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  1. I have a craving for a roleplay in which I could use a character who I've recently created and been working on. He's transmale and a model and I'd only be willing to pair him off with another guy (cis or trans) or a nonbinary character.

    The basic idea of the RP is that my character (Dmitri) was either friends or even just acquaintances with your character during their childhood years whether there is a (small) age gap or not (your character being the older one and no more than five or six years). During elementary school, Dmitri was shy and awkward and was like this into the first couple years of high school, the 'girl' to be wearing oversized hoodies and hiding in the corners. However, during 'her' senior year she seemed to gain confidence and began dressing more 'provocatively'. However, after school 'she' seemed to drop off the face of the earth. The truth of the matter was that seventeen year old Deidre was trading 'her' female identity for that of Dmitri Frey, who is now an up and coming male model, openly trans.
    They meet, somehow, either on a job or just in the street or even at a class reunion if that pleases you; we can work out the details.
    How your character initially reacts to this is up to you (obviously depending whether they're cis or not, and what their general opinion on the subject are), but I do want to steer the overall plot in the direction of romance and I'm not adverse to it becoming Libertine necessarily, though that's entirely up to you and how comfortable you are with it (also your age).

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    Dmitri Frey
    Name at Birth
    Deidre Floyorov

    Male || FtM
    August 19th
    Not too tall but not too short, Dmitri comes in at around 5'9" with a decidedly slim frame from shoulder to waist to hip. Long arms are covered with tattoo sleeves, that end on the back of his knuckles -- delicate spiderwebs and flowers, leaves and dice and cards and song lyrics twined into it all, all in fine black line work that shows up well against his pale skin. His hair is naturally white blond and long-ish, but somehow managed to half defy gravity and go in all directions. His eyes are washed out blue grey and otherwise not all that spectacular. His features are somewhat soft, too, with a well-shaped mouth and slightly rounded nose. He has a nose ring and gauges in his ears. He tends towards a style that indicates a lack of care, with demin and leather, ripped jeans and arm warmers, fingerless gloves and scarves, 'ugly' patterned shirts and long jackets. Basically, anything he likes that he can find in a thrift shop or the bargain bin despite some of the paycheques he gets and clothing he is allowed to keep.
    Playful and flirtatious, out there and in the crowd this is a person with a laugh on his lips, a love of life that he wears openly. He might sometimes look moody but that definitely isn’t the case – at least, outwardly. He has some childlike curiousity in him and enjoys asking questions of people but it’s usually framed in an adult way. He honestly wants to know more about people. Even if, unfortunately, he doesn’t want to share everything about himself with you. He would share the world with someone he figured deserved it and has no reservations about giving things to people who he knows need them.
    Born in a body that he felt wasn’t his, he grew up trying to hide it, feeling like it was so many other things – his weight, his hair, his face. Nothing was quite right and he didn’t want people to look at him. Or at that point, her. The strange girl in the back of the room who put up with the Communism jokes because she admitted that her father was Russian. This followed ‘Deidre’ to high school, her first, second and then third years passing uncomfortably. She turned to the internet, first finding information about how to be prettier, make people like you. And she followed it because it was what she had. Newer, nicer clothes that showed off her body. How to flirt became flirting with boys in the hallways because that was just what popular girls did. And it worked. But somehow there was something more wrong then before. There was only a month left of her senior year when she returned to hoodies and baggy jeans, shrugging off all of the words. Transgender. People who weren’t what they were assigned at birth. Could it be? It seemed likely, and it clicked. It fit perfectly.
    Over the next few years after graduating, with a thankfully very well off mother and monthly cheques from a father he never really talked to, he transitioned, first socially for a year while his therapist hummed and ha’d over the letter – dropping she for he and changing his name to Dmitri while picking up his mother`s last name – and then physically with testosterone injections and then a year later, top surgery. This left him in the early days of being twenty one, male and seen that way by most. Which gave him the confidence to show off his body the way he had been wanting to… including in a notable advertisement for a certain brand of jeans. Its all been uphill from there in his opinion.
    Speaks French and limited Russian

  3. Still looking for a partner~
  4. I'm open to it, first time taking part in this kinda roleplay but it looks cool!
  5. Awesome; if you shoot me a PM we could work out details if you want? :3
  6. This. Is amazing. So your character is a trans man? This is really cool.
  7. Yeah, thanks~
  8. Would you want to do this with me?
  9. I wouldn't mind doing it with you, too. Send me a PM?
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