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The Milton Hillside Library (Signups and OOC)

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Imagination, Jul 24, 2014.

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  1. (The Thread: https://www.iwakuroleplay.com/threads/the-milton-hillside-library.60013/ )

    The Milton Hillside Library is the oldest standing building in the Milton Hillside area (dubbed Milhill by locals). While the impressive brick structure towers above the smaller town buildings, the library itself is not a common attraction and is quite often found nearly empty. There is a small study area in the back and wall-to-wall bookshelves complete with a rolling ladder, but it's charm cannot compete with the lure of more modern areas of Milhill.

    A small group of unrelated students who covet the quiet resource of the library has slowly arisen out of sheer need. While their intentions were set souly on using the Library for their own purposes, this lot of teenagers finds themselves becoming an unlikely group of friends.

    Location in this roleplay is not restrained to the Library, this is simply a place for the group to meet and build relationships. There is no set plot line, and the characters we create shall guide the story.

    There are only going to be 5 slots, not including myself. If someone wanted to play a teacher/librarian/parent or less permanent character, we could definitely work that in.

    SLOT 1: Catie Winston (F)
    SLOT 2: Jessica Altrone (F)
    SLOT 3: Paul "PD" Derickson (M)
    SLOT 4: Aleksandr Vitality (M)
    SLOT 5: Andrej Majora Negrinni (M)

    SLOT 6: Katarzyna Bartol (F)

    All slots are filled! Thank you!

    Try to vary the characters to keep the story interesting, and fill out the sheet below!

    Sexual Orientation:
    Age (Keep it from 16-18, unless your character was held back):
    Background/Home life:


    My Character:

    Name: Catie Winston

    Gender: Female

    Sexual Orientation: Undetermined. Likely demisexual.

    Age (Keep it from 16-18, unless your character was held back): 16


    Background/Home life: Simple and quiet, and oftentimes quite lonely. Catie's mother dedicated her life to the art of law, and spends a great deal of time away from home and working on a case. Likewise, Catie's father is a corporate legend. He makes the hour long commute every morning to the nearest big city to go to work. As the CEO of ECare, an insurance company, Catie's father makes a healthy income but also sacrifices much of his time at home to work and get ahead of competing companies. While her family is strong and love is held up from all ends, Catie ends up spending a great deal of time alone and has dedicated herself to her education so that she can one day follow in either her mother or fathers footsteps and maintain the Winston Million.

    Personality: Catie relatively reflects her mundane lifestyle, speaking meekly and not very often, choosing to nurture her mind rather then her friendships. Buried underneath years of built up anxiety is a sweet and loving teenager, but this is not often seen at first glance. Her best and only friend moved away a year ago and she has not tried to gain any new ones since.
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  2. Name: Jessica Altrone
    Gender: Female
    Sexual Orientation: Bi-sexual and proud
    Age: 17
    Background/Home life: Jessica's home life is a huge mess, or as her mother calls it "Controlled chaos". Jessica prefers to call it a hot mess. Jessica's father works as an accountant by day and a underground drug dealer at night and her mother works a night shift as a waitress on weekends and a day job as nurse during weeks. She comes from a very messed up home but doesn't let that affect her or her personality. She knows her parents do what they do out of love for her and her 3 younger siblings. Jessica used to struggle with personal issues including, her appearance and her mental state. Jessica also used to have a drug problem. key word: USED TO.
    Personality: Jessica is actually a very fiery and outgoing girl and enjoys what any other teenage girl would enjoy. She loves her little siblings more than any one else in her life. Her depression and other mental problems tend not to show unless Jessica lets her walls down. Though Jessica has many great things about her personality she has quite a few downsides to it as well, including being stubborn, debating and arguing with others, and being a bit bratty and rude.

    {Hope she's okay, if not tell me and I'll change her!}

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  3. Reserving a spot, will have a bio up tomorrow after I sleep.
  4. Name: Paul "PD" Derickson

    Gender: Male

    Sexual Orientation: Straight as far as anyone else knows, but starting to get nervous that he might lean the other way.

    Age: 18

    Appearance: Paul keeps himself looking good at all times, with clear skin, lint-free clothes, and a movie star smile. The only thing he can't seem to manage is his short brown hair, which tends to do whatever it wants. He is fairly short for his age and kinda pudgy-looking, with a small, rounded nose and large, expressive blue eyes -- not that you'd ever know, since he has a fierce tendency to wear a rounded pair of sunglasses with very dark, shiny lenses that make him very difficult to read. He wears a dull orange jacket layered over a black tee, a freshly pressed pair of black slacks, and professional-looking shoes, shined every morning.

    Background/Home life: Paul's father owns an extremely popular local pizza restaurant called Pizza Palace. Mr. Derickson was the inventor of the radical "Double Pizza Pie (tm)," a double-layered deep dish pizza that you eat like pie or casserole. The gimmick has drawn in insane amounts of business, and as Paul works as the head chef, he gets loads of money in both wages and allowance. Paul's mother is a businesswoman who goes on frequent trips, and as such is rarely seen around the house. Paul never really got along with her, staying close to his dad instead. He also has a younger brother by two years named Patrick who is obsessed with Mario games and superhero comics, but the two don't talk much.

    Personality: Paul (his closest friends call him PD) has a pretty big head. He likes to think he's famous and gets offended when people don't know his father or the family's claim to fame. Not getting what he wants is another sore spot for him. That said, he can be a bit of a coward when faced with tough challenges, often choosing to back down and let other people handle it for him.
  5. Hooray! Both characters sound great! I can't wait to roleplay with you guys!

    Three more slots open!
  6. [​IMG]

    aleksandr vitality.


    Sexual Orientation:
    closeted homoromantic pansexual.


    stands at about 5'11, dark brown hair, dark brown eye's, thin frame. he dresses based on his own interests and looks like an over all dork in the process. immortalhd / aleksandr marchant is his faceclaim.

    Background/Home life:
    he doesn't really talk about it much, actually. he's already moved into his own apartment, though he formerly lived with his single father; he still lives close to his dad, and still talks with him often. his life is, currently, filled with ramen and being a lazy piece of shit. in all reality he's waiting for the senior year to end so he can swoop into the full time slot being held for him at his current part time job. he has no real goal or plans on going to college.

    he's the kind of guy who plays video games, you know the ones who watch youtubers and groan over that last update to that one game that made it completely fucking stupid. aleks has a assholish kind of personality to most things, due to the fact that he's used to people pranking him and turning everything good into something bad. he has a running joke about having no friends, and can be seen saying damn dude when ever something goes down. he has a few ' catch phrases ' actually, such as the aforementioned damn dude, followed with hello? whenever something offensive is said, and multiple others. it's also good to note that despite his love of games, he usually sucks at them.

  7. Great! Love the name! :o)

    Two more slots!
  8. I hope this one is okay! If necessary, will be edited.

    Name: Andrej Majora Negrinni (for some reason, he avoids the last name)

    Gender: Male

    Sexual Orientation: Undetermined. He's a friendzoner Lord.

    Age: 17

    Appearance: Slightly tall stature, broad shoulders with tight waist. His body is always covered in long clothes, but it seems unlikely to have much muscles under there. His hair is dark brown, almost black, and long, frequently tied in different or bizarre ways (he doesn't care about looking girly; in fact, he never does), so it's hard to guess the real length. His frame is a bit angular, the nose is long and thin, the chin well shaved. Wears discrete glasses over his very pale green eyes of long eyelashes. Frequently wears turtlenecks, long sleeved shirts, vests, overcoats, anything fancy in public, the cliché of any "gentleman". If you're really familiar with him, then you can see him in his 'comfortable clothes', anything oversized, usually hooded and very old. He can still look decent with those on. Both ears are pierced twice (the right one having a helix piercing), something unexpected to his behavior and personality.

    Background/Home life: When asked about his family or his past, he will answer he was born in a small island not far from the continent, being the oldest son of a fairly rich family, and that he moved to Milton Hillside to live with relatives and study. All that is true. Yet, one could easily see how evasive the answer is. He's one of the very few people who frequent the Library, and knows so much about the place he's frequently asked about being an employee; he simply shrugs. For his appearance, he also received the nickname "The specter of the Library". He's a student of the worst school in the place, but is rarely seen there, preferring to build his own knowledge at the library. In fact Andrej seems too smart to be part of that school, one more mystery about his personal life.

    Personality: Andrej is the typical 'gentle-towards-anyone', mixed with a lot of awkwardness. With a weird accent that no one can guess where it comes from and his unusual clothes (long even during the summer), he walks by Milhill clearly as a complete foreigner. When he's seen, because that's rare. Sometimes, he lacks the minimal social skills, like he was raised in some kind of bizarre culture, or just too far from society; in a moment, extremely polite, in the other, so sincere it sounds rude. He also treats people from both genders exactly the same, and is frequently called gay for being nice to other guys. He ignores all the bullying with the calm distance he carries everywhere, one that is frequently stained by a discrete melancholy, or kind satisfaction. Because he seems very reserved, he will always surprise the others with unexpected actions or revelations. It seems his charcters was build by the fragments of all the books he already read...
  9. Sounds awesome! :o) And, what's this? Only one slot left!
  10. Name: Katarzyna Bartol

    Gender: Female

    Sexual Orientation: Straight

    Age: 17

    Appearance: Katarzyna is 145lbs and stands at 5-feet ten-inches. Despite her height, Kat is very coordinated and quick, and her body is decently toned due to participating in school athletics. Her hair is extremely long, reaching down just below her natural waist, and it is a dark brown, however she currently has is died a raspberry color as an act of defiance against her parents.

    Kat (open)

    Background/Home Life: Katarzyna’s father grew up in Poland and moved to Milhill when he was 13 years old with his parents. It was at Milhill he met Kat’s mother. Katarazyna was brought up speaking both English and Polish, which makes her bilingual. Due to that, she has a tendency to switch her language whilst she’s speaking, from English to Polish, without even knowing it – she also swears in Polish so the teachers don’t understand her and she can’t get in trouble.

    Like her mother, Katarzyna was very athletic throughout her years of high school. Kat’s currently the captain of the volleyball team, but that isn’t the only sport she plays for the school. She can be classified as popular because she does have a large following in school, but she prefers being alone than being with other people because she doesn’t view anyone as a true friend whom she can tell everything to.

    At home, tension is starting to build between her parents; of course, being the great parents they are, they chose not to tell Kat what’s happening, but Kat can literally feel the tension when she’s at home. Her parents are walking on eggshells whenever she's around, and to avoid the guilt they feel when they see her face they usually just ignore her. When night time comes her parents can be found arguing upstairs in their bedroom, but Kat has never listened to see what they’re arguing about; instead she sneaks out of the house and stays at the nearby park for a couple of hours before returning home. As a result of her late nights at the park, Kat’s grades have dropped drastically.

    Personality: It’s easily said that Kat prefers the company of herself over the company of people – or so she thinks – but she’s very friendly otherwise. She understands the perfect way to treat people to make them like her; but that doesn’t necessarily means she likes you. She’s quite sarcastic and ironic; her words can have a bite to them that’ll make you feel like a silly little frog. It’s when she’s sarcastic and mean to you does she actually like you and value you in her life because it’s her way of letting you into her soul. She’s very grounded, and doesn’t let her head get big easily. She hates loud people, but often times she can be found smiling at anyone and everyone even if they are extremely annoying. Kat has a pretty smile with a hidden meaning; she can look well put together on the outside when her world’s falling apart on the inside.
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  11. It seems we have parallel timelines on the story. Two characters are already gone for the rest of the day, and is the day after for Catie; it seems the others have just a few chances of good interaction. Could we skip to the other day, and make a longer scene together? If not, I'll change my post, too.
  12. I was just planning on not posting as Catie until everybody else is in the same day, but we can do whatever works best! :o)
  13. I'll switch over to the next day in a couple of posts, just want to give Kat and Paul some decent interaction together before moving on to the next day. :]
  14. Oh, I see. If it's possible to post without using the main character, I can also make something with flashbacks, other NPCs around... Also, if Kat or Paul want to interact with Andrej, feel free to call him! I can edit the last post (or else, reallocate part of it in a future post. I was just afraid to keep up with this scene with only half of the six characters.)
  15. Perhaps Kat and I could do a time skip to the next day to catch things up? I can see the two becoming uneasy friends, so we can just say that and move on, if that's okay with everyone.
  16. Sounds good to me~
  17. Hey, I've tried to sketch Andrej, but was too lazy to make something decent. This is what I've got, and not exactly as I wanted it...

    No, his glasses aren't broken, I just can't draw T_T


    Someday I'll try again and do something better. Fun fact: his favorite color is green, even though he dresses usually in black, brown, gray and other discrete colors ^_^
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  18. I'm sorry to say I might have to drop this role-play. I just can't keep up with school starting soon and so many role-plays.
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  19. It will be sad... If you can find some time in the future, I believe it won't be a problem to bring your character back ^_^
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