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SIDE STORY The Maze [Non-Canon]

Discussion in 'STORY ARCHIVES' started by Xibilation, Oct 24, 2014.

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  1. The Maze


    "Wakey, wakey."

    You gasp, and open your eyes. The voice was deep, and you couldn't tell if it was masculine or feminine. You look around, and your surroundings aren't familiar at all. Walls made of a smooth metal expand past the sky. They're thick and solid, with virtually no way to climb them. Looking around, there are other individuals waking up around you.


    You feel a soft pillow under you. However you got here, at least the person was decent enough to make sure you don't get a neck cramp. Where were you? Some sort of maze?

    You hear a crackling sound echo. Then, the same voice pours out of the sky.

    "Ah, so you're awake. I'm glad. I was hoping I wouldn't have to wake you up myself. It would've been more of a.. shocking experience. Anyways, so you're confused. Don't try remembering how you got here. You'll confuse yourself even more. [A giggle] You're in a maze. Don't worry, you're safe right now as you wake up. Do you see your companions? Yeah, killing each other immediately wouldn't be wise, seeing as you'll need all the help to survive as possible. If you do kill each other, though, have fun. Make it entertaining.

    "Oh, well, you see, one of you might die by another's hands, though. There is a traitor among you. [Another giggle] Yes, this traitor will be leading you in the wrong directions, have you turn against each other, tell me when one of you is going to head towards a trap, fun stuff like that. Although it won't be easy to pick them apart. Oh, no, they'll get hurt just as much.

    "Right now, you're blocked off from the rest of the maze and the fun things inside it. You have 2 hours to compose yourselves before the maze opens to you. Greet each other, have pre-death sex, do whatever. I'll be back soon." There's a giggle, a crackling sound, and then silence.

    It's hot in the maze. 90 degrees Fahrenheit, which is whatever degrees Celsius for you Europeans. The air is muggy, and you'll get uncomfortable pretty past. You hear nothing from the other parts of the maze. Besides the noises you will all make, it's eerily silent.

    Welcome to the maze. The prologue period is from now to 5:30 pm EST on Saturday. Round one begins when the prologue ends. Feel free to post your character prologue. If you complete your prologue or opt not to post one, feel free to engage in character interaction!

    Merry Murder Games! And a happy Spin Off, too!

    Character List:
    @Klutzy Ninja Kitty
    @Nico Di Angelo
    @Tear Gas and Anthrax
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  2. "Tch... great. Doesn't look like Sis's tricks, but who could be behind this?" Aoko mumbled to herself as she registered the odd voice's words, processing it and thinking through it all.

    Maze. Hot. Really hot. Trapped. Scary stuff. Okay, got that wrapped up, she thought mentally, rubbing her head as she gingerly stood up, groaning softly. She was pretty peeved that she had been so abruptly taken from her daily routine of making fun of Alice and Soujuurou peaceful life at home, but it seemed that at this point, being mad about it wouldn't help, so she may as well do her best to get her way out of this mess.

    She analyzed the other people around her, instantly suspicious once the voice said that there was a traitor among them. Maybe it'd be better to keep her distance from everyone just to be safe, but with an overly paranoid attitude like that, it might not be such a good idea. Maybe that would be what the host wanted.

    So maybe the best idea would be to be equally mean to everyone!

    She continued to eye the other people, keeping a close eye on them.


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  3. *The tunnel I was in, was dark and damp. For once, I'd prefer to be in my cell, than being in this rancid place. There were only a few lights scattered apart from each other on the walls of the tunnel. We moved at a decent pace, and by "we," I mean the five security guards that were following me. All of them are well armed, well, at least here of them had assault rifles of some kind. While the others had standard handguns. Me on the other hand, in currently have nothing. You know, besides the orange jumpsuit, and these damn handcuffs.*

    *It felt as though we were walking for an eternity, once and awhile I would fiddle with my cuffs to pass the time. But, unfortunately, around the third time I fiddled with it, a guard pushed me fairly hard. He told me to quit messing around, and keep walking. When frankly, that's all we've been doing for the past hour or so. That's when something caught my eye. A fairly small object in the shape of a cylinder came from the wall ahead of us...that's it. That's the sign. A smirk grew on my face, and I waited for the right time to go for it.*

    *I was only a few feet from the object now. I took a deep breath, and dove for it. Before the guards could approach me, I unrolled the small cylinder, which revealed to be a one dollar bill. I smiled, and said, " Look at this, I'm rich! It's payday fellas!" I yelled. I watched as the guards in front of me looked at each other. One of them seemed to have grown angry, he pulled out his baton, and readied it. The smile on my face quickly disappeared, and I yelled once more, "I said it's fucking payday motherfu-!" That's when the wall to my left, literally exploded. No, I'm not over exaggerating. It literally. Fucking. Exploded. I coughed and wheezed a bit, and soon my vision began to go black. It seemed the person who measured the damn explosives, didn't do their job right. Because the shockwave was so powerful, that some of the incoming cement and such, knocked me...*


    *The sound of a loud speaker crackling woke me up. I better not be I. Prison again... I slowly got up, only to realize that I wasn't in prison, and I was surrounded by seven other people...and I was still handcuffed. I didn't exactly hear everything the person over the intercom said, but I heard one thing, and one thing only. There's a traitor around here. That's just bloody fantastic. First I get thrown in prison for two years, then I get knocked out by an explosion, and now this? Well, I suppose this is better than getting the death penalty. "Well, ain't that just dandy. Looks like I'm going to be stuck with you people for now." I said, with a small chuckle. Now, to figure out where in the hell we are exactly...*


    (( Forgive me if there are typos. I'm currently not using my computer, so typing can be a bit hard for me.))
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  4. Nico..

    Nico woke up tired. Very tired...

    All Nico remember was summoning some dead warriors to fight and now... He's here!

    He heard purring weird... Oh!

    Small bob,.. his skeleton cat named Small Bob!

    ...He wasn't great at naming animals and it was a long story...

    "By the way.. How can you still purr? You're bones." He asked the skeleton cat.

    All Nico got back was purring.

    "You aren't supposed to purr at me. I'm the Ghost King." Nico murmured to the cat..


    Still Small bob was purring. He sighed and remembered what the voice said.. He nodded to himself, the cat on his head.

    Trust few. Be careful.

    He started to laugh like a maniac. "The gods will get you before you get me..." He laughed.. A very creepy one this time. He struggled to get up, looking around.

    Help. Help them. Gain trust. Gain protection. Gain.. 'Friends'. Friends equal teamwork, teamwork equals.. Well.. Probably life!

    Nico couldn't summon a spirit... Nico just couldn't.. Too weak right now anyways. He saw the handcuffed guy.. He started to walk toward the man, sighing. He has his Stygian iron sword. That's good. Nico looked real tired and sorta of creepy as he approached the man. He groaned slightly and stared at the man..

    "Need.. Help?" He croaked out.

    Woah.. My voice.. Ew.

    [ Credit Viria for pic. :3 ]

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  5. [​IMG]

    Carl Grimes was asleep, dreaming of the moment his father had said those words to him not so long ago. The world was a hard place to live in, and not long ago Carl himself had been hardened, intent on keeping anyone and everyone out of his heart. But times change. Carl changed. He couldn't always avoid every person he met. If he did, the young man knew he would never have anyone in his life. People would die and he would lose the few he knew. He couldn't always block everyone out.

    Another thing Carl couldn't do was always keep his guard up. What kind of life was that? Always being tense, never trusting, and always sleeping with one eye open. Sure, that was his life now, but he didn't want to believe it would always be. There had to be a light at the end of the tunnel. Someday the dead would die and the living would take the world for themselves again. He had to have hope. His mother would want him to have hope.

    After another moment or so of dreaming, Carl awoke to the sound of a voice, the feeling of a pillow under his head, and entirely unfamiliar surroundings. The pillow almost startled him more than the surroundings did. It had to have been weeks, maybe even months since he last felt such a soft pillow under his head. It almost felt... unnatural...

    Carl slowly stood up, listening to the voice speak of a maze, traitor, and traps. He frowned. The young man wasn't scared though. He had seen a one-eyed man kill close friends, had almost been raped by a psychotic thug, and had even been captured by cannibals. He immediately figured this was just another post-apocolyptic crazy--driven mad by the world falling apart--capturing people to use in some sick, twisted fantasy gone wrong. Sweat formed on his forehead from the heat of the maze as Carl took a step forward, seeing the people around him. Time to figure out what was going on.
  6. [​IMG]
    "Huh? Oh, right..."
    *I said. I'm surprised someone would even approach me. Considering the fact that I'm wearing a prison jumpsuit, and handcuffed. I held up my hands, showing the shiny handcuffs, and I raised an eyebrow. "You wouldn't mind helping a brother out would ya?" I said.*

    @Nico Di Angelo

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  7. Nico drew his sword. "Watch out. If you mortal, touch this blade, your soul will be taken away and kept in my blade." He said plainly, and sliced the chains, now his hands were free, not together anymore. "Done." He muttered and offered his hand after putting away his sword. "I'll help ya up. The name is Nico Di Angelo. Well. That's my full name. I'm just Nico."
  8. "Right..." *I said. I then held out my hands in front of me, and watched as he brought the sword down on the chain of the cuffs. "Thanks, friend." I said. I don't typically call people "friend," especially since I'm a career criminal, that technically just broke out of prison. But, I suppose I can make a few allies here. At least until I get out of here. I calmly rejected his offer of helping me up though, and waved my hand. I then slowly got up, and said, "My name's Hoxton." I didn't say my full name, though, I don't think I would see any of these people again. So I guess it wouldn't exactly matter.*

    @Nico Di Angelo
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  9. A self-proclaimed career criminal, a little kid, and some guy with a special sword or something and calls other people mortals. Greeaat, young Aoko thought, silently judging everyone from afar, This is going to just be swell.

    Aoko's Mood: 45% (open)

    Still, she may as well get to know them. Approaching Hoxton and Nico against her better judgment, she cleared her throat. "Hello. Lovely day we have, eh?" She asked somewhat sarcastically, "Name's Aoko Aozaki. By the look of you two... you guys must be American?"

    @Nico Di Angelo
  10. Nico sighed. "You're welcome." His head whips around to the girl. His skeleton cat hissed at the girl, Nico didn't snapped his fingers and the cat became quiet. He stared at the girl.

    "I am American, mortal. Gain alliance, and we can set out after the two hours." He said plainly. But put out his hand to the girl. "The name is Nico. So, mortal, what is your name?" He said, a scowl placing on his face as his eyes showed nothing.. Expressionless.

    @Verite @Dallas
  11. She glanced at the skeleton cat, stepping back instinctively before getting a good look at it. "And Grandpa said black magic didn't exist..." She mumbled, before clearing her throat and looking at Nico, "Well, my name's Aoko. Don't call me Aoko though. Call me anything you want except for my name... or "mortal" for that matter. You talk like you're some sort of god or immortal being," Aoko said, mumbling the last part.
  12. *My attention then drew to a young woman who approached us, named Aoko... "American? No, not me... I'm from Sheffield, Great Britain." I replied. My accent was nice, and thick. "Nice to meet you, Aoko. I suppose..." I said. This person seems fairly young as well. Am I really the only one here who is considered an adult? That's just fantastic. What am I going to do, be a damn baby sitter for these kids? Most of them look no more than sixteen or seventeen years old. I then sigh, and look at my surroundings. Only to see large metallic walls surrounding us. Perfect...*

    @Nico Di Angelo
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  13. "Deep in the meadow, under the willow
    A bed of grass, a soft green pillow
    Lay down your head, and close your sleepy eyes
    And when again they open, the sun will rise.

    Here it's safe, here it's warm
    Here the daisies guard you from every harm
    Here your dreams are sweet and tomorrow brings them true
    Here is the place where I love you."

    Prim smiled in her sleep and turned to her side.
    It wasn't often she heard her sister's voice singing to her in her sleep, but when she did, it meant that Katniss was sitting right beside her and waking her up.
    She loved it when she did that. There was no possible better way to wake up than that.
    Only this time, something felt off. Primrose didn't feel any of her sister's body heat on her side. Could she not be there at all?
    The question was answered rather quickly when Prim opened her eyes and looked at her surroundings.

    "... Katniss...?" she muttered while rubbing the sleep out of her eyes.
    This place was completely strange, and the little fourteen year old girl didn't like it at all.
    She got up on her feet, already slightly panicking when realizing Katniss was nowhere around, only complete strangers.

    The message that followed didn't help at all, it only made her that much more nervous.
    Strange people, a maze, death... For a moment Prim thought she finally realized where she was.

    "I'm in the Hunger Games..." she whispered to herself.
    Her breathing grew heavier and a frown spread across her forehead as tears forced their way into her eyes.
    She backed off in shock, looking at everyone around her before sitting down against a wall and pulling her knees up to wrap her arms around them.
  14. "Great, nice to meet you too," she sighed, running a hand through her hair, "What kind of crazy situation do you figure we're in? How did I even get here in the first place...?"
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  15. Nico heard her mumbling. "I might die anyways. You see.. I am not a mortal. I'm a demigod. Half human half god... Son of Hades. Pleased to meet you. When you die I'll tell my dad, Hades, when you get to the underworld, to try to put you in rebirth!" He laughed lowly. Nico looked at Hoxton... He frowned. "What crimes you have committed? Murder? Tsk. If it is murder you'll be going through actual hell when you die." He laughed creepily. Though.. His skeleton cat was pawing at Hoxtons shoe. He seemed to like Hoxton. Nico looked down then up at the man. "He likes you. For now, you have my respect." .... What? The cat saved Nico millions of times.
    Nico smiled at the girl. "Mortal Girl, We seem to be in.. Well.." He looked at Small Bob; his cat, and nodded. Small Bob looked at him...

    This was getting odd.

    @Verite @Dallas
  16. "...Eh, demigod?" She repeated skeptically, raising an eyebrow, "Well, I guess I'll have to settle for "Mortal Girl" if you won't stop calling me that. It sounds really condescending though..." Aoko complained softly. This weirdo was actually saying he was the child of Hades, as in the Greek God of Death or whoever?

    And I thought Soujuurou and that wolf guy was weird... She thought skeptically.

    "So uh, what kind of magic you using there? Never seen anything like it. I mean, if its domain is like, giving life, is it a newly discovered Sixth Magic? Or... shoot, Alice has been keeping out on me! She told me I couldn't bring those fish back to life!"
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  17. *I simply shrugged at her question, and said, "I don't think any of us know how we got here..." I then thought about her first question, about the situation we're in. It seemed pretty obvious, we are stuck in some sort of maze, and we have a traitor amongst us. I guess this wouldn't be the first time something like this has happened to me, well, minus the fact that they didn't try and kill me. I'm gonna miss Matt... It was always fun to break a few of his ribs, or an arm. The guards must have loved it, because they would always put me in the same cell black as him. I'm surprised he healed up well, even after the severe burns he sustained from me and my crew, nearly burning him alive. Good times...good times.*


    "Well, I've committed a lot of crimes in my life. Let's just say most of them involved banks, and occasionally a few jewelry stores here and there." *I said. I could have said more, but frankly, I don't want these people to think I'm the traitor. Though it seems like I'd be a prime target for these people. You know, because I'm a criminal and all that shit... I then said, "Would you consider shooting down multiple police officers murder? If so, then yeah, I suppose I'd be going to hell." A smirk drew across my face. It's not like that thought has ever crossed my mind before. I then looked down, only to notice a skeletal cat. I moved my foot a bit, trying to shake off the cat. If you call it that...*

    @Nico Di Angelo
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  18. He chuckled. "Not magic. Well.. Just a curse.. Gift.. Whatever you call it." He sighed. Replacing the scowl with a slight smile. "You know what? Whatever. I'm gonna stop acting this way. No use. So yeah, Aoko, I can summon dead things... Like that cat.. Sometimes, if they are small, I can let them stay with me in the mortal world. But.. I can shadow travel. Travel by shadows. It's a little trick I learned when I went through hell and back into the mortal world. Two times." He muttered.

    [BCOLOR=rgba(255, 255, 255, 0)]

    "Dude but seriously, Hades might seriously put ya through hell..... Anyways Small Bob get off his foot." The cat sadly walked its way over to Aoko. And just sat by her feet. Weird. Maybe it wanted affection. Also I was acting weird because my little screwed up mind just had to put up an act. Be tough... Though I was being creepy. Anyways.. Yup." He drew his sword, it would of looked scry for a second, but he he took out a sloth from his aviator jacket he was wearing and started to clean the blade, casually.
  19. "Uh-huh..." Aoko nodded as she listened, intrigued. Ignoring his comment about it supposedly not being magic, she replied to him. "Huh, with those kinds of abilities, you must have a Magic Crest as good as Sis's..." She mumbled, scowling a bit as she was called by her name, and that she accidentally brought her older sister to mind, but still, she tried to ignore those two things, "Hell and the Mortal World...? Well, that's not the strangest thing I've heard. Or at least, at this point I'm not surprised by anything anymore."

    "You're kinda freaky, but I could get used to you! That's what I thought about Alice at first too!" She said with a smile, as if that seemed to be the best compliment she could offer.
  20. *I let out a small laugh, and said, "I'm not so sure about that. I think I've already been through hell." I then turned my head to the right, and pointed at the large burns I received from a heist a few years back. I've also suffered from multiple bone fractures, and bullet wounds. Yeah, I think I've been through hell already. Also, why does this guy keep saying we're mortals? I heard him talking about that he was a demigod or some shit, but I don't really believe it. I'll need some more proof before I can even start to believe something like that. Though, that cat is a start I suppose...*

    @Nico Di Angelo
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