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    When Alex was sixteen years old his little sister Luna was born, but his mother died in child birth. Since Luna has been the center of his life. Six years later he, Luna, his dad, and some friends where going to a water park when tragedy struck again. The car lost control and crashed into the bridge, his father died on impact while he and his sister survived with only broken bones. Anna, Alex's best friend from high school was pregnant and her daughter was born premature only minutes before she passed away, no one else survived. With no family left Alex got custody of his sister and Anna's new born child, he moved them to Florida, far away from there home in Ohio, to start new. He named the baby Danielle, or Dani, because it was Anna's middle name and the three of them moved into The Midnight Lotus Apartments. Alex works as a waiter at a restraint downtown and a researcher at the Museum of Mysteries in town while he attends school, all in a attempt to keep his family happy. When the police back home find that the accident that killed his dad wasn't a accident at all, he knows that whoever's after then will come back. He must count on his new friend to help him and in turn he'll help them.

    I need three people, or families, to join Alex. The pictures are in order, Alex, Luna, and Dani.
  2. *raises hand*

    I think this looks lovely! I would like to know more about it. What kind of families do you want? These families all live in the apartments? And how do I sign up?
  3. You sign up here, any family is fine as long as you can play all members, no they don't have to live in the apartments, to tell you the truth I may add a time where the group has to run into the wild and live in the forest to escape the assassins but I'm not sure yet, the story will adapt as it goes.
  4. Okay! That sounds good! Is there a character sheet or should I just make up my own? And is it okay if my family has also a run in with assassins before, so that gives our families kind of a connection?
  5. That's fine, and you can just post whatever you think is important to the story.
  6. Okay! Here's a quick character sheet then of my family:

    • Lena Ross
    • Drake Ross
    • Emily Ross
    • 20
    • 12
    • 6




    • Lena is a mixture of an introvert and extrovert. She loves to be alone with a good book and thinks a lot about life. But she loves to be around people all the same and has a smile that is contagious. She loves people and can always find the good in them.
    • Drake is really shy and has a selective mutism disorder that developed around age 10. For two years now he has been silent and rarely makes eye contact. He's a very smart kid though!
    • Emily is like any other 6 year old, full of energy and always bouncing from one place to the next. She speaks her mind and often Lena teases her by saying, "Drake doesn't need to talk, you do all the talking for him." Emily and Drake are very close and Emily is very patient with her older brother, not quite understanding him but still understanding him enough. She's a very sweet girl and loves to share.
    Background History:

    Lena, Drake, and Emily had always led a different life. They had no grandparents, aunts, unlces, or cousins. They were all alone and their parent's were very protective over them. It was like they were always hiding something.

    It was two years ago that their parent's died while the three children were staying with some friends. At first they had just disappeared, their parents, when the children came home mother and father were nowhere to be found with the car gone. After 24 hours Lena reported her parents as missing, she had just turned 18 so she was allowed to keep her brother and sister at home with her.

    2 months went by and finally they heard from the police. They found both parents in their car in the middle of a thick forest, both of them dead. Nobody knew if it was an accident, a suicide, or a murder. All Lena, Drake, and Emily knew was that they were alone now. With no distant relatives to go to, Lena moved her family to the Midnight Lotus Apartments in Florida, far away from their past.

    Lena had found something out before they had left though. She found her brother's, Drake's, birth certificate in the closet of things to be packed up. The father's name on his certificate was not Lena and Emily's father, the one they have all grown up with.

    Lena didn't tell Drake, because he had already become mute from their parent's death, and decided to keep it a secret. Now Lena works at the same restaurant Alex works at as a waitress. She works during the day while Drake and Emily are at school, and sometimes she works nights, and Drake watches Emily. Lena isn't attending school, she has no desire to go to college. They actually have enough money to survive thanks to the money their parents' left them, but Lena wants to be working. It keeps her mind off of all the questions she has.
  7. That's awesome, sorry about the wait my grandpa took me out to dinner. I like the thought behind your people. Just to worn you, I have nothing against cussing, I however don't do it. Instead I'll use thing that I picked up from one of my favorite movies, the transformers. So if I say something like 'I'll kick your tail pipe' and you didn't get it please just ask or ignore it.
  8. Awesome!! Thanks!

    Oh, and don't worry about it! IRL I don't swear and I say ridiculous things all the time!! So I understand! (:
  9. Yeah, I'm not crazy! Well we can start, as more join they can 'move' into the area and 'meet' our people on there own time, I'll set up a forum in just a second.
  10. Done it's under the same name only with out the word 'the' in modern role play section.
  11. Well that was fast!! I'll go post. (:
  12. Ha, I forgot to say but my last name is Cheveyo in the story, it's Hopi Indian for warrior spirit
  13. Okay!! Sounds lovely.
  14. are you still open to new comers? i would love to join in it
  15. Yep just upload your family, I'd love to see what you got.
  16. Names:
    Daniel "Dan" Anderson
    Amy Anderson
    Dan is the quiet twin, preferring to stay in the shadows and watch what happens. He has been tested as a genius but tends to not put effort into things unless its absolutely necessary
    Amy is the twin that is always happy and wants to be friends with everyone. She can be considered pushy and tends to get upset if something doesn't go as planned.
    Dan and Amy were born to a wealthy family and because of this were more raised by servants then their actual parents. When they were 16, their parents died in a plane crash that was blamed on mechanical issues. Nobody ever questioned it and Dan was forced into being the owner of the many businesses that his parents had owned, one of which is the restaurant that Alex works at. Both Dan and Amy decided to live in apartments and actually work and go to school but this soon became too much stress for Dan and so he only works for the company while also sometimes being the babysitter for the many kids that live in the apartment complex. Amy goes to school and works around town doing odd jobs.
  17. That's wonderful, great incorporation into the story line I'll put up the link, just join in whenever you'd like.
  18. thanks, i'll post my opening soon
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