The merman and the pirate

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  1. Mary Read, an English pirate captain. One of the few women that had left her quiet life to follow in her fathers footsteps. She became a pirate and put fear in everyone she met at the seven seas. Though rumors went around that Black pearls captain was a man she didn't mind it at all, it was so much more fun to show them the real face of the captain when they had expected a man. The expression the most people made when they realized who she was were priceless.

    This day the waters were pretty calm, no ships as far as she could see. They started to get short of food and she didn't want to get into shore before they reached Barba, they were already short on cannonballs and ammunition. If they were to get attacked by the government while getting into shore to get food then she would probably not even have half her crew when they got back on the ship. In Barba they could get everything they needed and there they could be certain no one would attack them. Only pirates knew where the secret passage were to the caves on the Island, and that was the perfect place for pirates to get a new crew and everything they needed.

    "Get the nets, we need to catch fish. It's a long journey to Barba, without food we won't make it." She told her crew whom immediately started moving to catch their dinner. "Hopefully we can get something interesting today." She mumbled to herself and looked out over the water.

    (I just make up the names of the Islands, I'm to lazy to find real Islands on a map xD hahah)
  2. Koi was swimming in search of shells, he had hair to his shoulder which flowed around him in wave like motions and he had a lithe form, dazzling aqua blue scaled which match his eyes, his hair was opalesque and sparkles with its own sheen. He smiles and finds a conk shell adding that to his bag made of netting he found on the shore. He bites his lip and his gils flare as he thinks. He is tired and hungry but not in the mood to hunt for food nor go home... his problems were solved when a school of fish swam past him. He grins and swims after them planning simply to pluck one from the group. He never saw the nets coming.

    When they fell he thrashed in them frantically trying to get out with the rest of the fish ramming up against the edge of the netting, cutting himself on the edges in his frantic attempts to escape.
  3. "I swear, if we only get flounder in todays catch then I will eat one of the other men instead" Said one of the crew members as he leaned against the side of the boat beside Mary.
    "Maybe we just make you the dinner if that's the case." She joked back at him. The most of the crew would never talk to her like that but Thomas had been a friend to her father so they were closer than the other in the crew. But it didn't mean that the crew hated their captain nor that they were afraid of her. They respected her and looked up to her, the most of the men would see it as an insult if someone would talk to their captain so friendly.

    "It seems like they have gotten the fish now" He mentioned when he noticed that they started to take up the net. Mary went to the net to help get it up. Almost immediately when they got some of the net over the water Mary noticed a moving hand.
    "I think there is a human in there, get the net up fast." She ordered, but it seemed impossible. How could someone have survived swimming in the middle of the ocean? It would take at least a day to get to shore by ship and swimming would take much more.

    Soon they got up the net and let all the fishes and the person out on the deck, she couldn't believe her eyes when she saw the man. He had a fishtail, it was a merman.
  4. He panicked as the nets were brought up and pushes ever harder only cutting himself up more, when he hit the deck he gasps having never been removed from the water before, he's slender and femenine and at first glance you would think him a female. His eyes glare up at the crew as his Gil's flare, soon he will dry out... If that happens he too will have two legs... Two legs he doesn't know how to use. He runs escape scenarios through his mind... He just needed to get back in the water...
  5. Mary had heard stories of merpeople, but she didn't think that they had been true. Even people on her ship had told her about those creatures but she had always thought of it as a myth. Now it was one right before her. Some stories said that they would die on land, others said that they would get legs if they stayed up from the water for too long.

    A smirk appeared on her face. She could get a lot of money from this being, she could sell him in Barba, there were a lot of people who would pay tons of gold for such a thing. Maybe some would want to eat him because of the myth of being young for eternity if one does so. It was probably a fake myth though, this being was probably as natural as a fish was, nothing magical. Why would eating him make you live for an eternity? Others maybe try to sell him for more and others maybe just keep him as a prize. She didn't care what the did to him, he was nothing more than money.

    "Get something filled with water to put him in before he dries out, even a barrel is fine until we find something else. Make sure he doesn't escape." She told her men that immediately took a grip on the merman's arms and started to pull him with them. Some of the men fast lifted down an empty barrel into the water so that they didn't have to use their drinking water for the merman. Then they put lifted the merman into the barrel and put on a cover. Then they put on a heavy chest on the barrel so that he wouldn't be able to lift it. The barrel had a hole on the cover so air came into the barrel. It was only a temporarily solution, she would rather want to see the amazing merman when she traveled so she let her men search after something else that they could put him in. In the worst case scenario they could always put him in the cell if he could breath on land.
  6. He thrashes as they drag him into this small container, he never was very strong though and the idea of violence never entered his mind, he was mostly peaceful, he shook the barrel but eventually just gave up. He just lay at the bottom beaten and depressed. He'd probably become dinner... There were whispers that's what humans did to them. If any Merfolk were caught... They never came back. He ran his hand through his hair and sighs.

    The captain was female, he could lure her... But if he did this he would drown following him into the ocean and he was not violent... So he quickly dismissed this idea, his chances looked slim and he just lay his face in his arms allowing the dire nature of his situation to sink in. Death was the only option he saw, he was still bleeding from the net as it was, he was pathetic
  7. After half an hour the captain and some men came to the barrel and the men lifted it up with the chest still on it. She didn't let anyone become part of her crew, she wanted the strongest and best fighters she could find, so that weight wasn't a problem for them. But it was a risk too when she had men stronger than her on the ship, they had to respect her enough to not do mutiny and she had to always have an ear open if anyone would think of betraying her. They maybe were stronger but she were better with a sword than them. And the most of them were too loyal to betray her.

    They walked to the captains room where they had prepared a big chest that were made of glass, it would give more space than the barrel and she would be able to talk to the merman. She didn't even know if he talked their language but she could as well try. She wanted to know more about them, then maybe she could catch more of them.

    The men lifted off the chest and the cover and poured the water and the merman down into the glass chest. Then they closed the cover of the glass chest but put a notebook in between the cover and the chest so that they would be able to talk and because the air would disappear if she didn't. She couldn't let him die, it would make him less valuable.

    As the men walked out she turned to the merman and sat down on the floor so that she wouldn't be too much high up then him. "Don't worry, you won't be harmed. At least not on this ship." She told him. It was true, she wouldn't harm him nor would she let her crew harm him. But she wouldn't promise anything when he left the ship.
  8. His gils flutter as he's picked up and he just sinks down to the bottom of the tank his scales had dimmed at this point and his Gil's were flaring taking in the new water, he doesn't so much as look at the female nodding absent mindedly to her, she may not hurt him but eventually others would and existence in this tank was worse.... He moves his tail slightly but otherwise makes no movement. His skin has a nettedbpatternbimprinted in scratches and scars and his appearance is far less dazzling.
  9. She sighted a bit, she wasn't certain if he could even understand her. But even she took pity at the merman when he laid in the water all bruised up. Also, if he wasn't in good shape when they arrived in Barba then she wouldn't get good money for him. If the rumors about them being able to survive on land was true then she could put him in the cellar. It would be easier to take care of his wounds like that and he wouldn't have to be cramped into such a small place.

    "Can you survive on land?" She asked him, if he wouldn't answer or couldn't understand her then she just had to test the theory without knowing. If he passed out because of suffocation then they just had to put him back into the water.
  10. He glares at her his Gil's flaring, " woman back off of me," he hits the glass with his tail speaking perfect English, "I'm not stupid, you don't think that I dont know what this is? What you plan to do to me? You're damn lucky I'm too nice not to just drown you in the damn ocean, so if you're gonna sell me for food stop talking to me and just let me be" he glares daring her to come closer to him, he may very well become feral if she keeps this up
  11. So he could speak, it was shocking but at the same time not. "I can't leave you be, my buyers expect me to get them something healthy and something I know about. I have to know what a person can and can't do to you. If I know nothing then you will probably be bought by someone that thinks he will live for an eternity by eating you. If I know about you then I would probably get buyers that would let you stay alive. Maybe even take care of you. The information you give me can change if you live or die. And the longer you live, the bigger chance you will have to escape, right?" She simply wanted to give him reason to give her information. Sometimes information would save life, other times it wouldn't.
  12. He sneers. " look human, I'm no fool. Merfolk would rather die then stay captive. So stop talking down to me and acting like you care what happens to me. Leave me alone. You only care about lining your pockets." his tail flicks angrily and he turns away from her. Humans are just as manipulative as they say... He was angry and he didn't want to get to the point where he did real damage.
  13. Mary sighted, this merman was really bothersome. If she knew more about him then she would know more about his people and be able to catch more of them. But it didn't seem like he was willing to talk at all. "You're right, I don't care about you. So torturing you for hours until I got the information I want would be a perfect way of making you talk. I don't think anyone will mind if you are missing a finger or two." She said calmly but with a threatening tone as she smiled towards him. "And if you would try to kill yourself, then I just have to force you to stay alive until I'm done with you."
  14. He shrugs and looks at her, " idle threats human? No I don't need fingers or hands or scales or teeth because where I'm going I'm not coming back so fine. Get your knife human. It'll just be practice for later" he was always a fighter, always stubborn and he was not stupid, he isn't violent and he has no desire to cause anyone else harm but this human... "you are really pushing me" his eyes change color and his gils flare
  15. She didn't like the tone in his voice at the last sentence. He was stubborn and wouldn't give up, but so was she. She was actually pretty found of people like that, never giving up no matter what. His will would be hard, if not impossible, to break. "Too bad you aren't human, I would have killed to be able to get someone with your will on my ship. But everyone can be broken somehow, there's a long way to where we're going. I have all time in the world to find your breaking point."
  16. " what's so great about humans you can't breath under water" he snorts and leans back. She wants to cut him up that's just fine. He had little sisters, he'd die before he gave her information on how to find them. He hoped they'd be fed... The elders would find them in the morning when he didn't come home. He trusted that. He just would die. Not too bad he supposes clicking his tail. " well if we aren't gonna cut me up today then I suppose you're all done talking with the food" he turns from her and lays on the bottom of the tank
  17. "I would never eat something that talks, you're just money too me. And I always talks to my money. But I guess we're done. You maybe are more talkative when you haven't eaten for some days." She said and rose from the floor. When he mentioned food she realized that she were hungry, and at some point he would realize that he were hungry. Starvation could be torturous if it went on for too long. He would bend at some point.
  18. He rolls his eyes, he'd starve first. No way in hell would he ever let her get to his sisters and any information he might slip to her... It was too dangerous. So he merely settles on the floor. It's three days before she comes back and he's digging his nails into his skin from the hunger. He would bite his own tongue off before he so much as uttered a word to her. He shoots her a glare as his eyes are a bright red at this point
  19. She walked to the caboose to see if they had been doing anything edible of those fishes they had captured. How could she make that fishman talk? It wasn't like she would be able to catch another one of his kind with mere will power, the last time it had been by accident. So she wouldn't be able to force him to talk by threatening someone else of his kind. After she had eaten with some of the other men on board she ordered two guys to move the glass chest the merman were in to the cells. Also they would take him out of the chest and see if he could breath on land. If he hadn't past out when he had dried up then they could leave him there. And so they did go to take him to the cells while the captain waited for them to report.
  20. He gasps as he's dumped from the tank and onto the floor of the cell trying to get used to the oxygen and the lack of water weakened his system but sure enough after a few moments his scales turned to legs and his breathing normalled out, not that he could walk, he'd never used his legs before. He glares at them waiting to see what will happen, daring them to try something when they turn away. Probably to tell that woman he could breath on land. He sighs and pulls himself to the corner. Fine. This knowledge wouldn't help her catch his sisters, it would only make her sale of him easier