The Merchant's Journey: Chronicles of Etianmai

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  1. Recruits Needed
    Are you getting tired of the battles of nations and kings?
    Craving a little adventure in your life?
    Need some gold and in love with your blade?
    Look no further adventurers!
    I, Etianmai Kurian, Merchant Lord of Arras, am looking for people just like you!

    The Continent to the south west of Agasaria has many names, The Lord World, Land of the Setting Sun, the Forgotten continent, but whatever name you give it, it has been unreachable. Until now my friends! I, through a business endeavor, have constructed a ship that will not capsize upon reaching the violent currents surrounding the continent! This means that we could be the very first human beings to step foot upon this forgotten world! So join me, warriors, priests, commoners, soldiers, and misfits! A new world awaits! Paradise is within your grasp!
  2. This is the chat rp scheduled for the 6th and 7th. If it does well, there will be other installments. However, for the time being, it will run on the days specified, from six to midnight each day (Eastern Time). If you are interested in joining, post a charry sheet here, with the following information:

    Race: (elf, dwarf, etc)
    Weapon of choice:
  3. Name: Heigha

    Age: 23

    Gender: Male

    Race: Humanoid

    Weapon of choice: None

    Magic: Can freely shape his body.

    Bio/Personality: Heigha is a humanoid made entirely of sludge, toxic, and everything that is poisonous to most people. Heigha is incredibly lazy and loves to do nothing but sleep and eat. Whenever he is not doing either, he is usually giving his boss Etianmai a hard time, or picking on, Jose, one of the workers. When it comes to women, Heigha loves to flirt and craves the attention of the ladies.


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  4. Name: Mirage

    Age: 20

    Gender: Female

    Race: Elf

    Weapon of choice:

    Magic: She has the ability to talk to animals and control plants

    Bio/Personality: She is soft natured, but will put up a fight if provoked. She has the typical tsundere attitude but will become very clingy when hungry. She is a plant elf in the forest of Iwaku and gets along very well with any animal/animal hybrid. She prefers to keep to herself mostly, but will engage in conversation if it is started.


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  5. Name: Etianmai Kurian
    Age: 35
    Gender: male
    Race: human
    Weapon of choice: crossbow, flintlock pistol, longsword
    Magic: minor enchantments
    Bio/Personality: Etianmai is the richest and most powerful business figure in the entire world of Arras. His assests total well over the Agasarian equivalent of one hundred billion dollars. He is a smart, crafty, but fair businessman. He will not cheat you unless you try to cheat him first. His curiosity has been sparked concerning the far continent after looking over a strange map that was given to him. He has since vowed to be the first one to set foot in the so called "New World"
    Appearence: Etianmai.jpg