami woke up normally, peacefully, but late, later than other times. She would usually be awoken by her parents early on in the morning, around the time of seven in the morning. Though this time, she woke up at eleven. She went to check around their home but no one was to be found. Her parents, her siblings, their house elf, all gone. No notes, no clues, nothing. In the kitchen there was a large breakfast, already prepared but now cold. Some of the food had bites taken out of them and the different cups had clearly been drunk from. But still, everyone was gone.

Hayami had no idea and what to do and in a panic, ran out to find any other person that might know what could have happened to her family. She thought she was losing her mind, being only eight at this time, and having no direction to go to and no person to go to for help. She eventually found herself at the home of another wizarding family, who answered to the door to find the young girl scrambling for help. She tried to explain the situation but the other family could not piece together what could have happened either.

Long story short, she was put up for adoption. But as time went on, and months passed, there were none who wanted to adopt the girl, finding no reason to take in this stray child who possibly could have gone mad. Hayami eventually ended up in an orphanage for two years. Of course, due to how known her family was, it was news all throughout the wizarding world that they went missing like this, their daughter ending up in an orphanage. She felt helpless, lonely and still clueless as to what happened. She was at the orphanage for two years, until eventually she was told she had a visitor from Europe.

Hayami had of course no idea who this could have been as she knew no one from there. The man had introduced himself as a member of the Bann family. He explained they were a family stemming from Scotland and that they were rather prosperous. He had been sad to hear the news about her family disappearing and had spent some time to try and find out where she was in the hope she would join his family and go to school in Britain, at Hogwarts. While Hayami didn't know much about Hogwarts or Britain, let alone the Bann family, she decided it might be her best option.

When she got to Scotland at first, it seemed like the family was well suited for her. They treated her well, helped her refine her English, and made sure she would be well equipped for life at Hogwarts. She seemed... happy for the first time in years now, though still had lasting thoughts about her actual family. When she turned eleven, she finally got the letter from Hogwarts. She was excited to go to a big wizarding school like this and her new family helped her go to get her supplies.

Of course their stop was Diagon Alley. Their first stop would be Ollivanders, where Hayami could get to receive her first wand. The wand she received ended up being quite special as it was made of cherry wood, a rather rare type of wood for wands, and with a dragon heartstring core. Hayami felt connected to the wand almost right away and she knew at that moment it would be a wand that would be with her for a long time. They ended up going around the different shops for her other supplies such as her books, robes, cloaks and everything else she needed.

Eventually, one of their last stops was Gringotts Wizarding Bank. This is where Hayami was shown the extent of how whealthy some families could be. The vault of the Bann family was full of Galleons, just sitting there. She almost burst into tears and had to explain how she felt guilty, as if she was just there to leech of them, though she was reassured nothing was too much for someone they considered part of their family, which calmed her down a bit.

Their last stop ended up being the Magical Menagerie, to pick Hayami's pet for at Hogwarts. She ended up going with a Siamese cat and named it Yasushi. They spent some more time making sure she had everything before they went back home to prepare her for getting to the train the next day.

It was on the day she was supposed to leave for Hogwarts though, that Hayami witnessed one of many events that would instill some doubt into her mind about the Bann family. She heard some loud noises in a room in the house and went to check it out. She ended up peeking through a small opening within the door. While it was hard for her to hear what was being said clearly, she was shocked when she saw a green flash fill the opening before hearing a loud thud. She stared in horror as she saw the lifeless body of a stranger on the floor. Without making a noise she got up and sneaked back to her room where she finished packing, feeling anxious about the situation and wanting to get out of there as soon as possible.

Luckily no one in the family had any idea of her knowing what had happened and she made her way towards the platform at King's Cross Station. Before leaving she was handed a small bag of Galleons so she had something to last her for a while and off she went, onto the train towards Hogwarts.

On the train, she found herself a cabinet somewhere in the back, hoping no one would join her there. Sadly, other people did come to the back but they went to the cubicle opposite of hers. On the way there she kind of stared out of the window. She was taking in the views around her and was surprised how different a train ride was compared to flying to school like she did back in Japan.

She did end up buying quite a few different sweets from the trolley when it came by because she had never seen foods like these and was curious about them. Hayami was laughing a bit at the effect of some of the sweets, like the chocolate frogs, as she found it quite funny how they jumped away. While she enjoyed herself, the people in the cubicle opposite of hers saw her as a bit freakish. She was clearly not from here and no one had recognized her. It was her first day when people already decided to target her, something she would grow familiar with.

When they got off the train, the students ran in front of her, pushing her back into her cubicle when she tried to get out. She thought nothing of it, reminding herself they were probably the same age as herself. However, when she stepped out of the train, two of the kids from before made her trip, causing her to land face first onto the ground. When she got up, her nose was bleeding quite badly and she was about to do something to them, but some of the older students who saw what happened helped her out and told the kids off. She ended up taking the boat to Hogwarts while trying to clean up her bloody nose, stared down by other students.

She went through the introduction as per usual before they got to the sorting ceremony. Hayami ended up being one of the last people being sorted and when she sat down, she felt uncomfortable as so many people stared at her. Her mind at that moment though, was filled with insecurities and stress, not knowing where she could possibly end up. The Sorting Hat eventually decided to put her in Slytherin. When the announcement was met with applause, she calmly made her way over to the table and sat down, introducing herself to the people around her for a bit before quietly enjoying her meal.

This is how Hayami went through her years at Hogwarts, quiet, reserved and a bit of an outcast. She was one of the top students as her grades were always top of her classes and her teachers continuously praised her. She had a notebook with her where she would note down everything new she learned. And while people talked to her, Hayami showed a masked version of herself to them.

At home, things were far different. Every time she would go home for winter or summer break she would be met with abuse from her family. The family that had been so loving to her before she took off to the school, had turned into a nightmare. Constant emotional and physical abuse, constant degrading of her, telling her she will amount to nothing, and making sure she was as misserable as one could be. This took a toll on her, making her turn towards very bad solutions like self harm.

At school, this kind of thing continued. While most people did not bother here, there were some who went out of their way to make her feel as unwanted as possible. This led to her sneaking out at night at times to sneak around the school to find a place to comfort herself and to clear her mind. She was scared to tell other about it, scared of being labelled as weak.

This continued for years and years, but it took no toll on her results at school. She wanted to show everyone she wasn't the worthless person they made her out to be and she strived to become one of the best. In the Fifth year, Hayami passed all of her O.W.L's with an Outstanding mark, except for Astronomy, which she still got an Exceeds Expectations for.

When the Seventh year came, and her N.E.W.T's as well, she was absolutely ready to show how good she was. She had taken the Apparition class as well the last 2 years, knowing it could come in use at some point in her life. She ended up taking a N.E.W.T in Potions, DADA, Charms, Transfiguration, all of which she passed with an Outstanding mark and Herbology and Advanced Arithmancy Studies, which she passed with an Exceeds Expectations mark. She was praised by teachers and students alike and for the first time in a long time felt confident in herself.

When she came back home though, no one really cared for her achievements. They seemed to forget she even went to this school and they made it known to her she was not very wanted. So Hayami decided on a drastic decision, she was going to leave her household and travel. While mainly because of the way her family acted, it was also because she had no idea what to do with her life now, something like becoming Auror barely having crossed her mind.

She ended up travelling the world for a long time, five years to be exact. In this time, she learned a lot not only about magic and how it is taught and practiced in other countries, but also about herself. She continuously documented her travels, writing notes and journal entries about them. In 2013, she finally came back to Britain.

She had finally decided she wanted to use her skills for a better purpose and applied to become an Auror at the Ministry of Magic. She passed all the checks and was giving a clear on joining the training programme. And so, for the next three years, she did the training programme. It was hard and exhausting but it helped her build up a stronger sense of self. She was proud to be what she was now.

And so, she spent her next years improving her skills as an Auror, becoming a good one for the amount of years she had been one so far. She finally felt more at home, and while she still talked to her family on a more friendly basis now, she still hasn't confronted them about the pain they caused her.


DARK ARTS | While Hayami is a very skilled witch in almost every area of magic, her main knowledge and skill lies within the Dark Arts. She has an incredible knowledge of Jinxes, Hexes and Curses, even the more dangerous ones. Some believe she even knows how to cast the three Unforgivable Curses but she has never admitted to this, though she has not denied it either.

BROAD MIND | Hayami's mind is an everturning clock. It never stops and there is always something going on in there. She is quick to pick up on new things and is also good at remembering them. She has quick but decisive decision making skills and can consider her options in a very fast and broad manner. Her mind is always open for new challenges and she loves to make it hard on herself. Her longest standing and biggest challenge is finding some sort of protection to the most dangerous curses.

HOBBY POTIONEER | There has always been an interest in potions for Hayami. It was one of her more liked subjects at school as it allowed her to be creative and it brought her some joy to see her creations work out well. It is her goal to eventually be someone who invests some kind of new potion. She has admitted she grows her own materials or tries to obtain them as fresh as possible, even having a small garden where she tends to plants for potions.

DUELIST | Hayami is an expert at duelling. She was already quite good in school but over the years has only been refining her skills more and more. Due to her almost daily practice, she has become an outstanding duelist. She even tends to keep a track record against multiple people every time they have a practice duel, just so she has something to be proud of. She also tries to learn from every single duel, no matter if it's a win or loss.

FULL NAME | Hayami Dan-bi Bann
AGE | Thirty
HOUSE | Slytherin
HOME | Deep in the Dering Woods, England
BLOOD-STATUS | Pure-blood
BIRTHDAY | August 24th
ZODIAC | Virgo

Length | 32 centimeters
Flexibility | Unyielding
Wood | Cherry Wood
Core | Dragon Heartstring​
BOGGART | A mirror image of herself
AMORTENTIA | Sake, cherry blossom, freshly cooked ramen

SCHOOL | Mahoutokoro from seven to eight years old, Hogwarts from eleven years old
HOUSE| Slytherin
MINISTRY DEPARTMENT | Department of Magical Law Enforcement
MINISTRY POSITION | Auror (4 years)

MOTHER (BIO.) | Park Su-rin
FATHER (BIO.) | Kyosuke Hirakata
SISTER (BIO.) | Hinami Hirakata
BROTHER (BIO.) Tetsuya Hirakata

MOTHER (ADOPTIVE) | Margaret Bann

PET | Yasushi, Siamese cat

ENJOYS | A cup of hot chocolate, quiet places, Japanese foods, researching magic, duel/magic practice, puzzles
DISLIKES | Hot environments, loud noises and noisy places, having pranks pulled on herself, going out with colleagues, sports events like quidditch
QUIRKS | Spacing out even in public, swearing in her native language when frustrated, bolts her head and eyes around in random directions when in deep thought, flipping something between her fingers
FEARS | Being open about herself, losing control over her mind, losing her close ones all over again, being the center of attention

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Eolanthe Eliadys | Thirty-Six | Female | Muggle-Born

  • Eolanthe is a statuesque brunette who moves with elegance and purpose. If the subject matter is something she is well-versed in, or a situation for which she has a plan, she exudes command presence and a take-charge attitude. If it is outside of her expertise, she presents as calm and nearly unreadable, and will defer to someone else if she feels they are better suited to lead. Thus, she can go from room-filling charisma to fading into the background and back again at the drop of a hat.

    She usually wears her hair in an up-do, and dresses in Victorian style unless the situation calls for formal wizard robes. She never wears modern Muggle clothing. Eolanthe normally includes multiple jewelry items in her ensemble, such as broaches, hair pins, necklaces and rings. These items are either enchanted, or conceal tricks of potioneering, Muggle chemistry, or other mechanical gadgetry (such as lock picks or a multi-tool) useful for getting out of a jam.

    She has no tattoos, scars, or piercings save for a single piercing on each ear.

  • Curious Ingenious Resourceful Confident Meticulous Aloof
    Eolanthe is insatiably curious, and is out to explore with every tool available to her. She loves both the mystic arcana of the magical world and the scientific methodology of the Muggles. She pursues knowledge with a single-minded intensity that tends to get in the way of her social life. She employs every method of knowing available to her, from magical theory to divination to ancient texts, to methodical experimentation, to the chemistry and physics of the Muggle world.

    She loves to invent new things, whether it be experimental magic and potions, magical items, or unusual contraptions. Her works exhibit meticulous craftsmanship and care. Her experimental magic is elegant and parsimonious, and her experimental methodologies are always careful and comprehensively thought out.

    Eolanthe prefers to thoroughly plan things out and be prepared for contingencies, but she's also good at improvising and tries to always have a few tricks up her sleeve just in case. Presented with a confrontation, she greatly prefers employing her wits to the use of force. If she can't talk her way to a resolution or employ some clever combination of magic and science, she will usually seek to "escape with panache." Straightforward combat is always her very last resort.

    While she is not exactly antisocial, she doesn't seek out social situations such as parties, pubs, dances and the like either. She tends to stay out of social drama, and most of her time is spent in a solitary quest for Mystery and creative accomplishment. She does not go abroad in search of monsters to destroy or meddle in people's lives, but if the monsters come her way or she is asked for assistance, she will step up to help.

    Eolanthe is proud of her Technological (Muggle) heritage, and of the things Muggles have accomplished without magic.

  • 1595421764735.jpeg
    Eolanthe was born in Santorini, Greece, to a pair of scientists; her mother, a physicist, and her father, a biologist. Both parents rewarded her curiosity, and by her eleventh birthday, she was already a fully-fledged science nerd. She'd had a few peculiar experiences with accidental underage magic, but she could not produce effects to anything approaching a scientific standard of repeatability, or even be sure she was the cause. Because of this, she also developed a "forbidden" interest in the paranormal, though the books she'd been able to find on the subject failed to make sense of her experiences.

    On her birthday, she received a most improbable communication: of all things, an owl, bringing her a hand-written letter sealed with wax, inviting her to attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Her parents argued over whether the letter was a prank--by some mischievous schoolmate, or by Eolanthe herself--or worse, the product of a cult or a child-molester seeking to lay hands on their daughter. Eolanthe took a pragmatic approach: test the hypothesis. Needless to say, it was a shock to all when Professor McGonagall arrived and demonstrated that magic did indeed, exist, and young Eolanthe was a witch.

    Though her parents were reluctant to let her attend a school no one (even Google) had ever heard of, Eolanthe insisted. Accompanying her to Diagon Alley, her parents were finally caught up enough in the wonder of this new world to spend everything they could spare to equip Eolanthe for her journey. Most of their cash went into buying her a trunk with an Undetectable Extension Charm capacious enough to hold a library of science books and a small laboratory/workshop, along with her clothes and school supplies. And so she found herself on a steam-train headed for adventure. She arrived in the year of the Triwizard Tournament. Though much of the drama surrounding Harry that year was lost on her, she made sure to take notes on the spells the contestants used. Her letters home included such things as, "I violated the Second Law of Thermodynamics today. Also, I met a girl who can turn into a ferret."

    Eolanthe watched exactly one game of Quidditch before deciding she didn't understand the appeal. Her own flying "skills" were the worst in her Year and only barely adequate to get her past Flying class. After a couple of visits to Madame Pomfrey, she resolved to find better ways of getting around. The mockery of her fellow students stopped as soon as she stepped into her Charms and Potions classes. She thrived under McGonagall's stern instruction, and was too fascinated by the realm of Potions to notice Snape's cutting remarks. Early on in her studies of Defense Against the Dark Arts, she decided that Wizards were all too dependent on their wands, and started concocting ways to defend herself should someone succeed with a Disarming Charm.

    She was so caught up in exploring this wondrous new world, that she made no close friends. When Harry returned from the last challenge of the Triwizard Tournament claiming that Voldemort had returned, Eolanthe neither believed nor disbelieved. Given what she was able to learn about the Dark Lord, it didn't seem terribly improbable that he could return, yet she also had to take into account the mainstream skepticism of people who surely knew more about such things than she did.

    During her second Year, Eolanthe learned that the Wizarding World was not all whimsy and wonder. Her budding-scientist's belief in freedom of inquiry led to direct conflict with Professor Umbridge, and she became the most brutalized student in her Year. After Umbridge confiscated her wand and broke it publicly in class, Professor Dumbledore arranged for her to be transferred to Ilvermorny School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, where she was Sorted into the Horned Serpent House. She completed her magical education there, escaping the worst of the Second Wizarding War, though on one occasion she narrowly escaped a group of American Death Eaters through creative use of Fulminate of Mercury. Unable to bring her new wand home during school breaks, she used those times to continue her Muggle education via tutoring, with emphasis on math and science.

    After graduation in 2002, she returned to the UK because she disliked the MACUSA's stricter rules regarding separation from "No-Maj's" and regulations on wands. She got a job at the Ministry of Magic Research Committee. Though she caught some flak from others for her absence during the War, no one could fault her ability as a researcher, and she became the head of the Committee in 2015. By 2018, she had also achieved a Doctorate in Physics and a Masters in Chemistry from Oxford University. Due in part to this unusual expertise, she was transferred to the Department of Mysteries to study Space and Time.

  • 1595421870702.jpeg
    Charms: Eolanthe is very skilled in the art of Charms, which she uses primarily for the creation of magical items, including wands.

    Transfiguration: Eolanthe is a master of Transfiguration, and with her scientific knowledge can use Transfiguration to create and manipulate metamaterials such as carbon nanotubes, graphene, and composites.

    Potions: She is a talented Potioneer and Alchemist. She incorporates Muggle scientific and laboratory methodology and equipment to her work so that she can undertake dangerous experiments with a greater degree of safety than most Wizards.

    Science: Eolanthe has advanced knowledge of Muggle physics, cosmology, astronomy, and chemistry, and high scientific literacy (by Muggle standards) in biology and ecology. Her Arithmancy is also quite advanced, as she has knowledge of higher branches of mathematics used in science, such as tensor calculus, non-Euclidean geometry, and Bayesian logic.

    Bag of Tricks: Eolanthe has basic competence in conventional dueling techniques (she knows fewer jinxes, hexes, and curses than most adult wizards), but she supplements this with a wide range of tricks and non-standard approaches involving magical items, potions, transfiguration, and even Muggle chemistry (e.g. caustic and/or explosive substances) and sleight-of-hand employed for surprise value.

    Wandless Magic: She can cast a few spells of Native American origin wandlessly, thanks to the greater emphasis on this at Ilvermorny.

    Transportation: Eolanthe is awkward on a broom, and prefers to get around by just about any other means whenever possible. She does have a sidesaddle broom, designed for comfort, stability in flight, and ease of control rather than speed or maneuverability. In short, she flies like a granny, though there are grannies out there who can fly circles around her.

  • Basics:
    • FULL NAME | Eolanthe Peri Eliadys
    • NICKNAME | [None]
    • AGE | Thirty-Six
    • HOUSE: | Ravenclaw/Horned Serpent
    • BLOOD-STATUS | Muggle-Born
    • BIRTHDAY | September 2nd
    • HOROSCOPE | Virgo

    • Length | 30.0 cm​
      Flexibility | Slightly Springy​
      Wood | Pine​
      Core | Horned Serpent Horn​

    • Length | 33.0 cm​
      Flexibility | Springy​
      Wood | 8,000 Year-Old Bog Oak​
      Core | Thunderbird Tail Feather​
      NOTE: This wand is specialized for high-precision crafting work, such as Alchemy, Potions, Enchantment Charms, and Transfiguration. The crystal sphere can also be used for divinatory magical analysis. The wand can be wielded from either end, depending on the type of work being done, while the off-hand manipulates the attached alchemical symbols and materials. Technically, it can be used to cast any normal spell, but it is poorly suited for dueling or anything requiring a great deal of dramatic swishing and waving.​

    • BOGGART | Dolores Umbridge
    • PATRONUS | Octopus
    • AMORTENTIA | Books, fine Darjeeling, The Scent of Fresh Rain

    • SCHOOLS | Hogwarts, Ilvermorny
    • HOUSES | Ravenclaw, Horned Serpent
    • GRADUATION YEAR | 2002
    • BEST CORE CLASS | Potions
    • WORST CORE CLASS | Defense Against the Dark Arts
    • MINISTRY DEPARTMENT | Department of Mysteries
    • MINISTRY POSITION | Senior Researcher (Two years)

    • MOTHER | Amphitrite Eliadys [Muggle physicist]
    • FATHER | Tarasios Eliadys [Muggle biologist]
    • PET | Auset, Maine Coon cat

    • ENJOYS | Exotic teas with cream, electro-swing music, anything produced with fine craftsmanship
    • DISLIKES | Modern Muggle clothes styles, bigotry in any form, purely social situations (parties, get-togethers, blind dates), irrationality.
    • QUIRKS | Calls Muggles "Technologicals" or "Techs," organizes her environments in ways that look disorganized, but make sense to her.
    • FEARS | Tyrannical authority, the possibility that there might actually be Something Humanity Was Not Meant To Know.

    Theme Music:

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