The Meek Shall Inherit (MxF looking for F)

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    ~~ The Meek Shall Inherit ~~

    The Slums, the one place nobody wants to live. Unfortunately for poor Dylan Robertson, an 18 year old orphaned boy, its been his home for as long as he can remember. Life is horrible, people live on the streets or in terrible conditions, hunger is common and so is sickness. Things aren't the greatest, but the city will do nothing to assist the slum residents. Dylan has managed to survive after a semi-wealthy man named Thomas Phelps allowed him to work and live in his florist shop, but the business has been failing for years and its costing money just to keep the building. Thomas has provided Dylan with a cot, bread and the occasional steak for the past 8 years, so they have more of a Father-Son relationship.

    Even while living on the streets, Dylan was fascinated with plants and flowers. He was especially intrigued with strange plants. He was curious about where they came from or even what breeds they were. On his Sunday's off, he would always head over to various flower stalls in the uptown area to try and find something interesting. However, one trip has brought him to a particularly interesting plant shop by the name of Kyoto's. It was run by an old Japanese man who had many interesting plant types available, but Dylan's eyes were drawn specifically to one plant in particular: a small Venus-Flytrap esk plant with large rose petals surrounding the bud. When he asked the man about what the plant was, he answered in only one word:


    Dylan had no idea what this meant, but it was probably some old Japanese word for the plant's breed. Paying for the plant almost instantly, he takes it back to the shop and begins to care for it happily. As it fails to grow and begins to wilt, he tries various different options to keep it alive, he discovers its unusual appetite ((There are quite a few options for this part :3)) and continues to feed the Alraune, watching it grow all the time. Finally, it gets to an enormous size and begins to attract the attention of all kinds of people. The flower shop is getting all kinds of business and Dylan is getting famous, being critically acclaimed as a "Fantastic Gardener" for growing the Alraune so large. Then, one night as he's feeding the plant, the large bud begins to open and reveals something shocking: a woman, with green skin and various floral designs covering her body. She reveals that her name is the same as the name he had called the plant, as well as something else that shocked him: SHE, is the Alraune.

    She talks about being grateful to him for raising her with so much love and care, before she explains what she is. Dylan is too freaked out to even think properly, but now that her secret is revealed, he doesn't know what to do. Secretly, the feelings of a thankful nature that the Alraune feels towards Dylan are actually something more, so she comes up with a plan. She tells him if he continues to raise her properly and take care of her, she'll continue to grow and give him all the wonderful things he deserves in life. He agrees to follow the plan and together, they slowly develop a friendly relationship. Meanwhile, Dylan's fame continues to rise with the plants growth and he is called in for radio shows, television ads and all sorts of media appearances. However, fame has not changed him and the flower shop is now a booming business, providing a wealthy income to the slums. Dylan, being humble as he is, continues to give away half of his share of money to the people of the slums to increase living conditions and better everybody else's lives. However, Dylan's fame attracts the attention of a wealthy business owner who wants the plant for himself and will do anything to get it. Now, Dylan has a choice to make: hand over his new friend who he's slowly falling in love with to the business owner, or protect her from the man and his goons?

    ((Optional Plot/Alteration))

    However, the Alraune has secretly produced a single bud that is something most Alraunes aren't: a male. But this bud is vicious, cruel and everything opposite of its mother... Including its appetite, which oddly enough, is human blood. When Dylan discovers the new bud, things quickly get out of hand, especially having to feed the new Alraune. There is always one alternative to pricking his fingers, though: Murder.

    But can he really go through with it? Would he give up his fame, fortune and even newfound love just to avoid feeding this plant by committing horrible acts of crime? Only time will tell...

    So, I'm looking for somebody to play the female Alraune in this story. You can be male or female, doesn't matter: you just need to be able to play female characters. It would be a mature RP depending on what we want to do, but if you guessed it, this RP is based off of the stage musical "Little Shop of Horrors". I always thought that the story was a very interesting and fun idea to play around with, so I've worked and this RP is the final product.

    This will be a mature RP, as according to the traditional Alraune mythology, they survive by feeding on the life energy of a person, much like Succubi. A person's life energy, however, can be substituted for their semen (it contains the energy of millions of small life forms, which gives the feeling of having eaten one fully sized human). We can edit this mythology around to our liking, but there will also be a little bit of Gore, Violence, Drugs, and Sex. This isn't meant to be a Smut RP, but the relationship between the Alarune and the boy will be created from the need of his life energy in the form that was previously discussed.

    I also intend for this to not be a very happy RP. If you know anything about the original musical, it gets rather dark and (don't open that if you don't want to know the ending)
    Show Spoiler
    everybody but the plant dies at the end
    , so I'd like that to translate into the RP. The romance should be bitter-sweet because while they need each other to achieve certain goals (fame and wealth for the boy, and a reliable food source for the Alarune), they know they can't truly be together because of the obvious difference in species.

    Well, that pretty much covers it all. Send me a PM or comment below if you'd be interested in doing this ^^.​
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  3. I'll play. The theme is awesome. Makes me think of my beloved Little Shop of Horrors.
  4. The idea is based off Little Shop of Horrors! Its my all time favourite musical ^^
  5. Agreed! I felt dumb as I went ahead and read the white text after I posted. XD Derp on me.
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  7. How would you like to begin? I understand the concept and everything. And would you prefer to do this in IM or a thread?
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