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  1. Name: Isaac Cee
    Nickname: Icee
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Species: Human
    1. Parkour
    2. Stamina
    3. Boxing
    4. Fast

    Specialty: He is a pro photographer, And a very good musician

    Personality: Friendly, Nervous, Reckless, Down to earth, Sometimes very monotone


    Isaac woke up that morning moaning and groaning like he always did, tossing in turning in the bed until he fell onto the floor in a pile of blankets and pillows, groaning he dragged himself to the bathroom to preform his male duties! Brushing his teeth, shower, hair, Always have to smell good is what he told himself. He walked out of the bathroom to be tackled at the legs by his full bred german rottweiler and his German sheperd, he groaned as they went to lick him " NO! NONONO! " He shouted as they licked at him, putting his arms up to block the incoming love. He had, had the dogs for a long time now since he was young and they were pups he loved them like family. Pushing his way back into the bathroom and cleaning up once more he made his rounds around the house, fed and walked the dogs and ate breakfast. But it was so early at the time he got up he didn't realize he had time to still sleep, he walked downstairs into the basement and grabbed his guitar and began strumming it and humming a few tones as he played the chords in succession his alarm went off and he sighed. grabbing his bag he rushed up the stairs and out the door tripping over his dogs leash and spinning around as few times before he got his footing again, He ran into the open bus door and laid there on the floor looking up at the bus driver who shook her head laughing and pointed to the back telling him to take a seat. He nodded and walked towards the back of the bus were he always sat and closed his eyes sighing.
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    Name: Adrian Harrison
    Nickname: None
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Species: Human
    Height: 175cm
    Skills: Archery, singing, instrument playing and cooking

    Specialty: Adrian's biggest talent is her singing and song composing, and she has never missed bulls-eye in her archery.

    Personality: Reluctant, a bit moody, suspicious and only trusts people after longer friendships. When around friends she's less annoyed and more of a happy character, but she still rarely smiles for real.

    Adrian was always a person to get up early in the morning. She didn't have anyone at home to associate with, though. She was always alone in her rather spacious home, and because of that she didn't have anyone to take care of and thus almost never is late for her bus. She started her daily morning routine. First, she took a shower. Then, she chose her clothes for the day and styled her hair. She didn't wear any makeup and only a sparesome amount of jewelry. She made sure her bag was packed for school before she got her breakfast. It was a cup of coffee and a toast. She ended up drinking the coffee and throwing half of the toast out. She had never been a person who enjoyed eating in the morning. She did rounds in the house to make sure that everything was cleaned up and nice for when her mother -possibly- got home later in the evening. She checked the fridge and made a grocery list that she put in her wallet. She put the wallet with the rest of her things into her school bag. When she had once again taken a round in the house to make sure that she really hadn't overlooked anything. When she finally looked at her watch, it was just about her time for leaving. She brought her violin to school today, seeing as she was in need of the violin part of the song she was creating. SHe recorded it and mixed it all together on computer. She reached the bus stop just as the yellow vehicle showed up, and she walked inside. She got on the bus before Isaac, and she rolled her eyes as he got in. She of course didn't have any reason to but she found him a bit annoying, honestly. But she didn't say anything and kept sitting in her seat, staring out of the window. Her tall, lean frame looked graceful as the sunlight poured over her. It especially brought out the shape of her neck and collarbones, and her slightly accented cheekbones. It also brought out the complete cleanlieness of her face. It was spotless, pale and almost glowered in the sunlight.
  3. As he was walking along to his seat he saw Adrian, the rumored girl who can sing heavenly, yet on the rare occasion is heard. He always wondered if it was true, he noticed his she went to ignore him like the rest of people in school. Yeah i cut deep but he shoved it to the side saying, " Morning sunshine " As he took his seat about 2 behind her. He leaned back in his seat and sighed looking out the window, was he ever going to have actual friends? Probably not, even the secluded people dont like him, maybe its his happy attitude towards everything. 'I thought everyone like happy people' he said to himself, 'guess not'. Running a hand through his dark brown hair and looking to his phone were there was a notepad section were he kept new chords and some lyrics, he hummed them to himself but low so he wouldn't annoy anyone who arrived or already was on the bus.
  4. Adrian was sitting with her eyes turned on a note sheet in her hand. She was rewriting the violin part of the song that she was making. She had to make it absolutely perfect before she played it and tried to sing it with her vocals. She didn't reply to Isaac, rather kept staring down into her note sheets. She had two bags at her side. A shoulder bag with her laptop and books, and the case for her violin. She hated everyone just as much as they hated her. They didn't want to be her friends. Just like everyone else throughout her life, they would use her and make fun of her. She put down her note pad and took out a pair of really cool headphones with blue light in them that matched her eyes. As she pulled them on, she was wrapped in a blanket of music and her eyes dared to close. Though, after half of a minute, they cracked open again, and her blue eyes seemed to glow when the sun shined on them. She was an absolute beauty, and a singing talent, but she avoided people for the most time because she didn't like them judging her for her expressionless self.
  5. He stood and began walking before the bus came to a full stop at the school, and walked out silently the sun hitting his brownish hair and shinning. He walked forward into the school immediately heading towards his locker which was probably the furthest away from the entrance, it was so much work for him to do such a thing in the morning but he did it every morning. His shoulder was rammed into by one of the football players who said " Watch out before i hit you " Isaac smiled at him " Riiiight hit me " he said walking away again, isaac new he could possibly win but it was not worth it and it could mess up his academics and boxing rep.
  6. Adrian stepped out behind him, figuring to her annoyance that her locker was exactly across his. She didn't look at him as she cut through the crowd, people looking after her and girls staring at her admiringly as she walked gracefully down the halls and opened her locker. It was filled with books, music sheets, papers pens and then a spare jacket. Nothing else was in there. It wasn't a very personal locker. She put in her books and left only her laptop, seeing as she only had to work with that at her first class. She strode off towards the music room, and when she got in, people greeted her and she greeted them, but that was it. After that, she just sat down, plugged in her charger and headphones, and thus went on with her daily routine; working on a song.
  7. Lucky for him he got to follow miss adrian around basically all day. He walked into the same class and moved to his usual weirdo seat in the corner. He took out his notebook and continued writing down music. He could occasionally be caught looking at adrian, then back to his notebook. He normally listened to the teacher but today he was zoning out.
  8. Adrian had gotten a special assignment and therefore, she wasn't listening to the teacher because she wasn't having the same thing as the others. She knew that Isaac was looking at her every now and then, but she didn't say a thing about it, maybe he had some kind of business with her or something. Either way she didn't care much. When everyone was instructed to rehearse, Adrian began playing the violin to test if the song sounded alright.
  9. He stood up when instructed to rehearse and walked over to the acoustic guitar that always remained in the corner and picked it up, he sighed as he strummed it. He sat down on a seat strumming out a few chords and ear tuning it like he usually did, He was pretty good at it now. But even when he was playing guitar he'd look at Adrian, Something just drawing him into her she seemed to radiate lights and talent and heat....thats weird why are my palms sweaty?, he spoke to himself
  10. Adrian was so engrossed in her work that it took her a while to notice Isaac. She looked up at him and their eyes met, her sparkling, blue eyes meeting his in a long moment of silence. It was so strange, the feeling she got when their eyes met. When it got too awkward, she dared to look down at her computer again, focusing on it. She was a very talented student, but also very asocial. It was hard for her to interact with others, she felt like she was going to fall apart if she had to talk to other people. She didn't want to, but her eyes drifted up again and she looked at Isaac. Her eyes looked cold but actually, she was just nervous. She was nervous about talking to other people.
  11. They made eye contact, her beautiful blue eyes staring into mine, it was amazing. This feeling was new to Isaac and he had no clue to react but he did anyways, just without thinking. He stood up, and set the guitar down and walked over towards Adrian. But when she looked up again he looked away and acted like he was walking the other way, ' Get over yourself Isaac and get in there! ' Isaac shouted at himself in his head and took a deep breath in and walked over to Adrian standing in front of her " mean hi..." He rubbed the back of his neck nervously " i heard you can sing and all...and...maybe you could show me...heh " he smiled as cutely as he could, his black hair over his left eye just slightly but his hazel eyes gleaming through it. He was actually very nervous and had never asked a sing? before this may be the next step to an He questioned himself in his mind.
  12. Adrian tried not to look at him, even if she knew that he was approaching. She bit her lip as she put away her computer, taking out her book with a sigh. She didn't want things to get so compromised between them, and when he began talking to her, she didn't know what to do. She had never talked to a guy before in her life, and she didn't know what to do. She wanted to be like any other girl and find something smart to say, but she had more or less nothing like that to go by. "Well... hi.." She muttered as she looked down, her eyes being covered by her bangs as she looked away. "I... I don't sing to others by principle... sorry." She said as she looked far away. She bit her lip as she looked back into her book, turning herself away from him. She didn't want something like that to start. She didn't want a relationship with this guy. She didn't know what the hell she wanted with this guy. She didn't want them to have a compromised relationship.
  13. He was not surprised when she denied him, he went to turn away and walk away but something stopped him from moving, He turned around and walked back over to her putting his hands on her desk and leaning in closer " Listen, i know you can sing, ive heard about it and i want to hear if you please....just work with me on this " He said eyeing her down " I don't think anyone with such grace and beauty should be embarrassed or hide her talent from others " he leaned back taking in a deep breathe and sighing running a hand through his hair " Sorry... "
  14. Adrian averted her gaze from him as she tried not to make herself embarrassed. She felt so bad thinking about how she was embarrassing herself in front of this guy by telling him that no. "Listen... it's just a matter of principle..." She looked up at him. "And I know you want to be nice and all, but I also know for a fact that I'm nothing special or talented like that, so don't flatter me so easily. I don't get why you're so set on hearing my voice, to be honest. I'm the least interesting person in the world." She said as she moved away from him, her gaze averted to the ground the entire time as she spoke.
  15. He followed her like a bug, he was becoming persistent " You think your not interesting? everyday i watch what you do " he stopped talking as he found that weird " Due to the fact that we have the same classes, and every time we are in music class you play violin or show of some talent, so dont think you are not interesting because you are..." He looked at her back basically " and if you dont want to sing to me, its probably because im that weird kid in school, not because of some principle " he then looked to the floor himself " I just find you very attractive and share a common interest...i dont know why im so work with..." He shook his head " I'm the most least interesting person in the world " He said turning away from her and walking ' YOU BLEW IT! YOU BLEW IT YOU IDIOT! ' He shouted to himself in his head.
  16. Adrian looked at him for a little while, but then looked down again with a blush on her face. She couldn't take it anymore. It was just too much for her. He watched her every day. It was the most embarrassing thing she had ever heard in her life. He was telling her the most embarrassing things she had ever imagined someone would say to her. "I don't want to sing to you because you make me feel nervous... and I don't want to show that I'm nervous so I say no to everyone so nothing embarrassing will happen..." When he was about to run away, she couldn't handle it. She grabbed him by the wrist and dragged him out of the classroom, surprising the class. She took him to Ann abandoned classroom as she stood turned away from him, looking out of the window at the school yard. "Look. I don't like to associate with people. I end up getting nervous and even panicked when I have to stand in front of others and show myself off, for example by singing. It makes me want to cry and hide under whatever I can find. My breathing practically stops and I am sent off to the hospital with a panic attack." She looked over at him, her eyes sad and pained. "That's why I don't perform to other people. So yes, it is a matter of principle in my case. If I don't get to sit all alone and deal with it, I'm going to suffocate."
  17. He was shocked she grabbed him and pulled him from the class he honestly thought she was going to pummel him with fists until he left her alone but then she began to open up a bit, she was dealing with stage fright and shyness, he used to deal with that himself, and the look she gave him made him remember the hardship of being so nervous and shy. He walked closer and took her by the hand looking at her directly " if you work with me.....i can guarantee that i can help you out of that shell of yours..." He felt bad for pushing her to this point but maybe he could help her. " you are gorgeous and if you became more social i bet you could be one of those popular kids...maybe someone would even take you on a are a very interesting person..and...i myself would just like to see more of you...the real you on the inside.." he moved some of his own hair out of his face before letting her hand go looking at the floor blushing a bit
  18. Adrian looked down at her hands with a heavy expression lingering on her features. She didn't know how to deal with it. It wasn't even just a fright, it was a phobia. A strange phobia that took away her breath whenever she was in front of others. She got scared and felt like someone was suffocating her somehow. And then she was sent off to the hospital. Always the hospital, like a scared little child who wanted their mom. But she didn't want her mother. She just wanted to be normal. "Listen, you don't get it. I get panic attacks. I'm sick. I can't even stand in front of others without being nervous. When I got on a stage the first time, I got breathing problems and fainted. I was hospitalized for three days for all of the damage I had been caused. I had gotten sick, just from standing on a stage for five minutes. I feel like I'm insane." She said, looking at him with a sad expression as she tried to make sense of what he was saying. "What are you talking about... there's no guy or girl on this planet who'd want to date a freak like me... I feel like an idiot... I don't want to be with someone because no one will love me for real... I'm a total introvert freak and no one would want to date an angry person like me... the real me is nothing you'd like to see..."
  19. " But you're talking to me right're standing in front of me right now, and expressing and explaining your haven't passed out on me yet, are you nervous..around me? " he said looking at her awkwardly, he looked at the window when she began saying how no one would date her just because the way she is, it made him shake his head and chuckle. He looked right at her a smirk on his face, he poked her shoulder playfully and then pointed to himself " I would date someone like you, you seem very interesting, aaannd TALENTED! " he said rubbing the back of his neck " I know you have this sickness, or maybe its just in your head...but i feel like i can help you...just give me a chance, if it doesn't work you can leave me high and dry and be on your merry way. "
  20. "I can only talk to you now because you're just one person alone, and that's the only reason why. I couldn't talk to you inside the class with the students around without breaking down, so I dragged you here. I'm sorry for making that misunderstood, you'll probably get in trouble." Adrian looked down and bit her lip quite roughly before she looked back up at him anxiously. When he poked her shoulder, she flinched and moved back from him, and upon saying he'd date her, her face became bright red as she looked at him with a surprised face. "You... you would date me...? Really...?" She asked with a deep blush on her face, looking away when she realized what she was saying. "S-sorry... nevermind that..." She blushed as she looked away. She looked down and tried not to feel anything.
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