The Meisters

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  1. Gillian walked down a hallway, her hands buried deep into the pockets of her jeans, her head covered by her hood. She had only been 11 years old when she manifested into a Giftmeister, a poison master, and had ran away from home after she couldn't control her powers and nearly killed her mother. Now, 10 years later, she knew what to do with the talent she had been born with...only that she liked to used it the bad way instead of the good one. She smirked under her hood as she entered the convenience store, drawing the hood of her green jacket back and sliding her hands out of her pockets, the thorns full of the dreadful substance already sprouting at the palms of her hands. "Now, gimme the cash you have, please?"


    Alright, so, basically, there are different types of Meisters [Masters] that a character you create can be. Meisters are humans with the power to sprout, move, control (and even live in) a single element, depending on the Talent that manifested in them. [The paragraph above describes my character, Gillian, as a Giftmeister [Poison Master]]. The storyline is simple, different young Meister gangs form in a small/big city and quarrel as ones do good and others behave bad. Hehe.

    Here are the traditional Meisters and their respective ablities for those who are interested:

    Eismeister [Ice Master]: can create ice out of their bodies or move it (ex. make bow and arrows from their bare hands). They can regenerate quickly if they are in contact with freezing temperatures. They usually are cool with anything around them

    Fueurmeister [Fire Master]: control or create fire with their bare hands and their bodies. Usually of hot-head nature. Obtains energy when exposed to great temperatures. Fire cannot damage them.

    Erdemeister [Earth Master]: controls the earth (this doesn't mean nature/plants, the dirt itself, only that). Can turn themselves into rock soldiers. Great brawlers. Can dive literally into the dirt.

    Wassermeister [Water Master]: controls water and seldom times the ice. Open-minded and happy. Can dissolves themselves into the water of a river/pond/ocean/etc. (Be careful for any Eismeister near you, though).

    Luftmeister [Air Master]: controls any kind of air around themselves. (Think a bit like Aang here :3). Active and distracted at times.

    Giftmeister [Poison Master]: creates any kind of poison inside their system and fights their enemies by sending pin-size to apple-size thorns in their direction full of the harmful substances, mostly common poison/venom. Dangerous quimicals doesn't affect them, in fact they are helpful to recover some strenght. Medicins are harmful to their beings. Grumpy, yet they have their funny selves.

    OTHER TYPE OF MEISTERS (Special ones reserved for the ocassion [or if we plan to have a villain])

    Verschiebungmeister [Shift Master]: basically, a shape-shifter, but only able to imitate another human being, not animals.

    Bewegenmeister [Move Master]: disappears and appears at their own will. You see them in a place, a blink later they are in front of you, or maybe behind you. (NOTE: when they 'move' they leave a slight black dust behind, the thicker the dust it, the farther they decided to reappear). [An easy explanation is teleportation].

    Gem├╝tmeister [Mind Master]: what nowadays we call a telepath. Can control a person's will if their mind is weak. Can read the thoughts of someone else and speak to them.

    Schattenmeister [Shadow Master]: as the name says it, they control the shadows. They can transform themselves into a shadow and slid through the darkness.

    IMPORTANT: Every Meister has a special feature about themselves when they 'turn' into their Meister selves.

    The eyes of the Eismeisters, no matter what color, turn into icy blue when they use their Talent and their hair turns either very light blue or white.
    Fueurmeisters eyes turn red, flame blue or yellow and their hair flickers like the flames (no matter what color it is.)
    Erdemeisters hair turns sandy yellow, dirty blond/e or dirt brown and their eyes stay the same.
    Wassermeisters eyes turn sea green or the color of water, their hair falling back in a cascade or looking like a raging storm.
    Luftmeisters eyes turn pale or gray.
    Giftmeisters eyes turn a deep green and their hair a light purple color/tone.

    Verschiebungmeisters change constantly, so you don't exactly see the true change in them.(This doesn't mean your character does not have a specific body).
    Begewenmeisters pupils shift like a cats when they use their Talent.
    Gem├╝tmeisters eyes turn deep purple when trying to enter someone's mind.
    Schattenmeisters hair turns charcoal black, their eyes turning colorless.



    Anyone ready to begin? MAXIMUM OF SIX PEOPLE (at the moment, let's see if this works out)

    Mexma (moi) - Gillian Evans
    Kanji Tatsumi - Lequan Rantan
    Doctor Who? - Flint
    Kamileon1 - Samael Trancy
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  4. NAME: Lequan Rantan

    AGE: 20

    GENDER: Male

    TYPE OF MEISTER: KlingenMeister-Capable of manipulating sound at will. One example,amplifying the volume of the music playing from his boom box,and or his voice to near eardrum bursting levels.

    SHORT BIO: Since he was young Lequan had a passion for music. Listening to all kinds,but most of all rap,and beats. His powers surfaced when he was 12,concentrating very hard while trying to create a beat using a rhythm box. His head began to ache severely before letting out a scream that shattered his windows. Years went by,now living alone in a two bedroom apartment,Since then he's kept his meister abilities on the low,but at his lonesome he still practices,and ponders wether if it's a gift or a curse.

    APPEARANCE: Dark skinned, 5'10. Wears a black unzipped jacket with neon blue streaks that reveals a white shirt with the phrase "Speak your mind." on top of it. Black jeans with a musical note pendant hanging off of the waist. A pair of black,and neon blue streaked headphones that glow when in use,and on occasion carries around a boombox. Lastly a black colored kitten ear beanie.

    When utilizing his meister abilities,His body begins emit weak waves of sound giving him the appearance as if he's a blurred image.
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  6. Kanji Tatsume, are you still interested in this? We could do a one-on-one story with this. ;)
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  12. Need character BIO from Rainbow and Doctor, please. =^.^=
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  14. Name: Eryn Mitchell Flinn
    Nickname: Flint
    Age: Nineteen (May 8th)
    Gender: Female
    Type of Meister: Fueurmeister - Can control or create fire with their bare hands and their bodies. Obtains energy when exposed to great temperatures. Fire cannot damage them.
    Short Bio: Eryn ran away from home at the age of twelve after accidentally burning down her puppy's dog house. Thankfully the puppy was not inside, but she still felt like she was a danger to her family and that anything could happen. She found herself growing up on the streets; using her fire abilities to live a very hostile life.
    Appearance: Standing at five foot seven inches, Eryn has very light blue hair that reaches just below her breasts with side bangs that sweep to the right. She doesn't actually have that many tattoos, but she does have one of a blue flame tattooed on the back of her neck. Her button nose balance out her ears, which are usually covered by her thick hair, and dimples will automatically show when you catch her smiling. Her eyes are a light honey gold with wisps of grey around her dark black iris. With a clear complexion she usually doesn't wear makeup except for the little black mascara. She wears things some people would call: Rocker usually studded denim jackets, tight jean or shorts and a pair of white converse. Example - Another - Another
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  16. NAME: Gabrielle 'Gillian' Evans
    AGE: 21 years-old
    GENDER: Female
    TYPE OF MEISTER: Giftmeister; Poison Master

    SHORT BIO: Her powers manisfested when she had been only 11 years old. She decided to ran away from home after her mother tried to help her but Gabrielle accidentally fired a poisonous thorn in her direction, almost getting her mom. She lived in an orphanage for a couple of years until she had to escape once again after her Talent was discovered by one of the kids she shared room with. Living on the streets, she learned how to pick-pocket people and started robbing convenience stores with her Talent. Gillian lives in an abandoned house with a stray cat she calls 'Ero'.

    APPEARANCE: Gillian stand at a height of 5'6'', being kind of slim but having some muscles here and there to kick some ass. Used to be a ginger until she decided to dye her hair the same tone of purple when she is her Meister selve; green eyes that can turn greener when this happens. Freckles all over the top of her cheeks, neck, back, and her arms. ("I'm going to get more freckles and then I'm going to be completely ginger!") [Yes, if I could I would make Karen Gillan my perfect Gabrielle :3] Her ears are a bit pointy on the end and so are her teeth, not like a shark's and neither like a vampire's fangs, but they're pointy.
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  19. Can i join this RP? If so this is my Character Bio

    Name: Samael Trancy

    Age: 28

    Gender: Male

    Meister Type: Eismeister [Ice Master]

    SHORT BIO: Samael's power manifested itself when he was 14. One especially lazy day he wished he could have some cold water but was too lazy to move, he then willed his water into ice. Deciding not to share that he had powers with anyone, he managed to live an almost completely normal life. Now many years later he is a college professor with enough money to support himself and a family if he wished. However boredom may soon get the best of Samael.

    APPEARANCE: Samael stands at 5' 8", and sports a mildly athletic build. He has shoulder length slicked back hair, brown eyes so dark they almost look black, and flat unnatural looking teeth. Usually seen wearing a black pinstripe suit, designer shoes, and his trademark square framed black glasses. He has also been know to carry a plain black briefcase around.