The Masters Elite

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  1. Hello!
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    You have been selected to become part of the Masters Elite! The Masters Elite is a program where only the brightest and best Masters and servants are picked, in order to work together to win The Masters Estate. Each Master or servant selected, were chosen for a specific skill or quality that they offer. Be it painting, running, perhaps they are especially good at playing checkers! You were chosen because something about you, appealed to the Grand Master. One of the purposes of the Masters Elite, is for Masters and Servants to find each other. It is where the greatest bonds are formed, Servants and Masters alike are trained and whittled down to the last standing.


    One could go their whole life without entering the Grand Master's house. It's myth, a tale told by desperate servants wanting to believe in something, in anything. Or perhaps a story told by bored Masters, wanting to scare or taunt a misbehaving servant. "It's nothing more than a story." You tell yourself, it's not real. And yet, those who question or speak ill of the fabled " Grand Master", disappear and are never seen again.

    One day, you wake in your chambers, be it a lavish suite or lowly servant quarter, you wake to find a neatly folded note with your name on it.


    You are invited to visit and stay in, The house of pleasure, Also known as "The Master's house".
    Here you will be either trained or treated in your area of expertise. The staff will cater to all the young budding Masters, while also training said Master's servants.

    If you are a Master that has indeed been chosen, you are selected to take over and run the Masters estate and duties.

    Your luggage has already been packed, we expect to see you and your partner this evening at 6:00pm sharp.
    Just follow the attendant outside your door, they'll show you the way.

    Good day,
    Grand Master Christian

    Hello there, thank you for taking the time to read this!

    So just in case you decided to skip, since there is a fair amount of text to read, the gist of it is:

    - You have been picked, either as a servant or master, to compete in the Masters Elite.

    - Here you will find your Master/Servant of whom will serve/serve you for the rest of your lasting life.

    - Your goal is to win and become the new Grand Master.

    I would be playing as The current Grandmaster, setting challenges for y'all to compete and whatnot.

    It's an idea, some parts are still a WIP, but either way - sound interesting?

  2. This seems like a fun roleplay to do. ​
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  3. Cool, thanks for the Interest.
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  4. I kind of like it... Consider me interested. I do have a clarification question though: Will this be solely text-based or will this have tabletop elements to it (such as stats, dice-rolling ect..)?

    I'm not so good at the latter, that's why I'm asking. XD
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  5. Text based, I'm not too hot with dice rolling either xD
  6. It's actually really funny, my dad was a big DnD fan back in the day... I can't seem to grasp the concept. XD

    Well, like I said, interested. Can't wait to get this started.
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  7. This looks really cool, count me in!
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