The Merteens

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  1. Xavier started swimming away from the normal humans that were trying to capture him and the other Merteens. Once the public had found out they had turned into merpeople the government had been called in and had tried to capture him and the others.
  2. Autumn was quite far from the people trying to capture her and her fellow kind. With only her eyes above the water, they scanned the area, watching other Merteens run away and some get capture. Biting her tongue, she dived underwater and swam as fast as she could to the captured Merteens, attacking their kidnapper by biting them. It would make them let go of the Merteens, who swam away fast when freed. Smiling, the teenage girl quickly left, not wanting to get captured. She hoped this would end soon.
  3. It was just pure chaos on the beach. Government officials in black poured in from all sides, children, mothers, fathers, it didn't matter, everyone was everywhere, and Diana knew she was slowly losing her mind. She had been separated from her parents since what seemed like a lifetime, it didn't matter now, not when her escape was just a few sprints away.

    Leaping off the rocks near the cliff, Diana dived straight into the waters, instantly having her legs web together into a tail, she darted off in the waters. Feeling a hammer hitting away at her heart, she popped her head back up, deciding to risk it all, but only whimpered when she saw the officials hauling off different merteens, and many more who were frantically escaping as well.

    She watched on just for a little longer before she turned, heading off to what seemed like a random direction.
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    I run across the beach my face and hands slick with sweat. I slide dodge a man in black with a net I wince at the angry red marks the sand left my legs with. I push past people children scream I feel hands grabing for me. I scream as a shot is fired finding it unwanted home in my shoulder. My body is screaming at me to stop...but I can't. I wouldn't become some experiment, trapped in a lab being poked and proded for the rest of my days. The pain in my shoulder was emence and I knew it would have to be treated soon. I could see the ocean a beatiful blue escape. Freedom I could see the others, they were getting away. A smile spreads across my fave but it vanishes as I boy from school grabs me from behind. I scream calling out "I wonder how much cash I'll get for turning you in" he says a sickly grin on his face. "I'm sorry to say but I don't think your going to find out." I say bringing my booted foot down hair onto his sandal covered foot. He screams letting me I go I run, blood seeps from my wounded shoulder. It didn't matter I was so close my feet him the water. I jump with all my might I push myself forward into a dive. Then the water hits me it felt so good like heaven on earth. I couldn't help but smile as I put on a burst of speed catching up to the others. Then I remember my shoulder blood oozes into the water turning it a deep crimps on red. I swim quickly to the surface "Help! Please someone help me!!! I've been shot!" I call out.

    My mom drives franticly through the mass of people. "Mom plea-" I begin "no! We have to get you out of here! I won't let them take you. I won't." She say he voice filled with worry. My mother had always been understanding, but I never though she would help her wanted by the government merman son. I had thanked her so many time, and I still didn't know why she did it. She just did, she loved me and didn't want to see me suffer. I loved her to and would never be able to replay her. Much less she her again, but I would try. If theres a will there's a way, my father always said that before he left my mother of course. He always seemed to see the bright side, for a while at lest. The car screeches to a hault and my mom turns back to look at me "I love you, and don't you ever forget it" she say shakily. A tear runs down her face "How could I your my mom" I say sadly "I love you too" I add smiling sadly. "Now go" she says and I nod jumping out of the car. "There!!" I hear a man yell but I already gone I sprint down to beach, I hear a gun shot and see the girl it hit. I hoped she would make it but I had to focus on me right now. I near the beach running at full speed, I run to the rocks the lay out on the beach and a little ways into the ocean. I run along them and then I dive with a powerful push from my tail I'm off. Catching up I see a trail of blood, it must be from that girl. I look around for the other teens.​
  5. Diana froze in mid-swim as all her senses go haywire. It was odd, she thought had already escaped the men in black ... did they get into submarines? Or pull out some new secret government gadget? Diana shook her head, shaking out the thoughts. She had stay positive, otherwise it would end her, she thought resolutely as she caught a trail of red just far off to the left.

    Cautiously, Diana approached slowly until she saw a blue tail, with red blood trailing out slowly from her shoulder. A gunshot. They were actually shooting at people now? Surfacing quickly, knowing it was a friend rather than a government official, Diana blinked slowly, "Is that the only wound you have? How long has it been since they fired?" She asked, her mind running through multiple thoughts at once.

    Diana was no healer, but surely, if she needed to, she'd be able to send the word for help loud and far. At least louder than what the merteen in front of her could shout, "Did anyone follow you, you may be one of the last ones escaping from that beach," she added looking past them both.
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    I look around franticly when a girl surfaces. I exhaul relieved to finally see someone other then the government officials, and the people of the town who had betrayed us. I clutch my shoulder reddening my hand. "It's the only one" I say answering her first question. I was so glade to finally be away from those people. My parents hadn't known, I didn't tell them I did want the getting dragged into this. Plus I didn't know how they would react. I mean if anyone foundcout their daughter was a mermaid well any normal person would freak. She asks me how long its been since I got shot "oh I say not long like 3 to 5 minutes max." I answer. My head had begun to throb and I didn't know why, maybe my wound... I didn't know. "No" I answer her 3rd and final question "I don't think anyone followed me" I finish. I hadn't seen anyone and and unless they had divers and subs, they weren't catching up to us. Anytime soon at lest, I look around me the beach was far off I was hard to see it now and that was good. I face the girl wonder what we could do about my shoulder.​