The Meaning Of Forever

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    :This is ONLY for OOC talk, this is NOT a sign-up, there will be a link to the signup:

    Welcome, please play with us.

    || Background ||

    For whatever reason you got a new cellphone. It was relatively normal, it was an Iphone with our name on it. Literally, your name was on the casing. It comes with this app you once saw in the appstore for 10 dollars but it was on your phone for free. It was called 'The Meaning Of Forever', a dating sim for both guys and girls regardless of sexual orientation. For whatever reason, maybe curiosity, interest, or you had always wanted to play, you opened it and everything went to black. You woke up with a girl in front of you that looked like the perfect little sister, whatever your idea of a little sister is and told you she was your cellphone. She gave you some basic information about the game and that you could call on her for help at any time.

    || Basics Of The Game ||
    • There will be goals in the game, mini quick ones from long ranging ones. They will ultimately help you develop a relationship with your chosen character
    • Every character is like a real person. They may not necessarily like you. In fact they may actually hate you. Your relationship will build and progress over time.
    • There are more people in the game than the originally intended one so now you're relationships might change based on another persons relationship with the character
    • When you fill up Relationship Points with a certain character and reach the ultimate relationship stage with them then you will get the option of taking them back into real life (where time hasn't gone on) or staying in the game with them
    • There are no routes, you may focus on one specific character but you don't get to choose a route to take so you'll interact more with that character.
    • The younger sister looking girl/your cellphone will give you updates on your relationship points and relationships with certain characters.
    • Also do not try to purposely impress and change yourself for each character because they are like real people. They will find out and they will dislike you for it.
    • Your avatar is what you look like inside. For example if you look like a chubby Mexican but inside you feel like a scene anorexic white girl then that's what your avatar will look like.
    || How The Role play Will Go ||
    • The role play will most likely start January 11th but dates may vary. But my estimated projection is that day, in the afternoon
    • The role play will be long term and fast paced, there will be time skips and the days will progress at a steady pace.
    • There are a few locations in the bustling Tokyo-like city you're in. Moonlit café, The Concert Hall, Love!Idol Stage, The Library, Various fast food places and restaurants, a movie theatre and basic things to flesh it out like a bank, a bowling alley, a Dave&Busters (look it up if you don't know) and a mall with different stores. To avoid copywrite the games creators just dropped the first letter of every major corporations. So Mc Donalds is C Donalds and Starbucks is Tarbucks etc and etc.
    • For all Game-Characters, your character has 100 relationship points to be filled up before someone can complete the game with you and it's up to you how many points a a person gets and when they get these points. But when a person gets points list how many out of a hundred they have at the bottom of your post.
    • I will be the time keeper so on my posts in big font you'll find what time it is, time will progress fast and unlike normal time. Just keep track of it because your character can't spend an entire day talking to one person
    • Your character can not teleport or anything crazy. He/She has to walk, take the bus or drive places. But Game-Characters can simply teleport from one location to another and aren't aware of it. They feel as if they walked, drove or took the bus there.
    • If your character finishes the game with a person just write a conclusion to what choice you made (staying in the game with that person or going to reality) and if you went to reality sum up what happened with that person (happily ever after, break up, divorce etc) and you may create another character to join the game. The game character will simply rejoin the game and continue on and loose memory of that person. If you chose staying in the game then just continue on with your relationship.

    || Rules Of The Roleplay ||
    • Take any and all smut to private messages or fade to black. IWAKU RULES APPLY as always.​
    • People under 18 can't roleplay smut with people over 18 period.​
    • Your cellphone will be played by me, try not to cling to it and talk to it too often​
    • Posting expectations is above five sentences​
    • Post at least once every three days but if you must be gone for longer just say something​
    • You may control up to two characters so choose wisely​
    • You can only have relationships with game-characters, not other real people in the game romantically wise but all of the real people in the game went to the same high school so you may know each other as friends or ex lovers.​

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  2. I am joinings~
  3. I might jump in. Looks interesting. :3
  4. Sounds interesting. I'll join~
  5. Just a quick question: If I were to make a member of Love!Idol, would she have to be Asian in some sort?

    I was assuming yes, but wanted to ask first.
  6. I think I might have to make another real character, just because we have a few game characters.
  7. @Kitsune No, doesn't have to be Asian- just cute.
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  8. Yay I'm in! now to wait for the IC.
  9. I think I'll make another character. Since there hasn't been any such case, yet, I want to make a female character that enters the game with a male avatar. c:
  10. Cool~ I am making another girl, but a human since we have a lot of in game characters
  11. I'm not complaining but previously we were actually perfectly even. Now we have 4 game characters to 6 real characters. I'm sure it'll even out eventually though.
  12. Sorry ^^" just had an itching character Idea that would have been perfect, and also thought we where uneven
  13. It's all fine :3 Eventually more people will join and we'll even out. I thought my new banner was very attractive anyways.
  14. Cool~ I'll look out for it. But I had a character similar to Geo in another rp, and it died so quickly I never got to explore everything and I thought it was time I bring her out of the box.
  15. To everyone: I've moved the start date back by two days, it might fluctuate a bit but I realized I'd realized what day the eleventh was on and I can't post the starter that day, plus it'll give people more time to finiship up any W.I.P's or join during the weekend when its less hectic.​
  16. We need one more In Game character >.< I made one! but need one more person
  17. We need more males, that's what.
  18. That tends to end up being a problem
  19. Yeah.
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  20. @Jazz the spot is all yours just make sure you put the CS on the post you just put on the Sign-Up thread.
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