The Mating Game

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  1. The Mating Game
    What to know about
    Mature RP

    Mature RP is a brace-faced Teenager
    Mature RP is very misunderstood, considering the rampant amounts of cyber sex on the internet.
    No one seems to remember that Mature RP is actually a story involving sex, rather than a fuckfest with a little bit of awkward chit chat in between steamy, played out sessions. Mature RP can be done as a group and as a one on one, easily adapting to two or more players based on the physical plot that has been created. The only true difference between Mature Rp and any other type, is the intimacy that can be achieved, in detail, by the characters.

    Sometimes... It's really dirty...

    Hey, It's mature for a reason. Everyone one has a fantasy that they are looking to fulfill in one way or another, no matter how outlandish or strange anyone else thinks it might be. If someone likes to get their jollies as a scaley merman; it's not of your business unless your invited to play. Personal taste has everything to do with Mature RP, and that is why we have plot discussions and inquiries, to see who else might be interested, or curious about our interests or curiousities.

    Here is a list of fetishes that might actually peek your interests :

    And here are the links the appropriate age group request threads: (over 18) (under 18)

    There needs to be communication!
    As a roleplayer, you are working together with one or more people to create a story to enjoy and play in. This is no different in a Mature RP. Please make sure that you're comfortable talking to your parter(s) about any inconsistancies or issues that may come up. No one likes being left high and dry wondering where their posting partners are, if you need to leave, or you are no longer enjoying the RP, be curtious and let your partner know.

    It's not all about suave men riding black stallions
    Not all Mature RPs are dripping with cheese, like a terrible-shirtless romance novella. That said, you should never feel like you need to dip it in cheese to make it a good romance thread. There is so much more to a Mature RP than terrible pick up lines and rediculously sexual situations. A wide array of possible themes await you, and you should take advantage of every single one!

    Some examples of possible mature rp themes might be:
    Virgin hero
    Celibate hero
    The hero/heroine was a monk or nun
    Tortured hero
    Tormented heroine
    Marriage of Convenience
    Plain Jane
    Less than Perfect Hero/Heroine (disabled, scarred, disfigured)
    Unrequited Love
    Enemies to Lovers
    Forced Bride
    Dangerous heroes
    Heroes in pursuit/Stalkerific hero
    In disguise (but not the whole way through the book)
    Socially awkward/shy hero or heroine
    Stranded/marooned together
    Exotic setting (like Africa, India, Island)
    Shotgun weddings
    Friends to lovers
    Villain to hero
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  3. Scottish? Really? Why Scottish?

  4. "Scottland! The land where men are men! And the sheep are mighty nervous..."
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  5. @Roose Hurro That....that was possibly the funniest thing I have read in a long time.
  6. A friend of mine I haven't seen in years told me that one. I've never forgotten it... :bsmile: Irony being, I'm Scottish (and no, I don't own any sheep).
  7. When I first heard this old chestnut, it was:

    "Montana. Where the women are few and the sheep are weary."
  8. Enemies to Lovers ♥♥♥♥♥♥
  9. You would be surprised how few tentacle erotica RPs I see here, and it's somewhat disappointing.

  10. Well, then, here you go:




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  12. [​IMG]
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