The Meeting of Hollows- Eve

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  1. On every Hallows- Eve, even
    before they could speak,
    a meeting of monsters would be held. To some, the meeting was a grand ball for they're enjoyment. To others it was far more. On this day leading monster races will send there representatives to converse about important political subjects. There was ,of course, a very high risk of heroes attacking... That has never truly stopped monsters did it?


    1.) When joining, please include a picture for your character(monsters AND monster hunters allowed). No bios needed.

    2.) I don't want to limit you but this is NOT a horror RP so try to stay away from a pic that would make a grown man wet his pants

    3.)Please don't God-mod or insult others

    4.) No sexual themes or sexual humor alowed.


    Lenoc slowly walked to the gigantic manchion, his leg of lava setting fire to the overgrown grass. He was the lava elemental representative and he had one sole objective. One that he didn't even dare to think of, too important. When he finaly made it, he instantly went to the bar. "Ale, alight, now." The skeletal bartender gave him a glare, but served his drink anyway.
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  2. Minding her own business she idly sat on the wooden bar table as she sipped at the Martini in her left hand, her right hand to busy running through strands of golden locks as she admired herself in the large mirror that was the back wall of the large room ball room.
    "Pardon me Ma'am you need to move, sitting on the bar is not permitted" A harsh deep voice floated through her thoughts causing her to frown. Looking down at her feet she saw the little imp like creature that was the reason why she lost her train of thought. Groaning she slipped off the bar gracefully landing on her five inch heals with ease. Leaning down to make eye contact with the rather ugly imp she trailed her well manicured nails over his single horn, trying not to throw up the contents of her stomach she leaned in close, there lips mere centimetres apart as she started to chant her spell over the small creature.
    "FLORA" the deep growl of her mate caught her off guard casing her to fall back onto her silk clad bottom and spilling her Martini over the poor imp. "Darling" she smiled as she cast her hazel eyes up the disapproving look of her mate. "how many times do I have to say, we are here for business not pleasure" she et out a groan of displease as she rolled her eyes at his little speech. "Now now I caused the imp no harm" she pointed out as she pushed herself up off the dirty floor. To prove her point she nudge the now soaked creature with the toe of her shoe, causing it to snap out of its trance and wonder off like nothing happened. "We are here to represent the Voodoo people of the world, not to indulge in carnal or other urges you have" he scorned her as he took her arm not so softly and lead her to another of many bars that were in full swing. "Now Sit and stay while I do what I need to do" he directed her before he stalked away leaving her to take a seat next to a weird looking creature she hadn't seen before.
    Flipping her hair over one shoulder she put on her best fake smile and battered her eyelashes a few times as she greeted the strange creature "Are you some sort of demon or elemental being. Are they the same? What is your name" she bombarded him a million questions, waiting for the skeletal bartender to make his way back over to this side of the bar again.

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    as Agent C made his way towards the mansion, he looked around seeing bizarre creatures entering the same residence. Oh how he hated this job, but he had to do it, few people in his agency had the clearance to deal with something on this scope, though at first he enjoyed them these meetings had become bland after years of coming to them, he hoped that something would happen and make this day a little less tedious then the last meetings he had attended.
  4. As the girl chattered on Lenoc closed his eyes and muttered ",Everflame give me strength" and gave the girl a annoyed glance. "Look child, go bother someone else. Unless you want your flesh boiled." With that he turned his back to the woman and looked out the window observing the monsters entering.