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  1. It appeared to you as you were walking home...
    or maybe while you were stumbling drunk out of a party...
    or maybe when it seemed like the end of your life...
    No matter what, no matter when, the maze has appeared before you and for whatever reason you had to enter.
    You had to.
    And the maze closed behind you.

    There are different parts of the maze
    The stone walls
    stone realm (open)
    It's usually dark in the stone realm. The stars rarely come out. Here it's dead, quiet, but just as dangerous as the other realms

    the hedge walls

    The hedge maze (open)

    Though brighter than the stone realm, the hedge maze is just as terrifying. Things live in the thick hedges and the noises are unnerving. There are lots of traps here.
    There's both night and day here. Usually it's cloudy and it often storms. The clear nights are beautiful.
    This part of the maze is full of life.

    and the glass/mirror walls
    The mirror labyrinth (open)

    This part of the maze is dream like and disorienting. It ranges from simple to violently colorful. [​IMG]
    It's terrifying and beautiful. The traps here are very confusing.
    Stay here too long...well you'll see.

    Once in the maze you will be faced with tons of challenges, near death experiences, and unbelievable terrors but you must travel on if you're ever to get back home.

    Character sheets (detailed characters. No imperfect people. The more detail, the better I can place them in the maze. Up to two characters are allowed. We need at least five humans to start: 2/5)

    Human cs (open)

    Age: (15+)
    Personality/general info:
    How they got into the maze: (This determines what part of the maze they arrive in)

    Other: (clothing/friends/etc.)
    Back story: (optional but encouraged)

    Maze dweller info (open)

    Maze dwellers are either spirits/creatures born/created in the maze or humans trapped there so long they aren't human anymore. Nyads, driads, demons, dark spirits, fae, or other spirits are born in the maze. No-longer-humans are either possessed or tainted by a spirit.
    For now I only want ONE of these. If enough people join, more will be added.
    Maze dwellers will discuss the plot privately with me and help me wreak havoc on those stuck in the maze.

    Maze dweller cs (open)

    Age: (20+)
    Personality/general info:
    How they got into the maze: (if born/created in maze just say so)


    Other: (clothing/friends/etc.)
    Back story: (required)

    ~Literate responses. I need good grammar and detail. Each response must be two or more sentences long. Starters should be much longer.
    ~Players should reply at least once every three days unless they're busy. If they're busy I need to be told so I make sure nothing important happens around your character when you're gone.
    ~No God-Modding
    ~No Mary Sues
    ~Death/killing is allowed but no killing someone's character without their permission
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  2. Name: Lara harris
    Age: 16
    Personality/general info: Lara is nice, and very smart. She's not very charismatic so she doesn't always portray her true intelligence. Fairly athletic. Great at climbing and running but not a good fighter. Freaks out easily, tending to get sad not angry. Has a terrible fear of small dark spaces.
    How they got into the maze: was shot in a gas station robbery. As she laid there dying she closed her eyes and awoke in the maze.
    Hair: dark brown. Wavy. Covers her breasts.
    Eyes: brown and gold
    Height: 5" 4
    Build: slender, not very curvy. B cup.
    Other: lots of freckles. Light skin. Wears big sweaters and jeans almost all the time.

    Back story: She had a normal life. She struggles with fitting in. She has friends but prefers books. As a junior in high school, she was anxious about the future and kind of depressed.

    I also "play" the maze. This means I decide where characters start, give them challenged, and eventually let characters get out.
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  3. Name: Syra Lenner
    Age: 15
    personality/general info: Syra tends to be kind and sociable. She is often called slightly crazy and a bit of a misfit. She enjoys making over people laugh and is often positive. She's nice on all first impressions then acts accordingly depending on the impression she receives from the other person. She took some martial arts through out her years which has built her up and made her quite skilled when it come to close combat and she has good reflexes. She can run at average speeds and is terrible at long range attacks (Bows, sling shot etc.)
    How they got into the maze: She was walking back from her Thursday night karate class when she heard an unintelligible murmur. She turned around and only saw the same alley way she had just come from, however, when she turned around, the rest of the alley way did not face her. Instead ominous green hedges did. She then turned to look at the alley way she had just come from and found it was also replaced by the green walls.
    Hair: Mousy brown, straight and down to her shoulders.
    Eyes: Grey-Blue
    height: 5" 2
    Build: Hourglass, slim.
    Other: Pasty skin, often wears casual tops and jeans, sometimes Jeggings.
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  4. Accepted!
    We'll of course need more people to start.
    I'm assuming she's in the stone part of the maze?
    It's supposed to be something about them (something they've done, what they're like, etc.) That determines where they start.
    I would put her in the hedge maze based on her personality.
    I have certain reasonings behind who goes where.
  5. Okay :) I'll edit the little maze description on my form
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  6. OK great thanks! ^_^
  7. I submitted an add so more should join soon (hopefully). Feel free to tell anyone who may be interested.
  8. That should be good :) I would tell people, but I don't really know anyone XD
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  9. Maze Dweller (if that's okay; I could do a human if you'd rather, or both, or whatever)

    Name: Edward Kirby, possessed by a spirit that calls itself Thackerai. Ed doesn't necessarily know there's a separate entity attached to him and can't always distinguish between himself and Thack.
    Age: 28 / Endless
    Personality/general info: Unstable. Can be incredibly friendly and helpful one moment, and an utter stranger and just a bit malevolent the next. A bit high strung, talks to himself (or the spirit that's latched onto him) and gets irate when others interrupt or eavesdrop on his conversations. Doesn't like the violently vivid colors of the glass maze.
    How they got into the maze: Ed used to enjoy long walks at night, and during one particularly paranoid night he took to running blindly in the dark, and suddenly found the city streets had given way to the maze that has been his home since.
    Hair: Short, black. Patchy and thin in places--as a nervous tick, he picks and pulls at it, plucks it out of his scalp hair by hair. A short black beard covers his lower face and is in much better condition than his hair.
    Eyes: Ed's eyes are brown, but Thackerai's are a changing kaleidoscope of color, often reflecting whatever part of the maze he's currently in. Thackerai's eyes often overpower Ed's and are visible more often.
    Height: 6'1"
    Build: Lean, a runner. Excellent stamina and speed, but not very agile. Likes to climb, or attempt to climb, the maze walls. Good in a fight at close range, punching and kicking, biting; prefers to run down his opponent rather than try to attack from a distance.
    Species: No longer human, possessed by demon
    Other: Ed wears the clothes he was wearing the night he entered the maze. Black jeans, white T-shirt, black rain jacket. His clothes are all worn, stained, and torn now. He wasn't wearing shoes that night, as he had planned on a short stroll and often preferred to go barefoot, and the soles of his feet and scarred and scabbed from running on rough ground. Left earlobe is pierced twice, both small diamond studs. He carries an empty milk carton, which he had been drinking out of as he walked. He had a pair of cats named Charlie and Abbie when he was human and still misses them, though the specifics of them have faded.
    Back story: Ed had always been an outcast, a bit different, a bit unstable. He worked as a clerk at a video game store and lived in an apartment with his cats, had a few close friends. He loves bees and used to keep a few hives when he lived in a more rural area but had to leave them behind when he moved to the city.
  10. Accepted!
    For now one character is fine, if we need it I may ask you to play a human but I prolly won't.
  11. Awesome! I hope more people apply to this; I reeaaaally like this idea.
  12. Yeah I hope more people join too!
    I'd like at least five humans before we start.
    I'm glad you like the idea ^_^
  13. Name: Kyle Palix
    Age: 17
    Personality/general info: He is a very fast paced, energetic guy with a huge anger problem. He is very self reliant and is a leader in almost everything he does.
    How they got into the maze: Kyle was diving with his high school swim and dive team, and when he broke into the water his vision started to blur. He eventually passed out until he woke up in the maze, coughing up water but wearing his usual clothes.
    Hair: Long black hair that just about reaches his eyebrows. Normally wears it messy.
    Eyes: Dark green
    Height: 6'4
    Build: Rather slim, but still muscular.
    Other: Wear's jeans and flannel t shirts nearly all year with slightly pale skin.
    Back story: Kyle was always looking for ways to be noticed or spotted. He became captain of his high school swim and dive team and was starting to climb the "popularity ladder" at school. People were finally starting to notice him when the state meet came. If he excelled in this his face could be on the cover of his school newspaper and almost everyone would know who he was.
  14. Name: Gledan 'Glen' Morrick
    Age: 17
    Personality / General Info: Glen is -above all- the sort that does what he wants when he wants the way he wants to, and god help anyone trying to get in his way. He's the instinctive sort of person, and jumps right into things on gut feeling and 'I felt like it's. It's only when Glen's stuck in the middle of a situation that his brain kicks into overdrive, displaying some of that bright intelligence that he usually leaves to rot. He just prefers not to spend time thinking things through. Flighty and fickle, Glen garners an interest in things quickly, but nearly always drops them just as quick. He drifts from Interesting Thing to Interesting Thing, easily abandoning whatever he last developed an attachment to for something else. His emotional state works in much the same way -Glen always gets angry or emotional in a single furious burst, and then forgets about whatever made him upset in the first place. As a result, he holds practically no grudges whatsoever, and operates on the philosophy of 'whatever works, works'. Despite all this, he's a rather personable person, and is usually pretty cheerful.
    How They Got Into The Maze: Glen comes from a family that has problems on its own, and as a result he took to drifting about the streets whenever he had nothing else to do. Now, it isn't as if his house is abusive or anything -they're just all very distant from each other, and arguments break out easily. Glen really rather not have anything to do with that, having been through staying in the house all day after school and such. Then one night when he was wandering about outside as per usual, the maze showed itself to him. He didn't hesitate very much -or even think about it- but simply walked right in.
    Hair: Dark brown, with a reddish tint. It's usually extremely messy all the time, more due to Glen running his fingers through it and not caring very much than some fashion sense
    Eyes: Dark brown, nearly black
    Height: 183cm (not sure what that is in feet, sorry! Although Google says it's 6.00394 feet?)
    Build: Relatively fit, but not exactly bulking with muscle. Glen has more of a runner's frame than anything.
    Other: Despite his rather questionable personality, Glen has quite a range of friends -mostly because he wanders so much, and has absolutely no qualms with talking to anyone. He also plays drums and the violin -an odd combination, but he likes it. Glen's idea of 'fashion' is usually just throwing on the first pieces of clothing he deems to be clean enough and walking out.
    Back Story: Glen has an older brother. According to stories, the Morrick family was actually doing quite well during that time. But then Glen was born, and things started to deteriorate, mostly due to the fact that his parents were starting to hate each other. They stayed together, 'because of the children', but eventually the situation broke down so much that the two can barely look at each other without shouting. Glen's ability to play the violin and drums was a result of that, actually, because his mother wanted him to learn how to play the violin and his father the drums. They took a compromise in the end, with both. Eventually, Glen's brother became a rebel, of sorts, to fight against the house -which, to be honest, only worsened the situation- and was included in the daily scream fests. Glen just escaped instead.
  15. Wow hello newbies!
    Okay I love your characters.

    Kyle will start out in the stone maze (he can bump into Lara).

    Glen can start out in the hedge maze (eventually meeting Syra)
  16. 'Kay ewe)/ This makes four humans, so we need one more right?
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  17. And somehow, I managed to be in the same RP as Duridun again....Oh well! I've kinda wanted to join this for a while, so....

    Name: Ren Himura
    Age: 24
    Personality/general info: Ren is a serious, quiet individual. She rarely talks to people unless she's got no choice. She gets straight to the point when she speaks, and always looks people straight in the eyes. She rarely shows any emotion but indifference normally, but when she's stressed, an entirely different side of Ren comes out: a abject, self-deprecating, self-harming girl who can't solve her own problems.
    How they got into the maze: Ren's college graduation ceremony had just ended. She was driving home, when a cat ran out in front of her car, and she swerved to avoid it. She crashes into a tree, and slowly gets out of her car. When she's out of her car, she finds herself in the maze with the cat that caused her to swerve right by her side.
    Hair: Ren has extremely dark brownish-red hair that's shoulder length. It appears to have been cut by someone who doesn't know what they were doing, and is very jaggedly cut.
    Eyes: Blue-Grey
    Height: 6'3 feet. She's extremely tall.
    Build: Small, but not flimsy in the slightest. Her build is probably closest to a swimmer's build.
    Other: She wears knitted sweaters and dress pants every day to cover up her scars and to keep her from getting too cold, since she gets cold easily. No friends to speak of, and her family members are either far away or dead.
    Back story: Ren is an androgynous girl who moved to America when she was about five. Ren never really cared about whether she was seen as a boy, girl, or whatever. She stayed away from people as much as possible when she was in K-12th grade because she liked being alone. Her family never approved or disapproved anything she did, and so she was left without much guidance in the world. She didn't know why, but she always felt a little empty on the inside, so she started self harming to cut that emptiness out of her. She still feels empty, even now as a college graduate.
  18. Great, Ren can start in the dream maze. Shell start alone but someone will join us soon.
    I'll make an in character thread and write starters soon :D
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  19. Man I'd love to join but I don't want to play a human. I kind of want to play a maze dweller, a human that's been possessed but that's taken so...
  20. It is taken, sorry. Not enough humans to add a second spirit
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