The meaning of Iwaku



Iwaku is the place we come to to write, rave, share parts of ourselves or just goof off. But heres what it actually means

Iwaku, いわく

1 (v.) say 2. (n.) a reason; a pretext 3. (n.) a history

Iwaku, where we talk, discuss, share ideas. Iwaku, the reason many of us go onto the internet. Iwaku, a place with more history than most RP sites, one of the longest lasting and too-stubborn-to-go-defunct sites that is always renewing itself and will be for the foreseeable future.

Its always good to see a new perspective of something you're familiar with. What does Iwaku man to you?


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It mans many things. Even the women.

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An outlet for expression; a place for me to get the clusterfuck of ideas out of my head and turned into something experiencable by all.


It mans many things. Even the women.

That's one way of putting it.

To me the Iwaku is a congregation of writers seeking to express themselves through writing. With the occasional people here just to be in the General Board/Asylum.

By the by Iwaku mans the trenches.


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For me it means community legacy. :D Iwaku has gone through several years of passing hands as well as becoming a refuge place for other communities to make a home. We've formed connections that go back years and years, and with luck can continue for many more years to come.

That right there is the mark of something great. How the bonds last over time and changes!


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For me, Iwaku means somewhere I can always count on to relax and be social, without having to worry about anything. Where I can talk with all the little Iwaku people that I love so much, who liven up my day. ^^

And it means a lot to me. ^^