The Messengers { OOC and SIgn Ups }

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  1. The Story

    Everybody knows the story of Lucifer and his falling out with God and the angels. Well Lucifer has come back to Earth after creating an army of demons and is destroying our world as we know it. We beg the Gods to help us. We plead for them to give us pity. But instead of sending a group of angels to help us, they kill a group of individual humans in order to give them the power of the angels. They are still humans but have the ability to read minds, see the future, heal, and so much more. They have a message and they will not falter.

    On the other hand, Lucifer wasn't that angry after falling. He hated that he fell but now he was the ruler of his own realm. Falling was the best thing to ever happen to him. It was then that the angels started causing problems. They were more active then usual. They started to kill off his demons and then denied having anything to do with it. Their arrogance was what pissed him off the most. They thought they could do whatever they pleased and he hated that about them. He wanted them gone. When he arrived to the human realm, he created chaos and suffering wherever he went in hopes to get back at the angels but when they never came and sent humans instead, he grew furious.

    Which side will you choose? Evil or good? The Devil or God? Angels or demons? You decide!

    Character Creation

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