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    The large blue-shuttered house was barren when Catie returned home after class. She set her worn backpack down in the hall, the rustle of the stiff fabric warming up the silence. Even still, the air had an unsettling quality that always seemed present whenever her parents weren’t home. It was bearable, but tended to make her just a bit more jumpy than usual.

    When she was eleven years old, Catie’d often wield kitchen knives if she heard any unfamiliar noises. Having just turned sixteen, Catie was well beyond that childish habit, and instead locked herself in her bedroom where the small creaks of the large house were somewhat silenced by the thinly insulated walls. She slowly discovered that it wasn’t so much the silence that bothered her- in fact, she reveled in it- but the sounds.

    Catie wandered into the kitchen, already knowing there would be nothing good for her to eat, but hoping that perhaps her mother had slid a chicken pot pie into the oven when she’d come home for lunch.

    This was not the case.

    With a knowing sigh, Catie walked back out into the hallway, carefully stepping over the creaky floorboard- and scooped her backpack off the ground. The woven straps were still warm where they were formerly pressed against her shoulders. She quickly exited the house and locked the door, brushing her Alice in Wonderland blond locks behind her ears as the oncoming wind attempted to blow her straight off the sidewalk.

    The Milton Hillside area was a small but bustling area that had that small-town charm that lured in romantics from all over the country. Catie’d lived in Milhill her whole life, but she could still appreciate the allure of the small little city.

    After walking but a mile, Catie passed the Pizza Palace. She liked the pizza alright, but she couldn’t muster the courage to walk inside and order a pie alone. The Pizza Palace was the kind of restaurant that you went to with your date or best friends or your family for a celebration- not by yourself. Catie hadn’t had many opportunities to eat there. Instead, she walked across the street to the local super market. She bought a package of pistachios and a small tray of sushi, and carried on her way down the blustery street.

    On the corner stood the oldest and proudest building of Milhill- the library. While she’d been on plenty of field trips inside with her elementary school, and she even loved to read, Catie didn’t often go to the Milton Hillside Library. No one did.This immediately struck Catie as odd and found herself rather curious.

    Stuffing her plain dinner into the side-pocket of her backpack, Catie picked up the pace and ventured inside, unsure of what exactly she expected.

    Opening up from beyond the heavy door was a wide, open space with elegant beams running across the high ceilings like stitch-work. The windows let soft light cascade down upon the wall-to-wall bookshelves crammed with an array of unique books. The floor was almost maze-like with low shelves perforated with books.

    Catie found herself walking towards a small study area, enclosed in a square of bookshelves. There were several tables adorned with wide oak chairs, and even a couple of plush looking couches facing each other in the near corner. There was a strong "grandma's house" vibe that made Catie grin from ear to ear before settling down in one of the chairs in the far corner. She reached into her backpack, producing her pistachios and her English homework and happily got to work.
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  2. Jessica wasn't entirely surprised when her mother, nor her father were home when she stepped into their small suburban house. The oh-to-familar sound of silence embraced her like an old friend. Jess was used to being alone, most of her time was spent alone now. When she wasn't taking care of her younger siblings she was studying.. alone. Jessica closed the door and leaned against it. She watched the clock in the living room tick and tock, back and forth. The hands told her it was around 4. She had about 2 hours before her siblings would need to be picked up. She grabbed her back pack and opened the door again and stepped out. She closed and locked the door before starting to walk down the side wall.

    She wasn't sure what she was looking for, but in a new town Jessica had a lot to explore. Millhill was a cute little town with a big city feel from what Jessica could tell. Jess's family had just moved here from a couple towns away after the.. incident. Jessica had been the cause of that. Her few good friends from middle school had gotten themselves caught in the drug scene and after many failed attempts to get Jess to join them, one night she actually did. Jess had started join with the wrong people and her drug problem soon spiraled out of control, no thanks to her father. After Jessica decided that she no longer wanted to drink and do drugs her friends abandoned her and started to make her life hell everyday.

    Jessica pulled at the long sleeved shirt she had on and pulled it over her hands. She was always embarrassed of her cut scars on her wrists and legs. The bullying had gone as far as threatening her little siblings and that's when Jessica's dad applied to move to the new bank in this town. Jessica had no friends, at all. She sighed and let her bright red hair fall in her face as she continued down the sidewalk, passing a few new places but none of them caught her eye. Until she came upon a grand building which she soon learned was the Milton Hillside Library.

    She hesitated for a moment before she pushed open the heavy lumber door. She took in the library as the high ceiling draped with beams and the window that let in enough light to make her eyes visible to the library. She noticed the grand wall to wall book cases the held hundreds of books on almost every subject under the sun Jess thought. She made her way though the maze like book shelves until she got to a small corner that held a enclosed study area. With a couple tables and chairs with 2 plushy couches. She noticed another blonde girl and she walked past her as she sat at another chair opposite of the girl. She glanced over at the girl as she took out her reading book and cracked it open.
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  3. Catie remained silent as the unfamiliar redhead sat down. She attempted to keep her gaze trained on her work, but found herself unable to resist the urge to study the redhead. Catie found it odd and slightly uncomfortable that the redhead had chosen the seat directly across from her, but still she felt a strange sense of flattery. The fiery girl had a tired air about her, but remained poised and erect against the high-backed chair. She sat like a modern queen. Instantly Catie felt a flicker of admiration towards the redhead, but still returned her focus to her book. There was nothing Catie could possibly say without embarrassing herself, so she didn't. She figured that if the redhead had something she wished to say to Catie, then she would. Regardless, the redheads presence made Catie that much more intent on breathing silently and turning every page with the gentleness of a kitten.

    People just had that effect on her.

    With a slow and mildly therapeutic exhale, Catie bent her head downwards towards the fresh pages of her book, allowing her light tresses to form a shield around her, to bring her back to privacy.
    Her eyes scanned the inky letters that dotted the page, but she took in no words. After sitting like this for several moments, Catie's neck began to hurt and she realized how childish she must seem to the redhead. Instantly, she snapped her head back up and closed her eyes, regretting every movement she made. She then chose to be still.
  4. "Dammit, dammit, dammit..."

    After finally getting out from his cooking-related extracurriculars, Paul had run straight for his house -- his parents were too busy to drive him and he hated the bus -- nearly dropped the key three times while unlocking the front door, and slammed it shut as he continued his rampage all the way to his spacious, tidy bedroom. Of all the classes to be failing, why did it have to be business? Statistics, to be exact, a math class that was vitally important if Paul wanted to follow in his dad's footsteps, and yet one that he was apparently awful at. Why did math have to be so hard? He knew he should've been grateful that the teacher had given him three days to cook up a five-page paper on the history of the Cartesian coordinate system for extra credit, but holy hell was that a lot of work to do, and in such a short span of time. Even though Paul excelled in the kitchens, he didn't work too well under pressure anywhere else.

    Thank all the gods in the universe that he had the day off. He'd just have to get to work right away, and that meant getting out of the house. Already, the clack clack clack of his dad's keyboard in the next room was grating on his nerves. He loved his old man, but why couldn't he replace that dusty old PC, like he'd already done for everyone else in the house? "This computer is a miracle worker," Paul's dad had told him. Bullshit, he just didn't want to throw that hunk of junk out.

    Paul heaved the many books out of his backpack and replaced them with the few things he'd need to get the paper done: his statistics textbook, his Macbook, and some paper and pencils in case the internet proved to be insufficient. He made sure to stuff his library card in his pocket, and then slap on his lucky hat, a poofy orange affair decorated with a bold black "Q" on the front. Paul had long since forgotten what the Q stood for, but it was a gift from some distant family member and hadn't failed him yet. He then adjusted his trademark sunglasses, hoisted his bookbag back onto his shoulders, and headed back out the door.

    The library was his destination, always his study place of choice when he needed peace and quiet. It wasn't a very popular spot, so there was rarely any noise. He made it there in record time and slowed his pace as soon as he made it through the doors, unwilling to disturb the near-silence with his heavy footsteps. He headed straight for his favorite spot, a study area carved into the maze of bookshelves where few people ever showed -- but this time was different. There were two girls in the circle of seats, a blonde and a redhead. He sighed and muttered, "Hey, mind if I sit here?" indicating one of the nearby chairs.
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  5. Catie didn't personally know Paul, but she knew of him. His father owned the legacy that was the Pizza Palace, which put Paul in an enviable position. He struck her as rather vain, wearing shades and a hat indoors that nearly cloaked his expression. His attire was almost dehumanizing. Catie could just barely discern the desperation in the slight frown that he wore. She identified with his expression of neediness, and instantly she reconsidered her opinion of him. Perhaps he wasn't as aloof as she'd first assumed.

    Catie turned a page in her English book, cringing as the sharp sound of paper folding resonated in the silence that had settled prior to his question.

    His question. He was looking for an answer, and was evidently growing more frustrated, but Catie barely knew what to say. She opened her mouth to speak, but the closed it again. She must've looked quite like a fish plundering for food. Catie looked to the redhead for help, but quickly glanced back down. Her roaming eyes soon found Paul's behind his dark sunglasses and she finally attempted to respond,

    "Go ahe-ad," she said, her voice breaking in the most pathetic way. Her light, girlish voice seemed to mock her until she wished that she had simply remained silent- as usual.
  6. The second Katarzyna stepped into the house she regretted it. Her mother and father’s yells echoed throughout the large house, bouncing off the empty walls and reverberating right to her ears – or so it felt like. Her face immediately scowled. God, she hated hearing them fight. As she walked through the house and to her room on the first floor, Kat kept her attention elsewhere so she wouldn’t hear their exact words. Listening to the sound of their voices snap back and forth was one thing, but listening to what they were saying was another and was sure to break her heart. Instead she mouthed the words of a song she heard on the radio, bobbing her head in time with the beat as she shoved open her bedroom door.

    The first thing she did was switch out of her current attire, which was sweaty from practice, threw them in the ever growing pile of dirty laundry in the corner of her room, and put on a comfy pair of jeans and a plain grey t-shirt; she knew she was styling. Not really, but she still looked okay. Kat slipped on her pair of red sneakers and left her room again, grabbing her backpack and an apple on her way out the door.

    Despite having a car, Katarzyna liked walking. Her legs kept her moving down the near empty street at a slow pace, arms swinging lazily at her side as she continued to mouth the words of a different song, taking a bite out of the apple whenever she felt like it. Every so often she’d find herself doing little dance moves, shaking her shoulders and swinging her hips as if she knew what she was doing. She didn’t, but she continued to do it anyways, anything to take her mind off of the fact that her parents were arguing again.

    Katarzyna would normally head to the park when her parents were fighting, but since she had homework to do and studying for an upcoming test she decided to go to the library, which was a good ten minute walk from her house. She didn’t mind the walk for it gave her enough time to clear her head and focus on what she had to do rather than wallowing in her own self pity. By the time she stood in front of the towering brick structure the apple was gone and Katarzyna successfully managed to get a stupid song stuck in her head. The girl meandered her way through the tall shelves of books, looking for an appealing spot to occupy, which she eventually found.

    A cozy little cubby of tables and chairs, and cushiony couches soon called out to her. The fact that there already were people occupying the space didn’t even phase her, instead she made her way to one of the study tables and flung her bag onto the table to take out her textbooks and notes. Katarzyna cringed when her bag thudded against the wooden table, but put on a bright smile and turned to the others she could have possibly disturbed. “Przykro mi,” She said to the others, wrinkling her nose when she realized she was speaking in Polish. “Ehm. I’m sorry if I disturbed you.”
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  7. Andrej was taking a walk on the second floor of the Library, and yes, he was the type that would choose a closed space to walk by instead of the open and sunny spaces; somehow, the young man preferred the dusty air, filled with the rich scent of paper and mobile polisher than the fresh breeze from the other side of the heavy door. Also, he was more familiar with all the staff of the library than any other person, and was already treated like an equal. This place was his sanctuary, his oasis... but also the place where he found the portals to the other lives he could try through the books. His escape and his prison.

    He approached a mezzanine where he could see at least a third of the all the floor dowstairs, and one of the spots he had a special affection to, the closed study area. Two girls were already there, and that was rare; not many people go there, and that's even more true to the young ones. He arrived at the parapet in time to see a boy - a familiar face, for his visits were occasional, but somewhat constant - join the two. Or else, they were sharing the space, but not really interacting. That was a shame. Everyone was so lonely these days... or was it how he tended to see things? Maybe he was just projecting his own thoughts towards the others... He had the habit of seeing unknown people and just create lives in his head, and routines, whole families, leaving no empty spaces. Like that was possible.

    He sighed, so quietly it didn't disturb the heavy silence covering the library, dense as a mantle. Before thinking twice, he started his way back to the stairs, adjusting his glasses and the turtleneck. He was not in school uniform because, for the third time this week, he skipped classes. The teachers were not even worrying, he was one student less for them to take care of, and his grades were enough to make two other students pass if he could share. They just gave up to make him go. His relatives couldn't care less, too. He spent his time in a library, what could be safer than that?

    Before turning the last bookshelf, Andrej heard the female voice. "Go ahe-ad." It seemed the blonde girl. He simply guessed. He arrived at the same time the other guy seemed to be settling down his things and another girl arrived. She had an even more colorful hair than the others. Interesting. Four people at that forgotten place? His silhouette materialized at the opening between the shelves just after the last girl, the dark brown clothes just like the furniture, the long hair tied in a low ponytail. "Sorry if I interrupt your activities." his voice seemed polished and dusty like everything else, and smooth enough to not break the serenity of the library. "If you need help to find books of a specific topic, I'd be glad to assist."
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  8. Jessica looked up at the blonde from her book and smiled. She then noticed three others 2 males and a female enter the quiet library. She was the only one yet to speak and she closed her eyes. "You can do this.. just.. start with something simple. Say hello.." She told herself as her breathing increased. The silence was surrounding her again and made her nervous. The unsettling urge to talk was disturbing and she looked about and studied the others. What makes 5 complete strangers end up at a dusty old library together. This was Fate.

    Jessica, after moments of unsettling silence, finally broke her silence. "H-Hey so.. I uh.. I'm Jessica.. I'm new here.. I don't know many people and it seems kinda ya know.. odd that we all jut ended up here.." She said as she put her book down on the table. She was completely flustered as her face showed from her bright red blush. She then looked down at the time and figured she could scoot out quickly if she needed too.
  9. Catie was struck by how quickly the small space had filled up with unfamiliar people, all speaking with different voices with different tones- even one girl with a different language. She felt overwhelmed by the influx of people and drew back within her collared shirt. The voices all seemed to mix together to form one overwhelming flood of words that she couldn't quiet compute. Breathing deeply, Catie put on a pleasant facial expression and peered out at the collection of people.

    There was the redhead, stating exactly what Catie had been thinking- it was strange that a venue so empty had been so heavily populated today.
    There was Paul, now sitting, who looked slightly less frustrated then he had when he'd entered.
    At an adjacent table sat a girl with strikingly bright hair that had been speaking- was it Polish?- seconds earlier.
    And finally, standing serenely beside the table was the long-haired fellow who seemed to belong among the books.

    Catie chuckled quietly at the strange group that had somehow gathered in this secluded area. A peculiar emotion had taken over her, one she could only describe as a burble of laughter. An emotion called happiness.
  10. The young man heard the first girl talking in his presence - Jessica, by her words - and his head inclined slightly as a compliment. "My pleasure, Jessica. I'm Andrej." he answered, giving the others a quick glance, as if it was addressed to everyone. "And, while this is odd, it's not completely... unfamiliar. It's funny but... places where one could be in peace and alone always become popular someday. Because everyone wants to be in peace in a moment through the routine. The problem is, when this happens, no one is alone anymore." He raised his hands, and twisted his lips in a funny questioning face. "Then the people start avoiding these places, because they are not the best to be in company, and, eventually, they are calm again. It's a cycle."

    His hand returned to behind his back. "Or, maybe, this is just an interesting coincidence. To be honest, I never saw this happening here." He passed his eyes through the group, all the others still to give their names and say something. It was very swift, because staring was not exactly polite, but he had the chance to see something in the blonde eyes, some amusement when she chuckled. It was pleasant, somehow, a rare emotion to such a place.
    Maybe all these lone wolves could become a pack.
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  11. Relief flooded through Katarzyna when no one seemed annoyed with her, and as she sat in one of the uncomfortable wooden chairs to study for the night her eyes drifted from face to face. Everyone had an air of familiarity about them, as if she had seen them all before; from the girl who admitted to being new to the guy who looked as though he belonged in the library, all of them seemed familiar.

    Kat bundled her long hair together as neatly as she could without a brush and tied it off in a high ponytail to keep it out of her face, however she remained twisted in her chair to look at the others. She decided that her favorite so far was the young looking blonde girl, who chose to remain silent as the others spoke. Blue eyes lingered on the blonde for a moment, taking a mental note how her face contorted into an expression of amusement and how quiet chuckles trickled from her lips like a leaky faucet, before they traveled to the red haired girl who introduced herself as Jessica. Another moment passed before Kat looked at the standing male, who proceeded to introduce himself as Andrej, and then on to the sunglass wearing kid, who she deemed Sunglasses until he would introduce himself, who sat quietly in a chair.

    Katarzyna stood up from her seat, deciding that she wouldn’t be able to work on her homework anytime soon, and turned the chair around so she could easily face the group without straining her back. She took a seat in the chair once it was situated, a lazy slouch in her back. “I’m Katarzyna,” She began, adding the perfect amount of a Polish accent to make her name sound exotic, “but feel free to call me Kat, most people do.” The corners of her pale lips lifted up into a small smile as her eyes moved from face to face. She hummed in agreement with Andrej’s explanation, nodding her head ever so slightly.

    “Let’s break the cycle then.” She suggested with a lazy shrug, not really knowing where exactly she was headed with it but knowing that she was one to go against the natural flow of things.
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  12. His question answered in the positive, Paul had taken a seat, pulled out his laptop, and immediately set to work on preliminary research. The websites displayed on the screen reflected in his shades. He was far too focused on his work to take notice of the first bits of conversation, other than his minor irritation at the noise surrounding him while he was trying to work. Didn't these people know this was important?

    That said, he was lucky enough to stumble across several useful-looking sites in a matter of minutes, and a cursory check at the library's online catalog yielded many results as well. Who know so many people had written entire books about the history of geometry? He supposed he could afford to ease back on the gas a little and actually pay attention to his surroundings. The people around him certainly seemed like an interesting bunch, all quite unique even at first glance.

    "I'm Paul Derickson," he said, jumping into the conversation without really knowing much about it. Raising an eyebrow, he added, "You've heard of me, right? Or at least my dad."
  13. As each person recited their name, one by one, Catie noticed how the cluster of chairs now almost resembled a circle. Everybody, with varying levels of interest, had turned their torsos to face the center to hear what the next person would say. It seemed so natural, the pace at which each new name was spoken and each comment was uttered. There was a fluidity within their movements and Catie found that she felt quite comfortable sitting beside these strangers- or at least as comfortable as she could possibly be.

    While Catie continued to consider the oddity of the group and strange familiarity within it, she began to feel pairs of eyes pricking at her skin. She looked up from the book she was no longer pretending to read, finally realizing she was the only one who hadn't officially introduced themselves. With hesitance, Catie allowed her pale eyes to scan the array of people before her, gaining more attention with her uncomfortable silence then she would've liked. To end the unbearable awkwardness, Catie struggled to speak up,

    "I'm Catie," She said softly, smiling at the ground.
  14. Jessica's eyes glanced around the misfit group. Each person looked as if they had a story to tell, it was an interesting group of kids. From the quiet blond to the cocky boy and back again to the boy who had first answered her question. Her hands were shaking and she looked down at her book that still remained open in her lap. Her eyes settled on Paul before she answered his question. "No.. Actaully I've never heard of you.. who is your father?" She didn't mean to sound ignorant but she was at least being honest.

    Her head rested in her left hand as she watched the others expressions, breathing, outfits. Everyone was very different, it surprised Jess how they all ended up here. "Kinda like the breakfast club" she thought to herself. Maybe, just maybe one of these people could be her friend. Everyone seemed to be holding back, but feeling slowly more comfortable.
  15. Paul gave a slight sneer and leaned back in his chair, sitting up straight as a subconscious means of making himself look bigger. He just knew one of the people here was a total pleb; he could practically smell it on them. "Only the owner of the best pizza joint this miserable little town has and ever will know." He really wished his dad would take his business to a larger city where there was more money and publicity to be found, instead of keeping the family stuck in this dead-end village. Quiet was nice and all, but it was just so boring. "You know, the Pizza Palace?" he added. "If that name doesn't ring a bell then we're really doing something wrong."
  16. Once more the young but solemn head of Andrej made a little bow to the others. "It's a pleasure to know you. Katarzyna; Paul; Catie." He said, returning to his original position. He tried to mimic the polish pronunciation of Kat's name, and it went fairly well, or at least not worse than his English. He noticed how Paul reacted to not being known among the whole group, something he was already familiar with, among his own family, that could easily bring him not a judgement but concern. He tried to dismiss it. He knew the name from the News, both father and son, and his relatives were usual goers of Pizza Palace. Andrej himself was there only a few times, with them, in awkward and silent nights. Sometimes, he would buy a small pizza and eat alone by his house.

    "Your joint have a good Margherita pizza, Mr. Derickson." Transparent glasses stared at black glasses, the pale green eyes very hard to read. Was the use of the surname only part of his serious behavior or a bit of irony? "We also have books about the hystory of Pizza Palace, as well as most of the famous companies in Milton Hillside." He added, the small hint of a smile playing in his face, but one could only catch it if was not really looking for it. "And the hystory of Pizza, too."
  17. Katarzyna inwardly groaned when Sunglasses introduced himself. Paul Derickson, son of the man who owns that pizza place Kat has only gone to once only to decide that she didn’t like the pizza, so she never went there again unless she was conned into hanging out with some of her friends from school. Save for the new girl Jessica, Kat was positive everyone else in their little group has heard of him. “Ah. So the Pizza Prince has gifted us with his presence, how generous of you.” She spoke with a gentle smile on her face, but there was a barely noticeable bite of venom to her words if one would listen hard enough to notice it. “Don’t get too big of a head or you won’t be able to get out of the library, “ Kat added under her breath, lowering her eyes to the floor as she tried to hold back the smirk that was threatening to show on her face.

    The beginnings of a smile she had on her face when she was poking fun at Paul soon turned into a full-fledged smile when she heard Andrej pronounce her full name. Her eyes moved from Paul and settled on Andrej. “Very nice.” She complimented, giving him a slight bow of the head before turning her eyes back to the rest of the group.
  18. Catie struggled to hold back peals of laughter at Katarzyna's snippy comments- Catie was quite amused at her jabs at the cocky sunglassed character. Paul's face began to reflect a distinct shade of red only comparable to pizza sauce as the banter continued. She wasn't completely sure of this shade was a product of anger or embarrassment, but she could settle for either.

    As the conversation carried on, Catie cracked open a pistachio and delicately placed it in her mouth, the saltiness causing her tongue to salivate. She pushed the bag forward towards the center of the circle, indicating for the poorly-opened bag to be shared. She silently hoped nobody was allergic.

    Glancing up at the wall-mounted clock, Catie noticed that it was already six thirty. She winced slightly at this fact, knowing that her parents preferred her to be home before six o'clock- not that they would ever know what time she got home when they themselves don't arrive home until the wee hours. Regardless, Catie wasn't adept at getting away with devious acts, even one so simple as staying out an extra couple of minutes, but she hated to be the one to break up the group.

    With strong hesitance, Catie stood up and pushed in her chair, not wanting anyone to disturb any conversation.

    "I'll be back tomorrow," She said quietly, hoping that somebody heard her, and that maybe they would all be back tomorrow, too.
  19. "Thank you," Paul said with a huff and a nod in Andrej's direction. Finally, someone who knew how to be respectful around someone like him. It never even occurred to him that the dark-haired man could be messing with him. He wasn't oblivious to Kat's passive-aggressive jibes, though, and shot her a glare, flushing slightly in both embarrassment and annoyance. Jerk. Just as he reached out to take a pistachio, ready to crack it as loudly as possible in his teeth, Catie stood, causing her chair to squeak slightly and drawing everyone's attention.

    "Oh, you gotta go?" he asked, glancing at the clock as well. Only 6:30? But if too many of them left, Paul would have to get back to his work, and he was enjoying the distraction. "You sure? Maybe we could get some dinner or something, my treat."
  20. Jessica tried to hide her laughter with a furry of coughing fits. She couldn't help it, Kat's jabs at Paul were just to funny. She too started to reach out to grab a pistachio and realized Catie suddenly got up. "Wait what time is it?" Jessica asked as she looked at the clock. "Oh shit.. I gotta go too!" She stood up and shoved her notebook into her floral back pack. She looked at Catie and then to the others and smiled slightly. "I'll be back here too" She said and pushed her chair back. "I hope I'll see you guys tomorrow. Oh and Nice hair" She told Kat and smiled. She looked at Paul again before she smiled "Sorry I didn't know who you were.. I'll have to try your pizza soon!" She promised and then began to walk out. She bumped into Andrej and blushed. "Sorry, Oh and um I might need help finding a book tomorrow if you could help me." She flashed another smile before she ran out of the library and down the street to pick up her little siblings. "Shit shit shit" She said as she felt the wind against her face as she rushed to the elementary school.
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