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The Match. [CLOSED.]

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by King, Dec 13, 2014.

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  1. The match


    "Hello. I see that you’re all awake. Don’t panic, let me explain what’s going on. If you’re sitting in a chair with five other people, then you’re part of the match. I’ll explain this match; In this room, there is one criminal, who got away with a horrendous crime. Your job is to find out who is the criminal, and kill them. Bring justice to their victims families. Don’t worry, you get clues - They’re under your chairs. Now, here are the rules. If you kill the criminal, you win. If you kill an innocent person, you die. Simple isn't it? You've got a week. If you haven’t killed anybody by then, you all die. If you win, the doors will open and you’ll go back to your families. You loose, they’ll stay shut forever. Good luck."


    (CONTAINS: The possibility of all heinous crimes, gore, violence, psychological torture, all the darker sides of life.)
    Seven people wake up to the sound of a low, grainy voice coming from the speaker on the wall. They've got to do as the voice says and kill the criminal, using clues under their chairs. Each character has something that tells the others about them under their chair. Maybe it’s a gun; did they shoot somebody or do they go hunting? Maybe it’s a pill bottle; Are they depressed or do they overdose their patients? I hope this will be psychologically difficult for our characters and intense for us to write!
    The twist: Each character is a criminal, thinking everybody else is innocent. They all have done something terrible and hid it from the world. Their item indicates their crime. Now, they have to try and convince the others they’re not the criminal and have to avoid showing who they really are. The voice knows this of course, and is certain they will all die.
    Will they figure out the real game? Will they keep their true identity hidden? Can they work together?

    They are stuck in a room, roughly 15 x 11 feet. The walls a dirty, white tiles and the floor is concrete. There are two lights hanging from the ceiling, which aren't the best quality. Piping runs across the walls at the top. There are no windows, but one steel door with a small hatch at the bottom, Water and bread gets slid into the room though it. There is one old toilet that is in the corner of the room, which doesn't flush. There is also a sink that doesn't work with a dirty mirror above it. The chairs are wooden and creaky, a small box is placed under it, with the item inside.

    Match Rules:
    Kill the criminal - You win. The doors open and you walk.
    Kill an innocent person - You die. The doors will not open and you’ll rot in the room.
    (But Axy, They’re all criminals! Nobody is innocent!, you’re correct little roleplayer. But they don’t know that. When they kill somebody and the door doesn't open soon, they’ll be able to assume that they just killed an innocent person and continue the game until they realize something isn't right. The point of the whole 'kill an innocent person and die' is to hopefully confuse our characters, forcing them to communicate.)

    Roleplay Rules:
    ➱ Iwaku rules apply.
    ➱This is going to be very dark. Please be okay with that!
    ➱ All characters have to be 18+.
    ➱ Be realistic, no magic or demons or whatever.
    ➱ Grammar and spelling doesn’t have to be perfect, just decent. At least one paragraph 7+ sentences. Third person, past tense! Post at least once a week!
    ➱ Don’t go killing people straight away! Make our character talk, make them try to figure out what’s happening, don’t just start a fight.
    ➱ Character death is pretty certain. On the OOC thread, we can all decide where to take the plot, and who dies!
    ➱ Your character isn’t Sherlock, don’t make them figure out what’s really going on in the first hour.
    ➱ No GM. I’m playing ‘The voice.’ But he has little to do with the actual RP we’ll do.
    It may sound a bit confusing at first, please ask if you have questions!
    I was inspired by Dexter, Saw and The Hunger Games!


    Character Sheet (open)

    Character sheet -
    Appearance: (Really good description or an image - No anime/Artwork.)
    Outer Personality: (What do others see?)
    Inner Personality: (This may be the same to their outer personality, or they may be hiding how they really act.)
    Brief History: (Optional - Maybe just include the real basics.)
    Crime: (Maybe they’re a serial killer. Maybe a bent cop. Or a rapist. Or an abusive partner. Be creative!)
    Why they haven’t been caught: (Optional - Maybe they are too good, or they lied, or they ran away from it, etc.)
    Their Item: (Explain what that has to do with their crime.)

    (try to balance the male to female ratio - e.g 4 males to 3 Females. Or vice versa!)

    1. Martin Blake
    2. Rosemarie J. Calhoun
    3. Hannah Newbury
    4. Stewart Bull
    5. Lilah Smithe
    6. Ivan Esteban

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  2. Martin Blake







    Outer Personality:
    Martin is quiet and twitchy. He constantly worries and is always on edge. He's overly cautious and neat. His home is spotless and he keeps everything where it should be. Martin is rarely seen still as he's always fidgeting. He has a hard time hiding what he is thinking.

    Inner Personality:
    Very similar. He's terrified of being caught doing wrong and is careful. He is terrified of being alone. Martin doesn't find anything amusing and is always thinking about his crimes. It's difficult for him to focus on other things and he doesn't have many interests.

    Brief History:
    Born and raised in America by his single mother, who died from alcohol poisoning when he was 21. He doesn't remember his father, but has heard the stories that he was abusive. His father is in prison for domestic abuse. Martin has never married and has no siblings.

    Triple Homicide and sexual abuse. He had coaxed men between the ages of 18 and 22 to his home, slept with them whether they wanted it or not and then killed them, by strangling them. He dismembers the bodies to dispose of them.

    Why they haven’t been caught:
    Each victim was in trouble with the law for small time things like vandalism and drug abuse, with nearly no contacts. When they went missing, they had no family to find them.

    Their Item:
    A red tie. He strangled his victims with the tie, the red colour symbolizes the blood he has spilled.
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  3. is there a gender balance? if not, can you add it to the first post? we can't have too many of either because that makes things unrealistic or awkward in my experiece
  4. Thanks for pointing that out, I'll make sure to add that in!
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  5. How do you reverse a character?
  6. Show Spoiler

    Rosemarie J. Calhoun
    Unemployed, unless you count her "work" on the streets.
    Outer Personality:
    Rose is quite a charismatic individual. Witty and charming, she knows how to get what she wants. She's rather shallow though and believes looks to matter a lot.
    Inner Personality:
    Insecure and irrational on the inside. Rose is envious and manipulative. Crazy, you could call her. She's needy and clingy.
    Brief History:
    Originally the daughter of a wealthy doctor or some such, Rose left that life long ago due to the fact her father was too into the female anatomy, even when it came to his daughter's. Quickly, she found herself in a life of poverty and homelessness so she began selling her body to get by. A string of abusive and unfaithful relationships didnt help either.
    Multiple homicide. She's had to burn too many fabulous lingerie sets, sigh.
    Why they haven’t been caught:
    Well, most of her clients arent supposed to be on her side of town anyway. Normally, she'd be overlooked; but in the case she isn't, it only takes a few quick tears and some honey coated words to sleaze her way right out.
    Their Item:
    A pair of lacy black panties, with red lipstick stains all over. The lipstick resembles how she was intimate with her victims right before their deaths.
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  7. Whoops - It originally said PM me to reserve a character but I changed it for a reason I do not know..
    If you're interested just post a character and I'll approve!
  8. Ohhh haha okay. :)
  9. Name: Hannah Newbury
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Hetero
    Occupation: Student

    Height: 5’7”

    Outer Personality: Bubbly, sweet, sarcastic, fun loving, social, girly, loves shopping and parties

    Inner Personality: Self-conscious, manipulative, depressed, lonely, needy, angry, selfish, sarcastic

    Brief History: Rich parents, only child, Hannah gets whatever Hannah wants.

    Crime: Killed her football player boyfriend. He was cheating on her and when she confronted him, he hit her. So she jumped on his back and choked him out. While he was out, she called a friend who helped her take the guy out to a remote wooded area and bury him alive if unconscious. The friend, like many guys Hannah plays with, is desperately in love with her and said if anything was found he’d take the blame to keep her out of jail. She kept him close though, prepared to kill him if he talked anyway. Hannah also killed her best friend, another girl when she was young, but has suppressed the memory. They were playing in the woods when she tied the girl up and beat her to death. She blamed a man who she ran from and the cops believed her.

    Why they haven’t been caught: Fabulous actress and manipulator

    Their Item: Trowel (buried her boyfriend alive)
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  10. Great, both of your characters are approved!
  11. I feel like Rose will be the one manipulated when it comes to Hannah and I'm getting excited for this RP really fast. xD
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  12. Mwahaha! It'll be interesting to see them interact ;)
    I've never been in a horror rp before but this one looked like fun.
  13. can i reserve a female spot until further notice please?
  14. No problemo, I'll add that in for you c:
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  15. Could I put a hold on the last female spot? I just need a bit of time to put my character sheet together.
  16. Sure thing!
  17. Hey guys! I really would love to begin this soon, so @April and @Ravenbelle if you could throw up your CSs in the next day or so, that would be great!

    Another thing for all of you - I was wondering if anybody would like to double as a male also? We have a lot of females and I'd like this to get started soon. I'd like to double, but I'm just checking if anybody else would too?

    @Whirlwind @Silyan

    Thank you!
  18. Character sheet -
    Name: Lilah Smithe
    Age: 21
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Bicurious
    Occupation: Librarian
    Appearance: Lilah is a petite average uninteresting looking person. Her hair is always swept into a messy ponytail, and her clothes slightly awry. She wears cute pink and gold framed glasses, and little to no makeup. She always is in the same black combat boots, and her figure is rather thin with small curves
    Height: 4'11" (she'll tell you she's 5' though)
    Outer Personality: A shy careful girl, barely scraping through. She seems uninteresting and her best friends are her books. Antisocial and nervous around others
    Inner Personality: Brilliant and careful, she just doesn't
    like to talk to others. She prefers the company of books, and is quite sarcastic.
    Brief History: grew up in a neglective environment, and when she got old enough she changed her name, grew out her hair, and cut off all contacts.
    Crime: Manslaughter.
    When she was 14 her father was beating her younger sister within an inch of her life and so she grabbed a kitchen knife and killed him, saving her sister but making her an outcast from her family. When she left, she killed her mother as well, her way of getting back.
    Why they haven’t been caught: A model student in school, and seemingly perfect. She also smoothly lied to the police
    Their Item: a leather belt (that's what her father was beating her sister with)
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  19. Accepted! Except I may suggest changing the item from a knife, it is a little too obvious for the game - maybe consider something a little more subtle, something that represents her father?
  20. Better? ^^
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