The Middle Dimension IC & Character Thread (Munchkin & Dramma)

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  1. This is the IC thread as well as the thread for Character sheets!


    Name: Magdeline (Maggie)
    Sex: Female
    Age: 25
    *(Optional: Heterosexual)
    Origin: The Middle Dimension
    Fighting for: Heaven
    Weapon of choice: Samurai Sword with simple wooden handle, used to send demons back to hell.

    Appearance: Maggie has a thin, white scar going through her right eyebrow, down through her eye and ending along her cheekbone. It’s not noticeable from a distance, but when in talking-distance it’s evident she has a scar. The edges are slightly pink, causing it to stick out against her naturally fair skin.

    Personality: Maggie is a very driven woman, especially when it comes to her passions. She has an extreme amount of empathy and care towards those who come to her for help, despite the fact that every time she leaves her mark, there is more danger of her being found by the Holy Order. She doesn’t keep contact with her clients after helping them, but she does everything in her power to help them. She has a tolerant behavior to neutral of good hell-borns. Many times hell-borns can be extremely helpful, and having them as friends is wise.

    Background: Maggie grew up in a Catholic home, her father being a devout man at her local church. She was raised being taught about Heaven and Hell, and all the rules of the church. She knew there were only three things she needed to do to make her father proud.
    Be a submissively obedient Catholic woman, knowing her place as well as studying and regularly attending church,
    Marry a devout Catholic man,
    Have plenty of Catholic babies,
    So that was her plan for her life ever since she was a child. As she grew older, her body and mind developing into a young woman, she began to see things other people couldn’t. She wasn’t quite sure what she was even seeing, but she could see darkness, in people, and darkness that seemed to hide in the shadows. She kept these things to herself, although she began to grow frightened, her monsters beneath the bed were becoming a reality.

    At the age of thirteen, she was on holiday with her family, taking a walk alone when she saw something, clearer than she had ever seen before, but it wasn’t a dark figure, it was a bright one. She didn’t run, but she didn’t approach it either. The features slowly focused into that of a man’s figure, she couldn’t quite make out the features, but when he spoke she was immediately at peace. He told her that the things she saw were real, and she could define and shape that sight, exercise it and use it to protect herself and other people. He told her that she would need to start training, mentally and physically to become the protector she was born to be. This angel of a man told her that this would be a hard journey for her, but that it was something she was meant to do.

    You will save many people from the darkness, but not all will respond gratefully. You are called to be a servant of the light, and you will sacrifice everything. Will you accept your calling?

    Those words burned in her brain, even to this day she still hears the angel’s words in her sleep.

    A month went by and she had given no answer to the angel, and one day after morning Mass, she decided to accept what the angel told her she needed to do. She had no idea what she was in for, and she well knew that. The next six years of her life were filled with intense studying, learning, physical, mental, and spiritual training. The angel visited her often, teaching her lessons that she needed to learn. The angel passed her onto someone on earth to learn from.

    She knew things would be getting hard for her, because she was being trained to become an exorcist. And the holy law said only priests could be exorcists, and only men could be priests. Not to mention all training and initiation had to be done through the Holy Order, and that’s not what Maggie was doing. She was doing it without any knowledge of the Holy Order. Her parents ended up finding out, and they turned her into the Holy Order. Thankfully she saw it coming, and had packed up her things and escaped from her home to live with the man who was now training her.

    Maggie finished her training in hiding, and at the age of 19, she was ready to be on her own. However, soon after her training was over, the Holy Order found her trainer, and executed him in his home. Maggie barely escaped, and fled. She ended up settling down in a rusty old midtown flat in New York, where she set up shop as a paranormal consultant. Most of her work included disproving ghost activity or so called “demon activity,” however she did exercise her fair share of demons. She kept low, not wanting to make a name too big for herself, knowing she was on the Holy Order’s list, still. But, unsurprisingly, every time she has a large exorcism, big enough to make the papers, she must flee somewhere else.

    Currently: Maggie still works as a consultant, but also finds herself cases on her own. She is a sort of traveling gypse, always on the run, able to stay somewhere for a year or so before packing up and moving again. She is always on the edge, keeping her eye out for any evidence of the Holy Order nearby.

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    Benjamin Green



    Sexual Orientation

    The Middle Dimension

    Fighting for

    Weapon of choice
    Bow, made by the Angels instruction

    Benjamin has freckles over the bridge of his nose. He has a tattoo of 3 birds on his left collarbone. With his pale white skin Ben has a birthmark on his right ribcage. Also Ben has a birthmark in his blue eyes.
    Eye (open)

    Ben takes after his father, he is blunt, and obnoxious, he usually wants the show. Although recently he's become shy, passive aggressive, and likes to stay at home, due to how he grew up he knows how to hunt and shoot, so he is dangerous, to humans at least. Right now he's scared for his life and thinks he is going crazy thanks to the angel talking to him in his dreams.

    "Benjamin, boy where do we start with little Benji, well he was given the gift of life, on June 16th, (Don't know the year we want this to take place in so no year) He was a small baby, premature actually he was 5 pounds. We didn't know what to do so we prayed and prayed to our lord and savior Jesus, Well of course it worked, you can always trust in god can you not. Anyway he was such a cute baby, he had his blue eyes and blonde hair already, After about a month we got to take him home, the best day of our life, he grew up regularly despite being born smaller then usual. He was active always outside, playing with neighbors, going to peoples houses, his grades were good.
    Oh he loved diving that was his sport, we started him with swimming when he was 4 or was he 5...ah yes he was 5, he came to me during the practice and pointed up to the divers and said he wanted to do that. Oh he loved it he still does it to this day, not professionally or anything just for fun at his local swim club I'm pretty sure.
    Middle school he was smoking, I hated his habit and tried to stop him whenever I could, he stopped before he got addicted gladly. I didn't let him see those friends again, but the rest of Middle school Benji made friends he had fun and his grades were okay, he wasn't the #1 rank in his school but he was still doing pretty well in school. When high school came around he was the lady charmer, always going out on dates and bringing girls home. Mostly the same girl Susan, but after they broke up he brought home another girl oh what was her name...Jen, Jenna? I can't remember pity. Where was I? Oh yes he treated those girls well, just like they were me with so much respect I am so proud of him.
    He went to college, he always told me he wanted to teach Philosophy when he got to college. Although they got the thought God didn't exist stuck in his head, stupid boy doesn't even pray anymore. Although he thinks he knows best, one day he'll see praying is all he'll have that's how we made him survive when he was premature, hopefully sooner rather then later he'll find his faith in God again."

    |Told in story by his Mother|
    Ben is currently in New York, high class end apartment working in a major company, Zectro, he's their accountant. He's been going to a therapist for these voices in his head, and dreams an angel. Although he would've listened to them had he been so set on stone that God and angels could never exist. He's starting to think he's going insane and is staying home, losing his job and freaking out..he's about to call an exorcist to help him get rid of the Demon haunting him.
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  3. (Somewhere in a big city...)

    Magda’s hair was cut short, a jet-black pixie cut, her short locks of hair framing her face. Magda’s wardrobe was just deep blacks. Her cheeks were thin, her slender neck hugged by a black turtle neck. The only glimmer in her clothing was a small silver cross necklace that poked out beneath the fold of her neck line. Her black trousers clung to her slender legs, and her shoes matched the rest of her look, a black pair of flats, simple and uniform. She had pale-crystal blue eyes, sharp and piercing.

    Magda’s shabby apartment was humble, but kept neat. A few faded pictures hung on the walls—the wallpaper was browned, peeling off. She didn’t bother keeping it glued up against the wall, if anything she would rather have her walls be bare. The wood paneling beneath the wallpaper shone through in many places. In fact, there was more wood than paper showing on her walls. The flowery, dusty wallpaper was well over a century old, and if torn off, a cloud of dust would roll up in the air, causing Magda to have a fit of sneezes and coughs. So, she didn’t bother. She just cleaned it up as it shed to the floor. Her small living space had a couch, and two chairs separated by a coffee table. Newspapers were stacked above and below the coffee table, coasters scattered about the glass surface. A large window brought some warmth and life into the living room, which was where Madga did interactions with clients. The place needed to look more welcoming than the rest of her apartment. There was a bookshelf on the opposite wall of the window. The shelf was a deep oak wood. It looked newer than the apartment, with a smooth, dark finish. There were books, as well as objects on the shelf. At the top of the shelf was a clutter of small objects. A few old toys, a rusty yellow truck, a small wind-up music box, a hand-held moth-eaten doll, and a variety of other things that would belong in a cheap antique shop. There was also a glass case beside the book shelf that held some old books, and mostly old objects. The objects on the book shelf was used as book ends, and randomly placed between and on top of books.

    The kitchen was separated from the living room by an opaque curtain where double-doors used to be. The kitchen was small and cramped, but not too small for Magda. It was basically a broad hallway where a stove, microwave, sink, cabinets and refrigerator were lined up, the end of the kitchen being another curtain where Madga’s single bedroom was. Madga stood in front of the oven, putting a metal kettle on for tea. She reached above the oven, pulling out three mugs. The deep, gurgling bubbling sound of the coffee maker filled the kitchen, as well as the smell. Whenever clients came over, Madga would always make both coffee and tea, just in case. Wether or not they would be accepted, they would eventually be consumed by Madga herself.

    A cigarette hung from between Madga’s lips, trailing smoke from the end above her head and around the room. From time to time she would take a pull, pursing her lips to suck in the thick smoke, breathing it in, sighing it out through her nostrils. An open pack of her cigarettes was on the table, there were just a few left, she noticed as she pulled out a box of teabags for her guests. Her eyes flicked over to the clock on her microwave which was between a set of cabinets. They should be here soon. Madga switched on the radio on the counter, which was propped up against the wall. A dull beep notified her that the coffee had finished brewing. She turned around to the counter behind her and switched the coffee maker off, pouring herself a mug of it, stirring in some creamer. Madga never put sugar in her coffee.
  4. Ben fidgeted with his jet black hair, fixing it into an okay looking hairstyle. While he did this he brushed his bright white teeth, walking over to his closet in his boxers, Ben found a pair of black jeans. Pulling the skinny jeans up over his muscled legs, Ben had started to look for a dress shirt, that wasn't wrinkled. Finally taking a shirt off the hanger he buttoned the dress shirt over his toned body. A sweater vest and a cardigan completed an business casual look.

    Fully dressed Ben walked back into his bathroom, spitting out the toothpaste he turned on the sink, marble sinks. To say the least Ben wasn't struggling with money, which you could tell from his decent flat. The bedroom large enough for two king beds comfortably. The guest bedroom he made his office, was tech'd out with all the latest video game systems and a high-tech computer in the corner. The walls painted an egg shell color, the floor just regular wooden laminate. If you walk out to the right you walk into the living room, and the kitchen right by it. The living room is filled with a sofa, and an arm chair the TV in the room on the wall. The kitchen was painted maroon and it had state of the art equipment, Benji was lucky to have a flat this nice, he wouldn't had he not have had connections.

    Pulling out of the driveway Benji drove down busy streets constantly battling the thoughts in his head.
    You're crazy...Voices, exorcist, you don't believe in demons you're stupid why are you goin...
    A loud honk from a tractor trailer made Benji snap from his thoughts as he realized he went right through a red light. Shaking his head he took off his sunglasses and put them in his cupboard. "Maybe this exorcist could help, I mean I've tried everything, last resorts" Benji spoke to himself in the car as he slammed on the breaks. The coarse material of the seat belt giving him a carpet burn on his collarbone right over his tattoo. As the light switched green he sped deeper into the parts of town he didn't regularly visit. As he pulled up to the apartment building that didn't seem to be in the best condition.

    Walking out of his car Benji shut the expensive car door and locked it, hitting it again to make sure it was locked and entering the apartment building, Finding the number he walked up the stairs as each one creaked under his weight. Walking up to the door he knocked as suddenly a splitting headache hit him.
    "What're you doing there I said not to try to get rid of me! I'm trying to help you not hurt you!" A voice not his own screamed in his head, whenever he heard the voice it caused a major headache
    "Get out now, I'm here to help you against Hell why don't you understand this!" the sadly familiar voice said as Benji grabbed his head screaming "Get out!" Loud enough for anyone in the apartment building to probably hear him. As he knocked on the door again wanting this help as soon as possible.​
  5. Madga’s pale blue eyes lifted as she heard the knock on her door. Her eyes shifted to the rusty clock on her wall. He was right on time. Magda pulled on the cigarette, letting a plume of smoke sigh out of her nostrils. She turned around, sliding through the black curtains into her living room. She walked over to the coffee table, placing the kettle of hot water down with the set up for tea. She took a sip of her own coffee, placing it aside. She heard a second knock, more impatient, more frantic. She heard his shout, and sped up walking swiftly to the door, unlatching and unbolting it before opening it.

    She was usually what someone would least expect an exorcist to look like. Petite, thin, frail-looking, pierced and tattooed, a cigarette hanging out of her mouth. Currently none of her tattoos were visible due to her long sleeved black turtle neck and long, black pants. The only thing that would possibly tip someone off would be the silver cross around her neck, although it was small and almost unnoticeable. But as soon as she spoke, he would recognize her voice from their telephone conversation.

    “Ben?” she asked, opening the door a bit wider. She recognized him, even though they had not yet spoken in person. Every time someone would call her and ask for an appointment she would do her research on him. She already knew where he worked, what he looked like. It was important for someone with a job like hers to do a good amount of research on a client before they came in, “Come in, please,” she said, stepping back and holding the door open for him.