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  1. has anyone here played the matrix online I would like to talk about the game and its elements compared with the path of neo
  2. It was a cool idea that devolved into a buggy, laggy pile of nonsense.

    Social scene was pretty cool, though. I was a wee bit sad to see it go, but not surprised.

    As for comparing to Path of Neo, one's an MMO, the other is a... action-adventure-whateverthefuck-thing. Not really a lot of overlap.
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  3. my comparison is the story line if you dont mind me asking did you travel to the Widow's Moor and Ashencourte constructs
  4. Those were the ones full of the monstrous exile things, yeah?
  5. Gargoyles the bosses for these locations do u mind a recap about them did they have any speech or abilities that they showed or objects
  6. Oh man I remember that mess of an MMO..

    You can go into every building! They said.

    Think I liked the Matrix game with the asian dude and lady in red leather more than PoN.. It's been so long anyway.
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