The Middle Dimension

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  1. The Middle Dimension
    A RP designed by Munchkin


    This is a Roleplay taking Biblical and other ancient traditions and bringing them forwards to the modern era. I am not pushing any kind of religious agenda in any way. If you are unfamiliar with Biblical stories, tales, and traditions, please do a little research before joining this RP. (No, you don’t have to read the Bible, just look it up on Google or something.) Think about the style in which HellBoy is set in, much of the Catholic religion is added to this storyline. This RP is open for an extremely wide variety of characters, not just humans, angels and demons. Be creative!

    In this universe, Heaven and Hell are very much real, although the the inhabitants—angels and demons alike—have been kept from the majority of the human race. The inhabitants of hell have been exploited through gruesome and grizzly horror flicks, their nature being the object of the human race’s entertainment. Angels are viewed as beautiful kind creatures with large, white wings. The point being, both places and beings are viewed as fictional. There are of course, several religious circles that believe in the existence, both good an evil circles. More than once, Heaven and Hell have been consulted in times of war. While most humans don’t profess to belong to a religion, there is a built-in belief, even if deeply buried, that believes in Heaven and Hell.

    There are several groups of people amongst the human race--including non-humans--who make it their living to combat the inhabitants of Hell, and to stop whatever evil intentions the creatures carry with them. Whether these forms of evil are former humans, returned from the dead by a powerful curse, or a creature born and raised in hell, these individuals find ways to get through to this universe.
    However, something has happened. These diverse guardians of the human race are coming across more and more hellish creatures than ever before. And these creatures are gaining confidence, even showing up in public, and causing all sorts of terror throughout the world. The government blame it on terrorist attacks from human enemies, but these hell-experts know paranormal activity when they see it.

    There has always been a rift between Hell and the Middle Dimension (the one we are in now). But it has been split open, even larger, by someone, or something with an immense amount of dark power. And there is no longer just one rift. Hell’s limits are splitting at the seems, demons are flooding into the Middle Dimension by the thousands. Unfortunately, these ‘guardians’ are not all united. There are several groups that while they have similar goals, are also butting heads. These groups must find a way to set aside their differences and join together to save the Middle Dimension, before it becomes consumed by Hell.

    The Lower Dimension


    Hell looks like an old world that has been destroyed. There are buildings here and there, though most of them lay in smoking, fiery ruins. Not all of hell is fire, though the smell of burning flesh can be smelled throughout the entire world. Beneath the surface (underground) is a complex form of tunnel systems, which reach all the way down to the core of the planet, where the dead are sent to burn, but to never die. Above the planet’s core, the complex tunnels are filled with demons, spawning, training and getting ready for the battle against the Middle.

    When earth was created, there were only two dimensions. The lower, and the higher, the lower being earth, and the higher being Heaven. These two dimensions were close-together, and there was no evil in the universe at this point. Humans lived in harmony with the inhabitants of the higher dimension, there were even marriages between the two kinds dimensions. The two dimensions were created nestled together, their edges touching, merging together.
    However, evil had found its way into the world. As soon as it began to enter the minds of humans, the higher dimension was closed to the lower. No one was let in or out. People were trapped on both sides, and the dimensions drifted apart. Evil never touched the higher dimension, keeping it pure, and untainted. However, evil left it’s mark on the lower dimension. Soon, evil was so strong, that the Creator himself split the universe by creating a third dimension. He cast the evil into this third dimension, causing Earth to become the Middle dimension. This new dimension was now called the Lower Dimension, or Hell. It was used as a way to enclose and control evil, and also as a place of punishment for those in the Middle Dimension.
    The Middle Dimension was never the same, even when most of the evil was confined into a third dimension. Earth bore a race of humans were evil was in their nature the day they were born. Millennia have gone by, and the topic of human nature has evolved into a negative subject. (NOTE: The Devil doesn’t have a role in this roleplay. He exists, and there are forms of other leadership in this RP, however, he is not going to be showing up as a character.)
    The Lower Dimension is growing closer and closer to the Middle Dimension. The edges have brushed against each other, creating the smallest of openings. All kinds of evil things find their way to the Middle Dimension, with all kinds of insidious motivations. Some have the idea of merging to two dimensions, while others just want to create chaos. The inhabitants of hell had their chance long ago, and failed the ultimate test of morality. Those living in the Middle Dimension have a chance at redemption. This of course causes extreme hatred and jealousy from those of the Lowest Dimension (although there are a few hell-born beings who have changed their loyalty). Those inhabitants of hell who have come together with organized scheming, have the ultimate goal of uniting all three dimensions into one—Hell.

    The Middle Dimension
    The Middle Dimension is the closest thing to “neutral ground” that the universe has. Both good and evil reside in the Middle Dimension. While the Middle Dimension is the ground belonging to Man, both heavenly and hellish creatures alike have made a home for themselves here. Most humans don’t have the time to notice the small signs of paranormal activity. These beings are well cloaked, either blending in with humanity, or hiding from sight all together.
    In hidden places, there are rifts—cracks and even holes in the wall between Hell and the Middle Dimension. Sometimes they are visible, and sometimes they aren’t. When commanded in the name of heaven or any angelic cause, the evil must show itself, and will glow a deep, sizzling red, and then disappear.

    The Higher Dimension
    Heaven is a place of beauty and peace. It is a paradise where nature is in it’s purest, untainted form. Nature seems to be almost untouched here. There are clusters of homes where the inhabitants live. The most distinguishing part of Heaven is the palace that rises up so high into the sky, the clouds cover the top. This is where the Almighty Himself dwells, along with many of His angels.

    There are only several ways to get through heaven. Death will cause one to go into Heaven, the place reserved for the afterlife, that is. However, once one dies and enters heaven, he cannot leave, unless permitted at a moment of extreme emergency. Very few times in the history of Heaven’s existence has an individual been given a second chance to go back to earth, to finish a task started before death, or to complete a new task that was specifically given to them. Only from direct permission from the Creator can one go back. (The Creator isn’t going to have a role in this RP. The Creator, or God, is going to be more of a spirit. The only time God would be involved would be opening the gates of Heaven for an already deceased one to return back. And even then the gates would simply be open for only them, he will not speak, though he does receive prayers from humans, forgiven hell-borns, and angels. Keeping the Creator as small as possible in this RP is the best way to keep things running smoothly!) When the gate opens, it is not a gate in reality. It is simply a fit in the dimension. The only one who can pass through it is the one who was granted permission. No one else could physically pass through the rift.
    Another way individuals can pass between the Middle and Higher dimension is if a Heaven-born chooses to come to earth. However, few end up doing so, for if an angel, the purest of beings, passes through and becomes tainted by evil in anyway, he or she cannot return. Depending on how or why they were tainted, they may return when they die, but then they cannot return back for the Middle Dimension. There are very limited ways in which angelic beings can help humans without physically being there. An angel can reveal himself or herself through visions in dreams, or conscious visions, giving them verbal advice, teaching, or even training.


    Hell-borns: these are ones who, as the name implies, were born in hell. Most of them have been breeded for the purpose of destruction. However, not all Hell-borns stay loyal to the darkness. Several have been known to rebel against their born nature, and born purpose and either go off on their own, or join the fight to protect humanity, or just to prevent hell from expanding. Most of the Hell-borns however, do stay loyal. Most of the leaders and officers in Hell are Hell-borns.

    Hell-borns include all sorts of dark creatures including, but not limited to the following:
    Demons (several ranks within demons as well)
    *These creatures/races were originated in hell, although their kind has spread either as a religion (ex: witches) or as an infestation (ex: vampires) into the Middle. This means that you will find Witches, Wizards, Vampires, and Werewolves who were not born in hell.

    Humans: Almost all of the humans in hell are there for eternal punishment and torment. However, there are several who have religiously dedicated their lives to the world of the Devil and his assistants. Most of them are given a place as a soldier, or chaos-bringers sent back to earth to haunt and create terror. A select few have been granted a place in His army, some soldiers, and a few leaders.


    The Human Race—takes up the majority of this dimension. Although the loyalty of the human race is very diverse. There are varying levels of loyalty in humanity. The following are the Middle-based groups that claim loyalty to Heaven:
    The Holy Order
    This is a group of priests as well as a few other religious leaders in the Catholic Church. They are the ones who prove permission to grant a priest the right to be an exorcist, as well as giving each exorcism their stamp of approval before it is held. No matter the situation of where in the world the exorcism is needed, this group (think of the Vatican) must be called and given permission before performing the exorcism. Many lives have been lost waiting.
    There are a group of holy mercenaries that work for the Holy Order, hunting down and killing the enemies of the Holy Order.
    Licensed exorcists are given their license by the Holy Order, after receiving the appropriate training. One must be a priest to become an exorcist. And to become a priest, one must be male.
    Holy Order Outcasts
    These are priests, and exorcists alike who have been excommunicated from the church, or have been banned from ever becoming a member (like excommunicating for non-catholics). These outcasts aren’t really a group of people. There are several who meet together and work together, however most of them have scattered across the globe, keeping their heads down.
    The Holy Order Outcasts are hunted by the Holy Order like criminals by the holy mercenaries under the Holy Order, meaning that these outcasts must create themselves a completely new life if they are to survive. However, if they start to perform exorcisms again, word will eventually reach The Holy Order.
    There are plenty of other small groups of people, redeemed Hell-borns, and even loners who pledge their loyalty to Heaven.

    Angelic Beings are those who have been born in heaven. Angels don’t reproduce the same way that humans do, so sex isn’t a part of an Angel’s life. An angel may engage in sex, although it is forbidden. If committed, the angel is sent (or if already there, sentenced to day) in the Middle, causing them to become partially mortal until die. Then, depending, they would return to heaven.

    When an angel is made mortal, he or she still holds some of their angelic power. An angel cannot bring anyone back to life (as mortal or immortal) but they can heal minor wounds. They can also heal themselves to an extent (they cannot regrow removed limbs). Angels will also lose their wings, which is a mark of their immortality. Most human weapons cannot kill a mortal angel. However, the way an ex-angel can be killed is by a demonic weapon, or any weapon forged with hell-fire.

    Humans in heaven are those who have died in the Middle. No living mortal can physically enter heaven until he or she has died. As mentioned above, some may return, but it is rarely heard of, and only used in dire circumstances.

    Possible Characters:
    This i just a list to get your ideas flowing, and just a little bit of what I’m looking for, although I’d love to keep it wide open for a possibility of characters. Stretch the rules!
    Human Leader (You may choose the position/job)—A man or woman who has been exceptionally loyal to the Devil during his or her human life. They have been granted extra-human powers after death. He or she may move in between the Lower and Middle dimension as they wish.
    Hell-Born Leader (Position/job is up to you)—He or she was born in hell, and raised as a killing machine.
    Other possible positions:
    These are just a few ideas.

    Member of the Holy Order
    Human caught in the fight
    Holy Order Outcast dragged back into the war
    Demon or other hell-born creature who wishes to fight for Heaven
    Half human/half demon
    Half human/half angel

    Angel trying his or her luck physically joining the fight without being tainted
    Fallen Angel
    Angel in heaven who visits in visions

    My characters:
    A female Holy Order Outcast (human)
    A female assassin for the Lower Dimension (demon)
    This list may grow, depending! I will be posting the profile of these characters soon after introducing this RP.


    NO posting OOC in the IC thread.
    NO ONE liners, please. I would like at least a good 3 paragraphs for each post. I know at times things get simplified, especially during dialogue, but please no short snippets for posts.
    NO GOD-MODDING- this is when a Roleplayer decides what a character that does noe belong to him or her does in a post. Let each Roleplayer decide what his or her character does.

    If you have any questions or any ideas about changing the concept, anything like that, please DM me. I don’t want to be discussing possible changes of the universe in the thread. That can cause a lot of confusion.

    If you are going to drop out of the RP, please let us know by posting in the OOC thread. However, I would like some semi-commitment to this RP. No you're not selling your soul, but I would like serious RPers here.

    That’s all for now! These series of posts are up for editing at anytime. If I DO edit them, I will let you all know.
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