The Men In Black

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  1. We are the best kept secret in the Universe, our mission: to monitor Extraterrestrial activity on Earth. We are your best, last, and only line of Defense, we work in secret, and we exist in shadow.


    Most of you enjoy the ignorant bliss of knowing that our species is alone in the universe, the stark truth is that we are very much so the opposite of alone. Earth is home to quite a few species, some of them nice some of them not so much. Our job is to keep control of the extraterrestrial activity on this planet, keeping you safe from a guest of ours from way outta town. Now for your own protection, we need to take a field sobriety exam, keep your eyes focused on this little red light, and keep them focused there for 3-2-1.



    Setting and Other Information:

    The year is 1989, alien activity on the planet Earth had been steady for nearly four decades, and in the forefront of ET Control is the mysterious Men in Black, an organization that'd gained notoriety by visiting witnesses of unexplained sights, threatening them to keep quiet, or making certain less cooperative witnesses disappear, effectively erasing their entire existence. MIB Headquarters has noticed a series of unexplained disappearances of certain less native inhabitants of Earth and the exodus of many other alien citizens all over the world. It's up to the best, last, and only line of defense to figure out the cause.


    Building your Agent:

    Your agent is a member of an extremely top secret organization who answers to no one, the Men In Black. Their members do not Exist, no names, no fingerprints, no ID's, no familial ties. Their everyday life, is something we'd consider extraordinary, but to them is just an average day.

    You can be a new recruit, or a seasoned Agent.
    Your Agent will have no History, it's part of Recruitment, your existence in the world has been eradicated.

    Agents' Designations are the first letter one of their former names.

    Agent Recruitment Sheet:

    Agent Designation:

    Agent's chronological Age:

    Agent Species: (Must be Human)

    Agent Specialties:

    Agent Gender:

    Agent Personality/Beliefs:

    Conversly, You could be an alien living on earth under the strict monitoring of the MIB.

    Extraterrestrial Immigration Application





    Home Planet:

    Reason for immigration to Earth:

    Criminal/Non-Criminal History prior to leaving Home Planet:

    Aspirations (What do you want to do here on Earth)

    Disguise Appearance:

    Disguise Name:

    Disguise Age:

    Disguise Gender:

    Disguise History:


    Agent Designation: Agent H

    Agent's Chronological Age: 35

    Agent Gender: Male

    Agent Species: Human

    Agent Specialties: He is a veteran Agent, one of their best. He's exceptional with weaponry, interrogation, and the detective work. He's not as exceptional when it comes to chasing his targets on foot, and he's not exceptional at small talk.

    Agent Personality/Beliefs: H has almost no faith in the human race, doubts that they will ever be ready to know that they are not the only sentient species in the Universe. He's cynical, friendly enough but he's not the guy who's gonna be your best friend and go to the strip club with you. His career has warped his sense of humor, he often laughs at the phrase, "end of the world" and other phrases he sees as cruel jokes.

    Agent's Photo Appearance: [​IMG]
  2. Agent Designation: Agent D

    Agent's chronological Age: 27 time in mib 7 years

    Agent Species: (Must be Human)

    Agent Specialties: Chasing the target via foot or car. the best driver on the force. (so they say) on foot his parkour skills exceed even those of te best . and his aim is something of a killer. not good wit flying or travel by sea.

    Agent Gender: Male

    Agent Personality/Beliefs: Agent D is always happy his outlook on the whole alien thing is " this shit crazy" he believes if mib can do it why not let normal people kno they exist . but will never speak on it.. D thinks everything is a joke.
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