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    The television screen flickered to life, showing a group of smiling men in odd looking robes and pointed hats. ‘It’s been nearly 20 years since they reintroduced themselves into our world, only doing so after the fall of a very powerful man - one so terrible that we cannot call him by his name.’

    The hissing of a cauldron bubbling over broke through the crackling, typically American voice on the TV. One of the figures in the living room was bottling the steaming contents into thin, spherical glass vials. ‘In order to prevent the repetition of history, the MACUSA and our Government has banded together to make the Magical Co-operation Law Enforcement programme.’ A derisive snort overrode the cheery jingle on the advertisement - someone stood up from the tattered couch as the letters MCLE floated onto the screen. The film cut to a sparkling office, wizards and No-Maj working together seamlessly. Every one of them was smiling.

    ‘Criminal activity is rapidly decreasing thanks to the co-operation of our hard-working fellow Americans-’ There was a crash and a muttered curse; one of the bottles hit the ground and the contents melted clean through the floorboards.

    “You ready?” asked a man’s voice - a woman grunted in affirmation.

    ‘-ou think you got what it takes to join the elite?’

    The door clicked shut, there were footsteps out on the street. Suddenly, several cracking booms echoed across the road - voices were yelling.

    ‘To be able to watch over and protect the citizens of this new America?’

    Blood and shattered glass littered the sidewalk. A few gunshots echoed out before”AVADA KEDAVRA-” another body hit the floor with a dull thump, the clatter of his revolver barely perceptible over the cacophony.
    ‘The MCLE is always looking for capable young men and women to join their ranks. Keep our cities safe, ladies and gentlemen.’



    [BCOLOR=transparent]“He goes from coffee and case files to bloodstained crowbars and muffled yells from the trunk of a car in two seconds flat.”[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Brooks has been in charge of the Downtown Central Police Station for almost a decade now, after slogging through rank after corrupted rank of detective work, bribery and blackmail. He approached magic like he approached recent technology - with great reluctance and a whole lot of complaining. A traditional man with simple values, Brooks’ approach to crime became more and more ruthless with every coworker shot. At his prime, he dominated the war on drugs and gangs through a delicate balance of intense planning and superfluous violence.

    The introduction of magic threw Brooks off balance; when his iron grip on the streets started to faulter under the sudden influx of spellcasting drug dealers, it was Abigail who stopped him from plummeting back down the ranks. He may not be an expert, but he's a natural leader. Nowadays he controls the local police force as their Captain, and recently gained authority over the MCLE division in his station.



    [BCOLOR=transparent]“It’s been over a decade now, and some of us STILL don’t know which side she’s on.”[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Unironically labelled “Brooksy’s Shadow”, Abigail’s adherence to the law leaves much to be desired. Sure, she might see legality as a suggestion instead of an obligation, but her NEWT grades don’t lie - the kid’s aptitude in magic alone should’ve secured her a spot in the MACUSA the moment she graduated. For reasons that she claims are classist prejudice and have nothing to do with Brooks in the slightest, Abigail went into the downtown police station and took a No-Maj job as a secretary.

    She wasn’t fooling anyone, though. A volatile cocktail of kleptomania, attachment issues and hyperactivity made her into a very proficient thief - she took a ‘hands-on’ approach to law enforcement by bending some of the rules and ‘happening’ upon important evidence to solve particularly difficult cases. Rank-wise Abigail was a nobody, which made it all the more easier for her to fight crime with crime itself. Soon she became an invaluable asset to the team, especially as No-Maj police were introduced to the darker side of the wizarding world and the MACUSA. It was no surprise that Abigail was suddenly promoted to Chief of Magical Affairs in the MCLE programme - her haphazard spellcasting and love for fighting dirty helped her hold her ground against the influx of new dangers.


    [BCOLOR=transparent]A three storey concrete slab nestled in the middle of Brooklyn, littered with graffiti and showing early signs of decay. The cells are always full, the office cubicles smell of stale cigarettes and dry rot, and the coffee machine’s been broken since 1973. It’s been recently ‘refurbished’ for the introduction of magic - there’s a hole in the wall where the owls fly in and out, leaving bird droppings in the cloakroom. All of the computers have been ripped from their sockets and replaced with typewriters and overflowing file cabinets as whatever outdated technology the station kept previously had to be removed due to magical interference.

    The wizards have also spread their own influence; there are no more janitors as the cleaning supplies are enchanted to stave off the worst of the filth, various rune patterns line the inner and outer walls to defend the building from attacks and keep the prisoners within their flimsy cells. A fireplace has been installed rather awkwardly in the disabled toilets (it was the only place they had enough room for it) for floo powder transport. The break room reeks of boiling cauldrons full of odd liquids and the fire escape stairs have a tendency to buck like an angry horse if you run on them too quickly.

    The station has a strict no-animal policy (excluding post owls) and it has a myriad of enchantments to suppress wizarding activity, including (but not restricted to) detection of apparition, polyjuice potion effects, animagi, invisibility cloaks and disillusionment charms. The cells are even more heavily guarded as almost all magical activity is completely suppressed through wards.


    [BCOLOR=transparent]As a special taskforce, you’ll all be working on magical cases in this particular police area. Other NPC divisions will be working in the background, but the RP centres around the woefully understaffed MCLE unit.
    You will all be assigned the same case to work on together, and failure to close these cases will result in IC consequences - if your character is fired then you are more than welcome to make a new one to replace them. Remember that these people are being paid to work together - any antisocial behaviour or people actively working against their co-workers will be reprimanded. You don’t HAVE to like each other, but you do need to be able to do your job.

    As your superiors, Brooks and Abigail are technically not part of the taskforce. They check up on your progress and may assist in the cases themselves, but don’t expect them to be working as hard as you do on that particular case - they’ve got bigger and better things to work on. Remember that they’re your bosses, not your fellow team-mates, and shouldn’t be ordered around.


    [BCOLOR=transparent]Be chill: Essentially, don’t take things to heart. IC =/= OOC, Melodrama isn’t appreciated and we’ll be keeping it as lighthearted as we can.

    Post Regularly. The group is intentionally kept small to focus on character development and lessen the load on the GMs, so please do your best to keep the ball rolling.

    In Character actions will have In Character consequences. If your character has a problem, it’s not the GM’s job to fix it - it’s the GM’s character’s job. If you, the player, has a problem then it IS the GM’s job to fix it.


    No-Maj or Wizard?: (If Wizard, Muggleborn Halfblood or Fullblood?)
    Appearance: (Real photos may be provided, but a 2-3 paragraph description is mandatory)
    Strengths: (Maximum 3 - these are strengths of CHARACTER, not physical skills. Think of these as Personality Traits.)
    Weaknesses: (Minimum 3)
    History: (Reminder: take into account that they are joining a law enforcement unit, and are thus required to have some form of qualification)
    Skills: (Maximum 5)

    Accepted Characters (open)
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  2. Appreciate the invite. I don't think I'm gonna have the time. At least not for something so gritty lol. Sorry, I feel like I need something lighter right now.
  3. That's a shame to hear, @You, you're such a great RPer. But I understand that it might be a bit too grimdark for some people's tastes, and hopefully I can drag you along on another RP later on! For those sticking around - honestly, don't worry too much about it being far too dark for you. The RP's only as grim as you make it...intimidating as I've made Brooks and Abi seem in those introductions, they're actually a pair of complete dorks and I have no doubt that Abigail's cheery trickery will help lighten the mood.

    The subject matter's a bit heavy and topical (as it should be - modern crime RPs shouldn't skirt around modern crime issues) but the way you lay out your posts determines how dark the RP itself is going to go. If we have a page and a half of people brooding over the injustice of smuggling innocent baby dragons, it'll seem a lot more depressing than trying to wrangle the little buggers into their cages or daring each other to pet one only to get your tie scorched.

    The best way to describe the mood of the RP is...varied, probably. Just like any RP, there will be ups and downs. The setting lends itself to being moody, but the police station is a chaotic mismatch of bustling suit-and-tie interns and 1930s bureaucracy with magical self-operating vacuum cleaners, post owls shitting on your desk, overgrown (and kind of weird looking) house plants and potion brewing in the mess hall. Think about a crappier, small-scale badly-funded ministry of magic half-full of squibs. Anything can go horribly (or hilariously) wrong. The only times when I think it will get grim will be when we're out on the cases themselves...but we all love a bit of drama here and there, right?
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  4. Thanks, you know I enjoyed your last RP. And honestly I wouldn't say this is too dark for me. Normally I'd be all about this, just I guess my life situation right now makes me want something lighter, and this feels heavy more than anything :P

    Enough about me though, y'all have fun. You got one fan reading along already
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  5. Also going to extend an invitation to @Jessikka despite knowing that she's pretty busy ATM. Kind of curious to see what my ex-Helpers can think up of for this setting - we had some pretty awesome characters last time!
  6. Would this work?

    Midori Kazama



    No-Maj or Wizard?:
    Half-blood (Paternal)

    At first look, it's hard to see him as part of the team. He has the poised stance of a model, with his height and his lean shape and limbs. He is only a little bit muscular in his arms and legs and seemed to float about when he walked with long strides. That and when off duty, he loves dressing up in simple but trendy coordinations from off-brand boutiques. Despite the demands of work, he tries to find time to fix himself. Do not call him anything feminine or related to "pretty boy" or he would get red, puff his cheeks and ask you to "please take that back".

    His smooth face, perfectly arranged black hair and roundish eyes and even the slight freckles makes him look innocent and inexperienced but can give an edgy workaholic feel when he's on field. He tries to keep a hard look on his face, in the hopes that he'd be taken more seriously that way. Sometimes he would even wear glasses to seem more austere and it works somehow. When relaxed, his features make him look younger.

    Integrity -He has a strong sense of right and wrong, a lawful good guy.
    Optimism - He has a strong belief in finding better ways and second chances.
    Willing, obedient - He will follow rules and laws without question.

    Finicky, Over-thinker - Everything must be in perfect order or he'll take time to arrange things.
    Idealistic - For him, the world can be made a better place with the magic of friendship.
    Insecurity, Self-consciousness - He feels the need to constantly prove his abilities and his morals and is very hard on himself on the smallest mistakes. This happens specially when he's connected to his father.
    Gullible - From his sheltered and solitary childhood. He trusts people he works with and can be easily pushed around to do menial labor.

    Born to Japanese-American parents, Midori grew up in a peaceful suburban neighborhood. His parent's marriage was not as quiet and his mother left their family right when Midori was leaving to study magic in Japan to follow his magic teacher father's footsteps. It was only when his father attacked a group of non-magic teenagers that Midori learned of his father's unstable mental state. His father was institutionalized and Midori was raised by his father's kind mother. Despite it all, he and his grandmother both believe in his father's innocence. Midori has some resentment toward non-magic folk because of his non-magic mother and the teenagers his father had attacked, but he keeps it to himself.

    He completed his magical education in Japan with excellent marks and a very clean record, choosing to train as a policeman after that, driven by his will to help set things right. Upon completing his training, his marks showed he was average in most things. Disappointed for not being the best, he vowed to work doubly hard in Downtown Central, even at the cost of what little pride he had left.

    Cooking - He takes pride in his ability to concoct something edible out of the strangest ingredients.
    Potions, Poisons-making - Similarly, he can concoct potions and dangerous stuff too.
    Healing magic - In his efforts to be useful, he studied healing magic intensely

    His father isn't a difficult topic for him, but he won't speak about it if the person asking is convinced his father is a criminal.
    Technology fascinates him endlessly. Keep him away from your smartphone.


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  7. Midori is the cutest, most innocent thing and we love him to pieces oh my goooooooooood-

    Check the pronouns though, especially in the last paragraph of your history. A healer is definitely going to be useful in the team, but I should note that all of the characters are 100% fresh-faced rookies and we start the RP on day 1 of their assignment under Brooks and Abi.
  8. OMG the pronouns. OTL I wrote him as female and changed my mind at the last minute, that's why. ^^; Thanks, I'll fix things.
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  9. I've been trying to work on a sheet but I've been stuck on what to make her look like...

  10. Name: Amber Beaumont
    Age: 27
    Sex: Female
    No-Maj or Wizard?: Pureblood witch
    Appearance: Amber is 5’9”, very thin, with wispy, platinum blonde hair (naturally so). She has a somewhat rectangular face, dominated by wide, searing blue eyes, which are so haunting that people frequently believe she is possessed by a ghost. She is extremely pale, and her eyebrows are so light they practically blend in with her skin, giving her an even more unnatural appearance. Her nose is wide and flat, and her lips are full, but always very dry and chapped.

    Her body is very angular and awkward, and she is quite frequently clumsy with her flailing limbs. More than one hapless colleague has had an eye jabbed by those long fingers that she seems utterly unable to control. She has very little muscle, especially in her arms, and looks so frail that she might break if you blew at her too hard. However, her strength of character and will are demonstrated in her firm chin and stubborn jaw, as well as the preternaturally determined look in her eyes.

    Her left pinkie finger is very crooked, from having healed badly after being broken at school (she tried to heal it herself instead of going to the nurse… terrible decision). As clumsy and awkwardly as she moves in general, she walks at a ferocious pace, propelled by an extremely long stride and rather wild swings of her arms.

    Brave – Amber will jump into any venture without a second thought. Fear is almost unknown to her. Of course, that also means she jumps into a lot of stupid ideas without fully thinking it through first. But no one can fault her courage or willingness to take on any risk.
    Determined – Once she has decided to do something, Amber won’t quit until she succeeds. She would never give up on an assigned task, or even do a half-hearted job, no matter how much she hated the assignment.
    Good memory – What made Amber so successful at school was her excellent memory, for spells, facts, anything. She often mistakes this for being a natural genius, but really she’s not as clever as people think, just excellent at regurgitating things she has heard or read in the past.

    Stubborn – When she takes a stand, Amber holds to it, no matter how insanely wrong she may be. Even after she realizes she’s mistaken she is still incapable of changing her position, and will argue you to death until you give in.
    Impulsive – Amber often doesn’t think through the consequences of her actions or statements, but jumps in without planning or thinking. This often ends disastrously…
    Arrogant – Amber thinks she is much smarter and more talented than she really is. This means she’s rarely able to accept feedback, advice, or even instructions. She’s also susceptible to flattery, and corruptible through her own pride.
    Clumsy – Due largely to the awkward angles of her long body, Amber is extremely clumsy, always injuring herself or others, or just breaking things, wherever she goes.

    Amber’s parents were both Aurors, and pretty good ones at that. Perhaps that is in part the source of her innate pride and arrogance. She has one younger sister, still in school, called Blanche. The Beaumonts are an old pureblood family from Louisiana, but Amber’s parents lacked the sort of stuck-up aloofness that characterized many of the older families. She therefore attaches little importance to her pureblood status or family connections, but rather more to her own skills and achievements.

    Amber always knew she wanted to be an Auror too, and worked hard at Ilvermorny to achieve this goal. However, she didn't do nearly as well on her NEWTs as she should have, having completely failed Herbology, bombed Potions (due to having knocked over her nearly completed potion at the end of the exam, burning a giant hole through the floor), and only scraping an A in Charms and Transfiguration. Despite their disappointment, her parents contrived to get her another position in the Department of Magical Law Enforcement essentially cleaning up messes made by wizards who lost control of their magic. Rather than bothering to explain these messes to local authorities and witnesses, Amber tended to rely lazily on Obliviation. Her Obliviate skills, therefore, are superb. However, she found this job incredibly dull, and therefore when the MCLE programme was announced she asked for a transfer. It might be working with No-Majs, but at least it was closer to fighting evil wizards than what she was doing now.

    Potions (sort of) – she has many many recipes memorized, but she’s so clumsy that she can rarely actually make them properly. But if you just need someone to tell you the recipe, from a safe distance away from any dangerous ingredients or breakable bottles, she’s your girl.
    Singing – Amber has a hauntingly beautiful voice, though she rarely sings in front of people

    Very protective of her little sister – her only real fear (besides failure) is that something will happen to Blanche
    Wand – Swamp mayhaw wood, rougarou hair core, 13 inches – a Violetta Beauvais wand that belonged first to Amber’s great-grandmother
    Ilvermorny House – Wampus
    Patronus – Hare
    Favorite color – grey
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  11. Okay. Thank you.
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  12. @Banana-senpai Please change the history section so that it doesn't include the line about working with Abi and Brooks - he doesn't know them yet, he's only just passed his interview and starting his first day on the job in the MCLE. Then you're all set!

    @Kythera The Obliviation unit wouldn't be needed in this setting - Muggles and Wizards have somewhat co-existed for around 20 years. Also, Aurors certainly wouldn't even consider joining the MCLE, let alone such a crappy subdivision of it. With those NEWT grades AND her lineage I highly doubt she'd bother signing up. I'd suggest perhaps demoting your parents to something like magical law enforcement and perhaps having her fail herbology instead of just missing a high grade.

    tldr, make her less awesome and try to find a way to put her obliviation skills into her backstory without talking about the Obliviation unit.

    Just a general note: any more stubbornness in this team and we'll never get anything done! Remember that Abigail and Brooks don't have to take disobedience and will consider firing your character if they keep acting up in the RP. (Worry not though, we'll obviously let you make a new CS on the off-chance that it comes to that.)
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  13. Name:
    Danny Evans



    No-Maj or Wizard?:

    If it weren't for him needing to dress up for work, no person would believe him to be a police officer. He enjoys wearing whatever flamboyant or pop culture referring shirt he drags out of his dresser in the morning, much to the chagrin of anyone with a sense of fashion. He's pretty decently built, but not to the extent that people would know that he's well versed in martial arts.

    While working, he appears to take time and lay out his outfit and plan it so that he doesn't look like a walking disaster. His face makes him out to look like a trickster and a prankster, and very rarely you'll see him acting serious. When he's serious, things are worse than anyone thinks.

    Laid Back- Danny would rather sleep in and relax than start an actual fight. He doesn't seem to take anything seriously and is always ready with a joke in hand about whatever he's dealing with. He's eager to sit back and let things develop rather than deal with things hands on. Danny also likes to carry around a small portable game device, often using it to escape work when he thinks the boss isn't looking. He also likes to follow whatever the others want to do, and rarely clings to a case with any sort of stubbornness.

    Sympathetic- Easily able to understand the other person's plight and circumstances, Danny is good at reading people. Sometimes, he plans his pranks with this in mind, often trying to cheer up the people around him. Other times, he can use it to manipulate people, making him easily terrifying if you get on his bad side. In interrogations he uses whatever he's learned about a person to push for whatever he needs.

    Magic Intelligence- While he cannot perform magic, Danny is still the go to guy to understand runes, incantations, and magic theory. He studied it when he was young, to get over his fear of magic, and currently uses it to protect himself from curses, detect rune traps, or understand magical crime better. Since it's all magical theory, he can formulate guesses without simply memorizing how things work.


    Lazy- Want him to do something? He'll find the quickest way to do it, or he'll procrastinate it. Working hard isn't for him, he claims, and refuses to be forced to do anything if it doesn't benefit him somehow. Luckily, his job is considered 'fun' and he does his work. Just not his paperwork.

    Sarcastic- Danny loves sarcasm, and often uses it whenever he wants. He'll roll his eyes and make a sarcastic remark so often, it's hard to tell when he's being serious. Danny also has a habit of running his mouth, taunting anyone he feels like could challenge him, and subsequently getting into trouble for it.

    Liar- Not all of his lies are bad, but he'll lie about his personal life, how many toes he has, or if he knows something just because he thinks it'll tilt a situation into his favor. Danny doesn't talk about his personal life, often answering with outrageous lies to make him seem like a bad liar, often exaggerating the truth. Perhaps his greatest lie thus far is claiming that he can't lie at all.

    When he was five, Danny's biological parents were killed by rogue wizards in a home invasion. This was only a few months before wizards were reintroduced to the non-magical world, so his claims were believed to be the ramblings of a traumatized kid. That was when a fairly rich pureblood wizard couple took him in as an apology before the truth of the incident came to light. So he was raised a non-magic being amongst magic, and to some he was commodity, to others he was treated like a pet. Danny grew up knowing that Wizards could do whatever they wanted without a way for non-magic people to stop them. So he researched, and he learned their customs, and he trained.

    He graduated the police academy with honors, earning a few nicknames and questions about why he'd want to go into the new taskforce if he had no magic. More of a mystery was why he wanted to go into the Downtown Central area, when he seemed to have very little interest in making a real difference there. The answer was that he simply wanted to help where ever he could, even if it was understaffed, he couldn't just leave them to struggle on their own. Also, he figured that he could get away with the most stuff if he worked there. So far, he's had to deal with a few idealists that was too stubborn for their own good. That just means he can finally finish his video game backlog, though.


    Magic Theory- Want to know how magic works, or maybe watch him try to mitigate the emp field around wizards, ask him how magic works. He's quite knowledgeable, even going as far to study runes and potions for fun.

    Martial Arts- A black belt in Akido, Danny figured that if you can't beat a wizard in magic, then you can beat them with punches. It also helps with more regular police work, but he rarely uses it if he thinks the people he works with can do it faster.

    Firearm Proficiency- If there's one thing they teach you at the police academy, it's how to fire gun and not miss.

    Deductive Reasoning- When he wants to, he can use deductive reasoning to solve cases fairly easily. That is only when he applies himself, though.

    Drawing- He's fairly good at drawing, it's his favorite hobby besides playing games. He likes to draw people he likes in realistic or interesting styles, while people he dislikes get caricatures.

    -He cooked once, the center of poison control got called.
    -He likes dark blues, but only wears them to work, he wears neon colors when not working.
    -His pureblood wizard parents heard about him doing some apartment searching and bought him a apartment building. He lives there and collects rent, but he's known as a chill landlord. It doesn't make him significant money, but between that and his job, he's not struggling from paycheck to paycheck. He hates this fact.
    -Secretly wishes he had magic
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  14. I fixed that and most of his personality too, I hope it works. ^^; Midori is a unisex name I promise, it's just more common for girls but don't point it out to him, he's sensitive. XD
    From stubborn, I made him lawful good.
  15. @Banana-senpai Midori's accepted, we love the changes you've made! And yeah, dw about the stubbornness thing - I could tell what you meant.

    @Karyra Danny seems like a really cool character, I can't wait to see how you play him out ICly. Accepted!

    @DANAsaur @Isomia.n @Secrets&Mysteries How are the CS looking? We've also got a couple of friends who may be joining us in the near future.
  16. Name: Blake J. Hawthorne

    Age: 31

    Sex: Male

    No-Maj or Wizard?: (If Wizard, Muggleborn Halfblood or Fullblood?) No-maj

    Appearance: (Real photos may be provided, but a 2-3 paragraph description is mandatory)
    A rugged stubble decorates his otherwise clean shaven chin, leaving behind a plethora of hard, sharp hairs. His hair is a black, resembling the night as it’s slick back with too much hair gel. Blake is clearly a male human with a pinkish tone to his pale, white skin,.
    His physique is that of a muscular build, taking care to keep in shape and able to keep up with the youngest of whippersnappers despite his advanced age.
    His clothing is relatively dull in colour, a simple brown waistcoat decorating his chest and a grubby shirt underneath that. One can only assume it used to be white as the colour has been dyed from the sweat and blood he has dedicated to his craft. His trousers are pitch black, neatly ironed as they settle on his leg, ready to tackle any challenge put infront of him.

    Strengths: (Maximum 3 - these are strengths of CHARACTER, not physical skills. Think of these as Personality Traits.)
    Determined - Blake will not stop until his goal is complete.
    Cunning - He will do anything to ensure that everything resolves his way.
    Loyal - Once someone has earned his trust, Blake will stay with them until the end, always faithful.

    Weaknesses: (Minimum 3)
    Alcoholism - Resorts to the bottle to help comfort himself after a long night of work.
    Stubborn - Blake likes to think he is always right. Not listening unless he hears what he wants to hear.
    Volatile - Easily provoked and is prone to lash out when somebody shows unsatisfactory behaviour.

    History: (Reminder: take into account that they are joining a law enforcement unit, and are thus required to have some form of qualification) Blake J. Hawthorne was born to a family of farmers in Texas. He would follow his Mother and Father blindly, always willing to help out. One night, the family farm was raided by bandits, slaying his father and causing him and his brother to flee. Setting up new lives as refugees, their small family attempted to rebuilt their life. Working overboard to try and sustain his family, Blake was unsuccessful and after a few years his mother tragically passed. Alone, Blake travelled to Brooklyn to start a new life, it was here that he enlisted in the Brooklyn P.D. Fueled by anger and bitterness, Blake is set on bringing justice to criminals to and help create a better world for the struggling families of tomorrow.

    Skills: (Maximum 5)
    Dead eye - A good shot with a pistol, able to calculate trajectories in seconds.
    Athletic - Able to keep up physically and assert is strength over others.
    Smart - Despite his brash outlook, Blake is able to assess the situation and act how he deems best.
    Charming - A certain aura surrounds Blake, making him able to ooze trust and swagger to those that are not familiar with him.
    Interrogating - Knows how to get information out of people.

  17. @Shak - Accepted, nice to see you again!
  18. It's coming along! I've been busy so I haven't had a lot of time to sit down and finish, but hopefully it should be up today.
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