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  1. The universe is such a vast place. Because of this many races linger among the cosmos waiting to be discovered. Some merely wish to live out their days in peace.

    But what about those who don't wish to be discovered?

    They're the ones that are often made the unfortunate 'testing grounds' for the power of beasts such as Gigan, a thousand year old giant monster who after laying dormant in a mummified state for so many years had been revived by the intergalactic race known as the Xillians to prepare for their upcoming war with humanity. But the stories of Gigan's great battles with the defender of Earth, Mothra were not enough to persuade the aliens that Gigan was strong enough to help lead the charge against Earth.

    Which is why the leader of the Xillians, known simply to other as just 'X' decided to take the monster out for a 'test-drive' so to speak. The poor people of some insignificant and backwater planet just so happened to be in the way of Gigan's rampage.

    Their ramshackle military tried their best but failed to even slightly halt Gigan's advances. They were even incapable of landing a blow on X due to the alien's superhuman speed and reflexes, not to mention his strength. By the end of the day the populace had been reduced to nothing but charred corpses and rubble upon which Gigan stood victoriously.



    Gigan swung his hooked arms from side to side, tearing down any buildings which had the luxury of managing to endure the brunt of Gigan's assault, but not for long of course. But there were no people left to murder. For they'd either been mercilessly sought out by Gigan and crushed under his heel or X murdered them himself. Why leave any witnesses behind after all? X wanted Gigan to be efficient and murder as many earthlings as he could.

    Standing on the rooftop of a building far away enough from Gigan so he didn't have to worry about being accidentally killed by his own monster, X watched with satisfaction at Gigan's victorious rampage.


    "The humans speak quite highly of a monster known as Godzilla? He's saved the planet countless times from other monsters. But I doubt any of them possess the sheer tenacity, the raw strength, the incredible durability that make you such a great weapon, Gigan. Perhaps those thousand years weren't just spent lying around after all. Once work on Monster X is completed then we'll set about heading to Earth and controlling the monsters that roam there. The fools won't know what hit them! Hahahahaha!"

    It didn't take X long to realize that he was basically laughing by himself. Given that everyone else on the planet but him and Gigan were dead or close to death that it wasn't really worth mentioning. So his laughter slowly stifled away awkwardly as he folded his arms and glanced up at Gigan who had strangely stopped in his thrashing about.

    It struck X as odd because they'd gone from planet to planet, murdering all of their denizens and Gigan often got a bit more enjoyment out of wrecking whatever was left standing after his initial assault. But something stopped him dead in his tracks. What was it? Another monster that had sensed Gigan's power and decided to come looking for a fight? Or was it reinforcements for this planet that had arrived far too late?

    Gigan for his part would have seemed entranced by whatever he was looking at up in the sky. But the monster was smarter than his thirst for blood and carnage let on. Centuries of experience doing nothing but battling would do that. He may have been going along with the Xillian's plans so far but he still had a free will of his own. X seemed to understand that well enough which probably played a key role into why Gigan hadn't rebelled against their control.

    But while he'd never grow tired of senseless slaughter and destruction, he sensed an energy that would possibly give him a fight! He'd greatly enjoy spilling the blood of someone who didn't run cowering in fear from him! Someone who had the delusion that they'd defeat him and escape their untimely and brutal demise.

    As the clouds began to part, X would have seen the reflection of a planet on Gigan's visor as the kaiju began to lift off the ground and started towards the direction of the planet he'd been looking at without so much as a nod in X's direction.


    Not wanting to lose the good grip of control he had on Gigan by leaving him to his own devices, X quickly leaped from building to building to race back to his space ship. If he let Gigan penetrate the outer atmosphere without being in hot pursuit, who's to say Gigan wouldn't just get distracted and destroy as many planets as he pleased?

    Which would have been greatly amusing to X any other time. But not when he was getting Gigan prepped for an upcoming war. Leaping into his ship, X quickly set a course to track Gigan and off the ship went. Blasting off alongside the kaiju as they headed towards the planet Gigan had singled out.


    The atmosphere seemed like a murky brown color, possibly from pollution? X wasn't going to question whatever had attracted Gigan to this random planet, but he also couldn't quite understand it either. Gigan had been more than content to be set upon whatever planet X decided the universe could do without.

    But to pick one out on his own was something that the alien leader simply hadn't anticipated. But he trusted that Gigan simply wasn't wasting his time and if there proved to be opposition here? Then he'd just let Gigan destroy them and they'd be on their way. So, he supposed there was no real harm in this.

    As Gigan and X's ship touched down onto the surface of the planet, the ship's door folded downwards and X stepped out and glanced around.

    "I'm afraid I can't quite see what it is you're looking for from this place, Gigan. From just this one spot alone, it seems to be filled with nothing but death and destruction. The two things I'm sure a beast like yourself revels in. But if what we're seeking is already dead than what good is this planet to us?"


    Having gotten the impression that Gigan's roar was meant to silence him, X simply watched as Gigan clashed his claws together and pointed towards what seemed to be some kind of castle off in the distance.


    "Oh. Not sure how exactly I missed that, but alright Gigan. We'll see if anyone still rules this rock and see if they can provide us with some entertainment-Hm?"

    X could have felt the ground rumbling but it wasn't from Gigan. It was coming from under the ground. Leaping back a fair distance from where he could see bits of the ground breaking out from under him, huge worm like creatures tore out of the ground and their seemed to be insect like aliens adorned in primitive armor wielding swords and shields riding them.

    But in truth while the worms they rode were humongous compared to X, they were nothing more than earthworms to someone of Gigan's size. Nevertheless the guards didn't seem too intimidated by the kaiju and drawing their swords, pointed them towards X.


    "Hold it there, ugly trespasser You and your beast have invaded the sanctity of the planet Arlia! As members of it's elite royal guard, we cannot simply let you roam around as you please! Now, surrender yourselves or we'll have no other choice to use force!"

    "Hehehe, I hope you wish to be taken by force! I love it when ugly prey like you wanders onto our planet!" One of the creatures, apparently known as an Arlian chuckled. But X didn't seem to really pay them much mind as he continued walking forward with his hands clasped behind his back.

    "Ah? Royal guards, so that castle isn't just for show then. Well, I'm hoping your king will be less of a nuisance than you two. Gigan?'

    The two guards didn't find X's mocking of them all that amusing. Turning their worm steads in his direction, one of them leaped off their worm and held their sword up as they sought to simply cut X in half-straight down the middle.

    "How dare you talk to us like that! You'll be dead long before you reach our king's abode!" The guard proclaimed and as he heard a resounding clang, his face lit up. But it quickly turned to fear as he saw that X had merely stopped the blade from reaching his head by reaching back and gripping onto the blade with just two fingers. Looking over his shoulder while still putting enough force into just those two fingers, X smirked at the guard who realized far too late that he was out of his league.

    "Do you think that just because I travel with such a large beast I'm incapable of defending myself? Sure, the need to dirty your own hands becomes somewhat trivial when you have something as powerful as Gigan at your side. But between you and me, I'm planning on starring a war. A very big one in fact! Do you think I'll just sit on the sidelines and let Gigan take all of the credit? Oh no. I'll be doing a fair share of violence myself."

    X explained as the pressure on the sword grew more and more tense until finally the sword's blade snapped in twain with one half flying across the field.


    "It's just a shame your people won't live long enough to see it unfold!" With that X swung his arm to the side and with his strength behind it, the blow was enough to decapitate the guard and send his head flying. The unfortunate draw-back was that now his black coat was stained with the yellow blood of these creatures.

    "Ugh. How revolting. I think I'll let you handle it from here on now, Gigan.." Now that meddlesome business had been dealt with, X swiftly turned on his heel and continued towards the castle. The guard waved his blade in X's general direction and shrieked at him.



    Gigan idly wondered what he had stepped on before continuing after X. He had heard mutterings of a royal guard and such. So this meant that the suspicions he had about the castle did indeed have some weight behind them! Where had that annoying buzzing come from however?

    The walk there really wasn't too note-worthy. X avoided any sword swings directed towards him and simply continued to walk towards the entrance of the castle. The guards tried their best to ward off Gigan. With energy blasts from their mouths and swinging their swords against his hard scaly skin. But the blasts did little more than irritate the creature and the swords didn't even penetrate Gigan's skin.


    "Stay strong, men! You are all full-blooded members of the Arlian Royal Guard! We will bring down this beast no matter how big or durable it may be! We will-"

    One guard in particular tried to motivate the others only for Gigan to crush him like a bug. This lead to what might have been an appropriate reaction. Throwing down their blades, the Arlians started to hold up their hands. Pleading with Gigan to spare them.

    But the truth was that behind the exterior of just being a big dumb lumbering monster, Gigan was a savage killer. Seeing these small creatures beg for their lives after they had just tried so hard to halt his stride forward was hilarious! Not to mention it got his blood pumping like nothing else would. Raising his foot, Gigan flashed the guards a grin before the foot came smashing downwards.


    Having found his way in by forcing the gate open, X shuddered at the ground quaking with every stomp Gigan took. Which X could only assume was him stomping every Arlian guard individually. Making his way down to what he could only assume to be the throne room, he'd see a scene unfolding as he made his way in with what seemed to be an adviser informing the king and queen of the ongoing situation.

    "The kingdom is in chaos, King Moai! This strange alien with a very hideous appearance came down in this yellow ball like space-ship and with him came this gigantic creature! I dare say he even towers over Yetti! He's been murdering members of the Guard left and right! Hence forth I think we should suggest a tactical retreat! Leaving the prisoners here for the creature to devour while you and the queen and whatever remains of the guard to flee to safety!"

    "The creature's name is Gigan for one! As for any sort of 'devouring' business, well Gigan isn't the type of monster who'd devour the innocent. No, he's much more content to simply murder anything that stands in his path if it'd amuse him or give him the slightest bit of a challenge. As for the remnants of your guard, can't say their's too many of them left."


    "Well, now I'd go as far as to say their's none left! But, informing you of your military's failure to stop my kaiju isn't why I'm here. Oh no, I've come here to ask a question. But, first I'd like to set the record straight on something." Before the King could formulate a response to X's presence within his throne room, the alien had moved quicker than his eyes could see and once he saw him, X now had his fist shoved through the chest and out the back of his adviser.


    "I think I've been very understanding about your race referring to me as ugly. But to call me hideous? I believe that's going a step further than what I'll allow. My apologies for informing you so late."

    Ripping his hand out, X quickly wiped his glove off and let the body crumple to the floor as he glanced at the King.

    "H-How dare you not only invade my planet, but you attack my citizens, storm into my throne room uninvited and murder my adviser! Just who are you and that beast supposed to be anyway?!"

    Removing his sunglasses, X folded them up and tucked them away within a pocket in his jacket. Mulling over just how he should go about answering the king's query, a devlish smirk crossed his features.

    "You may refer to me as X. It's not my true name but I'd be sitting here constantly correcting you on how to pronounce my real name so I'll just avoid that trouble altogether. I'm a member of the Xillian race. As I said before I murdered your-rather rude by the by-adviser, the creature's name is Gigan and we're here because Gigan sensed something on your wasteland of a planet. Perhaps it was something that could offer him a challenge. We've been going from planet to planet you see and murdering everyone on them. None of them have even been able to slow down Gigan let alone injure him in any serious manner. So far your 'royal guards' haven't really impressed. So, how about you your majesty? Would you be willing to face down Gigan?"


    The king seemed blown away by X's suggestion. Was this man insane!? Did he truly think that he stood a chance against that beast? Besides, he had taken over this planet through a bloody war! Why should he have to get off his throne and fight when he had loyal minions who'd do the job for him and without complaint? Snapping his fingers, six Arlians armed with swords and shields leaped up in different corners of the room and started towards X.

    "I'm afraid I'll have to decline your little offer! After all what is a king without his loyal subjects who'd throw down their lives for him? More so when one of these subjects is none other than the champion of my gladiatorial combat games! You seem to be the one guiding that 'Gigan.' Perhaps, if we kill you than I can take control of it for Arlia! We'll be able to conquer any world we wish! Take him my soldiers!"

    X didn't seem frightened by the show of force by the King. He had honestly expected such a move. But he was prepared for it. Dodging all the incoming strikes without ever giving a returning blow of his own, X merely continued to smile at the king.

    "That's where you're wrong, your majesty. I guide Gigan around but he still has his own free will. Capable of making his own independent decisions free of my doing. So, even if you were to kill me as far-fetched as that is. That'd do nothing to halt Gigan from murdering each and every single member of your entire race."

    Suddenly, the castle walls began to shake and soon bricks began to bounce out of place. Crashing to the ground and knowing what was coming next, X jumped off the arena floor and into the stands. Taking up a seat next to the King and Queen as the walls burst open and striding in was none other than Gigan. Who's feet had been been coated in the sticky yellow blood of the Royal Guard.


    The soldiers that the king had assembled to murder X were either crushed by the debris Gigan had kicked up by bursting through the wall like he had or were just unknowingly crushed under Gigan's feet. Just as the majority of the guard had been. This included the reigning champion of the king's games. Turning towards the king, X smiled and tapped him on the shoulder.

    "I believe Gigan's your new champion now."

    "Grrr, release Yetti damn it! Do it before that damn monster murders all of us!"

    As Gigan started on his way towards the king and queen's seating area, his attention was dragged away to the center of the arena as it began to open up and smoke hissed out as half-eaten corpses of smaller Arlians were flung out. Some of them having been reduced right down to the skeleton as two gigantic brown hands dug into either side of the ground and a creature of similar stature to Gigan pulled himself out of the ground and turned towards the other monster.

    Yetti was an Arlian just like the King and the Royal Guards. The only differences were that he'd been born with a heavy mutation resulting his abnormal size. Being close to but not quite the same size as Gigan. But he was also kept in the basement of the king's castle and fed on any Arlians who weren't outright killed in the King's gladiator games.

    So, it was with great reluctance that the King released Yetti but none of his guards, not even his champion had been able to put a single scratch on Gigan. It seemed that the fate of Arlia resided with Yetti. Gigan was absolutely thrilled to see the giant mute cannibalistic Arlian freed from his cell. He was the energy that Gigan had sensed while back on the previous planet! He only hoped that coming all this way hadn't just been a waste of Gigan's time. As Gigan raised his right claw to strike at Yetti, the Arlian fired out energy beams from his eyes. The beams slammed straight into Gigan's chest, causing the creature to screech out in a mix of surprise and pain as he was pushed back.

    The king was emboldened by the resistance, minor as it may have been that Yetti had shown against Gigan. Turning towards X, the king scoffed.

    "Your beast may have been able to triumph over my royal guard and my champion, but against Yetti is where he'll meet his end!"

    X said nothing in response and merely continued to watch the fight.

    As the two goliaths continued to the throw their weight around, it seemed that Yetti was slowly starting to gain the upperhand on Gigan, with blow after blow sending Gigan sliding further and further back until his back was literally against the wall. Rising from his throne, the king bellowed out to Yetti. "Finish him off, Yetti! You'll feed on his corpse!"

    "Hehehehe.." X chuckled which earned him a dark glare from the King. "Has seeing your beast get pulverized driven you mad, X? Soon Gigan will be dead and you will soon follow him down Yetti's maw!"

    "No. I'm afraid neither Gigan or I will be going down that abomination's mouth. Has the thought ever occured to you that Gigan might simply be biding his time? Allowing your cannibal to to beat away at him until he got into a more favorable position? Take another look at the battle, your majesty."

    As the king turned to do so, he'd nearly fall off his throne as he saw Yetti slam his fist into Gigan's chest. Which given that a buzzsaw laid within the beast's chest might not have been the smartest idea as blood began to run down Yetti's hand. But it got Yetti close enough for what Gigan had planned as the sinister grin from before reappered and Gigan raised his other claw and swung downwards. He'd been going for Yetti's whole hand but a finger served well enough.


    Yetti let out a horrendous shriek as he backed up from Gigan and clutched at where his finger had once been. Raising his claw to his mouth, Gigan happily licked the blood off it and his visor began to glow bright red and the throne room began to shudder once more as Gigan let out a massive blast of concentrated energy from his visor and watched as it engulfed Yetti and continued to soar forward. Blasting a hole into the other wall of the throne room and beyond.

    But what remained of Yetti you might ask? Why nothing more than a charred corpse which Gigan stepped on without any show of remorse. Yetti had been tougher than any opponent Gigan had faced up to this point on his planet-murdering spree. But he still wasn't the opponent. With a stomp Gigan turned towards the king and queen's platform and started towards it with Yetti's blood still dripping from his claw and the grin still plastered proudly on his face.

    Pleased with what he had seen, X would have normally set out to join Gigan as he murdered the rest of this planet's populace. But the king had seen which way the tide was turning and saw no other option. Leaping towards X, the king put the Xillian in a headlock and began charging up an energy blast with the intent of blasting X's head off if Gigan came any closer.


    "Call off your beast, X! I'll let you walk out of here with your life if you just take him and leave my planet! Never to show your face ever again!" The king ordered and X couldn't find it in himself to do anything other than laugh. "What's so funny to you!?"

    "You of course! Do you honestly think Gigan would think twice about murdering you even if I was in the crosshairs? I may have been the one to bring Gigan back from death but monsters such as him are not known for their loyalties. To him I'm just a helpful being who's far smaller and weaker than him and who's led him to planets whose inhabitants he could take great joy in slaughtering by the billions." In actuality, X was genuinely worried that Gigan might murder him if he didn't escape from the King. Whether it was intentional or not, X didn't have any desire to find out.

    Gripping onto the arm the King had around his neck, X pulled and pulled until finally he ripped the arm free of it's socket and flung it to the ground. Allowing him just enough time to leap from the platform as Gigan fired another blast of energy from his visor. Destroying both the king and queen of Arlia in one fell swoop. Touching down on the ground, X brushed himself off and muttered under his breath about how that'd been too much of a close call. If the king had been stronger, X might have been scared for the first time in his life. But now it seemed all that was left was to simply erase whatever Arlians were left on this planet.

    As X and Gigan headed towards the 'exit' Gigan had made earlier by bursting through the wall, they'd stop as they could see a horde of Arlians making their way up from the basement of the castle.


    "Please do not go, our saviors! You finally freed us from the iron fisted tyranny of King Moai! He conquered Arlia in a blood and vicious war! Now, that you've destroyed his royal guard and him along with it, Arlia can began to rebuild. But allow us to thank you in the very least-"




    As Gigan brutally massacred the Arlians that the King had been keeping prisoner throughout the duration of his reign, X slipped out his sunglasses and placed them back on as he hopped out the exit. He did suppose that there might have been some joy to being called a savior and all that heroic jazz. But being a hero was highly overrated.

    From that point on, Gigan went about finding any pockets of resistance where he could on Arlia and stomping them out with little to zero effort on his part. But no matter where he went on the planet, the only Arlian that had been able to pose any kind of challenge to him had been Yetti and even then Gigan disposed of him after allowing the other simpler creature to believe he had the edge.

    Once X was certain Arlia had been picked clean, Gigan let out a shriek that X could only interpret as being frustrated. Not that he could blame the kaijuu. He had set out to this planet with the intention of finding a worthy opponent and he had found an opponent who forced him to exert a little more energy than usual. But, otherwise nothing out of the ordinary. Clashing his claws together, Gigan glanced up at the skies above and let out one menacing roar.



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  2. [​IMG]

    Space. A frontier without boundaries, save those the races between the black imposed upon it, in their attempt to understand that which defied understanding. When put against this vast, black tapestry of stars, what was one planets worries? One world perished and dead among the million-million-million-million worlds that existed out there? In the end, even monsters like Gigan were so very small and in all likelihood, it would merely be another story among many that existed in the wider galaxy.

    A shadow of fear crossed the cosmos and in its passage, stars died as it flew ever onward.

    Destroyer of Worlds. Devouring life in its wake, living only for death. A Golden Herald who despite the vast universe had repeated its actions enough for fear to precede its coming. Even this far out, it could smell battle like an euphoric feeling of ecstasy. Not since being repelled from Earth had it felt such a thing and while it had scores to settle with that insignificant world?

    It felt it could spare some time for this.


    A sonic boom echoed across the skies of the ruined world, the earth crumbling in the wake of the aftershock as the Destroyer approached the city where Gigan had been rampaging, landing with a great shaking of the earth as the glint of firelight upon its scales announced the coming of the King.

    King Gidorah had arrived and while in the past, it had even fought alongside Gigan against their mutual enemy? It would brook no rivals here.

    There could only be one.


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  3. [​IMG]

    Just as Gigan had given up hope on finding a suitable opponent, he'd been about to leave the planet with X and possibly destroy it from orbit. But he had heard that roar before. Back when he was still under the control of a bounty hunter known as Space Nebula M. Or was it as a Gigan in a different life? He couldn't really be sure. But he was certain that he had fought on the same side as this creature before. Now? There would be no alliances made between them. No mutual enemy for them to gang up on upon. This was a matter to be settled between the two of them and the two of them alone.

    Watching the sparks fly as he clashed his claws together once more, Gigan spared a brief glance down at X. The Xillian didn't need any further prodding. He knew a powerful creature when he saw one and while Gigan hadn't alerted him out of concern but more pragmatism. He'd only get in the way here and that'd be negative for both of them as it'd result in Gigan possibly losing the battle and X losing his life. Breaking out into a sprint, X leaped from building to building, hoping to find one that was still in decent condition. Would be nice to have a perfect vantage point when he saw these two titans throw down.

    Eventually finding a small-ish building, X stood atop it and watched the battle with bated breath. Perhaps if Gigan won, this creature could be taken over by the Xillians and used as another 'soldier' in their growing Kaiju army which Gigan would lead. At least until Monster X was ready.

    So focused on the upcoming bout however, X failed to notice the shifting pile of debris behind him. Peeking out from under some rocks were two Arlian eyes.


    This Arlian like many of his race had been unable to do more than attempt to flee in terror as Gigan destroyed the city and X murdered anybody who didn't die in Gigan's initial atack. King Moai and the Queen had been slew by Gigan as well as the Royal Guard. Meaning that the Arlians were practically defenseless agasint the kaiju and alien's assault. Gripping onto what qualified as a kitchen knife on this planet, the Arlian rose from the rubble pile and staggered towards X. Waiting until he had gotten close enough, the Arlian lashed out with the knife and although he did manage in knocking X's sunglasses off, he failed to do more than leave a bloody gash on his cheek.

    Gripping onto the Arlian's wrist, X frowned at the fellow alien as he began to bend his wrist backwards and leaned in.

    "Now, attacking a man from behind isn't very honorable is it?"

    "I-agh!-Don't think-gah!-bringing a giant monster-damn it!-to fight your battles is honorable either!!"

    "..Fair point I suppose." Releasing the creature's wrist, X instead swooped it up into a headlock as he dragged it over to watch the battle about to break out between Gigan and Ghidorah.

    "I'm sure somewhere along the line, Gigan and I destroyed your family. Most likely murdered everyone you ever considered a friend. But instead of trying to and failing to kill me, why not sit, relax, and watch the rotting husk of your planet be torn asunder?!"


    Unaware of the threat on X's life, Gigan spread his feet apart and let out a roar in Ghidorah's direction. To signify that Gigan realized that neither side would hold back even if they had been allies at some point. Weaknesses such as camaraderie didn't belong on a battlefield. Certainly not one between two giant monsters who made a habit out of making life terrible for anyone unfortunate enough to cross their path.

    The ground began to rumble once again as Gigan prepared to take flight. Flashing a mad grin Ghidorah's way, Gigan blasted forward leaving a gigantic trail of dirt in his wake. With his claws held in an x-position across his chest in case Ghidorah let loose an attack of his own. Gigan's own intentions were to get close enough to the space dragon and let loose a blast of concentrated energy from his visor.

    To take down Ghidorah the same way as he had done with Yetti. Or at the very least see if Ghidorah really lived up to the distant memories Gigan may have had of him.

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  4. Gidorah responded in kind, three maws opening to unleash a synchronized roar that shattered glass and eardrums as the Golden King inhaled, the middle head meeting Gigan's gaze head on before all three unleashed a barrage of energy as one.

    Three powerful blasts, all centered for one target as Gigan came to do whatever damage it could, waiting to time just right before spinning as it brought its tails to smash into Gigan in an attempt to repel him. A two-pronged move...Use the blasts to damage and blind, use the tails to forcibly divert the enemies path.

    And in the midst of the hellish flames, Gidorah rose to its full height as it unleashed another triple-roar from its throats, wings spread in a full intimidation display.


  5. The blast had been more than Gigan had been expecting. Keeping his claws held in front of him, the beams slammed into him. But while most people who were struck by Ghidorah's beams often cried out in agonizing pain, Gigan was different. As he struggled to prevent himself from being overwhelmed by the power of the beams, the same grin he had on when he slaughtered the inhabitants of Arlia. He was enjoying this. But as Ghidorah continued his assault, Gigan was finally sent hurtling back. Crashing into some of the buildings which had been spared from his wrath. Or he'd just been slacking in getting around to them.

    Either way huge clouds of dust were kicked up as buildings tumbled to the wayside and crashed to the ground. A sight that was not at all peculiar when creatures of Ghidorah and Gigan's caliber fought. Watching Gigan be struck down from where he'd been watching the bout, X stomped around and punched holes into walls. Almost as if he were having a temper tantrum at the fact that his monster had been knocked down by the other monster.


    In the midst of his rampage, X had released his hold on the Arlian who was trying to escape. Maybe he could find a spaceship and get off this doomed planet. Now that Gigan and X had destroyed whatever family he may have had left on Arlia.

    But X wasn't going to let his punching bag get away so easily. Sprinting over to the Arlian, X knocked him to the floor and mounted the insectoid alien's back as he gripped his wrist once more.

    "Tell me, my insect looking friend. Who do you think will win?"


    Knowing full well about X's strength given how he'd seen the Xillian slaughter Arlians left and right when they tried to flee from Gigan, the smartest thing to do at this moment may have been to vote for Gigan. But after seeing everything and everyone you care for destroyed so casually, you probably weren't thinking too rationally.

    "A curse on you and your monster! This new creature looks just as monstrous but I hope it kills both of you before it destroys Arlia!"

    "Huh. Not what I wanted to hear. But not exactly surprising. Oh well!" Pulling on the Arlian's wrist, X ripped it straight off the arm and hurled it behind him. "Have you changed your opinion?" The Xillian asked as he dismounted the Arlian who was too busy thrashing around in pain with blood squirting left and right to really worry about answering X's inane 'who would win' question.


    Glancing out onto the wasteland that was once the kingdom of Arlia, X folded his arms and tapped his forearm impaitnely as he waited for Gigan to rise up from the dust cloud.


    "Don't make me regret bringing you back to life, Gigan.."

    As the dust cloud continued to obscure Gigan from view, the kaiju struggled with his memories of an age long since past. Or a life that was not his own. But that of another Gigan in another timeline. He had felt this power before, seen this power before! But he couldn't place where exactly. As far as Gigan could remember, there was an image of what he believed to be himself, a creature similar to the one he was facing down and they were overlooking some kind of downed beast. Had they teamed up to fight this creature? Or was this creature dead when they had arrived? The memory seemed far too blurred for Gigan to make heads or tails out of it.


    But whatever the case may have been, the two were not partners here and Gigan would not belittle his opponent with such thoughts. Sitting up within the dust cloud, Gigan's visor could have been seen glowing as he turned his head towards Ghidorah and the grin returned to his face. Perhaps continuing to fight this three headed beast would jog his memories. Allow him to see through the eyes of this other Gigan.

    But a close attack hadn't worked. So it seemed something else was in order. To try and bring Ghidorah down to Gigan's playing field as it were. He had the perfect weapon just for that sort of thinking as well.

    Taking advantage of the dust cloud still masking him to some degree, he'd hold his claw towards Ghidorah before something tore out through the cloud and went straight for one of Ghidorah's wings. Seeking to tear straight through it and hook on so Gigan could swing the space dragon into the closest rock formation.



    @Saint Guillotine
  6. King Gidorah was not a name given idly. Besides the golden appearance, the monster carried himself as an absolute ruler. A judge, dispensing life and death according to its will, secure utterly in his power, fearing no equal.

    At least till Earth. Even the thought of that insignificant sphere inflamed the wrath of the King and the singular cretin that dared oppose him. Not only opposed, but also driven him off! Him! Destroyer of Worlds! The creature known as Godzilla would fall to his teeth and rage in time, but for now the memory would serve as a spur. A reason to continue on and to kill and kill and kill....

    Until the day he returned to Earth.

    Regardless, this still hurt.

    The grappling hooks of Gigan were a surprise, marring his great wing which, more than the wound itself caused King Gidorah to howl in outrage and great anger.

    The slam didn't help matters either.

    With a crash and a shaking of the earth, Gidorah was thrown and crumbled an array of buildings, a large cloud of rubble covering his person as he smashed his way to his feet. Jaws clamped down on the harpoon, ripping out it out as he roared in pain. But more than pain. Before, Gigan was merely a curiosity. Something to crush on his way to earth. But now? For daring to attack the King? To inflict such an ugly wound upon his great self? There was only one price.


    With a sonic boom, Gidorah took flight, a golden blur over Gigan in an attempt to tumble him over as he roared and blasted the city all around, creating great fires and large clouds of smoke beyond what had already been wrought.


    Gigan was exhilarated as he retracted his harpoon and licked the blood off it. He'd been able to spill the blood of so many. None of them had been able to oppose him, they'd all fallen by the wayside. But, what made it all worthwhile was the look of frozen terror plastered upon their faces. Their eyes wide in fear as they think of what to do with their last fleeting moment before he snuffed out their lives like a small lingering flame.

    This blood tasted different from all the others however. It seemed to signify the power of the being standing before him. A creature that had served on the same side as Gigan through multiple battles. It was unfortunate that the memories of these conflicts were still just as blurred as they had been before.

    Tilting his head from side to side, Gigan pointed a claw in Ghidorah's direction while running the other claw across his neck. He'd done a fine job of eradicating this planet's population. Ghidorah may not have been a native. But the second he stepped foot on this graveyard, he was going to join the pile of bodies.

    As Ghidorah flew towards him, Gigan held his claws together in an effort to try and brace for it.


    As Ghidorah burst past the cyborg, Gigan's feet dug up gigantic tracks of dirt as he stumbled back into a nearby building.

    The same building where a couple of refugees from Gigan's rampage had been hiding out. The ceiling began to thunder and bits and pieces of it crumbled to the ground. The Arlians had been scuttled into the corner and shivered in fear.

    "A..Are we going to die, Father?"

    "No..We will survive this. The king will protect us from this monster-"

    The father and his children along with the remaining survivors were instantly killed as Gigan crashed through the front wall of the building. Having already fallen down one times too many for his liking, Gigan smashed one of his feet into the ground as a huge dust cloud kicked up behind him. Killing those bugs had been refreshing even it had been unintentional on Gigan's part. He couldn't let some slip through the cracks, now could he?

    As the blasts began to rain down on the desolate surface of Arlia, Gigan couldn't help but feel his heart increasing at pace. Ghidorah wanted revenge for the pain Gigan had inflicted upon it. Blood for blood and Gigan was more than eager to recuperate the feeling. His visor began to glow again as he unleashed blast after blast to try and nip one of Ghidorah's wings to bring the King down off his throne.

    @Saint Guillotine
  8. King Gidorah snarled, banking to the side to avoid the blast as he unleashed devastation.

    Fires raged unchecked and what scant survivors that had survived the monster Gigan were now dealing with Gidorah's rampage.

    The king could not have cared less. Let the chattel burn for his work, his wings beating and fanning the flames of the city and the subsequent smoke as his cries echoed loudly all around. It was clear soon what Gidorah was doing. In burning the city and creating a greater conflagration, he had obscured even his great bulk from view. Smoke rose and choked out those who's city the great monsters chose as their battlefield. And now and then, there was a swirl of smoke, a sound of a crashing building that heralded the king.

    But far too late. He was using his great speed, somewhat checked by his wing wound but still great enough to rival mighty Rodan, another contemptible ally of the so-called "King of the Monsters."

    Like a shark circling a swimmer, his effect was felt. A flash of gold here, a growl there. Right before he finally attacked.

    From directly above, letting his great weight do the job as he aimed to drop directly on Gigan's back, seeking to pin him to the ground as all three heads lashed out to rip and tear at any exposed flesh thus if successful. Blood and bone, that was the rule here!

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