The Midnight Train to Nowhere

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  1. Have you heard the rumors about the midnight train?

    You haven't? Well, take a seat then, and I'll tell you all about the midnight train to Nowhere.

    People say that once a year, on New Year's eve, an odd train of fleeting stars and neon lights rolls into the station. They say that if you see the midnight train, you'll find whatever you're wishing for inside it. All you have to do is believe, toss logic to the wind, and hop aboard. It sounds simple enough, appealing as well, but it's just not believable, don't you agree? They say that the train is full of quirky passengers—passengers that aren't even human. I've heard of rabbits with rifles, mermaids with voices as heavenly as harps, and of mice who sing and ask for spare change. It almost sounds like a wonderland made by some bored kid, eh? I don't really believe it, but I won't judge you if you do. Still, the thought of getting whatever you wish for without losing so much as a penny is just great, right kid?

    They say that people are lured into the train by what they wish for the most, and that those who do get on the midnight train are whisked away to a world unlike our own, to a place called Nowhere. They say that in Nowhere the buildings stretch infinitely towards the construction paper night. They say Nowhere is supposed to be some magical place, a place where trains zip through the sky at the speed of light. They say the trains in Nowhere are so fast that each time one goes by, lightning flashes through the sky.

    It's an interesting rumor, I'll have to admit that, but the existence of a place called's rather silly, kid. But despite how weird it is, I'll have to give it credit. That rumor has been spreading around like wildfire for the past few years, and it gets worse when New Year's Eve is just around the corner. From time to time people have claimed to have seen the midnight train, but I'm not sure I believe them.

    You know, the local comedian who lives down the street claims to have seen it. Last year, he went down to the station at midnight with his girlfriend. He's usually telling tall tales to get attention, but when he told us his story, he actually looked afraid and a part of me just wanted to believe him. The logical side told me it was just some sort of hoax and well, you know what they say, right? To see is to believe.

    He told us that the train had arrived at exactly midnight and that it was different from all the other trains he had ever seen. He said he saw a rabbit inside, and that it was using a laptop of sorts. In fact, he said he caught a glimpse of the passengers and that none of them were normal. We asked him for proof, for something like a photo, but he said he was too scared to think straight and that he immediately grabbed his girlfriend by the hand and ran out without so much as looking back. I wonder if such an unbelievable tale can be true. I called him a liar and he got all flustered. The guy even started sputtering challenges, and I couldn't stop myself from smirking. The idiot turned an even darker shade of red and I forgot what happened next, but he dared me to see it for myself, on New Year's Eve.

    I don't have time for silly shenanigans, I've got a job, and a family to look after.

    Huh, what's that kid? You're gonna check it out for me and take a picture? Eh, don't get your hopes up, I doubt you'll see anything special. Fine, fine, if you insist...just take care of yourself, okay? It can be dangerous out at night, so you should bring a friend or two.

    Oh yeah, don't forget, send my regards to the midnight train to Nowhere.
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  2. ♠ Important Information ♠

    • 1. The Midnight Train (Prologue)
      Status: Complete
      Item: Living List

      2. Captains of the Sky (Chapter One)
      Status: Complete
      Item: Essence of a Chaotic Star

      3. The Siren's Song (Chapter Two)
      Status: Complete
      Item: Siren's Song

      4. The Kingdom of Sol (Chapter Three)
      Status: Complete
      Item: Dragon's Laugh

      5. The Midnight Man (Chapter Four)
      Status: Complete
      Item: Witch's Heart

      6. Battered and Broken (Interlude)
      Status: Complete

      7. The Clockwork Tower (Chapter Five)
      Status: Complete
      Item: USB

      8. The Beginning of the End (Interlude)
      Status: Complete

      9. Apathy (Chapter Six)
      Status: Complete
      Item: The Black Pearl

      10. United We Stand (Interlude)
      Status: Complete

      11. Divided We Fall (Chapter Seven)
      Status: Complete

    • The Humans










    • The Nobodies






    • The Criminals







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  3. ♠ Art and AU Stories ♠

    • [​IMG]
      By Kimchi

      By Shetland9

      By Shetland9

    • Drawings (open)

      Gary and Luke by Warden

      Harper by Green Goat

      Zephy by Cephalagod

      Brandy by Cephalagod

      Scarf x Scarf by Cephalagod

      Brandy by Cephalagod

      Martini by Cephalagod

      Mama Floof by Cephalagod

      Riley by Kitte7n

      Leila by Fox of Spades

      Leila, Jasper, Riley, Inadi, and Harper by Four


    • By Capt. Blu


      Ace "The Mastermind" Tain
      • Leader of a Mafia
      • Several counts of arson
      • Escaped Prisoner

      Harper Riddle
      • Theft
      • Ace's Advisor
      -Helps her plan

      Inadi Sihma
      • Information Specialist
      - Gathering the information the gang needs in order to such tasks.
      • Hacker

      Leila Noelle
      • Information Specialist
      • Con Artist
      • Treasurer
      -Only she and Ace know the money's location.
      *Possibly criminally insane*

      Lesley LaBelle
      • Grifter
      -Con Artist who develops several characters for each con.
      • Supplier
      -Things like: Clothing, Grappling hooks, and duffel bags

      Jasper Golding
      • The "innocent face"
      • Thief
      • Retrieval Specialist
      *Possibly criminally insane*

      Riley Grayson
      • Retrieval Specialist
      -Mainly dealing with retrieving people
      • Getaway specialist

      Niran Yuvaves
      • He's got all the connections
      *Guides are his connections*
      •He keeps the crimes under wrap and hidden

      Toby Turner
      *Uses Ran's connections to get said goods*
      Goods: Cars, Money, Weapons, etc

    • By Capt. Blu

      "Take the money, go out the back. Go as fast as you can and don't look back. If I don't make it, you'll be in charge Tyler. Got it?"

      The man knew there was no time to argue with his leader. She was stubborn and hotheaded- that redhead sure defined it. "I got it captain...Good luck. And if I don't get a chance to say it again, you were an amazing leader Ace." This made the girl grin and tap the bill of her hat. "Don't worry Tyler, you and I both know I won't die. Remember?" She laughed, but before he could respond she pushed him out. Right as he escaped, two people busted through the now empty warehouse. "Hands in the air where I can see them!"

      Ace sighed and dropped her black suit jacket on the floor and adjusted her hat. She looked at the ground and slowly put her hands in the air. The one on the right, an albino girl with a general's uniform and a seemingly heavy sniper ran forward, slinging the gun over her shoulder and immediately pulling the mafia leader's hands behind her back. "Leila, check her coat."
      The top soldier and renowned MMA fighter picked up the coat and saw it was empty. "Nothing here Jasper. All the stuff is gone."

      Ace listened to the voices and... raised an eyebrow. 'Why the heck do they familiar...' She couldn't place her finger on it, but her thoughts were interrupted when she was forcefully shoved to the ground. "Where is it?! Where is the money. Where is everything you stole!?" Jasper barked out and pulled Ace's arm back and the girl grimaced when her hat fell. "Watch the hat! It's important!"

      "Hmph. Is it now...?" Leila picked it up and examined it. And suddenly, the dark haired girl's eyes went wide and she pushed Jasper out the way. "What the hell are you doing!?" Leila ignored the woman and pulled Ace up, staring into her eyes in shock. Ace sat up and rubbed her jaw before giving a confused look.

      "Problem miss?" Leila was still silent, examining the woman in front of her. Jasper was still confused and getting more and more frustrated. They had a job to do. Ace was a wanted criminal in more than three countries- and they had finally gotten her disconnected from her business partners. The people that stopped her from getting arrested. Leila slowly put the hat on Ace and gasped lightly.

      "Ace...You're- You're Ace." The memories piled in. The bright and happy girl that always pushed them on. She was their backbone. Ace had saved her...

      "Yeah, that's my name? What of it?" Leila whispered one word that had Ace in shock.

      "Leila?! ....Jasper?! No way! You guys are all grown up! You two look awesome!" Ace spoke like the three had just left each other yesterday. As if they were old friends that hadn't seen each other in years- and that was technically true. Except...Jasper had a hard time believing it. A gun click sounded, but before Ace could move, Leila was in front of her. "You can't kill her!"
      "Leila, come to your senses! There are billions of people in this world and you expect me to believe that? I have a job to do!" Leila frowned and stood her ground.

      She held a frown before yelling at Jasper.


      Jasper's eyes narrowed but she looked at Ace. Instead of a hurt look for not being remembered, Ace grinned... It was the same smile she always gave them. Whether it was to reassure them or just to cheer them was the same smile.

      Jasper closed her eyes and sniffled. When she opened them, her eyes were teary. "A-Ace.."

      Jasper put the safety back on the gun and put it behind her back. She, with Leila following, hugged the mafia leader. "I c-can't believe it's really you. We haven't seen any of you in- in years." Ace chuckled and awkwardly hugged them both. She wasn't used to the...hugs. She never was. "No need for tears. I'm sure they all have gotten what they wanted and wished for." The two moved back and smiled. She was the same as usual.

      Ace laughed. "You two have really grown. General and a soldier. To think you two were quiet and scared girls to strong and powerful women. Ha, what a turn! I'm proud of you two!"

      Despite the little reunion, Jasper focused and got a little more serious. "Look, Ace. You're a wanted criminal. Our bosses are out there. They want you captured. But...if we capture you, there's a chance you won't get out of prison..." Leila frowned and looked back at the door. Ace sighed and pulled her hat off, staring at it. "You guys have an important job. I understand...I had a long run..But I'm not telling you guys were my gang went. Or where the things are." She smiled and put her hands out. "Take me away coppers."

      This was tough... Ace was their friend. They couldn't just take her to prison. "What if we hide her? Change her look and reform her?" Leila asked hopefully. Jasper looked hopeful as well. The two both had summer homes and could easily drop her off there and try and teach her better. "What do you say Ace? We can take you out there and escort you ourselves??" Ace frowned at that. She shook her head quickly.

      "I will not let you risk your jobs- your LIVES for me. I have done wrong and there's no way I can repay that debt. If you don't arrest me, I'll go out there and they'll shoot. You know this. And if you help, you two are risking everything. Just send me to prison. Heh, i've escaped before. One thing though...Look for the others. See what they're up to. And tell them I said hi."

      Both girls frowned knowing Ace was right, but they nodded to her request. But what else could they do? Jasper wiped her eyes and Leila looked away when the handcuffs were put on her. As they walked out, Leila gave Ace a sad smile. "Escape fast will you? I have a place where you can lay low...we both do."

      Ace looked forward, not responding. When they walked out the door, she put on a smirk. Looks like she couldn't run this time...

    • By Capt. Blu

      It was a late night, but the lights still filled the city. Who could sleep at a time like this? It was a time to celebrate and party! Because in less than three hours, it would be a new year. And who wanted to be at a party, was Ace. People were much friendlier on holidays so it was easy to crash parties, it was just which party would be best to crash was the question.

      And then she found it.

      After turning the wrong corner during her walk, she found the richer side of town. And one rather large mansion door was open. And just her luck! It seemed full of party guests- and she noticed a teen walking in so there had to be some 'child friendly area'. Casual as ever, she walked up to the door to be greeted by a butler. "Can I help you?" With a quick and very convincing lie, Ace managed to go right through the door and into the party. When she walked in, she took a left and ended up in a sea of adults. "Act natural-"

      "Miss, what are you doing here?" Ace whirled around to explain herself, but before she could say anything the man in front of her continued. "The teens are on the other side of the house dear. Miss Leila, if that's who you're looking for, she's there as well." He stared at her for a moment before giving her an accusing look. "I'm sorry, but whose child are you?"
      "Oh! Thanks for that, I'll be on my way. I can't leave Leila waiting, I had something to give her...along with the others." Another lie, and she was off. She didn't even know a Leila.


      Just as the old guy said, a group of teens were in their own section, having much more fun than the adults. Well, minus the few older ones being there it was pretty much a teen fest. Walking through, she accidentally bumped into someone. "Oh, sorry...Leon." How convenient, someone made 'Get to Know Me' name tags. He merely shrugged and continued on his way.
      "Now, now guys. Think of this as.. a lesson of the day alright? Heh, your parents said it was okay just as long as you had supervision- me!" One of the older gentleman was talking to a small group of teens. They were all looking at him with interest or confusion. "B-But is it safe?" A glasses wearing male asked. The older male, with the name Ran, smiled. "Yes Harper! 100%

      Trust me!" They all gave weary glances.

      "We'll start off with introductions alright? I'm Ran as you all know."

      "I'm Harper."

      "Riley here."


      "I'm, um, Jasper."


      "Haku, but I'll pass. Come on Leon." Well those two were gone."

      "I'm Lesley."

      "Hi guys! I'm Toby."

      All eyes were on Ace and she blinked. "Oh, sorry. I'm Ace."

      Ran gestured her to sit with the others so she did. "Don't worry, the others have tried it too. So, you'll be fine." He gestured towards teens walking past. [Those teens would be *deceased members* except Haku and Leon, they just left]

      And with that being said, everyone took a sip of their drinks, Ace was given one and they waited for the results. Some results coming later than others...Those results being Nowhere.
      And right before the clock struck 12~

      Nowhere happened.

    • By Capt. Blu

      It was a simple room. The kitchen was much more fancy. It was slightly shocking that she was even allowed to pick the place for her last meal. "Alright Ace. Here's what you asked for." A five course meal was set across the counter and Ace sat at the simple, yet comfy dining area. "You've got time, so no need to rush." Ace saluted and sat quietly...waiting... She didn't move to grab any of the food. Instead she used the utensils as drumsticks. Her eyes scanned the room, noting the three cameras that were in place. She waved at one and grinned. "Still not telling you where the stolen goods are." Minutes later, a familiar face stepped inside. "It's about time you got here- wait, it's just you Leila? Don't tell me Jasper didn't accept my invitation?"

      Leila took a seat at the table. "Don't worry, Jasper will be here soon." She sighed and pushed strands of hair behind her ears. "Why are you doing this Ace? You could-" Ace cut her off and smiled. She leaned forward, subtly pointing to the cameras hidden off. As a trained soldier Leila caught on pretty quickly.

      "I'm not going to tell you anything. I worked hard to get that stuff and now my legacy will continue with my mafia family. Whose location will not be spoken of." Leila only nodded and rested her head in her hands, wondering how a woman could be so calm even though she was on death row. "Why is Jasper taking so long? I'm starving! Thankfully, they're keeping the food warm."

      "Don't worry! She's on her w-" The door opened and the albino woman stepped forward with a slight smirk.

      "Sorry I'm late. I had to...pick up a few things." With that, the door opened and in piled the whole crew. Ace's eyes widened and a genuine look of shock spread on her face.


      "Yep! I found them all. Toby, Riley, Harper, Ran, Lesley, and of course Inadi too. I thought you might want a couple of friends to see. Because..." A moment of silence fell over the group as the realization of why they were all here settled in. But obviously, the redhead wouldn't accept such a thing.

      "No sad faces! Let's party!" She stood from the table to greet everyone. With Toby and Riley, she did a handshake, grinning because both of them remembered.


      "How could we forget?"

      "Way too awesome to forget!"

      Ace moved on and playfully punched Inadi in the shoulder. "You two still date?" She earned a slight blush from the both of them. Ace laughed and nodded. "Awesome! It's nice to see you again. Congrats on having your books have gotten nationwide. Oh and awesome reporting Riley." Riley put a thumbs up, already stuffing her face with food with Toby.

      Despite the oncoming sadness for a long lost friend, Inadi kept a brave face and smiled. "It's really nice seeing you again Ace." She grinned and hugged him.

      "Stay happy. You can't cry in front of your girl friend." She teased and wandered off to Ran and Lesley. "Famous artist and a famous fashion designer. How about that. Amazing." Lesley sniffled, trying not to cry and Ran took his hat off with a sad smile.

      "Well, don't stand here, go eat!" Last, but not least, she grinned when she spotted Harper following in and closing the door behind the gang. He paused, staring in surprise as if he saw a ghost- or as if he thought Jasper had been lying about the entire thing. "Nice to see you again captain! What's wrong, something on my-" She paused when Harper hugged her. She hugged him, waiting for him to speak...or let go.

      "We turn our heads...and once again.... you've gotten yourself into trouble." Harper was laughing, but the tears were there, Ace could tell. Ace rubbed her head and laughed.

      "Yeah... Hehe, whoops?" Before the sad tension could build, Toby tapped on a glass getting everyone's attention- before breaking the glass.

      "Alright guys! A toast! For our awesome and crazy redhead!" Ace gave a huge grin and held up a fancy wine glass of sprite.

      "To Ace!"

      They ate, they danced, they partied.

      How Ace was allowed to do such a thing even though she was a prisoner? Well... let's just say Jasper and Leila had favors to be done.

      It was about two or so hours later before two guards came in. "It's time."

      Most of the multiculturedfeast was gone . it was amazing. She had always wanted to try different food from around the world. "Well guys that's my- yeesh again with the hugs." Ace laughed and hugged them all. "Well, if I ever had one request... Stay in touch with each other. And, ooh! Do something in my honor. Those are always cool hehe." There were a few chuckles and she let the guards cuff her.
      As she was pulled off, Ace looked back and smiled at the group.

      "You guys are awesome."
    • Interviews (open)
      Avian and Victoria (open)
      Avian. Vicky ...
      1. Since when have you been married?

      V: “I forgot.”
      A: “Around two and a half years.”
      10 seconds pass.
      A: “*gasps* Sweetheart, how could you forget…!”
      V: “Awww, I was just joking around. You look so cute when you’re frustrated. *winks*”
      A: “…. *sighs*”

      2. Is Vicky the dominant in the pair?
      A: “Wha-…? What does that mean? ‘Dominant’? Is that a person who, um, dominates?”
      V: “(・∀・)*giggles*”
      A: “Er.”
      V: “Well, I’m the one who has the whip, so...”

      3. Avian, since you had a "mother moment" with prince Tobias, does this mean you'll sit and watch the kids, while Vicky goes out to work?
      A: “We’ve guarded the Prince ever since he was a small child, so all of us Royal Dragoons care for him as if he were our family. Of course, the King and his son are of a much higher level but, you get what it is. Fealty to one’s lord-
      V: “Yadda yadda.”
      A: “Moving on… We both, er, “go to work”, and being a member of the elite protectors system is something that requires your attention 24/7, but I’m sure we’ll adjust once a child comes along. Won’t we, darling? (^▽^)”
      V: “… ‘If’! ‘If a child comes along’!”
      A: “ ‘Once’!”
      V: “ ‘If’!”
      A: “But-”
      V: “No buts. Although to answer the question, Avian here is a big mother hen, so he’ll probably do that. Maybe he’d even tell them bedtime stories-”
      A: “ … Them means we’re planning for a big family. (^v^)”
      V: “*twitches* … Excuse me for a moment.”
      (Cue Vicky vs. Avian arena music)

      4. Do you two have kids in the first place? If not, when you do plan on having some? A marriage without children is like a summer without fruit, you know. ;)
      (They have kids in the second installment of their original rp. One boy (Liun), one gal (Vera). The boy’s pretty much like his dad, except he gets nervous way more easily. The girl’s basically shrunk Vicky + loads of smart wisecracks. 8D)
      A: “*laughs nervously* Well, I do want a large family but-”
      V: “Hear that? They’re saying we should try harder. *smirks*”
      A: “\(゜ロ\) (/ロ゜)/\(゜ロ\) (/ロ゜)/!!!”
      V: “We’ll take the advice to heart. And to other places. *laughs*”
      A: “We don’t need to rush it-“
      V: “They say practice makes perfect, so let’s do it when we arrive home, okay~?”
      A: “*turns pale*”
      V: “… Isn’t he adorable? *evil laugh*”

      5. Which one of you can cook better?
      V: “… “
      A: “Me. She can’t cook. (・_・;) Like there was this time she fed me a lump of blackish material, and I realized it was supposed to be a fried egg- ”
      (Avian gets booted out of his chair by his wife.)

      6. What do you like to eat the most?
      V: “The limbs and blood of my enemies.”
      A: “… Honey, kids may be reading this.”
      V: “ヽ(´ー`)┌ Oh psh, let them get used to violence early on.”
      A: “I like vegetables and mushrooms, so anything with those.”
      V: “Meat.”

      7. How did you get married in the first place? Was there a ceremony or just a couple of words and that was it?
      V: "*smiles*"
      A: "..... Well, it was-"
      V: "It was still during the war that time, during the invasion of Aven. Avian was part of the rebel army fighting for the freedom of Aven, and I'm pretty much your legendary badass bounty hunter chasing him down. Really long story short: the two of us- er, I defected and walked away together. We discussed the future and how it's likely that we're both going to die in the next few hours, since we pretty much pissed off both sides by leaving, so we decided to... Um... *turns red* Oh gods, it's the mushy stuff. Clogging my mind. Continue for me, Avian."
      A: "*laughs* Anyway, we found this abandoned chapel in the middle of a forest, and we decided to go in and seek refuge. The place was really pretty, so ethereal. I thought we were in another world like that, and I almost believed that the war was some sick dream I've had and I finally woke up. Then I realized-"
      V: "*groans*"
      A: "O-okay, I'll skip the epiphany part. We exchanged our vows there- *blushes*- but when the war was over we married again to make it legal."
      V: "And to show everyone how fabulous I look in a backless wedding gown."

      8. Where did you get the wolf and tiger from?
      A: “They’re our battle companions!”
      V: "Yes, exactly. Illumine was a cub when I met him. I think I was hunting down a renowned criminal in the western part of Nowhere, in the Aertfly ruins? The merchants were going to sell him for his fur, but that beautiful little baby, dying so some snotty noble could have her furs- Granted, minks are pretty, but- Ugh, the idiots. I pretty much knocked them all out and walked away with him."
      A: "I grew up with Ellianne. My father nursed the mother wolf when their lair was attacked by a bunch of hunters, but she ended up dying like all of her pups. Ellianne was the only one who remained so we adopted her."

      9. Who brushes the wolf and tiger when they are shedding their seasonal fur?
      V: "Avian. Don't want to get fur under my nails."
      A: "It's a fun thing to do, Vicky. You should try it sometime."
      V: "No, thank you. I'm happy lounging in the sofa while you chase the two of them."

      10. Avian, what would you do if you hear that Vicky wants to shave half of her hair off?
      V: “What hair where?”
      A: “Do you have hair anywhere asides from the top of your head?”
      V: “AHAHAHAHAHA- Excuse me I just- Pbbbbbbbffffffrt-”
      A: “… A-anyway, I don’t care. If she wants to do that, then it’s fine. She’ll always look the same in my eyes.”
      V: “Wait what!?”
      A: “In the best way ever, sweetheart.”

      Ace (open)

      1. Does your hair curl when it rains or does it remain flat?
      "Walking in the rain is so nice. Oh- my hair. Oh no, it's always flat. It might frizz a little though."

      2. Does your chest area sweat often?
      Ace proceeds to look down her shirt. "Um, not really. Sometimes. Probably after running or something."

      3. Do you like beans?
      "That's a weird question to ask. But I like a lot of food. Beans are probably on that list too. I take what I can get."

      4. What's the most embarrassing thing you think has ever happened to you?
      "I don't get embarrased by a lot of things I do. But if I had to pick, it would probably be when my shirt caught on fire in front of people. Instead of stop, drop, and roll. I just took the shirt off and stopped the fire. People were staring for some reason..."

      5. How did you learn to fight?
      "Waaayyy back when I was a kid, I was in a gang. Yeah, not your everyday story. Anyway, they took me in and taught me self defense and some cool fighting tricks I could use."

      6. If you had to pick between a flamethrower and a life's worth supply of matches, which would you pick?
      "Ooh, good question, good question. Well, I might go with the matches. Hehe, I can make a flame- I mean I'm sure a flamethrower would run out of fire before a life time supply of matches... >.>

      7. Has your hair ever caught fire?
      "Woo! Never lay and play with matches. Especially if your hair is sprawled out. Man, my hair was singed and had to be cut short to my shoulders. Luckily, with some care, I managed to get it longer again. Still, I thought I tossed it far enough... I was so wrong. I didn't panic or anything. I just had to hurry and stop it."

      8. Do you think that the inside of a dragon is actually a portal to another dimension, where there is fire everywhere and people themselves are made of fire?
      "I've always dreamed of things like that. It's possible... but not many believe it. Fire elementals are what they're called. I looked it up before. People that are entirely made up of fire and capable of manipulating it too... It's epic. Dragons are apparently just myths to people. I think they exist... somewhere out there- and I'll finally be able to see one for real! This will be amazing! Now if I could see a phoenix too and keep it, I think my life would be complete."

      9. If you went back in time and met the first person, who discovered fire, what would you say/do?
      "I'd teach them how to fire dance... Not sayjng I know how to... Or I'd show them cool tricks like making little explosives or flamethrowers- Not saying I know how to do anything of the sort... I don't know, I'd just do things I think are cool." She shrugs and listens to the question.

      10. How do you like your eggs?
      "Scrambled. Most definitely."

      11. What if because of your fire powers, you could never eat ice cream again?
      "I'd be alright. They're are milkshakes and stuff. Or smoothies. And I still can eat cakes. Those are yummy too."

      12. What scares you the most?
      "I've grown up in bad cities, and tough times. I've learned that fear will put you in the doghouse. Or worse. I'm not sure what scares me."
      *Now that Ace has gained a few friends, she's afraid of them getting hurt or dying or something of the sort.*
      *But ssh, it's for her to realize in the story.*

      13. What do you think is the worst possible way to die in Nowhere?
      "Dying of boredom! There's so much you can do here! I want to stay and do it all! How could you get bored of talking trees and hybrid animal people and little angry bunnies!"

      14. What if you burned everything you touched? Isn't the life of a fire elemental lonely?
      "Well as I said before, I've lived an interesting life. I'm kind of alone as it is. I move a lot sooo I have no time to worry about being lonely! I live in the now and don't look back too often, is an exciting journey really. If I burned everything I touched... Well a lot of stuff is getting burned then. No stopping that."

      15. What kind of music do you like :D?
      "I liiike... rock and pop. Dubstep too! Annd, electronica... I think that's what is called. And- well a lot."

      Brandy (open)

      Hello, sir Alcoholic Drink~ I have a few questions for you~
      "Do I- Do I have to? I do? Fine, fine, let’s just get this over with." =_=#

      1. Don't you feel awkward that your name is like that of an alcoholic drink? You do drink tea, after all, and tea is something sophisticated, while alcohol...
      "Not really…? I guess people might find it strange but it’s my name so I’m used to it. I don’t really associate the word to the alcoholic drink anymore."

      2. What do you like more, carrot cake or carrot pudding?
      "I’m going to go with whichever is less sweet."

      3. Since I started with carrots, what do you think of the carrot Mado found?
      "Uh… It’s a… very nice carrot? ._. What kind of question is this-"

      4. Do you know who your parents are?
      "We Nobodies aren’t really ‘born’ as much as we just.. appear one day, if you could it that. If you’re talking about who dreamed me up then no, I’m not quite sure."

      5. Does Mr. Mathema come by your bookshop often?
      "Mr… Who? I’m not familiar with that name so I’ll have to assume no."

      6. Do you have any childhood friends?
      "I guess I’ve known the other guides for the longest, if that’s what you mean. I did meet Songbird very soon after I just appeared though, would that count?"

      7. How long have you and Songbird been together?
      ._. "What do you mean by ‘together’? We’ve been good friends for a long while now."

      8. What do you think of Mrs. Greyhound, the lovely greyhound lady who runs the scarf shop?
      "I don’t frequent the scarf shop as much as you people seem to think I do. *tugs on scarf* This is the only one I own, and it was a present from Song."

      9. Is it hard to clean your ears?
      "My ears? Why are you asking about my- Uh, not particularly. It’s a pain trying to make sure no water goes in while I wash them though."

      10. Do you use baby shampoo to make your hair soft?
      .__. "How would you know if my hair’s soft or not?" *inches away and notes down to lock the door when he sleeps from now on*

      11. Are you a rabbit or a hare?
      "I would assume hare judging from the length of my ears.We're usually all just referred to as rabbits, it's easier that way."

      12. Will you and Songbird ever share a scarf?
      "I don’t see why not. If Song’s willing, of course."

      13. You and Songbird adopted a child, would you be more of a father-figure or a motherly hen? Hypothetically speaking here.
      "What kind of question is that?" *stares* "But since I was told to answer every questions… I guess I’d be the father-figure since Song’s the motherly type. Now stop asking me strange questions."

      14. Do you really not eat meat?
      "I don’t usually partake in it, no. I’m not adverse to it though."

      15. How do you handle your alcohol?
      "Badly, as Song would attest to." >.>

      16. Have you and Songbird ever gotten drunk together? If so, what happened afterwards?
      "I- That’s- I don’t-"

      "What happens in the Crystal Palace stays in the Crystal Palace" >_>

      17. Will you invite the humans to your shop?
      "… I’m going to say no. Kindly stay away from my shop, please."

      18. Are Dissonance and Serenade connected to you in any way?
      "We’re not related, no. Nowhere just has a disproportionately large population of rabbits/hares. It’s rather strange."

      19. Have you found your true carrot, er, I mean, other half?
      "… What’s it to you?" >.>

      20. What is the funniest joke you know?
      *tries to remember a joke*

      "Er… What do you get when you divide the circumference of a pumpkin by its diameter?"
      "Pumpkin π" c:

      "Are we done now? What do you mean, no? There’s more?" *long drawn out sigh* "Can we have a short break, at least?"

      21. How did you and Songbird meet? Thoughts on Song?
      “He’s an item hunter, so we met when I needed something for my then newly opened bookshop. As for thoughts… He’s a very dear friend of mine. Song gets a little moody sometimes but I don’t mind much, it’s easy to calm him down when you’ve got the hang of it.”

      22. How did you and Martini meet? Thoughts on Marti?
      “We met through the guide job. Martini’s very bubbly, if you’ll excuse the pun, sometimes excessively so. Also she’s very stubborn, if she decides you’re going to model for her there’s no escape.” *shudders*

      23. What's it like being a guide? Do you always see your humans come and go? It must be a bit sad. Do you remember the first batch you had to help? How did it end?
      “It’s a hard job, especially considering how a lot of humans seem to have no sense of self-preservation despite always repeating that they want to go home” >.>
      “As for my first batch, I don’t remember them very well. Something came up and I had to leave midway through the quest, so I’m not entirely sure how they ended up.”

      24. Favorite memory with Songbird?
      “Another one with Song? ._. What’s with you people? Let’s see… I guess it would be the time when Song invited me over to his house to have tea and introduced me to the fluffs? They’re quite adorable, especially Bill who’s the eldest of the bunch. We get along very well, Bill and I.”

      25. Do you like the current batch of humans? xD
      “They’re alright. They’ve been better behaved than a few group, but are still quite rowdy nevertheless.”

      26. Who's your favorite human and why?
      “The one who causes the least trouble. Even better if they’re quiet.”

      Dissonance (open)

      "Questions! Questions! Questions!"

      1. How did you meet Martini?
      "Aah! I met Martini before becoming a guide. I wanted to buy a dress for a big performance with sis so I asked around and people kept telling about a mermaid who made the bestest clothes ever, they told me where to find her and I ordered a dress. It was amazing (★^O^★)! We started hanging out after that and became even better friends when we both decided to become guides."

      2. What's your favorite place in your dimension?
      "Eh! That's a toughie, (๑ △ ๑). Nowhere is full of wonderrific places, but if I had to choose it would be the town square. Everything happens there, and it's where sis and I perform. It's also where we met Songbird! You see, before we became guides, we used to play our instruments together. I really like the ice cream hills too though, they have all the ice cream you can eat and oreo cookies for rafts. Can I please pick both instead? Pretty please with caramel carrots on top?"

      3. Do you like it when it snows?
      "I love it! I get to throw snowballs at people 0(≧▽≦)0 sis makes great hot chocolate, and we get to buy fluffy scarves."

      4. Have you ever considered playing another instrument?
      "I wish I could play any instrument like Cello, but I'm no good at any of the others (;▽;) anyway, ever since I remember, I could play the violin so it's a part of me! While I would love to play piano and every instrument out there, I wouldn't trade my violin for all the instruments in Nowhere."

      5. What's your favorite colour?
      "White, it's the color of my favorite kimono (^v^)"

      6. What's your favorite season?
      "Well, Nowhere doesn't have seasons. In some places it snows forever and in other places the sun is always shining. If I had to choose, well, I'd go with Autumn! Everything become so pretty during the fall and jumping in piles of leaves is great! Oh, oh, and don't you think the colors everything so romantic <3"

      7. What's your favorite dish?
      "The Oreo cheesecakes from Mr. Cuddle's bakeshop are to die for! O(≧∇≦)O Are you planning to buy some for me?"

      8. Who's your favorite human from this batch? (I know, but I'm still asking XD )
      "Well, we're not supposed to have favorites, but if you promise to keep it a secret, I'll tell you! I think Haku is a cutie >v<! I should give him a big, big hug, and that girl Leila, she's just like a lost puppy. They're adorable!" *cue squealing*

      9. Do you think that Cello and Haku are connected in some sort of way? Trans-dimensional relatives? They have the same spark in their eye, you know, not to mention they're cool cats~
      "They have their similarities, but I don't think they're related. I've known Cello for a very long time now, they're both adorable though, I'll say that >v<!

      10. Have you ever seriously gotten mad at Serenade? If so, why?
      "Serenade and I have had our share of fights, they're mostly over silly things. I...don't really remember, but sis can be such a killjoy."

      11. If you could have one other sibling, what would you like them to be? (older, younger, brother, sister, etc.)
      "A a younger brother would be nice, someone we can boss around a little bit *v* sis and I need someone to carry the speakers whenever we need to perform."

      12. If there was one day dedicated to rabbits, what would you do on that day?
      "I would go to every chocolate and cake shop in Nowhere and demand they give me free sweets!" (⁎⁍̴ڡ⁍̴⁎)

      13. What's your favorite flower?
      "I love sunflowers, they're really pretty and are so full of energy!"

      14. If you had an ultimate attack, what would its name be and what would it do?
      "I would call it the super epic awesome song of mighty wonderfulness! It would make people really happy, they'd forget all about their problems and just enjoy the moment."

      15. If you could go to the human world, what would you like to do there?
      "Hmmm, I would go see what a birthday party is and maybe perform for the king or queen if I can *v*"

      16. What are the kind of people that you fear?
      "Have you seen the spider Nobodies? They're friendly but they give me the heebie-jeebies (>д<) urk, Serenade says it's rude to walk the other way when we run into one, but those legs and those scary eyes ;A; I always freeze up when I see them."

      17. Did you find out that Haku got hit with a pipe at Yonder?
      "I did, Serenade told me about it! The poor cutie, those criminals need to be taught a lesson!" *wrings hands angrily*

      18. What would you get Serenade as a present if she had a birthday?
      "Birthday? I don't think we have that here, human! You better tell me all about it later and whenever I give sis presents they're usually boring books from Brandy's shop. It make her really happy (★^O^★) sometimes I buy her sweets too! Sis has a sweet tooth, but doesn't really tell anyone.

      19. Would you like to have a birthday in the first place? It's said that birthdays don't exist in Nowhere.
      "I heard birthdays are fun? And I'm supposed to receive presents? If that's right then sign me up for a birthday!"

      20. What if the humans of this group actually get to go home? What would you do? How would you feel?
      "If they go home, we'll actually succeed for the first time! The queen will have the grandest ball ever and we'll all celebrate. Nowhere would be full of happiness, but to be honest, I'd feel a little sad. Aah, I guess I'm growing attached, everyone is so lively. I'd be really, really, happy for the humans and the guides, but I'd miss everyone too. ヽ(;▽;)ノ

      Harper (open)

      "Okay, I'll do my best."

      1. What type of glasses do you wear?
      "Hmm, I don't really know. You see, mom got them for me. They're the kind that help me see better, if you're wondering, they aren't just an accessory." Harper laughs a little. "I'm as blind as a bat without them."

      2. What is your favorite food?
      "Mom's spaghetti will always be my favorite."

      3. Do you think that you and Jasper might get together in the future?
      Harper get's a little flustered. "Um, excuse me? I-I don't know. Whatever happened back at Yonder...well, it was probably a in the heat of the moment thing, right? RIGHT?"

      4. What do you think of Leon so far?
      "I don't know him that well yet, but he seems alright. He and Hakuren seem to get along."

      5. If you could become one animal for a day, what would it be?
      "Definitely a bird or a fish. The skies and the seas are so beautiful."

      6. How do you feel after you saw Hakuren kissing Jasper?
      Harper blinks slowly. "Haku kissed Jasper?" (The poor boy was too busy fending off slimes xD)

      7. Would you have liked to be Hakuren in the mentioned situation above?
      "Um, I-I don't know." O///O (Pfft, that kiss back at Yonder was nice :P but he won't admit it and thinks they'd be better off forgetting it.)

      8. What is your favorite colour?
      "I like blue, it looks calm and peaceful."

      9. What is your favorite constellation?
      "Lyra, the story of Orpheus and Eurydice is so interesting! But Orion and Andromeda are just as amazing, I don't think I can pick just one, sorry."

      10. What is the most treasured memory you have with your sister?
      "A few years ago she and I saved a few puppies, you see, their mother had fallen ill and died. We took the dogs in and raised them together. It was a lot of fun, they were really young though so sis and I wound up sleeping in the living room. We'd have shifts, sometimes she'd sleep first while I fed them milk from bottles and sometimes it was the other way around. We'd watch movies and play video games too, I wasn't very fond of the latter but killing zombies with her wasn't too bad." Harper grins fondly at the memory. "When the dogs were old enough we gave them to grandma and they lived with her, we'd always come to visit them though."

      11. Do you have friends or even best friends in the human world? Can you tell us a bit about them?
      "Oh yeah, my best friends are Ryan and Addie. Errr..." Harper makes a silly face. "They're both lovable idiots."

      Ryan - Was introduced to Harper by Addie. He's Harper's opposite and usually drags the boy along. Ryan is a class clown and a bit of a trouble maker. He's into video games and soccer and tries to get Harper to do more outdoorsy stuff.

      Adeline - Harper met her in music class. He thinks she's an amazing pianist and takes lessons from her sometimes. They like talking about books and music and she introduced him to Ryan. She's energetic and spontaneous, but also stops Ryan from getting them all into trouble.

      12. Would you do something illegal for someone's sake?
      "It depends, really. I don't think I can see myself as a hardcore criminal."

      13. If you die, what kind of death would you like?
      "The peaceful kind. Preferably in my sleep after a life well lived."

      14. Who would you like to bring back from all of your "missing" comrades?
      "I didn't know any of them well, but I'd say Emily. She had her whole life ahead of just wasn't fair."

      15. What do you think of Hakuren?
      "He's weird," Harper looks serious. "This, it isn't a game, but he treats it like one. He's alright though, when he isn't making fun of everything."

      16. Do you think that ??? might actually be a good person?
      "I...I don't know what to think about them. They were just like us once, but now I think they're too far gone."

      17. What do you think was the real reason you were brought to Nowhere?
      "I came here because I wanted to save my sister. I don't know if I'll be able to achieve that. Nowhere makes me not know anything because nothing is normal. For crying out loud, time is irrelevant here! Sorry, I got a little carried away."

      18. Do you like foxes?
      "They're a bit too sly for my liking. I'd prefer a nice dog or bird."

      19. Harper, can you sing?
      "Um well, I can sing terribly. Does that count?" He laughs a little and sings a line from Baa Baa Black Sheep.

      20. Have you ever heard or played Dangan Ronpa?
      "Dangan Ronpa? I don't think so...I heard Ryan talking all about it though. Haha, I wasn't paying much attention I guess."

      21 So, what's your thoughts on Jasper? *nudge nudge*
      "Jasper is my friend." Harper smiles. "Talking with her is nice and she's one of the people I don't feel nervous around. We've been travelling together since day one and she's one of the people I trust most in the group. If she ever needs help," he nods his head, determined. "I've got her back."

      22. Do you want to visit Nowhere, if you have the chance?
      "More than anything, I want to go home."

      23. Look up to anyone in the group?
      "I looked up to Iro. He was the oldest member of the group and before he got sick the queen appointed him as our leader. He was responsible and very easy to talk to. Now, not really though I wish I had Ace's bravery and cheerfulness. She's really good at putting smiles on people's faces.

      24. What's the weirdest thing that has happened to you in Nowhere, so far?
      >///< *remembers Yonder and starts to stammer* "G-Getting eaten by the cat bus uh and fighting the chaotic star."

      25. Is there like some sort of pent up emotion from all this death and fighting and missions and excitement that makes you want to scream to the heavens?
      "Yes. Sometimes I just want to explode. We lost a lot of companions on the SSF, it was a painful day."

      26. Would you keep in contact with some of the new people you met if you guys get to go home?
      Harper nods. "We cheated death together, of course I'd want to keep in touch."

      27. What do you think of Zephy, Avian and Vicky?
      "I'm really, really thankful. They're helping us and I appreciate it. The guides have my sincerest thank you."

      28. If you had to eat one food for the rest of your life what would it be?
      "My mom's Spaghetti, she's an amazing cook."

      29. Do you like sparkles?
      "I enjoy looking at firework, I think they're stunning."

      30. If you had the choice between wearing a pink bodysuit for a week or wearing swimfins for the rest of your life, what would you pick?
      "Swim fins don't sound too bad, but I would go with the pink bodysuit because I'd rather suffer for a week than for the rest of my life."

      31. Do you like online games?
      "I'm not too fond of video games, but my older sister and one of my best friends loves them so I get asked to play a lot. Some of them are really enjoyable."

      32. Do you have a lot of electronics at home?
      "I wouldn't say a lot, just the usual."

      33. What do you think of the new humans?
      "I don't know Leon that well, but I think he's alright. He and Haku seem to get along well. Ace, she's my friend and one of the people I trust most." Harper nods. "Her optimism and bravery are contagious, if she ever needs me, I've got her back."

      34. Do you like seafood?
      "Calamari and shirmp taste great. I'm not too fond of crabs," he shudders, "I just can't eat them, not when they're staring at me with lifeless eyes!"

      35. If you could play any instrument perfectly, what would it be?
      "The violin! I can play it, but it's nowhere near perfect. Maybe Serenade can give me tips."

      Inadi (open)

      1. How do you like Nowhere so far? You know, since you were just thrown into a dragon hunting mission?

      “Well when I first arrived I admit it was pleasant. Making sweets with Mr. Cuddles' wasn't bad at all. Now all of a sudden I have some serious desires to not overstay my welcome in this place. I'll enjoy what I can, but I can't promise much.”

      2. Do you have a hard time keeping your glasses on whike doing all those activities you're doing? (Chocobo racing, moving around, powers, etc.)

      “Unbelievably. They've nearly fallen off eight times since the cat bus fiasco. I'm half way tempted to staple them to my head at this point.” *Quickly shudders at the thought of how painful that would be* “You know what, scratch that. I'll just take my chances.”

      3. How do you feel about the extroverts of the group? Namely, Riley and Ace.

      “They are a fun group of people to be around that's for sure. As long as they don't try to drag me into too much there. I like to stay in my own little comfort zone. I'm still getting used to the whole 'living in this strange new world' thing here.”

      4. Do you know Lesley's gender? What makes you sure?

      *Confusingly stares at the question* “He's a guy obviously. You can tell from his natural musk. He has gotten close enough to me on enough occasions for me to tell.”

      5. Will you accept the ships that you're thrown into? Even if you have no choice...

      *Nervously sees the list of ships that has come included with the question* “Well I suppose being the new guy here I really don't have much of a choice here. I'll accept the fact that some people support these ships, but in the end we'll see how it all plays out. At the end of the day I don't really know a lot of these folks that well yet. We'll see what fate decides.”

      6. What numbers are better? Even or odd?

      “Evens obviously. That way there are no remainders. You never want to leave a person by themselves....I mean a number. Yeah...a number.”

      7. What do you think about Lesley? Do you trust him?

      “Lesley is a fine person. I don't find any reason not to trust him. Sure he has a very odd way of showing emotions and seems to have a weird sense of personal space, but that's just the way he is. Nothing to be concerned about really.”

      8. What do you think about Mr. Cuddles? Was it fun, working as his assistant?

      “Mr. Cuddles may be the best boss I have ever had, and that includes people from the real world. He was understanding of my hours and knew when I was available and made my schedule based on it.....Then again that might have been due to the fact I was living with him at the time. Still he was a great man...or bear in this case. I hope to see him again after this dumb dragon business is taken care of.

      9. Do you want to leave Nowhere? Are you homesick?

      “I want to leave Nowhere simply because I don't know this place. I am far more comfortable in locations I know a lot about and can map out where I can go. That being said though....I wouldn't necessarily call myself homesick I guess. Mainly just uncomfortable.”

      10. What do you fear most :D?

      “Definitely would have to be not succeeding in my dreams. If I can't make it as a writer I don't know what I will do. I suppose another thing less cliché that I am scared of would have to be getting into physical encounters. I'm not that good a fighter and I certainly don't go around looking for a fight.”

      11. If you get out of Nowhere, will you write a book about it?

      “I suppose I could actually. It is a rich land and seems to be full of liberties I could take when writing a story. I just think that this isn't really my style of writing. I'm more of a modern day mystery kind of guy. But styles change among many writers. Perhaps this is an opportunity in disguise.”

      12. What's your favorite video game?

      “Definitely would have to say Final Fantasy 9. It was my first real RPG that I played as a kid and it was by far the most amazing experience I can recall from my youth at the time. I think that story is what got me into writing to be honest. I tried writing in a similar style to the game, but that was when I found myself struggling with the medieval and fantasy styles.”

      13. Favorite author and favorite book?

      “This one is a bit more difficult but I think I would have to say something a bit under the radar. D.J. MacHale and the Pendragon series. I remember reading them like clock work when the majority of the series came out. While everyone else was reading that Twilight crap or the Artemis Fowl books, another series I love by the way, I was addicted to the series of Pendragon. I've actually found myself more interested in science fiction novels because of it and have thought of trying my hand at it later on.”

      14. What if you die on this mission? Any regrets?

      *Reads the question and lets out a sigh* “Well this question certainly put a damper on things. Favorite books and games and now death. Though to answer the question I suppose my main regret would be that I never finished the book I have sitting back home. It will be my breakthrough novel I'm sure, and if I don't finish it I'll be absolutely crushed. I may throw in that I haven't had a girlfriend since freshman year of high school but that probably doesn't really equate to much in the grand scheme of things.”

      15. Last words in case you really do die? Anything you want to say to your fam and friends?

      “Yeesh. Talk about a downer. I don't really have that many friends back home to speak of so nothing that immediately comes to mind. And in regards to my folks.....” *Stares to the side with a painful look on his face* “I guess the same problem.”

      16. Do you like the group you've been thrown into?

      “Group two? Yeah it's fun. Ace seems fun enough to get along with. And Harper almost reminds me of somebody I used to know back home. I don't know much about Leila but hey, this is a chance to get to know her better. Gotta take what opportunities you get or waste never getting them again.”

      17. A shout out to your creator, what do you want to tell MUG?

      “Yeah one thing,” *Looks up at the sky* “Why did you get me stuck in Nowhere you bastard?”

      18. Do you think Nowhere is fascinating?

      “It has it's moments. The Chocobos so far are the only really great moment I can think of since I left Mr. Cuddles' shop. That was another pretty good moment.”

      19. Would you be able to write a book on Nowhere?

      “People really want this thing to happen huh?” *Laughs as he sets the question down on the table next to him* “Since this is the second request I suppose I can start on some kind of side project while I finish the rest of the novel I have back home. If I get time I may even start it in Nowhere, that way I have the knowledge fresh in my mind.”

      20. Would you keep in touch with the others in the group if they all went back to Earth?

      “With this crew. Sure, I don't see why not. It'll be hard for sure but they all seem like good enough people for me to want to keep in touch with them all. I just hope that we all make it back home in order to try that out.”

      21. Do you like clouds?

      *Raises an eyebrow and shrugs* “Sure. I like clouds. Especially when you can see them make little shapes in the sky.”

      22. Favourite TV show?

      “Oh man. This one is tough. Definitely would have to be Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood for two reasons. One is because of all the symbolism to sacrifice for the greater good. It paints a really good picture on what that actually means versus what the popular thought is behind it. Second, I refuse to even remember the ending to the first series.......stupid Germany gateway B.S.”

      23. Would you take your Chocobo back to Earth if you had the chance?

      “This is not a matter of 'would I'. This is a matter of 'how fast would I ride Pini through whatever portal I had to that way I can take him home'. If I was given the okay, I would take Pini back with me to Earth in a heartbeat.”

      24. If you had a choice between taking a dragon egg back to Earth with you, becoming its mommy or leaving it, what would you choose?

      *Stares at the roof after reading the question, giving it deep thought* “That one is tricky. I suppose I would sound like a hypocrite considering what I just said about the Chocobo so I would probably have to say yes. My only hope is that it stays a small dragon. If I got a big one, that could be a problem regardless of whether or not it saw me as it's mother......or in this case father I suppose.

      Jasper (open)

      Walking timidly towards the hot seat which was enclosed in a blank room, she settled down with her head bent low. To her right was a side table and atop sat an intimidating stack of cards on which questions from the OOC realm were neatly typed in Times New Roman font. Gulping dryly, she gingerly picked up the interview cards.

      1. Can you tell us about Rosen?

      (╥_╥) Eyes closing tightly, she couldn't help, but frown.

      *clears throat* "Ahem, well. When I was a baby... my parents disowned me because of my condition. Rosen was the one who took me in. She," *stares at her knees* ,"Uhm, well she passed away a couple years ago. Its ok. She lived a happy life and without her I wouldn't be how I am now." *sniffles*

      2. How badly do you want to leave Nowhere?

      "Very badly. There is too much risk and danger. I feel uncomfortable here. We don't belong here. Humans belong on Earth."

      3. What if you could go home on one condition? All you'd have to do is kill all the other Lost Souls in their sleep. Will you grab this opportunity?

      (ुŏ̥̥̥̥oŏ̥̥̥̥)ु "I want to go home, but I would never kill anyone to achieve that. Why would you ask that question?" (ㄒoㄒ)

      4. Favorite moment in Nowhere?

      *recovers from creepy question, starting to get more comfortable with talking*

      "The first party at the castle... there was so much dessert (。・ω・。)"

      5. Thoughts on Songbird?

      "His eye kinda freaked me out at first, but then he was really nice to me. He even gave me a scarf... (。・・。) Oh, not really in that way," *stutters*, "Uh ye-yeah he's just nice..." (。・・。')<-bead of sweat now on forehead.

      6. What do you think of the Queen?

      "Will she hear this?" *bites lip nervously*

      *voice from above* "No she will not. Please, proceed."

      Upon hearing the voice, Jasper grabs her chest from shock with eyes wide open. <-didn't know real humans could answer her

      *coughs*"Ah well. Something about her is a bit off. She's really nice and cheerful, but her aura has...darkness in it.."

      7. Most embarrassing thing that's ever happened to you?

      *thinks of all the embarrassing things that's happened to her since she got there*

      \(//∇//)\*stays quiet hoping she can skip question*

      *voice from above*"Uh, proceed Jasper Golding!*

      (⊙﹏⊙) "K-kk-kk-..."*goes silent again*

      *voice from above*"Spit it out child!"

      "KISS!" *covers mouth with both hands* "I-I did- didn't mean to s-say that so loudly... sorry"

      8. If you do manage to go home, what'll be the first thing you do when you get back?

      *face returns to regular pale color* "I'm make myself a hot cup of coffee (⌒_⌒;)"

      9. Do you like your fellow Lost Souls?

      "Of course. They're just about the only thing keeping me sane. Without them... without them," *pauses* ,"I would've died a long time ago..."

      10. If you were a guy, which of the gals would you have a crush on?

      'Who comes up with these questions?' (*´ェ`;)

      "Ah well. I'd say.." *whispers inaudibly* "ace......"

      *voice from above* "LOUDER!"

      "Ace!" ( TДT)

      11. Do you hate any of your fellow Lost Souls?

      "Not hate. Hate is a strong word. But Hakuren definitely scares me..." (´(エ)`)

      12. Favorite food?

      "Kimchi..." (✪㉨✪)/

      13. How are you today?

      "Ah, well good I guess. Thanks for asking" ( ⋂‿⋂’)

      14. Who's a better kisser? Harper or Haku?

      (。・//ε//・。) 'Again with those questions?'

      "Eh... well" *scratches head nervously* "Erm..."

      *voice from above* "Jasper. Seriously. There are tons more of these types of questions so its better to just get them over with!"

      "Ah! Ok sorry (●ฅ́дฅ̀●)" *thinks for a little more* "We- well. Haku... was better," *flails hands and becomes frantic* "Not that Harper's was bad or anything!!!" (╯°Д°)╯*settles down and fumbles with shirt hem*

      "I think Haku had more experience..." /(//-//)\ *stares at ground*

      15. What's it like being thrown out of your comfort zone all the time?

      o(╥﹏╥)o "It'sreallyscaryandsometimesIjustwanttofaintuntileverythingisalldoneandwecanjustgobackhome," *pauses to catch breath ",but I guess it's good for me to try new things too..." *sighs*

      16. Who do you consider a close friend?

      。^‿^。 "Harper, Ace, Riley, Lesley, Song, and basically all the guides! But Ace and Harper are definitely the closest. Harper mostly. He's been with me since day one and I guess Haku too........... he's still scary ( ̄ω ̄;)"

      17. Thoughts on dragons and Ace's determination to tame one?

      ヽ(゜ロ゜;)ノ "I'm just worried she'll hurt herself. Ace is a crazy girl, but she's also not dumb. I hope she'll be alright."

      ლ(´﹏`ლ)'Why does she have to be so outgoing?!'

      18. Is your home spotless, considering you are a germaphobe?

      (╬⁽⁽ ⁰ ⁾⁾ Д ⁽⁽ ⁰ ⁾⁾) "Yes, yes. That is true. I clean everything and sterilize everything. I wear gloves in my house just in case..."

      19. Are you scared of any of the Lost Souls?

      (; ̄ェ ̄)"Just Haku... he's... scary..." *shudders*

      20. If you had the bravery, what bottled up thing would you say to at least two of the Lost Souls?

      (;☉_☉) "Well I would clarify about the kiss to Harper and..."
      (。・//ε//・。) "Tell Ace that she has... a big" *looks down at chest* "That I want-" *shakes head* "Ah, well..shehasbiggboobs"
      (-̩̩̩-̩̩̩-̩̩̩-̩̩̩-̩̩̩___-̩̩̩-̩̩̩-̩̩̩-̩̩̩-̩̩̩) *steps out of interview room to cry*

      Leila (open)

      1. Can you tell us about your family, or the people you care about most?

      “...My father. Joseph A. Noelle, Chief Executive Officer, N.E. Industries. Forty-nine years old.

      …Zora E. Noelle. Thirty-eight.. Um...I’m not exactly sure what my mother does…?

      ...Sisters and brothers, uh… ...”

      Note the fact that Leila’s knowledge of her actual family is rather restricted, as is her knowledge concerning people in general. The fact that she rarely contacts them makes it even worse. A large portion of her knowledge of her father is in fact composed of her impressions of him as a public figure.

      “...people I…I don’t know? James, probably…? I don’t know what his last name is though…”

      She has a hard time admitting that she ‘care about’ people, or even persuading herself that she know about what ‘caring about’ a person is supposed to mean.

      James is the old man who was put in charge of managing the small portion of the living complex that contains most of Leila’s activity space, and as a result he has kind of become responsible for the girl’s daily life as a whole, keeping watch as well as keeping her companion at most times. He’s a kind man, and having worked in the mansion long before Leila’s birth and watched her grow up, James would probably be the closest thing Leila had to what would be called a ‘parent figure’.

      OOC Writer speak: one of the few people she has strong emotional connections to and feels genuinely comfortable with being around. She’d almost talk to him regularly if it wasn’t that she kept straying off topic and the old man had a hard time keeping up. Still, it’s a companionship she values, whether she recognizes this fact or not. The effect that siren song had on Leila was a result of a combination of this fact, her fascination towards the universe, and her immense fear of inevitable ends and death.

      More on death later.

      2. What do you think of Haku?

      “I need to know more about him.”

      Hakuren was one she first noticed to be thinking the same thoughts as she did - something that rarely happens and possibly almost never observed. She hasn’t gathered enough information to say precisely what she thinks of Hakuren because that mainly relies on her knowing what Haku thinks first. His mind has captured her interest, though, to say at least.

      Speaking as the writer, I also don’t know enough about Hakuren’s character because it’s evident that Phones was withholding quite a lot of information - which I consider a good, and interesting, thing. As far as I know, however, their beliefs and outlooks on the world are vastly different, but also seem to echo each other in a rather amusing way? As for exactly what sort of chemistry shall arise as interaction continues in the roleplay, we shall wait and see.

      3. Do you like pancakes?

      “Pancakes are great! ...I like pancakes.”

      Pancakes are not an uncommon item to show up in her meals back at home. She likes them.

      4. If all of the lost souls died in front of you, what would you do?

      “All...all of them?”

      She would panic. A lot.

      And then probably get killed herself by whatever was capable of killing all the other lost souls in front of her anyway.


      5. Would it be okay for them to die in the name of science, what if they had to die for an experiment? Would you participate?

      “ the name of science?... … uh ...”

      Oh gosh it almost sounds like she’s seriously considering it.


      It depends.

      6. Do you want to go home? Anyone you're missing?

      “I miss home...”

      She isn’t homesick all the time, however, because of all the distractions in Nowhere. The above response will probably be one she’ll come up with after a while of thought if she’s given that.

      7. Do you consider any of the Lost Souls your friends?

      “Eh...I’m not sure. A lot of them are very friendly though.”

      Allow me to just grab this chance and blot down a relationship reference then.

      Ace: interests Leila in her outgoing-ness. She enjoys watching all of the action that comes from her.

      Hakuren: as detailed in a previous question. Considers him a fascinating mind and person. Also find him slightly confusing.

      Harper: most of the cast will probably agree he’s very likeable. Leila...kinda admires him? In the sense of acknowledging he’s a very friendly and kind person.

      Inadi: doesn’t know him well enough just yet. Is currently slightly concerned about him because of the self-electrifying incident.

      Jasper: no strong feelings towards her? Although I (the writer) imagine she’ll probably actually make a nice friend if they ever end up friends. Not sure why.

      Leon: not sure how to feel about him, partly also because not getting to know him well enough. Thinks he kind of looks like Hakuren. Feathers earrings.

      Lesley: pretty, pink, fluffy hair.

      Riley: No interaction just yet, but Leila will probably be pretty happy being around Riley, both ‘action is interesting to watch’ in much the same sense as with Ace, and the ‘friendly person’ part of her personality that’s rather similar to Harper in impression.

      That’s about all.

      8. Leila, if one plus one is a yellow hummingbird, what is 5 + 5? What's the square root of a celery whale?


      ...insufficient data for meaningful answer?

      She will be greatly interested if someone presented her a sufficiently powerful formal system composed of hummingbirds and celery and whales.

      9. Are you scared of death? What if you die here?

      “...I don’t want to die.”

      Leila is afraid of death. VERY afraid of it.

      It is probably mostly due to the fact that she lived an isolated early life, and most of the handful of people who are around her she never grew very close to. Therefore for her, the only signs of her presence - the only proof of her existence, or the /meaning/ of her life, if you will - the only way for her to know she is still alive, is through...well, still knowing that she’s alive.

      It’s not as trivial as it may sound: some may have loved ones who care for them and that’s all they need to feel alive, or friends, or fame or wealth or historical presence. Some can die happily because even though they are dead, the purpose of their lives remain resonant in their influence on the people around them; and from the same reasons arise the sensation of being without purpose, and the concept of ‘a fate worse than death’ - generally a meaningless existence even though being very well alive.

      Leila isn’t lucky enough for that. She takes “I think therefore I am” to an extreme in the sense that (she believes) nearly no-one really cares about her being alive except herself. To Leila, the concepts of life and the purpose of life are tied together, and dying to her means losing both at once. And that makes her very conscious about being able to keep on thinking because that’s kind of the one thing she clings onto. She might refuse to admit it (or at least is still confused), but she is, in a way, searching meaning for existence, and doesn’t want to be forced to give up on it before she gets a satisfying answer.

      As for the second question, she doesn’t really see the difference between dying in Nowhere and dying home - just yet. There actually /are/ people she cares about, only without being particularly conscious about it and she’ll probably only realize that when said people become the last thoughts she happened to realize before actually going.

      10. How do you want to die and what do you want your last words to be?

      “I don’t want to die! I… I… stop...”

      Excessively thinking about death - especially the inevitability of death - is one of the easiest ways to get her very upset and uncomfortable. Please do not do that.

      Out-of-character speaking, She’ll probably (in an emotional sense) desire a death that happens quickly and fairly unexpected so that it minimizes the time she spends in despair. If she can’t avoid it at least she’ll prefer not to know about it in advance.

      Unfortunately, the settings of her character (as in, if the adventures in Nowhere never happened) - a quiet and protected life - means the most likely way for her to die is perhaps through any type of disease that cannot be cured, or simply of old age. An accident of sorts that ends in a fatal injury is a less likely candidate. Both of the former processes are long and will be processes that she’ll be aware of and panic over.

      As for last words, there will probably be few or none. And expect no philosophy here because she is, eventually, still subject to quite strong human emotions and that is most certain to show in her last moments.

      ...It must be terrible to be Leila.

      (Her personality and lifestyle is potentially subject to change depending on what happens through the rest of her journey, however. Exactly whether it happens, or how, I cannot be certain.)

      11. Thoughts on Lesley?

      “Lesley is pretty. I like his hair.”

      Finally a question that allows her to calm down.

      And the use of pronouns reveals that Leila is aware of Lesley’s biological sex. Hard not to which his physique. Not that it changes her perception of Lesley in any practical sense, though? She’ll still pretty much like to ruffle the bubblegum-pink curls if she ever had the chance to.

      12. Favorite memory in Nowhere?

      “...Chaotic Star!”

      Seriously, that thing was awesome.

      Martini (open)

      1. Martini, how did you meet the queen?
      Oooh, that was so long ago I can hardly remember! Let’s see now… Ah, that’s right! She commissioned a tea-party dress from me when I was still a budding designer, and she liked it so much that I was invited to one of her parties later! We hit off superbly and now we’re totally awesome friends! *bubbles happily*

      2. In your eyes who is the most fabulous Lost Soul?
      Gosh, that’s a hard one! They’re all total cuties but as for being fabulous, I’d have to say I can’t decide between two of the new humans- You know, the one with the gorgeous pink hair and the one with pretty eyes and feather earrings! I’d really looove to know them better, perhaps they would be willing to model for me? Gosh, that would be so fun! I’ll definitely ask them the next time I see them! ٩(๑ơలơ)۶♡

      3. What do you think of Brandy?
      Everyone’s favorite grumpy bunny! I consider us friends, and as loathe as he would want to admit it I think he considers me a friend too! Or at least a close colleague, hehe. He’s really not too bad once you get to know him- he and Song are super close and don’t tell anyone but- *lowers voice* I saw them alone once and I swear Brandy actually laughed (´⊙ω⊙`)!

      4. Favorite humans?
      Ooh gosh, that’s a hard one. I think Harper’s positively adorable, and Leila dear as well, but then again so is Haku though he talks a lot about things I can’t seem to understand (゜◇゜;)Do I really have to pick one favorite? Can’t I choose all of them?

      5. I heard from a little ghost that you have a thing for Two-Thirds ;) mind sharing some details? Have you ever confessed?
      ( ;°Д°)!!! Shhh! Don’t say that so loudly! W-Where did you hear that from? I guess I maybe have a small small teeeeeensy crush on Two but don’t tell anyone, got it? And nope, not sharing any details just yet, sorry~! (*ノ▽ノ)

      6. Best memory in Nowhere?
      Why do you always have to ask the hardest questions? *huffs playfully* Let’s see… Maybe the time we all got drunk off strawberry wine at one of the Queen’s parties and did karaoke? Who knew Queenie could belt like that? And Brandy… Well, he’ll have to tell you himself, heehee!

      7. Have you and the other guides done anything really stupid or dangerous?

      It comes with the job, darling (*´∀`*) I try to stay away from the more dangerous situations, but that time with the whirlwind full of tigersharks that sprung out of nowhere- *shudders* I’m lucky I didn’t lose my tail!

      8. What do you think of the sirens :D?
      I prefer not to associate with my distant cousins. All they like is drab grey and blacks- No sense of fashion whatsoever! (´∩`。)
      9. Worst memory in Nowhere?

      The time I accidentally spilled stardust dye on a whole basket full of commissions I was delivering the next day! I had to do so much apologizing and remake everything! o(TヘTo)
      10. What scares you the most?

      I haven’t actually given much thought to that !(°o°;)Ummm… Tigersharks? They run fast and can swim, and are super vicious! It’s nice that they can’t fly though, but bubbles aren’t the fastest form of aerial transportation and they can jump really high… ; A ;

      11. The human you like least?
      I like all of them! Though I guess Mado scared me when she was still with the group…

      12. What is your favorite place in Nowhere?

      The Lake of Stars! It’s such a romantic place, especially at night when the lake sparkles just like the sky… It’s even better to swim in, the fish that live in it are all so beautiful and sparkly, and the shiny lights tingle when they touch your skin! I’ve actually based quite a few of my pieces on the fish from the lake, hehe.

      13. Are you friends with the cakesmith, Mr. Cuddles?
      Oh yes. His tiramisus are to die for (人´∀`*)

      14. Do you eat sushi?
      I’ve been asked that a lot, hehe. I’ve got to say that I don’t mind- And it’s not cannibalism! A lot of fish eat other fish, no?

      15. If you could say anything to your creator? What would you tell her?
      You’ve got to pay more attention to what you wear, darling. Thanks for making my tail so gorgeous though!

      16. Shoutout to your fellow guides :D!
      Serenade, Dissonance, after all of this I’ll take you out for tea and a nice bit of shopping like we usually do!
      Brandy, cheer up some! I can’t imagine it’s much fun being such a grump all the time ^o^
      Song, stick with Brandy, ‘kay? You’re such a darling, no wonder he laughs around you heehee~

      Extra: What's the scariest thing you've ever seen :D?
      My creator’s wardrobe ; - ;
      ( Oi.)

      Songbird (open)

      - Would you ever perform a song for the Lost Souls?
      “Not probably, no… I don’t sing a lot to begin with, and performing in front of other nobodies always makes me nervous… But of course, it depends on whether the humans ask or not. (/ω\)”

      -Which Lost Soul do you dislike? Why?
      “Hmm, all of them. They’re so whiny.”
      (He’s joking.)
      “I don’t dislike any of them, but there are times that one of them gets on my nerves. For example Hakuren or Leon annoys me one moment, and then after that I’m fine with them again but then somebody else has to be a spoiled little brat. The most irritating human was Vincent Greaves though, that punk~ ヽ༼ ಠ益ಠ ༽ノ Look what he did to the vines! I warned him, didn’t I!?”

      - Which Lost Soul do you favour most? Why?
      “Nobody. They’re all little brats-”
      “Fine… Maybe Jasper. She reminds me a lot of myself… Martini seems to really like Harper though. She says he’s an “adorable little babu”, if you even know what that means.”

      - Have you ever had a lover? What's a love life to you?
      “!!! E-eh!? (・□・;)Why would I even- That’s-” *intense blushu* “I mean… No, I’ve never been in a relationship. It’s just that it’s not worth the hassle, I think… Being in a relationship is … intense. You’re always supposed to make the other person happy, right? Isn’t that troublesome?”

      - How do you pick your clothes in the morning?
      “I don’t! Fluffy and Stuffy pick them for me. Basically I just wake up and find my outfit of the day hung over a chair.”

      - Which guide are you closest with? Do you have a crush on any of the guides? (Dun worry, they'll never be told about dis, so let it out)
      “Why do I sense something ominous from this question… A-anyway, Brandy and I are the closest. You’d think Two-Thirds and I would be since I’m Two’s main supplier for his tea shop, but er, I don’t know why that didn’t happen. ♫꒰・‿・๑꒱ Brandy and I just clicked, I think? Or maybe it was because he was the first nobody I met on my Creation Day?”
      (Creation Day is Songbird’s term for that certain time a nobody first enters Nowhere.

      Also, you’re forgetting something…)

      “O-oh, a crush. Um… I… don’t…” Songbird squirms in discomfort. “I’m not based in Nowhere’s town square so I’m not ‘stable’ enough to know a lot of nobodies, so um… I don’t have one… Dissonance and Martini just love pairing me with Brandy though. It’s quite embarrassing since Brandy might get offended, but I don’t mind much.”
      “I-I mean!!! I’m fine if it’s Brandy because we’re close I didn’t mean it that way!!! (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻”

      - If the hoomans obtain all the items and are able to return, what will your reaction be?
      “Good riddance, you noisy brats.
      … Hmmph. Take care. It was nice meeting you even if some of you were a right pain in the bum.”

      - Does your heterochromic eyeball have special powers?
      “N-no…” Songbird covers his eyes and shakes his head in embarrassment.
      (He's still sore about his eye)

      - If you could send one human back to Earth right now, who would it be and why?
      “It depends on who needs it the most. Harper, maybe? He needs a break. Poor child.”

      - Thoughts on Queen Delirium? Anything about her that you think the hoomans should know? (She will never hear about dis...*winkwink*)
      “The Queen is scary when she’s mad…”

      - Since you're an item hunter, if you could give each of the humans something from Nowhere, what would it be, explain what it is, and why you'd give it to them?
      “Up in the Herbal Mountains is a small village where you’d be able to get the most amazing stuff- I’d probably gather some of those rare sponges for Jasper. They’re really amazing, like when you fall in mud and then you use one of them they start sniffing you and before you could even say ‘Holy Celery!’ you’re clean again! Plus, they’re really easy to clean since you just dip them in water! And they make these really cute meep sounds too! ♥(ˆ⌣ˆԅ)


      Harper would need a calm buddy. South of Fetor there’s a lake full of adorable little rabbit creatures that absorb panic and fear. I’ve never had any occasion to adopt one but… Yeah.

      I don’t know what Hakuren would want... Maybe I’ll get him a custom-made enamel orb? The liquid inside changes depending on what the user is thinking or feeling, and I heard the most elite royal historians use it because it’s perfect for recreating scenes. ┗(•̀へ •́ ╮ )

      (。-`ω´-) From what I’ve seen of him, Leon’s preferences obviously match Martini’s specialty, but he would probably appreciate those lovely flowers on Mount Shade. T-the color, at least! The petals of those flowers are used as dye by the neighboring villages; they have a wonderful bright crimson hue that switches to the color of the night sky halfway down the petal. It’s really pretty!

      Hmm… (∩⌣̀_⌣́) Leila… This is kind of difficult… Oh, in Alesterios, there’s an alchemist that breathes life into books. Maybe if she gave me her favorite book I can have it ‘brought to life’? It would be just like watching a play or an interactive movie… She can even talk with her favorite characters if she wanted… I’m sorry if my idea sucks…


      Oh? But the new humans haven’t even met me yet.”

      (Uhhhh… Remember the vine incident!?)

      “Oh yeah! Hahaha. Er…

      Riley. Uh. I don’t know. Maybe I’ll take her to Gourmet Town where nobodies don’t do anything but eat? The food there is supreme so I might have to drag her back…

      Well, miss Lesley doesn’t seem to picky so maybe I’ll just knit a scarf for her? The trailberries in Ullis are good, but…” Songbird starts to mumble to himself. “I can make a scarf that leaves a trail behind, you know. A trail as in when you move the scarf leaves, well, depends on what you want, butterflies or snow flakes behind. Or I can make a glowy scarf. Purely aesthetical and really hard work to make, but maybe…” mumble mumble

      Inadi definitely needs new glasses. Ones that wouldn’t fall off. Unfortunately, I don’t think he would like having Nowhere’s special stick glasses on his face… They’re a good fit, but very noisy companions. Plus I heard they like zooming in on inappropriate places...?

      (。´∀`)ノ I’m bushed! Of course, these are all just ideas. These items take a whole lot of effort to obtain and it’s not as if I’m sure that they will be entirely appreciated.”

      - Have you and Brandy ever had a sleepover, how did that turn out?
      “。(⌒∇⌒。) Yeah, at my house. The fluffs liked Brandy (but I think the feeling isn’t mutual) and they ended up chasing after him all the time. It was amusing, really! So cute my precious little babies ehehe- (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧ I mean, well, Brandy tripped over them almost all the time but they’re really soft so it’s like falling on a bed made of cotton. In the end they slept all over him. I totally mistook Brandy for a pile of fluff the next morning! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ”

      - Scariest place you've been to in Nowhere?
      “… I apologize but the Queen has asked me to refrain from exposing certain details of my journeys, simply to avoid mass chaos and to prevent naïve spelunkers from venturing into dangerous territory.”

      - What's the weirdest item you've ever been asked to retrieve?
      “Hmm… That’s hard… What do you classify as ‘weird’? Perhaps that one time I was asked to bring back Mr. Squirrel’s son? It was an awkward family matter… (⌒_⌒;)”

      - If you could tell Brandy one thing, what would it be?
      “Just one thing…? Why? Am I going to die soon? Well… ‘Don’t stay up too late’, I guess? Brandy tends to pull all-nighters especially when he gets engrossed in a new book…
      If Brandy’s reading this: Admit it because it’s a hundred percent true! (ᗒᗣᗕ)՞”

      - Do you get along with the other guides as well?
      “I think so. Dissonance and Martini are really very chipper so it’s hard to get along with them… At least when I’m sleepy. Overall I like them all a lot, but please don’t tell them that... (⌒_⌒;)”

      - What do you fear most?
      “That’s easy. Heights. (╯_╰) I always freeze up when I’m somewhere high and my palms get really sweaty…”

      - Do tales about the human world fascinate you? What do you think about it so far?
      “A world is a world no matter the differences. What exists in the human world has a version in Nowhere, so what’s the use of listening to stories about ‘Earth’ when it’s just Nowhere, if not a little bit flipped?”
      (Songbird obviously no care)

      - Thoughts on the hooded figures? How did you meet them?
      “ o(-`д´- 。) THE PINK-HAIRED HOBBIT!” Songbird seems to hyperventilate! “She stole stuff from my cart! And not just any stuff, she stole the extend stave, a silver coronet, a celestial jade hairpin, the blue velvet suit ensemble- I took months to find just one of those, and all of those stolen- AGH! I got in so much trouble with my clientele too! ヽ(`⌒´メ)ノThat little brat will get what’s coming for her someday!!!
      。゜(`Д´)゜。 ”

      - Favorite place in Nowhere?
      “My house.”

      - If you could tell your creator anything, what would you tell her? Shoutout time!
      “o(-`д´- 。) Oi, you pathetic excuse of a limp cabbage, stop making those weird “modern au” things where I’m some “music student” living in a “dormitory” with the other “OCs”. It’s not cool and nobody likes it!”

      - Have you and Brandy ever shared a scarf OwO (Has this been asked before? If so, haha, sorry 'bout this xD)
      (..t yet!)

      - Is this the first batch of humans you've been helping out?
      “Hmm. If I remember correctly I was assigned to another batch about five trains back? I don’t remember much anymore since they basically had me traveling all over Nowhere to help look for the items… ヽ༼ ಠ益ಠ ༽ノ Lazy punks.”

      - Most embarrassing moment :3?
      “Now why would I even tell you… (・□・;)”
      “Ehhh, fine, fine. I’m not telling you all of the details, but apparently one time I got drunk and danced around half-naked. \(///Σ///)\”

      - Are you secretly in love with Brandy?

      - Do these questions annoy you :P?
      “(ಠ⌣ಠ) No, I am perfectly content to answer any inquiry any of you throw at me. It’s not like I find intrusion to my personal privacy a bother anyway. Punk.
      (Ayyyy Snarkbird)

      Hooded Figures (open)

      Luke: An interview? *Grins from ear to ear* Is this going to be like that time where the soldiers pointed flashlights at us and started yelling?

      Sacha: !? *remembers the trouble they had escaping* I hope not-

      Luke: That was fun, they even threw free stuff at us. I still have one of those flowerpots they dropped on your head

      Gary: Fun times... I felt so wanted. Get it? Eheheheheh (~ ̄▽ ̄)~

      Sacha: Gary, please e n e;;

      Gary: You just jelly more chased after me, Sacchin. Hmph.

      ???: We should invite them for tea sometime.

      - Why do you guys want our items?

      Luke: Uh...that's a good question, it's kind of hazy? Oi, guys, why do we want their items?

      Sacchin: Because- *pauses and blinks* ...?

      Gary: Oi. Who said we wanted your totems!? Go eat a bush! Rudddddeeee!

      ???: It was for something important...

      Gary: What is? What are we talking about? D:

      Luke: I believe we were talking about items, Gargar. Uh, I don't remember why we want their items, we just need it.

      Sacchin:*gravely* They're sparkly.

      Gary: I don't remember a Siren's Song as being sparkly. I thought we were chasing after the humans because of Mr. Philosopy Pants. I thought we were going to put him down... For good. Meheheheheh- But if there are items then that's a bonus! Weeeeheee! (。-`ω´-)

      ???: We need to decorate the base. I hope they have some nice curtains.

      - Since you were in a past batch, what happened?

      Luke: Batch? We met Gargar and Sacha on mount mocha...but I arrived in Nowhere with her *points at ???*

      Gary: /o/ Ain't no mountaaaain high, low- Ohhhh, yeah. Past batch-smatch. The others probs found hot men dudes or sumfink. I got stuck with Sacchin though.

      Sacha: Sorry- /o\

      Gary: D8 Why are you apologizing you're my super cushion bestfi I'm not disappointed- *hugs*

      ???: The others are dead.

      Gary: .... O... Kay. They're dead.

      ???: One of them turned into a rabbit.

      Sacha: Rabbit? *vaguely remembers something about fish*

      Luke: ...I think I remember that, a grizzly ate them afterwards. It was some sick stuff *makes a sour face*

      Gary: Oooooooh. Looks like they got- *about to make a horrible pun*

      Sacha:... *turns green* Next question please.

      - What is the Queen really like?

      ???: Her house is pretty. I want her curtains.

      Luke: She gives me the creeps.

      Sacha: She has tasty cakes. ^ - ^

      Gary: I stole some of her dresses. ( ๑‾̀◡‾́)σ»

      ???: Can we steal a lamp for the base?

      Gary: Ooooh good idea! But it's gon be purdy hard to get inside the castleeee~ It's so unfaaaair. Maybe we can find that weird moving cart again and steal more from it mehehehehe- *sweeps pole around*

      - How come you guys failed to retrieve all the items?

      Gary: *offended gasp* o(-`д´- 。) YOU'RE RUDE AND I DON'T LIKE YOU!

      Sacha: ^^; Calm down- *pats Gargar*

      Luke: Eh? Who says we've failed? We're trying to retrieve them now.

      ???: Yes, that's why we're following the others.

      5.How many from your batch are still left?

      Sacha: *looks at Gary* Just us two, I think?

      Gary: *stares back at Sacchin* > . >

      Sacha: < . <

      Gary: *reaches up and squishes Sacha's cheeks* You cute gentle pillow friend you~ I wuv wuv wuv wuv wuv yaaaaaa~! 8D

      Luke: Uh, last I remember we're the last two from our batch too.

      ???: It's good we met Sacha and Gary.

      Luke: D8 Don't tell me you don't like my company!

      - Are there still any other humans you have found from batches aside from us and your own?

      Luke: Uh we found this white haired kid, he kind of fell off the SSF it was freaking cool! Just bam! He landed on our ship.

      Gary; Numnums isn't a kiiiid, Luke! He got them buns- (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

      Luke: Sacha! Gary's cheating on you!

      Sacha: He nearly fell on me- *blinks* ? You mean on Leon ^^;

      Gary: Oi, I won that monopoly game fair and square! And what's this about my boyfriend-

      Luke: Leon Leon? Or Philosophical guy's Leon?

      Gary: Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew. Noooo not that one! They're the otp! Don't break them! What I meant was The Leon Back Home!

      ???: We also found a crazy girl obsessed with something called Pokewhatsit?

      Luke: She threw a rock at me! T__T

      Gary: While screaming "GOTTA CATCH 'EM ALL!" \(;´□`)/ She's defo cray cray.

      Sacha: Luke dodged and it hit me in the face ; _ ;

      - Is there anything about Nowhere you guys think we should know?

      Luke: @-@ the ice cream on Sweet Pastel mountain causes horrible stomach aches. Do not dive head first into that chocolate hill! I repeat, do not dive head first. Everyone ended up carying me home...

      ???: You were heavy.

      Luke: Pshh, I'm all muscle.

      Sacha: *pokes Luke* =w= If you say so.

      Gary: Spicy big dad Luke! 8D *hugs Luke*

      Luke: are ten times more squishy than me.

      Gary: Don't steal from item hunters. They really hold grudges. Not that I stole anything from the only item hunter in Nowhere hahahahahaha- “ヽ(´▽`)ノ”

      ???: *holds up a crown* Wait, didn't you get this from that item hunter?

      Gary: !!! It's not stealing if it's just lying around! He left all sorts of goodies in that cart, y'know! *huffs* Next topicccc!

      - If you got our items, what would you do with them?

      ???: Decorate the base. *Thinks hard* Go somewhere...away from here.

      Gary: Hit someone over the head with it.

      Sacha: Use them for... Something? Sell them? @ - @

      Luke: Speaking of selling stuff, we need more stars, I spent our savings on some of Mr. Cuddle's tarts. Had some deliver five boxes to the base!

      Gary: (•̀o•́)ง Wait you bought tarts??? Let's wrap up this interview and get home right away!

      - How come you don't want the Queen to get what she's asking for?

      Luke: She kind of sent a bunch of people after us. I remember getting punched in the face oh and we need their items...for something.

      Gary: She's a capitalist and feeds on the suffering of the lower classes!

      Sacha: What is she asking for? o -o

      ???: Last time I checked, she wanted some roast turkey for a party.

      Gary: We don't want her getting that roast turkey, do we? > . >

      Luke: Well, I kind of want that roast turkey so nah. We need it more than she does!

      Sacha: *hungry now* =u=

      - Do you think that attacking the humans full on was the best way to get the items?

      ???: We asked nicely at first. I said please.

      Gary: *serious* .... It's a lot easier than the other strategies we've planned, not to mention that the risk is significantly lower. After all, the Queen would hardly send her soldiers to guard the humans despite the fact that they're after potentially dangerous elements. (◡‿◡✿)

      Sacha: I was the one attacked by that scary white-haired girl- ; A ; She shoved that goop in my face and got me drunk ; _ ; *will hide behind Gary the next time he sees Jasper*

      - How tall is each and every one of you?

      Luke: *Grinning* Sacha is Godzilla height! (6 feet)

      Sacha: D: Am not. (about 6'2) You're not much shorter either, Luke 8T

      Gary: So much height in this group. *frowns at Luke and Sacha* > 3 > (5'2)

      ???: The boys make good barricades. (5'5)

      - Do you have a mascot?

      Sacha: Gary's pole?

      Luke: Does Gargar count?

      Gary: 8D I'm so cute! And I'm the perfect size of course I'm the mascot~ *strikes a pose*

      - Luke, have you ever kissed ??? ? If not, would you like to?

      Luke: Erm *thinking hard* I think I remember something, not sure, but I wouldn't mind a kiss~

      (8D they did but none of them remember OTL)

      - Pinky, do you want to have a pole battle with Haku?

      Gary: *laughs for like ten minutes* Pray tell, what is he going to do? Enchant his pole with words of wisdom? Nah man, ain't got no time for that. But if he really wants to, he can challenge me. Just to warn you, I made Luke cry. Thrice.

      Luke: *Shudders* She likes to aim low...

      - Could you tell us about your life on a daily basis?

      Sacha: Get up, make breakfast, wake the others... e u e; Go out to explore, make lunch, do chores, make dinner... *sighs* ??? is the only other person who won't burn down the base making food. Sometimes I get woken up around midnight by Gary looking for a snack ; v ;

      Gary: Get waked up, eat breakfast, annoy Sacchin, touchy touchy Numnums's sweet hot buns, train with Luke, hit Luke again, go to Mr. Cuddles's shop to buy an apology cake, wear a disguise and spar with soldiers, beat soldiers to a pulp, climb a mountain, fangirl over Numnums's buns, plan tomorrow's bun hunt, hug Sacchin, then uh... Er... Sleep. Oh but I eat dinner and lunch before I sleep mehehehe.

      ???: Get woken up, help around with chores at the base, lurk around nowhere, head back to the base for lunch, supply shopping, lounging around at the base, lurking around with Luke, help Sacha prepare dinner, sleep.

      Luke: Get dragged out of bed, go back to sleep, laze around the base, get dragged out by ??? to snoop around, come back to base to bug Gary about cakes, eat dinner, laze around some more, talk to Sacha about irrelevant stuff, go to bed super late.

      - Who is the heaviest sleeper out of all of you?

      ???: *Stares accusingly at both Gary and Luke*

      Gary: Oi I get up five minutes earlier than he does. 8D

      Sacha: I occasionally need a bucket of water for Luke, so...

      Luke: Eh! Remember that time when bat frogs attacked the base and Gary just slept through it? I helped you and ??? fend them off by tossing my alarm clock at it.

      Gary: DDD8 That was only one time! *smacks Luke with the pole* Meanie!

      Luke: ...please take me to doctor Stitches.

      - Who's the one who likes eating a lot?

      Gary: ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ

      Sacha: *points at Gary* She never helps out with the cooking either u 3u *sighs*

      Gary: If I helped you'd all be dead by now. (´⌣`ʃƪ)

      ???: She eats fast, which is why I need to shop for supplies daily.

      - What's the gruesomest kill you've made so far?

      Gary: OH OH OH there was this one time someone told me "hey you're ugly" then I was like "well dang, at least I'm not adopted, yo" and then he said "I'm not adopted get your facts straight" then I was like, "*pulls shades out of pocket* oh really because *wears shades* I heard your parents found you at the zoo" BURN BURN BURRRRRRN MWAHAHHAHA BURN ON SO MANY LEVELS YOU PUNY MORTAL AHAHAHAHA- *coughs*

      Sacha: *sighs again at Gary* What about the time that monster exploded?

      ???: It rained guts, Sacha had a hard time taking out the stains.

      Gary: That night I wore my raincoat again then snuck up on Luke and scared him mehehehehe- ←~(o `▽´ )oΨ He screamed so loudly!

      Luke: PFFT, I wasn't scared, I was practicing my singing voice so I could woo you all.

      Sacha: Ah yes, what were the lyrics again? "Greaghiasdfghjkd I'm going to die and nobody will ever find the body etc."?

      Gary: Greaghiasdfghjkd I'm going to die and nobody will ever find the body goshdarnit Gary holy celery my heart MY HEART are you trying to kill me- 8D

      Luke: That was an original composition! You guys suck...??? and I are getting ice cream and you can't have any. *sulks*

      Sacha: Then you're not getting dinner ^o^

      Gary: Imma punch you if you don't get me my choco cone. “ψ(`∇´)ψ

      ???: No fighting in the base. *Brandishes knife* I can make dinner for all of us .-. now run along and please quiet down.

      - Have you ever fought a dragon?

      Sacha: D: They're lovely, why would we fight them? *remembers a certain dragon couple*

      Gary: What sort of crazy chicken would hurt them cuties!!? >:c *hits interviewer with the pole* Are you advocating violence against dragons!? BAD! YOU'RE BAD AND MEAN AND STINKY!

      ???: We rode one once, all we needed to do was ask. They got us to the sky kingdom.

      Luke: THAT WAS THE BEST VACATION EVER! *Bounces in place*

      Sacha: =u = So lovely and fluffy...

      - Who's the pickiest one from you all?

      Luke: ??? takes forever to pick curtains...once she took Sacha shopping and Gary and I thought they went missing.

      Gary: Yeah! Luke and I even crashed in the dungeons to see if they were there! >:c

      Luke: They came back ages later then she kicked us out of the base so they could decorate. I think we slept on the streets for awhile.

      ???: *Comes back with new curtains* Sacha, which of these looks better in the kitchen?

      Sacha: I'm surprised the two didn't starve. Um... The yellow one with the flowers ^-^

      ???: *Throws several yellow curtains onto the table* The sunflowers or the dandelions? Maybe the roses or do the lilacs suit the kitchen best.? *The list of flowers goes on and on and on and on*

      Sacha: @ -@ D-daisies?

      Luke: Oh hell no...not again! Gary, I think we need to crash at Mr. Cuddles' place.

      Sacha: (Take me with you) TT u TT

      Gary: Oh yeah! Mr. Cuddles was going to test this new flavor- Buttercrumble something something- and we better be there for the tasting! Byyyye! *runs out* (TAKE ONE FOR THE GROUP SACCHIN)

      Sacha: *cries*

      - Could each of you tell us one thing they find bothersome/annoying about one person from your own group?

      Gary: I feel like this question was intended to sow dissent within our group. 8'D

      Sacha: I wish Gary and Luke would help out more... *stares*

      Luke: Er, I'd appreciate it if Gary didn't turn me into her punching bag. THAT POLE FREAKING HURTS.

      Gary: I'm starting to sense a pattern here.

      ???: Luke and Gary need to help me decorate, for some reason they all run away when I shop for furniture.

      Gary: Fine y'all wanna play this way? >:c Sacchin so noisy in the morning are you a rooster or something, Luke you need to man up we're in a war and war is gore and gore is not for wimps, ??? the CURTAINS ARE EATING OUR BUDGET!

      ???: You're eating our budget! The curtains are beautiful.

      Gary: *shows account records to ???* 45 percent goes to Gary's stomach, everything else to home decor. >. >

      ???: Our base looks great...your food only gets digested.

      Luke: You're both making us poor =__= pfft, girls and shopping.

      Gary: That's mean! *hits Luke again* >;c APOLOGIZE!

      Luke: No. Sacha, stop her, she's being a little demon again D8<

      Gary: Fine, there's a special place in Hell for tall mean non-apologizing people! >:c *pushes Luke* I HATE YOU! *stomps away*

      Sacha: ^^;; *ignored this common occurence and goes off to do the laundry*

      - Does anyone's feet smell?

      Gary: (?・・)σ Quick question, why would we even smell each other's feet...?

      Sacha: Luke sometimes goes to bed without showering u - u

      Luke: >.> But I always smell like like sunshine and rainbows. You smell like food...and laundry.

      Gary: I didn't know you liked sniffing each other.

      Sacha: I share a room with him ; - ;

      ???: *Sprays air freshener in Luke's face*

      Luke: O_O IT BURNS.

      ???: Better?

      Sacha: Much. c:

      - Could you tell us about the most enjoyable experience you've had together as a group?

      Sacha: We occasionally hold a giant birthday party for the four of us ^o^

      Luke: We rent a jukebox, buy a ton of food and just have fun at the base. It isn't anything spectacular, but I guess it reminds us of home.

      Gary: Somebody almost got naked. (^་།^)

      Sacha: You spiked my drink! ; A ;

      Gary: 8DDD Spiked is suck a big word. More like "fixed", yes? Ehehehehehehe. Although to be honest I was aiming for Luke so I can have blackmail material...

      ???: We all buy each other presents too, I guess we're like a family. Sacha is the mother.

      Gary: Luke got me a pair of high heels once. I'm not sure if he's being cruel about my height or being genuinely nice, but to be sure I used them as ninja stars. ᕙ(⇀‸↼‶)ᕗ Sacchin made me a cake but Luke ate some of it.

      Sacha: I got a blue velvet suit from Gary once. It's very fancy ^ ^; Also a new apron and some pots from ??? and Luke that I use every day.

      ???: I got a half-eaten chocolate bar from Gary, it's the thought that counts though. Sacha and Luke gave me curtains.

      Gary: It symbolizes the uh, sweet friendship we share- ( ・ㅂ・)و ̑̑ Plus ??? gave me a diet management handbook- uvu

      Luke: Gary gave me an IOU note <.< she's a cheapskate, ??? gave me a mop bleh, at least Sacha got me a nice shirt.

      Gary: You owe me fifty stars, bro. >:c Pay up or lose your belongings.

      Luke: You owe me for all the physical damage and emotional trauma.

      Gary: Don't pretend you don't like seeing the receptionist at Dr. Stitches's office.

      Luke: Ahaha, you caught me red handed :3 but I still dislike pain...and uh getting hit.
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