The Midnight War

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  1. The night was calm only the quiet roaring of the the river could be heard from the canyon below. This canyon was what divided the kingdom of Adarnel and the evil kings conquest of the lands. And her she was sitting on the side lines of her old loyalty. Lost in thought of the choices she made and the one regret she had.

    Deiana sat near the edge of the canyon her knees pulled up to her chest as she hugged them to her self. Her long black hair was pulled back tight from her face and her yellow eyes stayed fixed on the darkness on the other side. She saved her soldiers brought got them out from under the shadow of that King but she left behind someone she couldn't just forget. When she broke her blood oath the pain was unimaginable, her chance to survive was small but some how she did and now it wasn't physical pain or the fear of death that ate at her it was emotional pain and heart break.

    "Deiana, captin we shouldn't be so close to the boarder what if they attack us?" Trina walked step out of the shadow of the tress about twenty feet behind her. Riki walked out behind her alway a step behind his mate. Those two were alway together fallowing her around like she ordered them to. Thought they have a blood bond to Deiana she never orders them to do anything they simply fallow her own their own. "Deiana, the captin of Adarnel might get suspicious to we should g...." "Then go, Trina let me be alone for a bit." Deiana's voice was more of a growl her annoyance clear. Trina let out a whimper but turned and started to walk back into the darkened forest, "she's trying to help you, we can't stand seeing you like this and we have to start working to stop their advancement so get her head on straight and focus on what needs to be done." Riki mumbled before fallowing his mate leaving Deiana alone againin the darkness.
  2. "Your wine sir" a lowly servant walked to a large chair facing a crackling fireplace. A hand stretched out and grabbed the flagon and then disappeared again. "The captain was in a bad mood today" thought the servant boy who quickly bowed and stepped back into the shadows of the room to give his Lord some space. Much of the army wouldn't dare cross him and was afraid of his rage but he was loyal to his King and his people no matter what.
    Dakahris drank the sweet and bitter juices of the wine presented to him in one swoop and flung the the flagon into the fire angrily. The fire danced, reflecting in his eyes and illuminating the dark miserable room. The servant flinched a little not sure whether to offer more wine or stay put. A knock came to the door and then opened "Captain...they are ready for you now" said another servant boy almost too quietly. Dakahris stood up and left the room looking down the gloomy hallways and making sure no one was following him until he reached a small room in the basement of the castle. He opened it and saw long table with candles illuminating the room. There were vials and potions and creatures stuck in tubes as he looked around, suddenly a female old raggitty thing but a female none the less.She pointed at the table, which he could only take as lay on top of it. He did as he was bid, pulling off his under armor and placing his battle axe in the corner of the room. Laying down he took a breathe and closed his eyes.

    The old Hag swirled her hands around his chest and chanted some words in a language he couldn't understand. She sprinkled something cold onto him an then a shock went through his body....the pain was immense and caused him to have spasms, his body was sweaty and he let out a yell and then it was over.He sat up and heaved whiled the old lady poured some water in a cup."You foolish foolish had alcohol before this didn't you?" she said in a raspy voice.
    Kharis nodded quietly.
    "You still think of her...don't you?"
    "Don't ask me"
    "She's a traitor and scum of the earth...."
    "Can it hag or I will have your head"

    Kharis stood up and wiped the sweat from his brow "Just tell me what I need to take so I can be on my way" he snapped.The old lady brought out a vial with purple solution "Once a night before bed" she said and placed it into his hands before he left without a word. Its been a few months since she betrayed him and yet still he was mixed with feelings he was confused about. He was enraged and saddened and crushed on the inside that someone so close to him would do such a he couldn't even sleep and he drank so he wouldn't remember but nothing was enough.
    "Captain!!!" a voice bellowed from his right "Captain we have our orders..." he said almost out of breathe and giving the Kings scroll to him. Dakahris took the scroll and read though it once and a darkened smile crept onto his face "Gather my men now"


    The sword in his hand sliced the air in a silent elegant way. It shimmered as he perfected his strokes and kept his focus on his strikes.One....two....three he swiped at the air and finally breathed out and gave his sword to a waiting servant on his left. He took a cloth and wiped his face clean "where is Deiana?" he asked. "On the outskirts of the kingdom Captain" he bowed low. "As long as she is feeling ok...I would like to speak to her when she comes back...summon her to my quarters when she does." He told him before walking away.Archer had an uneventful morning, he liked it that way and he enjoyed practicing in the gardens by himself. Archer was bonded with the rightful King of Adarnel and a couple months ago he had to make a decision in allowing the female Fae to come into their land and ask to be bonded with his King. He did so and since then wasn't disappointed, but it seemed she was missing something from her life...perhaps she was saddened by the things she had done...the orders she had to carry out and the people she left behind.She would be labeled as a traitor and and killed on the spot if they see her again...yet they came to Adarnel to change their ways, who was he to stop them. He stepped into the castle and went to the baths where he settled himself into the warmth of the water.His dark brown hair slicked back down his spine he sat with his eyes closed, calm and poised. "He was blessed to be in such a place as this" he thought to himself.
  3. Trina stomped through the trees now that she was further from Deiana her eyes stung with tears she held back. That women was her best friend and blood master she ment the world to her yet she wouldn't allow her to help in anyway. Riki fallowed close behind her moving quietly to not affect her emotional state anymore but he seemed to make it worse anyways. Trina couldn't hold back anymore.

    She stopped dead in her tracks and whirled around to face him. Her fist balled up and tense. "Why! Why does she do that. Riki she is only here becuse we wanted safty what if she chooses to go back she knows how to break blood oaths now!" Trina's voice rose into a yell as tears spilled over her cheeks. "She Wants to go back to him! we can both see how much it's hurting her yet I don't want to let her go back. I want a peaceful life for her just as I do for us." Riki's face slightly turned grim as he listened to his mate. When she finally stopped he took her by the arm and pulled her into his own. "She won't leave us you know that she would drag him back here before going back to killing innocent people. But, she needs to sort out her own emotions. Deiana loved him he was a potential mate. They where just about to start the first stage of mating you can't for get that. She gave up her lover for those she considers family, our small group of soldiers, it's tearing her soul in half." Trina buried her face into Riki's chest sniffling a bit as her tears slowed "but I feel like we are losing her." Her words were muffed in his shirt as he tighted his grip around her. "She'll pull out of this love." He whispered kissing her forehead sweetly, "I know she will."


    After a few hours Deiana looked up at the sky her eyes where red and swollen and felt the need to cry some more but she had to head back it was a day's walk back to the walled capital. Of course she could make it back in half a day with her magic but that was beside the point she had been here all night and she never sensed anyone else near the border. She stood up her frame tall for a female Fae but not overly tall built and lean but not to muscular she should have no problem finding another mate yet she still sat her crying over the man she left behind the man who saw no problem with what his King was doing. A growl escaped her as she thought about that blood covered King the monster who dis honored his father with the crimes he's comited as King.

    She started to turn away but stopped mid way to turn back and look across the canyon. "Dakahris!" She yelled over the darkness. She knew there would be no answer if only they had completed the first stage of mating then they could astro project them selfs in their minds to each other so she could see him one last time. But, she knew well that it would have made her leaving that more difficult if they had. She was already tempted every day to run back over that boarder and find him ever other night she sat her waiting to see him but he never comes. Tormenting her self over and over she needs to stop she knows she needs to stop yet she can not do it. One last year rolled down her cheek she would never cry infront of anyone not her soldiers, not Trina, and not even Dakahris if he stood before her. So, she crys alone night after night.

    A howling gust of wind swept through the cyanon pulling her from her own thoughts. She turned to the capital and shifted to her wolf. Bones cracking as her body engulfs in magical light. When the light fades a black wolf stood strong and steadfast it's yellow eyes staring into the forest and in a blink of the eye she was running running back to her new home.

    Once she reached the castle it was late morning the guards didn't bother to stop her like they use to it had been a while since she joined the army hear sweating loyalty to a humman King. Fae rarly swore blood oaths to hummans since they are mortal and Fae are particarly imortal. The death of their master torments fae for years after the fact but she did it to gain freedom form her old oath it was a risk she wasn't sure she would survive but in the end the gods saved her and she awoke to a new master. When she neared the palace doors she noticed Trina and Riki waiting for her neither said anything to her but she decided the way she acted was wrong. "Sorry." She mumbled as she walked bast them into the main castle she turned twords their room on the east wing but a gurd stopped her. "The captin wants to see you now." Was all the man said. Trina mumbled somthing behind her and Riki grabed Trina's hand. "We will wait in our commen room for you to get done." He pulled Trina off. Trina must have so ting against the captin but Deiana never asked about it. She turned to the west wing where the the royalty, nobles , and high ranked army personal stayed. She didn't stop anywhere not talked to anyone. Some still did not trust her yet she had a name for her self one that would never leave her. The silent death is what she would hear whispered from time to time. She didn't blane them she had done horrible thing at orders from her old King she could not say no. But, she did wish she could take it back.

    When she reached the door to the captins commen room she took a deep breath and knocked steadily on the door to see if he was in.
  4. His Job was easy...follow orders and get it done by any means necessary. Dakahris walked towards the armory and outside where his men were and they all stopped what they were doing when they saw him approaching. The sounds of clashing swords on shields and talking died down and they stood up straight watching him silently moving across the courtyard. "Men...we have our orders...we are going west out into the valley where the villagers have the mining crystals, they haven't paid up yet and the King demands it....We ride out in 5min" he shouted. One of his personal servants got his horse out and saddled and when he mounted his horse they were ready to go.Off they went down the dirt path out of the castle grounds heading west to the village, it was a while since he left the castle grounds but the King wasn't one for letting you rest for too long. He wanted his crystals and he wanted them now. It took them about an hours ride to their destination and when they arrived it was night fall and he could see the villagers packing up for the night. He dismounted his horse like his men did and walked casually to one of the homes, he was seen by someone who screamed aloud and ran away from him waving his hands wildly. "They are here!! They are here!!" he yelled. Dakahris knew what was going to happen next...he had experience in this, they were going to bring the village elder or someone of authority to speak with him.

    A middle aged man approached him slowly with his hands in his robes and tried to look unafraid. "I am Obren,What brings you here my good man?" he asked. Kahris leaned on one of the homes "You are behind in payments to the King and I intend to get it tonight." He said.
    "We are behind because out workers are sick and we need more time"
    "I follow my orders Obren, the King wants his crystals tonight."
    "Please...We just need a few more weeks and we can make...." But he was cut off.
    "I believe we gave you an extended time....yet you still haven't given us One crystal yet..." Dakath stood up straight now and broke down the door of the home he was leaning on. A lady screamed and a male was holding her to his chest. Dakahris went in and grabbed the man away from her and dragged him outside and pushed him down into the ground. The man shivered an whispered "P..Please...Don't"
    "No!" yelled Obren and the lady, by now more of the scared villagers came out to see what was going on and was shocked.
    Dakahris stood over the mans body "Ok...Since we have been extra nice about this for so long it seems like I have to put force into this....Bring me the crystals you do have or he dies." Nobody moved a muscle or said a thing. Kahris swung his axe up in the air.
    "Please! don't do this! please! we have nothing I swear it!" Yelled Obren and the crowd. The lady in the house was screaming and sobbing hysterically and then "WHOOSH" the axe came down and killed the man on the spot. Loud screams and shouts could be heard as Dakahris's men pushed the angry crowd back. Dakahris had enough "Burn it" He said and walked back to his horse. His men pushed through the crowd and began lighting arrows and within 5min the village went ablaze.


    Archer was in his room after his very long bath.He had lit a few candles before sitting down on his favorite chair and unsheathing his sword to sharpen it. It was one of those days where he felt like staying home and doing nothing, all was peaceful for the time being in the Kingdom and his people were happy. That was all one could hope for in his line of work although he was never sure what the Evil King and his horde might be up to. Since it had been a couple months he ought to send out a spy to take a look at things he thought to himself. A knock to the door woke him up from his thoughts "Come in please" he said softly. In came the fae girl....she was lovely up close and her eyes sucked you into them.You could tell she was a person with purpose and meaning, a strong person and it was something he respected very much in her since she had come to his side of the land."Good evening Deiana, please sit" He said motioning to a comfy chair across from him. When she sat he smiled and got up to pour her some tea encase she wanted some and put it on a table for her. "I hope that your time here is all right? you have sufficient food and water, warm clothing for your men and of course sleeping quarters." He began
    "I had a talk with the King and ever since you have left the evil King and came to us, something has not been sitting right in our belly's.We were hoping if we could ask you to do a small mission.... of course you wouldn't be alone, I would be with you....using your expertise in the land we would like you to help me to see if they are planning on moving in on us, we have no eyes right now and we do not know the landscape that well...I was hoping you could help us out with that." He poured himself a drink and sipped some. "It will be you, me and two solders you pick and we would be leaving at dawn"
    He leaned back in his chair to study her face, of course she had the option of declining and he would have to do it by himself which he had done before but he wanted an advantage for once. Suddenly someone knocked on the door and opened it "My Lord I..." She stopped "Oh I didn't know you were with Lady Deiana....Its good your finally talking to a woman" the maid said and excused herself closing the door right away. Archer's face turned a little red and he cleared his throat nervously, he had never thought about that in a long time...but many people within the castle including the King thought it was High time he started seeing someone. Times were hard and he hadn't much time but perhaps since it seemed peaceful he should start trying he thought. "Never mind what I said?" he asked again.
  5. Deiana didn't say anything at first she simply moved into his room as he motioned for her too. When she sat down her eyes never left his hands as he poured the tea for her. When he set the cup down her yellow eyes finally looked him in the face. He was handsome and she could feel the attraction she felt twords him but she wasn't sure if it was just becuse she was lonely or if it is becuse he might be a mate for her. Either way even when she looked at him and she felt pulled twords just his face alone her mind still quickly shifted to the one he left behind. To tell the truth she paid little attention to what the Archer was saying. She found her self picturing her past life and the lover she left behind.

    What pulled her back was the servent. She came into the room and Deiana quickly tensed ready for the worst. Of course she knew this kingdom was safe for now but she still had a hard time remembering were she was.
    "Ah, uhm." Deiana tried her best to not laugh but she felt her lips turn up. The man sitting in front of her has been single for so long even his servents pushed wemon on to him. She couldn't help the laugh that escaped her as her shoulders slowly shook. "Sorry..... That was just so unexpected. But, if you need a cover to keep them from finding you wemon to woo please feel free to use me as lie." She couldn't help her shoulders shaking as she leaned forward trying to subdue the laughing.

    After she calmed down she steightened back up. "Trina and Riki would not like me going back but I will see if they wish to go back. I gave up a lot to get them out risked my life for them to be free I will not force them or any of my other soldiers to return. Is that okay captin?" Her eyes seemed to get lost in the past for a second as she spoke the pain flashing through her eyes before she covered it back up with a closed liped smile. Her black hair fell a bit in her eyes as if she were trying hard to hide what she was feeling.

  6. Archer listened to her knowing that it would be a risk if she left to go back to her home land. He was expecting a no but she kindly considered it, though with or without them he had to go. "Yes it is fine...just let me know by tomorrow so I can start preparing." He said straightening up himself and trying to ignore her soft laughing. She mentioned that he should use her as a lie an he had to think on that...was she just helping him out? feeling sorry for him seeing that the other people in the castle forcing him to see someone? Archer walked towards his long sword and picked it up "we haven't had a full talk since you came here... and your under my jurisdiction....tell is someone like you...a woman allowed to take up arms and fight?"
    He wasn't expecting an answer but he was still curious about her life on the other side...what was it like for her and her people? why couldn't they live in peace? So many questions ran through his mind but one remained although he didn't ask it. "If it pleases you my lady...I might actually take you up on that offer earlier... I am sick of people trying to have me be with a woman when there is much going on right now...I believe if we work together...that is...if you would help me...I wouldn't be bothered."


    Kharis bit into a piece of meat by the fire pit his men had made. The fire from the village was large and still burning, it would teach them to pay up on time he thought as he ripped into the meat once more. The people were busy trying frantically to put out the raging fire and save some of the livestock. It was quite entertaining to watch. A messenger came through the forest heaving and begging for water before he could relay his message, it must have took him half the night to reach them. "What is it boy"Kharis said barely moving to look at him standing there with a scroll in his arms. "A message from the king...sir...shall I read it to you now? or wait until your finished eating?" Kharis already annoyed grumbled and the young Fae took that as a "Yes"
    " I have reason to believe that our famous Killer is living high and mighty in the castle of Adarnel and is plotting against us...capture her as she must answer for her crimes to her true King and die for them" The boy finished reading and scrolled up the paper nervously. Kharis sat there silently, eyes narrowed. The King's orders were absolute... but at the same time...why go and fetch one person from a heavy guarded castle just to prove a point? and at the same time the King knew what she meant to much she was everything to him so why did he have to do it? It angered him deeply but he had no choice... she betrayed not only her King and people but Him.

    "This will require stealth and accuracy"he told his men gruffly. I need only three people for tomorrow night....we are in and we are out"
  7. Deiana bitterly at his question of her fighting. "Wel, I am not a humman women but Fae as you can tell." she gestered to her pointed ears. "Don't most Fae wemon with great power turn to serve someone. I am much to powerful not to he used. You must not know of my talents though that is odd since stories have been spread across many lands." She stretched out on in the chair releasing a small yawn. "My past is not one I wish to talk about with someone I barley know." She watched as he took his sword she wasn't one for large weapons she was all about shadows and stealth her magic fit her well and made her a deadly weapon for her old king but why was she got being used now it was always a question she did not dare to ask though she felt now was the time to ask. "With my magic and training why is it that your king has not used the blood oath to turn against the evil king I am bound by blood to obey even against will do why. To tell you what I do know already this kingdom will be next on his list and it is only a matter of time before he sends Someone to collect me. Maybe he will say it's to put me to death but I really think he will try and force another oath with me a stronger one one I can not break becuse I was his favored wepon between me and kharis we could take down a kindom in only a few months once we got close enough to the capital." She eyed him to see his reactions but decided to lighten the mood. "Anyways on a less serious note I think a rumor would help me as well my soldiers would feel less guilt if I were to show intrest in a man." She let laughter fill her voice though it sounded a bit strained.

    Riki sat in the living quarters of their room watching Trina pace back and forth. "What does that man want with deiana do you thing the king will start to order us now? Though no other man alive or to be born could be as bad as that bastard of a king we had I don't want to start wars again." Trina talked to her self without looking for a reply more venting that her blood oath master was troubled already emotionally and could be used again against her will. "what if they want to send her back into that cursed land? What if that's what why she was called I don't think deiana would have a problem going back but if she ran into him would she choose us over him a second time?" Teins let out a growl in frustration a draft seemed to stem from her sending the curtins and swaying with her steps as she paced. Riki said nothing her sat with his hands cupped together in thought he was just as worried as Trina was about the situation but he felt more that Kharis should have fallowed deiana but deiana didn't tell the man about her leaving it was a last minute dessision and Deiana was near the border with her squad while he was back in the capital. Or maybe riki simply wanted to believe that if Kharis knew what she was going though and why she left he would choose to follow her though Deiana was the first he heard of to ever break a blood oath of it was done by her surly someone so matched in power could also pull it off. He let out a sigh and looked up to watch his mate pace the floor with worry.
  8. Archer sighed slowly "I know what you are and who you are... I know that your people are very strong beings...capable of magics and things we couldn't comprehend as normal Humans. I know what you can do and I am quite educated on Gravader's lands and people,former Kings and you my lady...but books only teach you half.... and Humans half a short life span.... I know how long your King has been in power and the one before and before...and I know we have been fighting you for a long time.But you have to understand it's different when its in front of you,at least I learn better hands on." He set his sword into his sheath and placed it on top of his Vanity before facing her. "I am sorry I asked you about your was...rude of me...I was just curious as to life of a fae.In Adarnel women do not fight...the men do so I just wanted to know from your perspective why you chose up arms to fight." He opened a window to let the moonlight in and once again a knock on the door....
    "About our agreement" he whispered "Thank you..." The door opened and the same hand maiden came in and brought them dinner." "Oh it is that late?" Archer said smiling kindly at her "Yes My Lord" she curtsied "Also you have a guest who came to visit" She said to him "The lady pyrah has come to greet you before bed." The hand maiden said and in came a nice looking woman wearing a green dress embroidered with flowers at the chest.She had brown medium length hair which was curled and fastened with a beautiful hair ornament in the back of it. She smiled up at him "Good evening Archer, it's been so long...." she said offering her delicate hand. "Yes...too long my lady" he said taking hand and kissing it lightly before straightening up again. "My Lady Pyrah this is the Lady Deianna who has come to our side of the Kingdom and has a blood oath to our King." He said showing them each other politely "Lady Deianna this is Pyrah, daughter of an esteemed Noble who provides the King with spices and is also his very good friend." Pyrah looked at her clearly proving she didn't see Deianna sitting there watching them "Oh do you let it walk around freely" She asked stepping away. "My Lady! please...she is our guest... she isn't a thing..." But Pyrah turned and didn't wait for an answer sticking her nose in the air like the spoiled woman she was turning away from him and towards Deianna looking her dead in the eyes "I should like to speak to you in the morning love" she smiled at her before opening the door and leaving them.
    Archer put a palm to his face " I am so sorry....I....some people are still not overly fond of your people...and it's hard to get them to see different....ugh your dismissed....and do not worry about tomorrow I will tell her she can't do that and it was very rude"

  9. She let out a growl as the women walked out of the room her brows knitted to gether with anger. "Why ask need me to pose as your new intrest if you have a humman women after you right already?" She sighed as she calmed her self down. "If I where back in graveder's I would have killed her but, I'm not an I know humman here don't seem to understand that we could snap them like twigs ." She stood up and walked to his window to stare out into the court yard bellow the sun almost completely set now and the sky a light gray in color. "A hundred years ago the king I served was an honorable man kind yet forceful in the laws. He was the man who raised me. When my mom was born she was having problems since the magic that chose me as it host was much stronger then her own I caused great stress on her body. She as the daughter of the Kings friends who where murder when another kingdom invaded our own. So he took her in got her the best help he could yet it wasn't enough when I was born her body couldn't handle it and she passed so he took me in raised me as if I where is daughter and for that so have alway considered him my father. He did not send me out to fight instead he trained me to be his gaurd so I could alway be near the only familiy I had. He had a son latter on I wasn't alowed to meet at first but when he passed he ordered me to make oath with him and protect him. The boy was only nine and I had no way of know what type of man he would become. But for that man I would do anything so I bond my self to the boy on that day. But somthing went wrong some where and he grew more and more evil I couldn't stop him though I tryed so many time I was simply to late. I'm not a great person my self I have no problem with doing what must be done for my king but I care more for my soldiers so I left for them. I do how ever hate killing children and that was also a factor in my leaving he dosnt care how old the person is he simply orders the death of entire families." Her fists where balled up as her face grew more blank and cold. "I will go with you but we must leave tomorrow night I have a feeling someone very important to me might be coming soon and I don't want him near this castle." She blinked a few time before turning back to archer her face more calm and lady like now. "Should I stay her tonight to start our new lie I can sleep in in the den or would you like me to just come by before sun rise? " her head tilted with a teasing smile. "I feel like shocking that women who insulted me."
  10. Archer ran his hand through his brown messy hair. "She is a friend and nothing more....I would take care if I were you talking about snapping my people in are still a Guest here and you came for refuge...we did not turn you away so I expect you do not step out of line and give us cause to doubt you." He told her strictly. He then sighed and sat back down as if he was already tired from the events of the women. But then Deianna spoke...she spoke about her past and what happened to her King and the new one and why she had to leave. "It...It must have been hard...I'm sorry to have asked you." He said to her quietly. Having to go through all that and even live that long must have been hard enough for her, all she wanted was to take care of her soldiers....she was a remarkable person. "Ah no...please you cannot stay here after tonight especially after we had just agreed on this and me making a lady sleep in a den? I would never do...please go back to your quarters and I will come for you at first light, we can dine together and go over what we will be doing for our mission." With that Archer stood up once more and took her hand to lead her to the door "Have a good night my lady" he smiled at her and kissed her hand before she went away.


    The sun rose and shone brightly onto Kharis's eyes.He hated the sun most times and preferred the darkness of the castle. His men were still asleep, snoring and making noises as they dreamt. It was early in the morning when he decided he was going to change his plans, Night would be advantageous to him and his army.They would do better in the daylight since most Kingdoms knew they hated to fight under the sun, no one would expect it."Get the hell up....assholes GET UP!" He barked at them. A sudden scramble to stand at the ready with sleepy faces but nevertheless determined. These were his solders, always ready, always coherent and ready to take orders. "We are leaving from now....I expect that they think we would be coming in the night if we tried to do something so I want to do this from now." He told them "No horses just three men and do not forget we need her alive and we cannot be seen....anyone who do sees...dies.The rest of you are to scan the perimeter of our Kingdom an make sure no one is sneaking about and some of you remain here to rendezvous or if needed for back up.Now GO"
    Kharis and his three men left the group and headed south through the forest, it wouldn't take them that long to get to the castle in and animalistic form so they changed in the cover of the bushes and the beasts ran.

    Archer woke when the sun was just coming up. He loved early mornings which meant peace and quiet and a chance to train with his weapons in the court yard.Today would be different though, he need to go over the plans for the evening scout mission. He got out of bed and freshened himself up and dressing himself in his captain clothes. It was brown with red belt and brown pants, he had his usual badges on his left chest and his rank on his arm. His sword in its sheath was fastened to his belt on his right and he tried to comb his unruly hair but it just wouldn't stay.Finally he was ready and walked out into the stony hallway of the castle, there he got the morning reports of the Kingdom, the security, the King, the people, what goes in and out of the Kingdom. When that was finished he walked down the hall and down some steps until he reached Deianna's room and knocked lightly on the door "My Lady it's Archer, I have come to fetch you for breakfast"
  11. .Deiana laughed. "No fun captin," she smiled as she fallowed him to the door. "And don't worry I would never do anything against your laws I am internally great fun for you taking in my lower soldiers as well as my self and my to other leaders Riki and Trina. Good night." She slightly bowed and a walked out the door without looking back.

    Before Deiana could even get to the door Trina had it opened for her. "What did he want." She asked as Deiana walked in heading straight for the chair and stretching out on it. Riki sat across from her and Trina naturally to the seat next to her mate. Her eyes on Deiana like a kid waiting to hear a good story. "Get ready to leave riki you coming with me back to graveder for recon. Trina you staying her to watch over the lower soldiers and and wait in case the king needs you to do anything." Deiana waisted no time in telling them what was going on she sighed as she saw Trina's face grow Angey. "Why must I stay and why must you go back?" Her voice was raised. Deiana didn't let her go on for long though "becuse they took us in and we owe it to them to help keep their kingdom safe they don't have many Fae here and they can use our streangth you are staying becuse you are a better leader then Riki and I don't want you going back the evil king wanted you dead long before we turned are back on him. I won't take the chance."

    "But he can use Riki to get at me and I will do nothing but worry." She sounded a bit more depressed now. "Well, you all three of use can communicate mentally Riki and project him self to you no matter how far he is from you. You will be able to talk to him and I wil keep you up to date for as long as I can. There is no need for you to worry. Now that is a order do not make me repeat it." Deiana stood with sure footing and walked to her bed room on the right side leaving the two to talk amongst them selfs.


    The next morning Deiana dressed in her combat clothing a fitted leather corset top rtught enough to stay up loose enough for full movement plus the leather was padded and used as armor. Chains mail and armor were to loud and heavy. She wore low cut leather pats brok for full movement as well. She slide each of her blades through her belt loops and boots. She left her bow off for now she would get it latter so she covered her self with a black cloak the same color as her cloths and waited in the den for archer when the knock came Riki stood to answer it while Deiana delt with Trina's pouting. " ah, come in she is almost ready I will be going with you as well." Riki mumbled as he walked back in.

    "Trina stop with this it's childish." Trina crossed her arms. " I'm not just worried about riki what if you run into kharis ? What will you do you know the king has bond to have ordered your capture will you raise you blade to him." Her voice grew more Panicked "I'm scared you will choose not to come back." She sounded as if she would cry but she held back her tears with her stuberness. Deiana sighed and walked to Trina her leather boots making no noise on the stone floor. Her arms wrapped around the Trina and Deiana held her softly. "Don't worry Trina I could never leave you if I did you and riki would be forced to fallow and he would kill you both for treason. I could not live with that I care for you as if you were my own daughter I did basically raise you." Deiana laughed while patting Trina's back. "Now the captin is here and me and riki must go so please no more of the pouting." Deiana pulled away and turned to walk to the door as Trina stated at her back with a sad smile. "You must come back Deiana." She whispered before turning to her room on the left of the den. "Sorry about that now your fine with riki coming along right?"
  12. Archer also bowed to Riki "Yes of course although we are not leaving till tonight, I was just taking you for mate may also come if you wish it." He explained to them.He bowed low out of respect and extended his hand for her to take and led her to the dinning hall. Servants and maidens and some nobles who were there for the day stopped to stare as their beloved captain walked Deianna down the hall and pulled out a seat for her to sit. He sat down beside her and the room began to spring to life again as everyone else continued to talk and eat and laugh, practically ignoring them sitting there. Food was brought to them hot an ready, baked bread and cheeses, fruits,ham and cold lemon juice to wash it all down. "After we are done here my lady I ask that you follow me to the prep chamber to go over our mission tonight and you have leave to do what ever you want an need for the rest of the afternoon"
    He began to break his bread and eat for a time until Pyrah entered the dining hall accompanied with a servant at her heels. She spotted both Archer and Deianna sitting together and eating and with a heated scowl she crossed the room and made herself sit across from them. "Well now....I do remember requesting your presence Fae..." she said directly to Deianna "I believe I said that clearly...yet you defied my order...your not one of us your next time head what us Nobles say and do as your told!" she hissed. Archer slammed his cup on the table which startled her "Archer...I.." but she was cut off. "My Lady Deianna is a guest here and doesn't need to follow anyone's orders but the King....your being distasteful and I suggest you apologize....then we will leave." He said Icily. Pyrah grumbled but apologized and Archer sighed feeling exhausted already from it all. "Pyrah...I would appreciate next time you give respect to the woman I am seeing as she means much to me." The silence that hit the hall was deafening. Pyrah was shocked and most people gasped in disarray, it was unheard of, of course Archer didn't care in the slightest. He remained calm and stood up holding his hand out to Deianna once more with Riki close behind. "This way" he told her smoothly and lead her away from his people, it was embarrassing....not to be seen with a how racist some of his people were.


    It didn't take long to reach.They could see the castle ahead behind the walls of the city. Kharis changed out of his beast form and flexed his muscles to loosen them up.His men were right behind him waiting for their orders which was simple, they were going to perform a pincer movement and hopefully remain unseen. They were to wear citizen cloaks to hide their ears and remain friendly until they reached the gates of the castle.Once there, they would be explaining a proposition about selling their goods and wares to the King.Once inside they would split up an look for her.
    Things didn't go as planned though and they were turned away from the castle gates due to suspicion. "Change of plans.... we are doing the same thing but from the outside....make sure you are not seen" he hissed at them and they went their separate ways. Kharis went to the very back of the castle dodging and slipping in and out of the bushes passing the guards on duty until he reached a side where no one was watching...a blind spot. He took a running leap and scaled the wall looking for any sort of grove and footing to keep him up. What would he do once he faced her? what would he say? he thought to himself as he hoisted his body up to the first window. He peered inside and saw no one and broke the glass. Inside the castle was completely different from his own. It was filled with candles and light and embroidery and laughter, it made him sick.He silently kept close to the shadows and slinked along the hallways, if he and Deianna had begun the first stage of being mates he would be able to locate her...but no such luck. On he went until....yes.... he saw her! there she was walking....her hand being another man. He felt a pain in his chest and a rage bubbling...threatening to spew over as he watched them pass the hallway and into another room."So....I am that easy to forget..." he whispered, he couldn't forget his mission now....and so he waited a few moment and sneaked to the door, waited another moment and wrenched the door open pulling the door almost clean off. It was a risk he was willing to take as his rage was taking over his senses, he pulled two long jagged daggers from his belt eyes on the man.

    Archer lead Deianna and Riki to the room where they would have a clear map of the land and could make a proper plan. Something wasn't right though....something in the air was different and he turned around quickly to see the stone hallways clear.They went inside the room and he pulled out the map for them to see "Again...guys...I am sorry for the actions of my people...understand that it will take time for them to come to terms with you....and no matter what I will be by your sides...I will help you get through this...I promise..." he said trying to reassure them both. Suddenly the oak doors crashed open, the door nearly fell off its hinges and there stood a very tall and muscular Fae....eyes red with anger and holding two weapons. It was so sudden.... The Fae charged heading straight for Deianna it looked like and Archer only had a split second to react on impulse.He jumped the table pushing her out of his way and the fae crashed into him still bulldozing his way through the room and crashing into a window.This Fae was very strong.... he had his hand wrapped around his neck now and squeezing angrily "Get your filthy human hands of her....die Human" he barked. Archer tried to pry the fae's hands off him but it was no use...he was loosing air. Kahris turned to look at Deianna anger in his eyes "You....traitor...not a step further wench.....he dies instantly if you do not agree to come with me..." he turned to Riki "I know your mate is here....she dies to if you defy me..."
    Archer struggled reaching for his sword "She' now...." he choked.
  13. As they walked together she let him take her hand even though she felt as if her body was rejecting even a small touch like that. She felt off and her mind found its way to Kharis. Her heart stung and she bit her lip to hold back the wave of emotion she felt. She pulled her hand from archers casually and slowed her pace a bit fallowing behind him to the meeting room.

    When she first saw himher breath caugh and she felt like she needed to touch him right there. The began to reach out but his words stoped her. He was angry how long was he fallowing her. Did he see them holding hands she didn't want that. The thought of him thinking she could just forget hurt her more then the way he was glaring at her. When the words left archers lips of him claiming her she couldn't control her emotions anymore.

    Anger came over Deiana as her brows came together and her canines showed in a snarl. She felt her own magic rise up and before she knew it she was merging into the shadows. She felt her magic draining at a fast rate but she couldn't have anyone dying flub this castle for her troops.

    She came back out beside the two forcing her way between the two and prying kharis's hands from archers neck. "I am no ones women I am simply playing the right part for my troops." She growled as she pushed kharis again. She kept her eyes down not looking up at kharis's face she felt tears buring threting to spill out. She felt the electricity threw their touch and it pained her they where now enemies. "Why are you in the castle why did you have to apper before me again. Don't you know how hard it was for me to leave you." she managed to break the two apart but she had a feeling that was the most she would be able to do until she got her emotion in check.

    Riki sent a message to Trina telling her to protect the king. She would be gone soon meeting the troops and going to put up a defense around their new human king. Riki didn't more until he saw Deiana reappear and push kharis away from archer. Once that was done riki grabed archer and pulled him away from the two captins. "you need to stay out of this." Was all he said.
  14. Kharis released the Human on to the floor. She had tried to pry his hands apart but he gave in and dropped him like a dirty sack."You hear that? she is no ones....where do you get off saying that?" he snarled.
    Archer rubbed his neck gasping for air and looked up at his enemy "I merely meant that she is now one of us...she is a friend." He hissed back at him. Kharis pushed Deianna out of his way again "You will die....and I am taking her back to her rightful home... with her rightful people, you have no right..." he began but Archer stood up almost as tall as the fae, eyes cold and hands balled into fists. "Back off...I don't want to have to shed blood here....know one knows your here so you can use this opportunity to escape, there need be no fighting here until we meet on the battle field." Archer glanced over at Deianna, she had tears in her eyes, it was obvious she cared for him and it was obvious that this male loved her too.They must have been lovers once. "Get out" demanded Archer.
    Kahris didn't move and turned to Deianna as if seeing her for the first time. "You...I cannot believe you...after everything we had been through and more.You are my very heart beat and the day you left with your men leaving me to find out you had abandoned your King....abandoned just too much.Come with me I am sure you would get a pardon if you confessed your ways sincerely apologized..."
    Archer wasted no time pulling out his long sword and pointing it straight at the Fae "She is going nowhere I assure you" he said refusing to back down. Kharis looked back at the Human male pondering what to say next, it was the longest he let one live in his presence and the way Deianna stood up for him was disgusting.
    "Make your choice Deianna....or I will take you by force" It pained him to say so but he would not hesitate to kill the Human and Riki if it meant taking her with him.
  15. Deiana didn't move at first her eyes stayed on Kharis looking him in the eyes. She was too happy to see him again but at the same time him being here could bring about her own death. Her yellow eyes clouded by the tears blinked twice after the shouting match between the two man had finished. Kharis words hit an part of her she locked up when she decided to protect her troops. The part of her that loved him so much. Though she wanted to believe that she could survive a pardon she knew in her heart breaking another oath would kill her and if she died who would be there to protect her soldiers.

    She wiped the tears from her eyes roughly on the back of her hands before looking at Riki and Archer the two couldn't survive Kharis's wrath and she could only save herself from him. She locked eyes with Riki but was only met with his conflict she knew he felt horrible for pulling her from Kharis, Riki always fought himself inside for it. He understood because he saw it from a mating point of view and he wanted Deiana to be happy. That very look in his brown eyes showed her how much her soldiers cared for her just as much as she them.

    With Kharis here she had to get him out without spilling human blood and without losing soldiers. Deiana broke her gaze from Riki and stood up straight she had to stop this. Stop mourning, the man she loved, the very man who stood in front of her as an enemy but still telling her how much he loves her. She knew what she did hurt him knew that it could never be taken back but she had to stop sulking like a heat broken child and find a way to stay out of the Evil Kings grasp and keep Kharis.

    "Kharis, don't for a second think you are the only one hurt by the way fate played out." Her eyes locked with Kharis's strong and proudly like the leader she was. The tears had stopped and the only evidence left was how the light shone off her drying cheeks. She decided on a plan one to get two things done and spoke. "I will go only to spare the lives of those I risked so much for." She just had to get him out of the castle she could jump a shadow portal to get away latter but she needed to talk with Kharis before that he had to understand what taking her back meant even if she were to get pardoned she would die. And if by some cruel twist of fate she survived breaking another oath she would not allow herself to live. "Deiana" Riki began to speak but she held her hand up sending Riki a message mentally. (I must get him out of the castle do not cause more worry. I need you to maintain Archer, blood must not be spilt in the castle or we could be put on trail for it or exiled from this kingdom. The men are not strong enough to move yet, they also need a home or their spirits will break. This is an order. I will come back.) after she finished she spoke out loud. "Riki take care of the soldiers." After that she waited for Kharis's move and prayed Archer would not push this matter anymore if a fight broke out the humans would never allow the Fae to stay would they? They need a home they deserve a home. "Just know this Kharis if you take me back to that place you must come to terms with my inevitable death that will fallow." Her words were cold and cruel but her gaze remained steady on the man she loved.
  16. Kahris smiled at her relaxing a bit "You think I am a damned fool don't you?" he asked her tossing a large black shackle to her feet. "This is infused with a certain element to stop any form of magic...turning into beasts and any little trick up your sleeve....I know you....we fought side by side, killed together, slaughtered and assassinated together...I know your moves so put this on" he demanded harshly. He saw it, the tears from her eyes, the fact that she wiped them away...deep down this bothered him, but what could he do?
    What came next was her warning of her death.Yes....he knew that as well...a bound Fae would not be allowed to change a third time but he was sure that the priest in the mountains could save her life when it came to that....if all else failed he would die beside her, he would never let the Humans keep her.
    "I'm sorry..." Archer spoke up "I do remember saying she was going nowhere with you" he kept his sword pointed at the Male Fae.He knew when it came to brute strength he was no match....but a sword could still pierce the heart of a fae in close range combat. He had to be quick was all, he wasn't a captain just by name alone...he had survived them countless times and he would do so again to protect his Kingdom and King. struck him slowly....he had seen this Fae somewhere before...he wasn't sure where but he looked familiar.It didn't matter though he stood at the ready when suddenly a hand maiden walked by and saw the busted door "Lord Archer?" she called and saw the large dark Fae looking at her with cold red eyes. She screamed loudly for the Guards but in that instant Kharis reached her and silenced her with a quick stab through her belly opening it wide spilling blood. Archer's eyes widened in shock "You bastard! she was harmless!" Kharis licked the blood off his blade "She was noisy" he said simply. "Deiana are you coming with me or not....?" He was sick of this and sick of her planning and plotting. She was smart and cunning but he didn't want to fall into her tricks.If she did not put on the shackles it meant war, if she did they would leave with her without anymore damage. Guards rounded the corner and spotted Kharis just out side the door, there were many of them but he wasn't here to kill them all "Fine...I give you till dawn....give me Deiana shackled and we will leave in not and this is an act of war!" he shouted at them. He fled down the opposite way and crashed through another window landing onto the grass with a loud thump and disappeared into the trees.

    "My Lord!" the men rushed in to see if their captain was ok. "I am fine...I'm fine...just increase the security around the castle...go now" he demanded and off they went.Archer sheathed his sword "I'm sorry...I didn't mean to sound like I claimed you...I...were you two...lovers in the past?" he asked curiously. It would make sense, her tears and his love for her, it must have been hard for the both of them. "I have to let you know...that if we meet him on the battle field I will have to kill him." He said solemnly. He walked over to where the dead woman laid in a pool of her own blood. Others came to put her body in a white sheet and wrap her up, he felt horrible that he couldn't even see the fae move. They had scary power, one that he wished he had to protect them.

    Dakahris was full of rage as he crashed through the trees at full speed ripping through bark and crushing small boulders as he went. When he reached a clearing in the woods he stopped by the stream an looked at his reflection. Tears were flowing from his eyes, he hated her...hated her because only she could make him feel anything. That man they called Archer....what was his relationship with her? he wondered to himself.It wasn't long before his men caught up with him and by then his eyes were dry and red like normal. "We are going back at dawn"
  17. Deiana watched Kharis as he killed the women. Her teeth clenched in a snarl she could have stopped it but her body just would move against Kaharis. Before she could process what happened Kaharis gave his demands and smashed through the window. Dumbstruck for a moment Deiana just stared at the window until realization hit her. "You fool! I was willing to go with you and face my death so no blood would be spilled!" She hoped his hearing would help him get this message though he was already in the woods. "I was willing to give up my life to spend just a few more hours with you.!" As she screamed at out the window her eyes filled yet again. "He's a damn fool." She didn't pay attention to Archers words she didn't care much not until he mentioned killing Kharis she stood in whirl of anger as he knelt beside the dead women. "I don't care if you laid a claim to me in the end only my word matters to who will have me. But, I will not allow you to harm him. I've put him through enough selfishly. Burn that entire kingdom down for all I care but I will take the first fatal blow you give him." In rage she yelled at Archer baring her teeth in a scowl. Riki started to calm her down mentally, causing her to realize what she had done. Her face loosened as She thought about what she said and for a moment she regretted it Fae where not monsters just protective and extremely protective over lovers. She couldn't stop her reaction to his words but he wouldn't understand that she knew what Archers duty was and expected him to do just what he said. But, she didn't plan to hear it out loud and she dose not plan to be alive when that time comes. Her face grew regretful as she stared at Archer she didn't want to hurt this man either, she seems to only bring pain to those close to her. She hated herself for it.

    She looked back out the window in a daze, deep in thought before she spoke again. "If you really plan to kill him. . . Archer, please end my life first. I have yet to get over our unfinished mating and I'm afraid if his death comes soon I will seek revenge. So, please kill me as well." She knew she messed up playing some perfect foreign women come to help this kingdom she was bloodthirsty as well she couldn't change that about herself she just wasn't as evil as the king she fallowed before. That didn't make her a entirely good person. If she was she would have saved that women with out hesitation. There was no way she could continue to live here with these humans even if she wanted to protect them in the end could she stand up and kill Kharis? She already knew that answer and it is not the answer this kingdom or her men needed.

    "Archer we need to talk about what shall be done. Riki go get Trina." Her voice was tired and blank. No more emotion could be heard from it her head hung low as she took in the feeling of the wind through the jagged glass that still clung to the window frame. Riki took one long worried look at Deiana before he nodded and walked out the door. Leaving only her and Archer since the guards and servants fallowed behind with the dead body. "Archer, I think I should just go. My men are good Fae all with hearts of gold. They fight for what's right hate pointless killing and will serve this kingdom well but I. . . I am simply a liability Kharis will massacre to get to me the evil king will just keep sending recon teams to get me. He cares nothing for my men he just wants me. I will be the downfall of this kingdom I cannot live with that." Her head hung low and her grip on the window seal loosened. "I'm not even sure if I can raise a knife to Kharis. I just keep wishing I could find a way to be with him again but it will only ever be a wish as long as that king is alive." Her voice was cold but cracked with silent sobs her shoulders shook as her knees gave out and she fell to her knees. "Archer, I am too weak to fight for your kingdom." She let her tears fill her words now that they were alone.

    What were these tear for, didn't she just decide to stay stron?. Now here she was crying in front of a man who she hardly knew. What could give her back her old strength? Why was she so weak now? The person she used to be strong and powerful, blood thirsty and ruthless, that person had to still be here lost to the feelings of loyalty and love from her soldiers. They made her weak she should hate them for that but she couldn't. She finally had people that represent a real family she had to learn to be strong again.
  18. Archer was taken aback when she turned on him teeth bared and telling him he shouldn't lay a finger on the Fae. It was awful but he still knew his duty and no one was going to stop him he thought to himself.
    "I wont strike you...I wont hurt you at all, your a friend and an ally to the King and cannot sacrifice your self for him...or your past...even your own soldiers....your life is also worth something." Archer told her calmly.She did tell him that she might come back for revenge if he was killed, that in itself was a threat that Archer didn't particularly like. "You know we have been at war for many years....the Humans and Fae and you come seeking refuge here making an Oath to our King and threaten me on revenge?" he asked her angrily. "Already its hard for your troops to make a life here including you but I do not appreciate your taking revenge if I Kill an enemy....the same Enemy who would take my life no questions asked" he snapped. He huffed and turned away from her, he couldn't believe her but at the same time he could, they were both angry and probably needed some time to calm down.
    Then she all of a sudden mentioned leaving them.He listened her explaining how she would be a burden to them and that Kharis only wanted her and would cause a war if she didn't give in. Her voice was icy and her expression saddening with tears threatening to come forth. Archer ran a hand through his sandy brown hair feeling horrible about their fight just now, she was torn between wanting a peaceful life and leaving the one she left behind still, he had been a fool to think it was so easy to give up.Still...he took her threat seriously and then she dropped to her knees and cried and shook, she couldn't kill him even if she wanted to.Archer walked to her and knelt down wondering if it was even ok to touch her, he brushed a tear streaked cheek from her and held on to her shoulders, she had been strong for so long. "Deiana....I'm sorry....for what I said and I promise you I wont kill him.You are apart of this Kingdom like anyone else here, a soldier and no one gets left on my watch so your going nowhere ok?" He hoped she would take heed to his word as he had listened to hers...she was ready to give up her life but he wasn't going to sit back at let her do so...even if she lied to him to get him to shut up. "Now please go get some rest, I need to speak to the King."

    Dakahris was sitting at the edge of the forest with the rest of his men looking past the fields and to the little Kingdom that Deiana was in right now. It made his blood boil and his heart ache but there was nothing he could do, failure was not an option and he had failed to bring her back on the first attempt.He must not fail again...he knew the consequences and tried not to shudder at the thought of what the King might say.Suddenly through the bushes another squadron of Fae came through pushing aside his men.He recognized them at the castle but they were beneath him in terms of rank. "What" Kahris spat at them, he was in no mood to even talk to anyone. "By Order of the King you are stripped of your duty and are being arrested 1st Captain of Gravader Dakahris of the Fae."Said the squadron leader rolling up the papers and smiling back at him "You are to come with and your incompetent band of fools and return to the King." Kahris didn't budge "Is this some Kind of joke? I am about to get Deiana before the sun goes down today like the King had asked." He told him. The squad leader shrugged "we were informed you failed and let your feelings get in the way so now...if you would come with me...." he began turning around. "NO!" Dakahris bellowed "I am not going anywhere until I have her to bring back."
    "Mmm yes...this is where your personal feelings get the better of you....This is by order of the King....come now or face his wrath." Kahris punched through a near by tree "Make me" he snarled.It was a mistake...he wasn't prepared for what they were all equipped with, he never needed any advanced technology just his swords and fists would do but what they had was different. The squadron had him and his men tangled and tied in a long wire like thing which wouldn't break no matter if he turned into a beast and Gnawed on it or tried to break it with his hands. Every so often they would get paralyzed by a shock going through the wire almost like Lightning. The pain was unbearable causing him to bleed from the nose. How did he even get like this? when did they get trapped and tied? he thought. They dragged him off along with his soldiers back to the dark Castle and slowly Dakahris lost consciousness.
  19. [BCOLOR=rgba(255, 255, 255, 0)]Deiana looked into archers eyes her own glossy from tears. She lost her self in his eyes and she felt as if for just a moment she could forget. Yet in the back of her head she knew she never could but maybe if she used him she could servive. Her hands reached up to elbows as he clasped her shoulders trying to comfort her without embracing her. Her head slumped and her eyes started to dry. "What I should feel the most saddened about I do not. I should not feel the need to use you to forget yet as you sit her before me. Her touch eases that pain just a bit. Though I know deep inside once you let go even just for a second my heart and mind will choose him to wait and call for not you." Her voice was a whisper just to the two of them. She looked back up at him and leaned in placing a kiss on his cheek soft and light barley felt between the two of them. Her fingers tightened around his arms and she rested her head in his shoulder. She took a deep breath taking in his calming sent. He was truly the logical choice even his sent calmed her with warmth. Yet, she couldn't give up on Kharis yet. A bit of hope remained in her though. It was just for now right if she waited and so did he maybe latter but their was a race issue she was practically immortal and he was not. She pushed her face into is shoulder a bit more as if trying not to think about the barriers. When she pulled away a sad closed liped smile appeared on her wet face before she wiped her eyes. "How I wish it was you." With that she stood up and walked out of the room without another word heading to her chambers to sleep some of the pain away. [/BCOLOR]
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    [BCOLOR=rgba(255, 255, 255, 0)]Riki reached Trina in the Kings court just as the king left for his garuded chambers. Trina ran to Riki throwing her arms around him and jumping. Riki easily caught her and gave her a tight hug. "Is she okay? Is Deiana okay?" Trina searched Riki's face for answers. Riki had a hard look on his face but nodded. "Physically yes she is fine but you can feel it right? Her mental and emotional pain. I'm not sure what she will do." His words were cold but her held tight to his mate. Trina nodded in his shoulder before taking in the feeling of his arms around her. After a while she pulled back and he set her on the ground. "I figured it was him. So, I sent out two scouts to find where they are camping they should be back by night fall. Let's go check on Deiana." Her last sentence showed a hopeful smile before they walked out of the throne room and to their joined rooms. [/BCOLOR]
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    [BCOLOR=rgba(255, 255, 255, 0)]Later evening Trina was getting dinner for Deiana and Riki as they waited back in their room. She wasn't sure if Captain Archer would be there by the time she got back but she didn't care she wouldn't have gotten him food even if he was there before she left. While she grabbed the tray and plates she turned to come face to face with a rather out of breath Fae soldier. "Officer Trina. I'm sorry but I need Deiana is she in her room?" Trina raised an eyebrow. "You are the man I sent out to scout why are you already back the sun has not set yet?" Trina sounded commanding in her question as she looked around the dining hall. "Yes she is fallow me. Quietly." She mumbled as she took the man to their room. The soldier seemed to be in a hurry but refused to speak with Trina saying it had to be Deiana and no one else could hear first. He also seemed nervous and way more on edge than she had ever seen one of soldiers. When they reached the door the soldier busted through the door with out knocking. [/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=rgba(255, 255, 255, 0)]"Captain Deiana I have news weather it's bad it or not is for you to decide just know beforehand we stand behind you no matter what." The soldier practically yelled as he walked in. [/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=rgba(255, 255, 255, 0)][/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=rgba(255, 255, 255, 0)]-----------[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=rgba(255, 255, 255, 0)][/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=rgba(255, 255, 255, 0)]Deiana hardly heard another word as the soldier filled her in on what he saw her eyes grew wide and worry contorted her normally calm face. Her face was still red from her tears earlier but she had rested and felt better. That was until she heard the news. That bastard took him he took Kharis. It was her fault he did it to get to her he was hoping she would charge in alone to save him in a suicide mission. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=rgba(255, 255, 255, 0)][/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=rgba(255, 255, 255, 0)]She had to talk to Archer she stood with out a word and headed to archers room. When she reached his door her hands shook with anger she was ready to kill someone. Her short walk here allowed her to think to much. About that evil bastard that wanted to control her. The evil king saw her as a possession on he didn't want anyone else to have and he knew how to get he but she hoped with the most desperate of wishes she would not have to go alone. She pounded on archers door. "Archer open up its important we ... Well I have a situation! I need help!" She yelled through the door anger mixed in her voice and she sounded back to her strong and demanding self. [/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=rgba(255, 255, 255, 0)][/BCOLOR]
  20. Archer received her light Kiss on the cheek as she still looked a bit saddened and got up after wiping her tears away and left him there. Her words stayed with him though...." I wish it was you" she whispered, not to mention the fact that she kissed him on the cheek making him feel a tad bit awkward. It....was nice though he thought to himself as he stood up.He wasn't used to the feeling of a woman's touch so it kept replaying in his head until he realized he had business with the King.He had to explain the ordeal of what happened and then decide on what to do further with the new fae that had settled into their Kingdom. He left the room and headed towards the King's chambers.
    It was late afternoon when Archer was in his own room changing into his armor.He needed to practice today to let off some steam.He tied his brown shoulder length hair into a ponytail and secured his belt around his waist pulling at the leather strap. He dawned his heaviest chain-mail and shoulder armor, it helped him move faster when he was out of it. Finally his boots were by the door so he grabbed his practice sword and before he knew it their was a knock on his door. Then a frantic voice....Deiana's voice came through asking for his presence. "What is wrong now?" he asked as he pulled open the big wood doors to let her in.He searched her face with his sea green eyes blinking confused....she needed help with something.But before she could say anything else one of his own men was at the door "Fae... are headed to the Kingdom sir" he said. Archer stormed towards the door "It's going to have to wait Deiana" he called to her then toward his soldier "How many it looks like?" he asked.
    " About 20 or so"
    Archer knew 20 was still difficult enough to handle "Station the range weapons around the kingdom walls and the castle walls.They have come to see if we will give up Deiana and we wont so prepare for a fight" He trusted his men to know what to do. The soldier left.He rounded on Deiana "I am going to ask you to stay put in the are not to be seen and this is a direct order from your higher ups" He told her.
    Pyrah combed out her brown curly hair at her vanity table and smiled to herself. She loved staying at the palace and it had been years since she had been here. The only thing new to her was the amount of Fae that are permitted to live among the humans like equals.It disgusted her and worst of all Deiana used to be a well known threat in the could the could Archer let them waltz into the Kingdom like that? Sometimes being too nice had its consequences.She heard warning bells in the through the castle and heavy footsteps as the soldiers ran to go fulfill their duty. She stayed put carefully brushing and fastening her hair before putting on some sleeping clothes to warm her for the evening. A black Raven suddenly appeared at the window sill pecking the window until she made her way over to it and opened up. On the bird was a small scroll of paper.She grabbed it and read it quickly before smiling to herself "Finally...some action" she laughed.
    Dakahris was still tied in between the wire.The shocking was unbearable but he still tried to get out anyways but to no avail.His vision was blurry and he felt weaker every time he tried, it was a new feeling for him...being captured and dragged, but where were they going? he wondered. This wasn't the way back to the Gravader Kingdom yet they marched on with the Squad leader ahead of them. It took a moment for Kharis to realize they were headed back to Adarnel...they planned to take her by force."Stoop! STOP! you bastards!" Kharis shouted. That was when the squad leader approached him from the crowd "You can address me as Agro..." he began. Kahris tried to kick him but failed "Don't you dare hurt her...don't you dare lay a finger on her! you hear me?" he snarled. Agro's eyes narrowed as he listened to his head captains plea "I do what I have to do... the king said by all means necessary...he knew once you failed that it would be hard for you to bring harm to for me...I do not, I was chosen to take your place." They were finally out in the open now close enough to the Kingdom of Adarnel but far enough from immediate harm. Agro pulled Dakahris to the front for the soldiers of Adarnel to see. He knew he really didn't have to storm the castle at all, his Fae were just for show to scare the humans....he also knew that Deiana would save her friend if it meant handing herself over. "We want Deiana" He shouted to the wall of armed soldiers "We wont harm a single Human if you comply... please tell her we have something of hers and if she wants him alive she will come."
    A Fae could be heard by other fae's from a good distance, if he was correct she would be able to hear Dakahris. Agro pulled a curved blade from its sheath and without hesitation sliced Kahris's back causing it to bleed openly. At first Kahris didn't cry out, he had been stabbed before an cut before but Agro didn't stop there "Each minute she is not out here I cut him to bleed out" He shouted and proceeded to cut at his back again. It wasn't working though...he wanted her to hear his pain so he ordered his men to lay him on in back and sliced his chest instead. Dakahris cried out, it sounded more like an animal's roar. Agro just smiled...he loved his job.