The Mature Side of Fandom Role Plays~ ;)

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  1. I want to do fandom role plays, but I really want some mature, adult sex scenes.
    I've been role playing in a site that doesn't allow sex scenes, so I'd really like to do some.
    Having said that, please know that these role plays aren't meant to be ALL sex.
    I want more plot than sex, but graphic sex scenes are welcomed!

    Another note is that some of the fandoms are more action packed, but I'm not good at action, so if possible, I'd like to have these role plays be romance/every day life based.
    Sorry in advance!
    Also, these are all M X F.
    I don't do Yaoi, Yuri is okay, but I prefer female and male.
    I like to play the OC's, but I'm willing to double as the canon, depending on who the canon is.

    My role plays typically, are romance and every day life, but I also enjoy horror.

    As for my requirements, I require my partner to be active, which to me, means that they can reply more than once a day.
    I also need my partner to be able to match me in post length, so, if for example, I post 8 paragraphs, please reply with at least 6. I hate if I post 8 and my partner posts 2.
    As well as length, I also need someone who can use grammar, spelling, and punctuation correctly, as well as 3rd person.

    If there is a * next to a pairing, I have an idea.
    If it's italic, I'd like to do it the most.
    The bolded character is who I'd like to play. (OC)

    Harry Potter:

    Snape/Oc (Teacher/student, or student/student)*


    Lord of the Rings:


    The Hobbit:


    Attack On Titan:


    Thor (Or the Avengers, if you haven't seen Thor)


    Percy Jackson:


  2. Hmm, a student x student Snape x OC sounds interesting. I'd also be into doing a Levi x OC, but maybe a while before Even and Co. arrive. Like when he is put in Recon Corps.
  3. If you'd be interested in doing both, I'm up for that. :)
  4. Okay ^^ fandom rps aren't my forte, but I'll do my best! What idea do you have for the Snape x OC?
  5. If you'd be interested in doing both, I'm up for that. :)
  6. I am interested in doing both. Do you have an idea for the Snape x OC plot?
  7. Yes, I'll pm you
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Not open for further replies.