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  1. ~`Hikikomori Highschool - Tsumakinawa City`~
    ~`Populasion: 15,093`~

    Highschool Students -
    You are a Highschool student, either a Freashmen, Sophmore, Junior, or a Senior of the Hikikomori Highschool of Tsumakinawa City. Each class has it's own role and depeanding on which grade you are and what social group you choose may affect what happens in the future. The groups goes as fallows for each Grade:

    1:)Jocks/Sports Related Personel - These people will be the most known, more famous group of people. Going to parties and being the Kings of Socializasion.
    2:)Cheer-Squad/Puff-Puff Girls - These ladies are the social queens of the school. They love to cause trouble and drama with other groups around the campus. Be warned, being a Puff-puff means that you are going to be cruel to people for no reason, so if you are the kind of heart, dont chose this one.
    3:)Nerds/Mathmatisions - These people are geniuses, the future leaders of the nasion.
    4:)Nerds/Geeks - These indaviduals are called nerds, but they are far from it. They are more or less your Otaku's of the school. Anime nuts.
    5:)Social Higherarchy #1 - The Regulars - These people are normal people, the people who live life from day to day just waiting for tomarrow.
    6:) Social Higherarchy #2 - The Goths/Emos - The dark corner of the School that is moppy and depressed.

    Now note, that most of the Seniors are going to be groups 1 and 2, with some stragglers of 5 and 6. Every other Class can by what you wish, but please keep it equal.

    Rules for the Rp:

    ~!~ Important ~!~
    1:) No Godmod
    2:) No Murder/assult of other Characters unless verbal
    3:) No Guns
    4:) Keep it Realistic
    5:) Keep it Highschool related.
    6:) Take your time with each Post, it isn't a race
    7:) No race other than Human, Please.
    8:) Insain Characters, meaning Mentail problems are welcome.
    9:) Keep with the Japanese Culture of High Honor twards Superiors
    10:) Turn's for posting will start with the next person to post their Character.

    ~OC Outline~

    Age: (15-19)
    Group: (1-6; Only one)
    View on Life: (Be creative with this one.)
    Apperance: (Text Decripsion is welcome, but if you wish to use a picture, I wouldn't mind.)
    Dream Job:
    O.O.S.A(Out of School Activity):
    I.S.A(In School Activity):

    Depeanding on which Class you pic, you will either have to pick your friends, or I wll chose them for you based off of your Group#/View on Life.

    Enjoy you're stay at Hikikomori Highschool, Have a wonderful Day
    -Principal Takashi Hirano - Ph. D

  2. Do you know what, Forget this... I never liked Highschool so why do i want to Rp as a student? This Rp is dispanded unless other people wish to do it, then you have my permision to take it over.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.