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    Oh, hey. I'm Munchkin~
    RP idea down below, please send a DM if interested~

    What am I looking for?
    5+ paragraphs per post
    3 posts per week (I'm pretty flexible on that, though, I understand busy schedules)
    Serious roleplay partners
    What is allowed?
    Sexual content
    What is not allowed?
    Godmodding (taking over my character in your post)
    Smut-based plot

    This is Katherynne (Rynne for short)
    Her occupation: exorcist, demon slayer, ghost hunter, monster slayer
    She does everything from exorcising demons from human bodies, as well as from haunted object, buildings, rooms, etc. She also can assist in guiding a ghost into the ‘beyond’ if it is troubled or haunting someone or a place. She’s kind of like a consulting exorcist. Think of Sherlock Holmes, a private freelance detective, she is the same breed but of all things supernatural. She has education in both supernatural as well as catholic theology and traditions.
    She works on her own, not part of the church or under any minister, which has caused some issues with her reputation amongst the religious circles. Some view her as a bit of a black sheep, having wandered away from the church, though she definitely doesn’t see herself that way.
    She also has some training in physical combat. She has an assortment of blessed weapons including blessed bullets, guns, and blades, stuff like that.

    Let me know if you're interested in getting into a RP with her, and I can add more details! She is much more developed than this!

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